Grand River School Photos & Images

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Church Used as
1st High School

2nd Brick School House

1916 Schoolhouse

Class of 1895
Courtesy of Bill Johnston

1898 Announcement
Outside Cover
Courtesy of Grand River Schoolhouse Museum

J. L. Latta, Principal
Jennie Grogan, Intermediate
Odette Gilreath, Primary

School Board:
Henry Binning, Pres.
T. T. Beck, Sec.
Dr. L. J. Landes
Chas. Bezold
W. C. Overholtzer

1898 Announcement

Courtesy of Grand River
Schoolhouse Museum

High School ca. 1898

Courtesy of Sharon R. Becker

Class of 1900

Names listed:
Rev. J. G. Aikman
Rosa Burkart
L. W. Gilreath
James P. Daughton
J. L. Latta
Henry Binning

  Seated, L-R: Laura Bradshaw, Marion Miles, Professor George R. Sullivan, Vern Beck, Mrs. Josephine (Covington) Beck.
Standing, L-R: Alma Shaffner, Warren Day, Florence (Brenaman) Madison.

Grand River High School
early 1900s
Courtesy of Ken Day
Class of 1902
Courtesy of Ken Day

Names listed:  Rev. Hunt, Fate Hedrick, Alta L. Hauenstein, Cris E. Overholtzer, Bertha Melvira Sullivan, Margaret Wilma Daughton, J.A. McIntosh, Alta Lulla Hauenstein

Class of 1903

Courtesy of Dennis Brown

Grand River High School


High School Band

1905 or 1907
Lottie Hausenstein (front center), Grace Brammer, Alice Guthrie, Rolla Shewmaker, and Homer Griffin with principal (name unknown). Back row: Alvina Jennings Clayton, Azel Beck, Edith Campbell, Pearl Dale, Chloe Young, Alice Johnson, Jesse Brennaman.
Middle row: Phyllis Lee, Cholma Robinson, Helen Griffin.
Front: Horace Johnson, Ray Jennings.
Front: Harvey Cosner, Ed Hines, Ralph Bone and Ray Jennings.
Back: Clarence Brothers, Ruby Ticknor, and Clona Robinson.
Back: Chlona Robinson, Martha Young, Ethel Edwards, Helen Griffin, Allie Jennings.
Front: Professor Harvey Cosner, Edith Campbell, Ray Jennings.
  Vera McKee, Nellie Wadsworth, Charles Northey,
W. C. Weber (Supt) seated.

1910 Primary

Class of 1910

1910 Commencement
  Standing, L-R: Marie McGraw, Edgar Hines, Lawrence Hauenstein, Hazel Overholtzer, Clarence Brothers, Lloyd Vanderpool, Helen Northay.
Seated: Helen Bradshaw, Professor Weher, Maggie Gale.
Names listed:
Lawrence C. Hauestein, Edgar J. Hines, Abbie M. Palmer, Hazel M. Overholtzer, Helen M. Bradshaw, Clarence G. Brothers, Marie M. McGraw, Helen Northey, Lloyd Vanderpool, Margaret Gale, Ruby Ticknor, Patrick Griffin.

Intermediate Classes, 1911

Courtesy of Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert

Intermediate Classes, 1911

Courtesy of Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert

Class of 1911
L-R, Back: Ernie McCarthy, Vesper Fierce, Anise Anstey, Mima Combs, Roland Shields, teacher Ethel Edwards, Pearl Weldon, Lela Fogleman, Willie Brammer, Elsie Draper, Ruth Beck.
Middle: Ernest Brown, Ronald Sipherd, Birdie Bryant, Winnie McCarthy, Floyd Campbell, Genevieve Fogleman, Mildred Brammer, Willard Edwards, Pearl Brown, Ruth Shields, Fern Weldon.
Front: Frederick __, Merle Boyd, Ruby Binning, Alice Ackerley, Clarence Baker, Maude Weldon, Vera Metz, Howard Beard. 
L-R, Back: Alverda Snyder, Anise Anstey, Birdie Bryant, Letha Hanshaw, Pearle Weldon, teacher Hazel Overholtzer, Pearl Brown, Ruth Shields, Winnie McCarthy, Genevieve Fogleman, Fern Weldon.
Middle: Arthur Sipherd, Willard Edwards, Clarence Baker, Ronald Sipherd, Floyd Campbell, Johnnie Anstey, Ernie McCarthy, Ernest Brown, Paul Beck, Howard Beard, Raymond Reardon.
Front: Charley Browning, Beulah McConnell, Maud Weldon, Merle Boyd, Ruby Berning, Vera Metz, Vivian Latta, Clara Brown, Alice Ackerley, Woodrow Binning. 
L-R, Back: Zell Robinson, Ralph Bone, Walter Overholtzer.
Front: Arthur Baker, Helen Brammer, Neal Campbell 

1914 Commmencement

Courtesy of Sharon R. Becker

Boys' Basketball Team


7th & 8th Grades, 1918
Surnames: Brennaman, Hines, Stine, Fogleman, Ackerley, Foland, Ray, Baker, Binning, Draper, Overholtzer, Griffin, Hall, Simpson, Tedford, Edwards, Davis, Gardner  L-R: Nelson Shields, Edward Leigh, Clark Young, Ralph Lloyd, Floyd Campbell, Bernard Young, Willard Edwards  Front row: H. Ackerly, C. Brammer, B.W. Switzer, F. Beard, L. Emley, W. Stark, D. Brammer. Middle row: R. Foland, R. McDowell, V. Trower, V. Crees, M. Foland, I. Noble, E. Vanderpool, L. Boyd.
Back row: B. Brothers; M. Davidson, __ McDowell, E. Beard, C. Cain, R. Shaw, P. Baker, W. Hulkill, C. Brown, R. Mulchay, F. Young, L. Overholtzer, L. Munyon, Miss Rickey - teacher. 

1919 Basketball Team

Team of 1919

High School ca. 1919
    L-R, Back row: Martha Brammer, Gladys McGraw, Maude Ogilvie-teacher, Alverde Snyder, Mary Overholtzer, Merle Boyd, Etola Stark, Zeta Edwards, Jenny Hines, Ruby Baker, Leona McIntosh, Venis Snyder, Emma Landes, Ethel Gard-teacher, Neva Fulgate, Cecil Brammer, Supt. Mr. Maust. Front row: Harland Greenland, Clarence Baker, Mansel Burham, Lawrence Hewlett, Clifford Hewlett, Paul Beck, Nelson Sheilds, Floyd Hewlett. 

Kindergarten Class of 1919
Courtesy of Ken Day

1st Grade Class of 1920
Courtesy of Ken Day
Dan Day 3rd from left, front row Believe Day Day is 2nd from left, middle row  

Grand River High School

Courtesy of Bill Johnston

Grand River High School

Courtesy of Bill Johnston

Grade School, 1920
Taken by Joe Creese, 1892.
Teacher Elly Noble, Mary Creese, Libby Creese, Jack Creese, Maud Combs, Midgie ? Day, Earl Day, Halley Burham, Monk Day, Homer Griffin, Sam Collington, Henry Green, Tom Taylor, George Taylor, Henry Overholtzer, Merl Boger, Henry Fillips, Liley Fillips, Ester Collington, Deligh Fillips, Fate Hedric, Paul Hedric, Jose Calington, __ Saffner, Mable Brammer, Edd Peterson.

Harold Gilreath (1), Raymond Gilreath (2), Bernard Gilreath (3), Genevieve Gilreath (4) 
  First row: D. Hukill, R. Gilreath, W. Crees, M. Burchett, M. McDowell, W. Ackerly, N. Spray, M. Snyder, F. Day, G. Switzer. Second row: R. Hukill
Second row: R. Hukill, M. Brammer, S. Allen, W. Taylor, H. Switzer, A. Young, R. Foland, N. Harger, L. McDowell, H. Shaw, C. Street.
Third row: E. Shields, C. Spray, E. Harger, J. Gale, H. Morrell, J. Waddell, M. Kerr, C. Burchett, L. Crees, Miss Kilman-teacher. 

7th & 8th Grades, 1920

Grade Room, 1921

High School, 1921
Bottom row: W. Crees, A. Spray, D. Brammer, M. Foland, D. Brown, F. Beard, C. Crees, G. Spray, D. Emley, H. Gilreath.
Row two: W. Hukill, L. Overholtzer, R. Mulchy, E. McConnell, R. Foland, N. Young, G. Gilreath, E. Bohall, M. Daughton, D. Crees.
Row three: L. Munyon, A. Hanson, V. Brown, M. Spray, G. Snyder, D. Bone, N. Young, M. Burchett, E. Vanderpool, I. Noble, L. Emley, C. Brammer, B. Gilreath. 
Standing: R. Bohall, R. Hukill, L. Greenland, F. Hines, J. Taylor, W. Ackerly.
Front left: M. Brammer, H. Shaw, C. Burchett, E. Pence.
Second row front: C. Street, N. Foland, M. Kier, E. Harger.
Third row front: W. Crees, E. Shields, S. McDowell, W. Edwards.
Fourth row: G. Bone, L. Snook, E. Brammer, L. Overholtzer, P. Ackerly, J. Noble.
Fifth row: D. Daughton, R. Crees, M. Brammer, F. Weininger, I. Brown, F. Harger. 
Bottom row: L. Smith, F. Beard, R. Mulcay, H. Ackerly, L. Overholtzer, W. Crees, M. Foland.
Row two: L. Hewlett, H. Gilreath, C. Crees, D. Bone, G. Gilreath.
Row three: R. Brammer, N. Fugate, G. Snyder, I. Noble, D. Crees, E. Young, L. Bright, H. Bohall, W. Crees, D. Bone, G. Gilreath.
Row four: Mrs. Pottle, L.L. Boyd, A. Beck, M. McGraw, E. Boles, T. Brammer, R. Baker, F. McDowell, T. Liles, V. Liles, E. McConnell, B. Gilreath, L. Emley.
Row five: A. Hanson, E. Landis, C. Beck, P. Baker, O. Foland, H. Beard, M. Daughton, N. McIntosh, A. Spray.
Back row: F. Hewlett, L. Hewlett, V. Brothers, C. Young, W. Hukill, G. Hewlett. 

Band of 1921

Sophomores, 1922

1922 Commencement
Front row: Cloyd Brown, Mrs. A.F. Pottle, Doyle Brown, Gerald Spray, Wendell Stark, Edith McConnell, Dorothy Bone, Mildred Daughton. Back row: Cliff Hewlett, Ruth Flannagan, Mabel Hewlett, Lawrence Hewlett, Pearl Baker.  1st row: R. Foland, G. Spray, D. Emley, M. Foland. 2nd row: G. Gilreath, G. Woodmansee, E. Moran, G. Foland. 3rd row: V. Liles, V. Liles, M. Burchett, M. Daughton, V. Harger, M. McConnell. 

Class Roll
Boyd Bone
Ruby Baker
Emma Landes
Verla Snyder
Ardis Beck
Haley Kelly
Leona McIntosh
Mary Overholtzer
Harlan Greenland 

A 1923 Class

8th Grade, 1923

1923 Announcement

Outside Cover
Courtesy of Grand River
Schoolhouse Museum
Back row: Opal (Foland) Snethen, Freda (McDowell) Michelsen, Odessa (Bone) Hall, Tressie (Brammer) Yount, Pearl (Baker) Wilson.
Seated: Bernice (Brothers) Joy, Geral Hewlett, Harold Ackerley, Louise (Boyd) Sheledy. 

1923 Commencement

Courtesy of Grand River
Schoolhouse Museum

1923 Commencement

Courtesy of Grand River
Schoolhouse Museum

1924 Champions

Commencement Address: Rev. E.A. Place.
Class Roll:
Harold Ackerley, Pres.
Pearle Baker
Odessa Bone
Louise Boyd
Tressa Brammer
Bernice Brothers
Opal Foland
Freda McDowell
J. Wade Switzer 

  Harold Gilreath, Dale Emley, Joe Taylor, Ralph Foland, Lowell Overholtzer, Mendal Foland, Floyd Harger, Harry McGuire-Coach. 

Class of 1924

Probably Entire High School

Class of 1924

Courtesy of Betty Scheetz

1924 Commmencement

Courtesy of Sharon R. Becker
Bottom Row: Supt. A.F. Pottle, Harry McGuire-teacher, Mrs. Pottle-teacher
Surnames included: Ackerly, Switzer, Beck, Baker, Boyd, Beard, Greenland, Brammer, Crees, Gibson, Foland Bone, Landos, Burham, Hewlett, Hines, Edwards, Shaw, McDowell, Joens, McGraw, Brown, Kelly, Brothers, MacIntosh, Overholtzer, Cain, Young, Hukill, Shields
L-R, Back row: Lloyd Smith, Lyman Overholtzer, Lee Hewlett, Leland Munyon, Harold Gilreath, Supt. Harry M. McGuire.
Front row: Doris Jack, Ethel Gard Green, Dorothy Bone, Georgetta Snyder, Ruby Foland, Naomi Young, Alice Jones.

Class Roll
Fred A Beard
Dorothy H. Bone
Ruby E. Foland
E. Harold Gilreath
A. Lee Hewlett
Leland D. Munyon
Lyman C. Overholtzer
Georgetta E. Snyder
Lloyd V. Smith
Naomi R. Young

Class of 1925

1925 Commencement

Elementary Classes, 1920's
Back row: Vera Harger, Mildred Daughton, Mabel Burchett, Frank Baker, Ralph Foland, Gerald Smith, Dale Emley, Mendell (Dow) Foland, Gerald Spray.
Front row: Velda Liles, Velma Liles, Gladys Foland, Ethelene Moran, Genevieve Gilreath, Luella Young, Edith McConnell.
  L-R, Back row: Marcia Street, Merna Overholtzer, _ _, Phyliss Street, _ Wycoff, _ _, Dale Taylor, _ _, Robert Boyd, Dean Spray. Middle row: Eugene Boyd, _ _, Dale Burchett, Herschel Gilreath, Maxine Brammer, Donna Bone, Ocie Wills, Mary McConnell, Allie Brammer. Front row: Tressa Brammer-teacher, Alice Day, _ _, Walter Morell, Junior Carr, Deane Fear, _ _, Bobby Snyder, _ _.

Elementary, 1926

Team of 1926

Freshmans, 1926
  Bottom row: Z. Street, F. Harger, J. Taylor, C. Brown, F. Hines. Back row: Harry McGuire - Coach, Gerald Evans, L. Overholtzer, B. Weininger, F. Campbell - Supt.  

Class of 1926

1926 Commencement

Elementary, 1927
Back row: Josephine Weldon, Waneta Spray, Opal Arnold, Delma Boles, Rosamond Ramsey, Mary Greenland, Mary Boyd.
Middle row: __ Cane, June Brennaman, Dale Day, Irene Brammer, Mabel German, Pauline Sears, Charles Brown.
Front row: Frank Baker, Paul Brennaman, Evart Scotst, Clifford Crees, Fred McKee, Myron Beard.
Class Roll:
Delma Dalene BolesLena Tressa Bright
Mary Elizabeth BoydEthel Dale Day
Myron E. BeardClifford LeRoy Crees
Lena Irene BrammerLois Ioma Hower
Rosamond June BrennamanRosamond Ruth Ramsey
Charles C. BrownFred V. McKee
Eva Juanita Spray.

Freshman Girls, 1927

Gerald Evans & Paul Crees, 1927

Class of 1927
Back row: Hazel Ramsey, Margaret Pennock, X, Wanda Burchett, Margery Day, Virgene Griffin-teacher, Lois Gale, Glenella Davison, Opal Jones, Doris Jennings. Front row: Alma Brammer, Louise Draper, Ardell Beck, Alberta Spray.   Front row: A. Vandel, P. Crees, F. Hines, W. Ramsey, H. Baker, N. Jones, Miss McClaran. Second row: F. Campbell, C. Smith, C. Moran, Z. Street, L. Burchett, H. Morrell, S. McDowell, H. McKee, B. Williams - Supt. Third row: J. Moran, F. Winegar, L. Overholtzer, F. Harger, G. Evans, B. Cole, O. Taylor.

Class of 1928

"Mysterious Master", 1929

Basketball Team, 1930
L-R Front row: Mary Hembry, Madge McGuire, Winnabel Andrew, Norman Foland, Berl Woods, Charlotte Hall. Back row: Violet Boles, Elvera Johnston, Edgar Harger, Cloyd Street, Sherman Allen, Howard Shaw, Basil Foland   Back: Coach W.P. Worrington, Matthew McDowell, Gerald Short, Cledith Woods. Front: Francis McDowell, Carl Foland, Lloyd Jimmerson, Well Taylor, Gerald Baughman.

Girls Home Ec class
Teacher, Mrs. Griffin
1928 or 1929
Margaret Pennock Schoover, 2nd from left back row
Courtesy of Ken Day

Sophomore Class

Courtesy of Etola Grimm Thielmann

Sophomore Class

Courtesy of Ken Day
  L-R starting with back row
Gertrude Pennock, Etola Grimm, Carl Brammer, Darwin Snook, Frances Young, Gertrude Switzer, Clara Zimmerman, Winnie Climer / Alice Shaw, Arlene Buell, Irene Buell, Lurene Van Laar, Evelyn Brennaman, Mrs. Myers, Cecil Burchett / Willis Wills, Carroll Beck, Frank Greeley, Wellington Taylor, Lloyd Jimmerson, Frankie Wilkie

Junior Class
Dan Day 4th from left, back row
Margaret Pennock Schoonover 5th from left, front row (glasses)

Courtesy of Ken Day

1930 Announcement

Outside Cover
Courtesy of Grand River
Schoolhouse Museum

1930 Commencment

Outside Cover
Courtesy of Grand River
Schoolhouse Museum
Class Roll
Ray E. AndrewFrancis E. McDowell
Adrian CarrMatthew W. McDowell
Doris Edna GermanPauline M. O'Grady
Charles L. GreeleyPhyllis J. Ramsey
Juanita M. JimmersonGarld Short
Georgia WoodsMary Woods
Grand River High School Orchestra
Courtesy of Ken Day
Gertrude Pennock Day 2nd from left, 3rd row
Margaret Pennock Schoonovr, 2nd from right, 3rd row
Gertrude Pennock Day 4th from right Gertrude Pennock Day 2nd from left

Elementary Students

ca. 1930's

Class of 1931

Class of 1931
Courtesy of Ken Day
Front, L-R: Barbara Green, Mary Vergene Stubbs, ? Munyon, Ardith Ewing, Hazel Johannesen (Johnson). Third person from left in 2nd row, Betty Olsen. Bottom L-R: Alma Brammer, Ardeth Beck, Alberta Spray, Cledith Woods, Carl Foland, George Riles, Giffin Andrew. Second row: Maurice Blair, Vera Wilkins, Hazel Ramsey, Glenlla Davison, Margaret Day, Wanda Burchett, Doris Jennings, Maurice (Bobby) Lee. Top row: Vernon Andrew, Eldred McClure, Goldie Brammer, Margaret Pennock, Wilda Burchett, Jim Daughton, Dan Day. Day Wookey & Orrin Johnson also graduated with this class.

Back Row: Frankie Wilkie, Frances Young, Frank Greeley, Etola Grimm, Supt Sam Sloan, Clara Zimmerman, Lloyd Jimmerson
Front Row: Eveyn Brennaman, Gertrude Pennock, Irene Buell, Gertrude Switzer, Lurene Van Laar
Contributed by Ken Day.
Same Photo

High School, 1932
Surnames included: Woods, Brenaman, Switzer, Pennock, Bone, Street, Brammer, McClue, Grimm, Zimmerman, Crees, Buell, Day, Carr, Street, Young, Flora, Van Laar, Overholtzer, Gibson, Wycoff, Hembry, McConnell, Clymer, McKee, Wills, Erickson, Sloan, Myers, Barnhouse, Beaty, Foland, Baker, McGauhey, Fullerton, Hines, Pierce, Taylor, O'Grady, Wilkins, Morrell, Boyd, Smith, Thurman, Gilreath, Spray, Snooks, Beck, Daughton, Greeley, Williams, Mollison, Jones, Liles, Burchett, Lamoree, Fear, Snyder, Jimmerson, Pence

Class of 1932

Class of 1932

Class of 1934
Back row L-R: Frank Wilkie, Frances (Young) Walters, Frank Greeley, Etola (Grimm) Thielman, Supt Sam Sloane, Clara (Zimmerman) Chipp, Lloyd Jimmerson. Front Row L-R: Evelyn Gale Brennaman, Gertrude (Pennock) Day, Irene (Buell) Schwalbe, Gertrude (Switzer) Vanderveen, Lurene (Van Laar) Brammer. Front: Gertrude Switzer, Etola Grimm, Lurene Van Laar, Irene Buell, Gertrude Pennock, Clara Belle Zimmerman, Evelyn Gail Brenneman. Back: Frances Young, Lloyd Jimmerson, Frankie Wilkie, Frank Greeley, Supt Sam Sloan. Marcia Street, Dale Taylor, Marshall Spray, Earl Smith, W. Dean Fear, Robert Boyd, James Yahns, Freda Gibson, Robert Snyder Jr., Jim Carr Jr., Dale Burchett, Mary McConnell, Eugene O'Grady, Lois Hembry, Adrian McKee, Alice A. Day, William Gilreath, Doris McKee, Willis Wills, Winifred McClure, Earl Lamoree Jr., Merna Overholtzer, Samuel H. Sloan

1934 Commencement

Sophomores 1934-35

Class of 1935
  Standing: Helen Burchett, Mary Thurmon, Virginia Williams, Doris Pierce, Fern Olson, Vera West, Marjorie Wadsworth, Maurine Overholtzer, Regina Gilreath, Dorothy Van Laar, Vera Fullerton, Alberta Woodard, teacher ?. Kneeling: Eugene Foland, Kenneth Munyon, Emory Burchett, Cletis LeBorge, Junior Yahns, King Cole, Bobby Greeley, Cleo Palmer. S.H. Sloan, Richard Eldon Spray, Dorothy McConnell, Lorraine H. Hines, Phyllis L. Fullterton, Kenneth Pence, Anna M. Crees, Ina E. Foland, W. Elmer __, Max E. Daughton, LeRoy Greeley, Mildred M. Pierce, Bennett I. Crees, Faye T. Grimm, James C. Burchett, Mary M. Foland

Class of 1936

Glee Club, 1937

Class of 1937
S.H. Sloan - Supt, Dale Jones, Vivian Gibson, Doris Bone, Vera Jimmerson, Don Morrell, Nellie Conwell, Darle Warrick, Betty Daughton, Veman Chipp, Clark E. Johnson, Mary M. Daughton, Alta Johnston, Evelyn Conwell, Bartlett Grimm, Ralph Andrew, Mansel Burchett. L-R: Rayola Boles, Marjorie Wadsworth, Reba Kirkpatrick, Marjorie Daughton, Eula Overholtzer, Maurince Overholtzer, Merna Brammer, Barbara Gale, Alma Boles, Helen Burchett, Verda Boles, Margaret Daughton, Roberta Grimm, Berniece Fullterton, Marion Brammer, Vera West, Margaret Chipp, Dorothy Andrew, Pauline Burchett, Betty Daughton, Miss Rastede - instructor. L-R: Rayola Boles, Marjorie Wadsworth, Reba Kirkpatrick, Marjorie Daughton, Eula Overholtzer, Maurince Overholtzer, Merna Brammer, Barbara Gale, Alma Boles, Helen Burchett, Verda Boles, Margaret Daughton, Roberta Grimm, Berniece Fullterton, Marion Brammer, Vera West, Margaret Chipp, Dorothy Andrew, Pauline Burchett, Betty Daughton, Miss Rastede - instructor.

Class of 1937

Primary Classes


Class of 1938
Top row L-R: Samuel H Sloan Supt., Maurine Overholtzer, King Cole, Junior (Floyd) Yahns. Middle row: Doris Pierce, Eugene Foland, Helen Burchett, Fern Olson, Virginia Williams. Bottom row: Majorie Wadsworth, Kenneth Munyon, Emery Burchett, Vera West, Vera Fullerton, Regina Gilreath, Barbara Gale. Surnames: Stubbs, McDowell, Munyon, Weber, Palmer, Evans, South, Johnson, Campbell, Burly, Evans, Brammer, Perkins, Brown, Brinintine, Barnhouse, Brothers  

Class of 1938

Junior Class, 1939

7th & 8th Grades

Top: Maurice G. McConnell, Wayne O. Burchett, H. M. Wareburg - Supt, Verda Boles, Berniece L. Fullerton. Middle: N. Eugene Baker, Vernice I. West, N. Agnes Boles, Tressie Mae West. Bottom: Helen McKee, F. Dale Grimm, Reba M. Kirkpatrick, Margaret Chipp   Surnames: Greene, Johnannason, Olson, Palmer, Stubbs, Green, Keller, Burly, Trowbridge, Bright, Munyon, Brammer, Andrew, Woodard, Brown, Boles, Schnackel, Bryant.

Juniors, 1940

Class of 1940

Class of 1941
Surnames: McConnell, Olson, Munyon, Dorn, Burchett, Glazebrook, Burly, Andrew, Briznedine, Brothers, Ewing, Conwell, Bryant. Keith Baker, Cloyce Black, Vern Brammer, Edwin Burchett, Catherine Conwell, Dallas Ewing, Wilma Glazebrook, Dennis Munyon, Eula Overholtzer, Yvonne Overholtzer, Lela Ramsey, Marilyn Williams. Carmeleta Bryant, Mr. Barnhouse Supt., Julia Conwell, Lloyd Olson, Doris Munyon, Donald Ewing, Robert Burchett, Dorothy Dorn, Max Brothers, Beatrice Andrew, L. McConnell, Dorothy Munyon, Russell Glazebrook

Freshman, 1942

Class of 1944

Class of 1945
Junior Hewlett, Junior Stubbs, Richard Brown, Kenneth Taylor, Richard Foland, Gerald Palmer, Raymond Van Laar, Cleta Hileman, Dorothy Johnston, Mary Lux, Louise Thomas, Mary Liess, Kathleen McGraw, Marjorie Hopkins, Verle Bryant, Raymond Devore, Jack Keller, Don Keller Front row: B. Ritchie, E. Wycoff, R. McDowell, W. Palmer, D. Keller, B. Forney, B. Olson, B. Greene, J. Bright, M. Munyon, J. Keller, D. Munyon, D. Andrew, R. Pettigrew Verle Bryant, Geral Hewlet Jr., Louise Thomas, Gerald Palmer, Don Keller, Richard Brown, Richard Foland, Kathleen McGraw, Kenneth Taylor, J. Leonard Hight - Supt, Raymond VanLaar, Marjorie Hopkins

Class of 1946

Class of 1947

School Board, 1947
Lucia Boles, J. Leonard Hight-Supt., Doyle Munyon, Helen Brammer, Wilma Deamer, Wayne Deamer, John Daughton, Janice Beardsley, Dwane Bryant, Norma Munyon, Mary Stubbs, Dean Thomas, Ramadean McGraw, Jack Hall J. Leonard Hight, James Lux, Anna Fitzgerald, Duane Brammer, Donna Snethen, Marjorie Catuska, Max Phipps, Donna Boles, Anna Conwell, Darrold Boles  

Girls Team 1947-48

Boys Team 1947-48

Softball Team 1947-48
    L. Briner, M. Hileman, A. Carlson, M. Smith, J. Stark, S. Parker, B. Stubbs, back row: A. Davis, D. Evans, D. Buell, B. Evans, M. Stogdill

Class of 1948

Class of 1949

County Champions 1951
R. Deemer, V. McKee, G. Binning, D. Van Laar, M. Ritchie, J. Munyon, Mr. Martin, A. Carlson, B. Foland, A. Beardsley, J. Brammer, J. Vanderpool, B. McCarl, steated: D. Buell, J. Gilreath Mendell Munyon, Merna Stogdill, Bonnie Evans, Alta McKee, Shirley Brown, Jimmy Dentler, Dean Greenland, Jon Crees, Merlyn Brammer, Max Binning, D. Hukill, Mrs. Daughton. R. Street, J. Shields, E. Andrew, E.J. Brown, D. Hileman, D. Palmer, D. Wookey, F. Hewlett, C. Fry, R. Boles, T. Beardsley, J. Brammer, Coach Davis

Class of 1951

Former Cooks

1953 Girls Team

Went to State Tournament
K.E. Steele (Supt), Eddie Joe Brown, Clarence Fry, Donna Evans, Catherine Hewlett, Donald Palmer, Jack Shields, Wilma Steen Oella (Carr) Harryman and Ruby Arnold Standing: Howard Pement, Wilma Richie, Betty Greenland, Frances McGraw, Marla McDowell, Joy Creese, Betty Foland, Mrs. Clement. Seated: Lena Boles, Norma Binning, Wilma Munyon, Eileen Evans, Carol Brown, Virginia Stuck.

Girls Basketball

ca. 1953

Junior Class


Sophomore Class
  Harry Hopkins, Robert Hewlett, Ronald Boles, Ralph Evans, Danny Greenland, Shirley Arnold, Doyle Wookey, Mr. Davis - sponsor, Richard Schwalbe, Myrna Davis Front: Dick O'Grady, Marla McDowell, Jon Crees, Frances McGraw, Albert Hewlett. Back: Norma Jean Fitzgerald, Joyce Brown, Max German, Maurine Brammer, Mary Joyce Green, Mrs. Irving - sponsor.

Freshmen Class


7th & 8th Grades


6th & 5th Grades
Front: Mary Jane Brown, Carroll Grimm, Rita Hewlett, Marion Stark, Nancy McKee, Walter Harryman, Betty Greenland. Back: Mrs. Roberts - Sponsor, Rosalie Harger, Larry Hewlett, Merna Brown, Bruce Daughton, JoAnn Warren. Front: Mrs. Flaggard-teacher, David Stuck, Donna Reed, Billy Bone, Mary Ellen Zimmerman, Bernard Stogdill, Caroline Stark, Harry Tinnell, Janice McDowell, Donald Allsup, Adrienne Harryman. Middle: Donald Adams, Kay German, Ronald Brown, Lorene Palmer, Randall Taylor, Karon Andrew, Donald Harvard, Nina Rae Andrew, Rodney Evans, Mary Allsup; Back: Gene Hewlett, Jim O'Grady, Glenda Williams, Estel Grimm, Mardene Fear, Lane Davis, Sheila Daughton, Ronald Boles, Doris Fitzgerald, Carolos McClure. Front: Jack Briner, Keith Andrew, Gene Brown, James Adams, Bobby Fear, Gary Jimmerson, Marlene McKee, teacher Miss Laura Zierke. Middle: Robert Wheeler, Donald Hewlett, ___, Wayne Brown, Diane Lau, Ronald King, Judy Dodd, James Bone. Back: Max Hileman, Judy Jimmerson, Suellen Pickering, Robert Taylor, Sherry McClure, Jane Girdner, Bonnie Baker, Randell Andrew.

3rd & 4th Grades


Primary, 1st & 2nd Grades


Class of 1954
Front: June Zimmerman, Ronald Brown, Martel Poore, Linda German, Peggy Baker, Gordon Williams, Thelma Allsup, Claude Harryman, Jimmie Harris, Donald Ireland, Irene Schwabe-teacher. Back: Phyllis Ritchie, George Sego, Sharon Glazebrook, Allen Burchett, Carol Fear, Mansel Brammer, Rodney Stark, Donald Anderson, Barbara Lau, Judy Reed, Diana Moren. Front: Marla Taylor, Rex Glazebrook, Monte Baker, Connie Munyon, Michael Santora, Jane Sego, Karen Andrew, Irene Brown, Rosemary Brown, Bonnie Reed, Wanda Allsup, Gary Toney, Mrs. Dentler - teacher. Middle: Ingrid Fear, Billy Dougherty, Terry Devine, Nancy Harris, James Zimmerman, Rita Fear, Patsy Greenland, LInda Burchett, Connie Glazebrook, Ronald Toney, Marshall Burchett, John Allsup. Back: Jean Moren, Darwin Stark, Gene Reed, D.F. Snook, Burnell Jimmerson, Ronald Jimmerson, Danny Moren, Peggy Girdner, Kristen Andrew, Eula Jimmerson, Helen Boles, Dennis Bone, Johnny Brown, Ricky Burchett. Lieu Brown, Eileen Davis, Charlie Davis, W. H. Roberts - Supt., Betty Foland, Roger Harryman, Maxine Davis, Wilma Ritchie, Edward Dorn, Carol Brown, James Daughton, Norman Binning, William Gilreath

County Champions


Boys Basketball

Class of 1955
Rita Hewlett, Marla McDowell, Merna Kay Brown, Frances McGraw, Sheila Daughton, Betty Greenland, Norma Binning, Carol Brown, Eileen Evans, Rosalie Harger, JoAnn Warren, Maurine Brammer, Mary Jane Brown, Lorene Palmer
manager Betty Foland, coach Don Davis
  Richard Schwalbe, Walter E. Roberts - Supt., Doyle Wooker, Ronald Boles, Robert Hewlett, Merna Davis, Danny Greenland, Harry Hopkins, Ralph Evans

Class of 1956

Class of 1957

Class of 1958
Joyce Brown, Tom Crees, Walter E. Roberts - Supt., Franny McGraw, Max German, Albert Hewlett, Mary Joyce Greene, Merlyn Starks, Marla McDowell, Dick O'Grady, Norma Jean Fitzgerald Larry Dean Hewlett, Merna Kay Brown, W.E. Roberts - Supt., Nancy McKee, Marion Stark, Ritz Hewlett, Betty Greenland, Kenlyn Kirkpatrick, Gary Newton, Rosalie Harger, Bruce Daughton, Mary Jane Brown Merna Wookey, Donald Adams, Walter E. Roberts - Supt., Bernell Boles, Lorene Palmer, Randall Taylor, Mardean Fear, Gene Hewlett, Kay German, Rodney Boles, Sheila Daughton, David Stuck, Linda Hailey, Jim O'Grady, Donald Havard

Blue Dragons

Alumni Band 1

Alumni Band, 1921
  H. Greenland, Mrs. Pottle, B. Bone, W. Stark, H. Beard, C. Brown, Mrs. Flannagan, E. McConnell, D. Bone, E. Landos, M. Daughton, P. Baker Cloyd Brown, Mrs. A.F. Pottle, Doyle Brown, Gerald Spray, Wendell Stark, Edith McConnell, Dorothy Bone, Mildred Daughton, Cliff Hewlett, Ruth Flannagan, Mabel Hewlett, Lawrence Hewlett, Pearl Baker

Alumni Band 3

Class of 1960

Last Graduating Class

As We Remember It
Courtesy of Sharon R. Becker
L-R: Mrs. Pottle, E. Vanderpool, E. Landes, Z. Edwards, B. Bone, J. Hines, C. Brown, P. Beck, H. Beard, M. Burham, H. Ackerly, C. Baker James Adams, Rosalie Fisk, Don Oviatt, Richard Nelson, Donita Jones, Judith Jimmerson, John Hardy, Ronald King, Suellen Pickering, Dick Priest, Mariana McKee, Robert Taylor, Judy Dodd, Dixie Davis, Anda Williams, Garry Boles, Wanda Hailey, Gary Jimmerson  

Book, 2006
Transcribed and formatted by Conni McDaniel Hall Oct 2019; updated Aug 2020; Oct 2020.
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