Grand River High School

50th Anniversary
May 29, 1988

May of 1988, our class of 1938 will be celebrating our 50th Year Alumni at the Grand River School Auditorium.

Twenty-one students met together in the Fall of 1934 to become a class. We classmates, except one, were all from the rural area and since our class was small it seemed as though we were just one happy family.

Some members of the Grand River High School Class of 1938 organized the first meeting of the Grand River Alumni in 1966. Each year since then all Alumni are invited and meet on Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend
for a basket dinner and meeting. These days have been spent reminiscing and renewing old friendships. Each class has served as officers of the Grand River Alumni picnic.

I am grateful to each of my classmates and friends for contributing to this class review. Hopefully, it will partially reacquaint each of us with our former classmates' history during these past fifty years and also will inspire each
of us to attend the annual Alumni Meetings.

Berniece Burchett

1934 - 1935
 Dorthy AndrewBerniece Fullerton
 Eugene BakerKenneth Glazebrook
 Agnes BolesDale Grimm
 Verda BolesDoris Jones
 Maxine BrownReba Kirkpatrick
 Wayne BurchettMary Jand LaBarge
 Margaret ChippMaurice McConnell
 Jack ColeHelen McKee
 Pauline DavisGale Sears
 Ave FolandTressie West
  Venice West
 PresidentHelen McKee
 Secretary/TreasurerDale Grimm
 SuperintendentSamuel Sloan
 Class SponsorV.R. Barnhouse
Note-Dorothy Andrew attended this yr. only a few weeks. Returned to GRHS the following yr.
Mary Jane LeBarge moved to Missouri after the first semester.
Gales Sears moved to Kansas after the first semester.

1935 - 1936
 Eugene BakerKenneth Glazebrook
 Agnes BolesDale Grimm
 Verda BolesDoris Jones
 Maxine BrownReba Kirkpatrick
 Wayne BurchettMaurice McConnell
 Margaret ChippHelen McKee
 Jack ColeTressie West
 Berniece FullertonVenise West
 PresidentReba Kirkpatrick
 Vice-PresidentMargaret Chip
 Secretary/TreasurerVerda Boles
 SuperintendentMrs. Sloan
 Class SponsorMiss Elsie Peterson
Note-Ava Foland transferred to Osceola for her Sophomore year.
Doris Jones transferred to Leon High School at the semester.

1935 - 1936
 Eugene BakerDale Grimm
 Agnes BolesReba Kirkpatrick
 Verda BolesMaurice McConnell
 Wayne BurchettHelen McKee
 Margaret ChippMaretta Pace
 Jack ColeTressie West
 Berniece FullertonVenice West
 PresidentReba Kirkpatrick
 Vice-PresidentMargaret Chip
 Secretary/TreasurerVerda Boles
 SuperintendentSam Sloan
 Class SponsorVerdo Barnhouse
  Elsie Graham
Note-  A Commercial Course was offered this year for the first time in our high school. It included typing, shorthand and bookkeeping.

1937 - 1938
Eugene Baker
Agnes Boles
Verda Boles
Wayne Burchett
Margaret Chipp
Berniece Fullerton
Dale Grimm
Reba Kirkpatrick
Maurice McConnell
Helen McKee
Tressie West
Vernice West
Maurice McConnell
Senior Class
 PresidentWayne Burchett
 Vice-PresidentMaurice McConnell
 Secretary/TreasurerVerda Boles
 SuperintendentH.M. Wareberg
      Class SponsorV.R. Barnhouse


Maurice passed away suddenly of a heart attack on October 30, 1979.

He donated his body to "The Living Bank".

He loved his music and played guitar and sang. He had planned on teaching guitar at Linn-Benton Community College here in Albany, Oregon.

He worked at Northwest Natural Gas Company.

He never quit being happy and a had a good word for everyone. He was known as "Smiley".

He was married to Maxine Dunham on October 25, 1946. To this union were born four children.

Asenia Lamar Bass - born Nov. 18, 1948, Albany, Oregon
Enia Joy Crawford and Ina Loy McConnell
(Twin girls) born October 17, 1952, Portland, Oregon
Maurice Golden Junior (Sonny) born October 4, 1954, Albany, Oregon

Asenia had two children - Kimberley 22, Byron 18
Enia had one boy - Jonathan 10
Ina had one girl - Jessica 11

Maurice and Maxine were divorced in 1976.

During World War II, Maurice served in the Coast Guard in Oregon.
He was a member of the Albany Eagles, American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

We thank Maurice's mother, Esther F. McConnell of Albany, Oregon for providing the above information.

Name: Eugene Baker
Spouse's Name:Mary M (Boord) Baker 
Address:612 Grand Avenue, Apt. J-2 
 Creston, Iowa 50801 
Your Education:High School Graduate 
Your Occupation:Farmer, Carpenter, Road Construction & Truck Driver 
Date of Marriage:December 26, 1941 
Spouse's Home Area:Decatur County, Iowa 
Spouse's Occupation:Teacher, Homemaker, and Nurse Aide. 
Children's NamesAgesOccupation
Bonnie Baker Pearson45Homemaker at present
Peggy Baker Bedier43Farmwife & all that jazz
Shirley Baker Gottschalk37Finishing college
Julie Baker Noftsger32Office Work and College Classes
Roger Baker30Employed by Edward D. Jones Co.
Brian Baker26Correction Officer at Leavenworth, KS
Pam & Mark Pearson13 & 16Students
Kristy & Jeff Bedier13 & 19Students
Brenda Bedier20Northwestern Mo. State Colleg, Maryville
Jill & Gwen Gottschalk4 & 11Preschool & 6th
Joseph (Joey) Baker20 mo.Makes things interesting at home!
Wendy, Brian II & Kurtis Baker4, 2 & 9mo.Keeping Mommy busy
Ben & Matt Noftsger7 & 8Students
Personal Information  
Hobbies:Hunting, fishing, gardening & watching T.V. 
Favorite Sport:Fishing 
Favorite Kind of Music:Country and Western 
Leisure Interests and Pastimes:Same as Hobbies, plus watching ball games and game shows on television 
Travel:Western U.S. and in Canada 
Pet Peeve:Long hair and beards 
Most Embarrassing Moment:Barnhouse caught Billie Binning, Maurice McConnell and I drinking cider. 
Retirement Plans:Remain in Creston and pursue my hobbies 
Memories of Grand River High SchoolHappiest time of my life. 
Favorite Subjects or Classes: Manual Training and Agriculture 
Subject or Class I Disliked:Geometry 
Favorite Teacher:Little Blonde English Teacher
Name: Agnes (Boles) Graves
Spouse's Name:Myles Graves, Deceased 8/30/64 
Address:R.R. 3, Box 128 
 Academy, S.D. 57369 
Your Education:High School Graduate, Approx. 2 yrs. College 
Your Occupation:Retired. Teacher 7 yrs. 'prior to marriage. Teacher's Aide for 14 yrs. after death of husband. 
Date of Marriage:October 31, 1946 
Spouse's Home Area:Academy, South Dakota 
Spouse's Occupation:Farming 
Children's NamesAgesOccupation
David Myles Graves38Civil Engineer
Mylene Goldie Salter37Works in Auto-Parks Store in Jacksonville, FL. 'where her husband is manager.
Lois Lucille McMahon32She and her husband own and operate Vali-Chek in Rapid City, S.D. (check collecting agency)
Paula Lynne Graves16Senior in H.S.
Kara Lyn Graves83rd grade
Seth Andrew Graves61st grade
Michele Erin Slater127th grade
Robert Myles McMahon4Goes to work each day with parents.
Personal Information  
Hobbies:Reading, sewing, piecing quilts, embroidering, playing games with grandchildren, such as "Sorry", "Touring", "Skip Bo", etc. Also plastic canvas embroidery and watching T.V. 
Favorite Sport:Baseball 
Favorite Kind of Music:Gospel, County, Light Opera, and Instrumental 
Leisure Interests and Pastimes:Same as hobbies. I enjoyed Bible study Oct. 15, 1987 at my home--first of the season. 
Travel:I've traveled to Novia Scotia, western Canada, Colorado, Florida and Texas, also of course, to Iowa. 
Pet Peeve:The terrible TV cartoons for children 
Retirement Plans:Have retired or was retired because Federal funds for my Remedial Classes were cut in 1985 
Memories of Grand River High SchoolToo many to enumerate here, but the last week when our class rode in Wayne's and Berniece's cars east of town, then roamed the hills there and had picnics, comes to my mind. 
Favorite Subjects or Classes: Nearly all of them. 
Subject or Class I Disliked:I think I liked them all. 
Favorite Teacher:Don't know as I had one, but now remember Barbara Graves, freshman English, because I married a Graves. No relation, I'm sure.
Name: Verda (Boles) VanLaar
Spouse's Name:John VanLaar 
Address:Grand River, Iowa 50108 
Your Education:High School and Summer School 
Your Occupation:Housewife 
Date of Marriage:December 22, 1939 
Spouse's Home Area:Grand River, Ia 
Spouse's Occupation:Farming 
Children's NamesAgesOccupation
Janna VanLaar Hall44Farming-Homemaker
Jerle VanLaar38Employed at Jimmy Deans, Osceola, Ia.
Jack VanLaar39Extension Director, Mayor of Leon, Ia.
Kurtis Hall17 
Victor VanLaar7 
Austin VanLaar4 
Deric VanLaar5 
Stephanie VanLaarBorn September 12, 1987 
Personal Information  
Favorite Kind of Music:Country Western and Bands 
Leisure Interests and Pastimes:Reading, knitting, quilting, gardening-flowers 
Travel:Hawaii, Las Vegas, Nevada, Black Hills, Yellowstone Nat'l Park and the Ozarks 
Pet Peeve:Rains, all week 
My Most Embarrassing Moment:It's too embarrassing to tell. 
Retirement Plans:Just doing what we want to do. 
Memories of Grand River High SchoolSo many memories but too many to enumerate here. 
Favorite Subjects or Classes: Home Economics, Algebra, English and Typing 
Subject or Class I Disliked:Geometry 
Favorite Teacher:Dorothy Switzer
Name: Wayne O. Burchett
Spouse's Name:Gayle E. (Carns) Burchett 
Address:Box 166 
 Grand River, Iowa 
Your Education:Career and Continuing Education courses in Accounting, Tax Preparation & Insurance 
Date of Marriage:July 18, 1942 
Spouse's Home Area:Murray, Iowa 
Children's NamesOccupations 
Anne Elaine (Burchett) BartonBudget Analyst, Executive and Budget Office, State of Arizona. Lives in Chandler, Ariz. 
Cathy Lynn BurchettAssistant State Supervisor of Marking Education and State "DECA" Advisor, Ariz. Dept. of Education. Home in Mesa, Ariz. 
Kenneth W. Barton17Student
Jacob G. Barton6Student
Personal Information  
Hobbies:Drawing, Painting 
Favorite Kind of Music:Good Dance Music 
Leisure Interests and Pastimes:Enjoy working with the cattle on the farm and going to Registered Hereford Sales. 
Retirement Plans:Not considered this as yet 
Memories of Grand River High SchoolThe mud roads, riding a horse to school, and walking home late at night after playing a game of basketball. 
Favorite Subjects or Classes: Math & History 
Subject or Class I Disliked:None 
Favorite Teacher:Verdo Barnhouse 
Comments:My education at Grand River plus college courses I have taken, has been quite rewarding. I am District Director of the Iowa Accountant Association of Iowa, of which I use some knowledge I received in high school.
Name: Margaret Irene (Chip) Burchett
Spouse's Name:Harold Eugene Burchett 
Address:140 E. College St. 
 Fallbrook, California 92028 
Your Education:I took a Teacher's Training Course in Cedar Falls (then know as Iowa State Teachers College) and I taught 2 1/2 years in Iowa. 
Your Occupation:I am now a housewife and Harold in involved in a heavy equipment business. 
Date of Marriage:February 22, 1941 
Spouse's Home Area:Van Wert, IA. 
Spouse's Occupation:Harold is also involved in a supervisory job for a young Japanese man and loves it. They are planting groves of pears, persimmons, apples and plums. 
Children's NamesAgesOccupations
Gary Leonard46Heavy Equipment Operator
Harold Eugene, Jr. (Gene)40Heavy Equipment Operator
Gregory Eugene23A 1987 graduate of Cal Poly-Agriculture College
Tashia Shawn21College student
Alisha Rochelle18High School Senior
Timeree Dawn16High School Junior
Craig Stewart114th Grade
Gene has reared two Step-Children named below--  
Keri Ahrend21She lives in Hawaii
Eric Ahrend18High School Senior
Personal Information  
Hobbies:We are involved in all Youth Activities. I love to bake and cook. 
Favorite Sport:We both enjoy football. 
Favorite Kind of Music:Church and Country Western 
Leisure Interests and Pastimes:Harold loves to fish and I like to go to our Club at our old Country School and have food and fun.  
Travel:We only travel to the grocery store. Ha! 
Pet Peeve:People that don't care and only think about themselves. 
My Most Embarrassing Moment:I put my arm around a strange man at Sea World, because Harold had moved away from my side for a moment. 
Retirement Plans:Just have fun in our home and town because it's like Heaven in Fallbrook. 
Memories of Grand River High SchoolI think that staying at Grandma Chipp's with Urman, Mansel, Tressie and Dale West was very special in my memories. We had fun and laughter.
Favorite Subjects or Classes: My favorite was Homemaking. 
Subject or Class I Disliked:Geometry 
Favorite Teacher:Mrs. Switzer and Mr. Barnhouse 
Comments:I think we had a real good class and we were more like brothers and sisters. I loved all of them. I'm looking forward to seeing them once again.

My Harold has started all the Youth Activities in our town. We have lived here 46 years, so things have really changed. He started our Youth Fair, and it's held on our High School Campus, and it's big. He's still in charge after 30 plus years. He also started the 4-H Club, Youth and Adult Baseball, and he played with them until he was past sixty. The youth all love him.
Name: Berniece Lavonne (Fullerton) Burchett
Spouse's Name:Mansel R. Burchett 
Address:503 W. Townline 
Your Education:Ia. State Teachers' College, Graduate of Drake University B.S. Degree - English Major; Post Graduate work at NWMS Maryville, MO
Your Occupation:Homemaker, Elementary and Secondary teacher for 40 yrs. 
Date of Marriage:August 2, 1943 
Spouse's Home Area:Grand River, IA 
Spouse's Occupation:Teacher for five years before entering the Army. Farmer and School Custodian. 
Children's NamesAgesOccupations
Margena Kaye (Burchett) Miller40Homemaker, Banking & Loan Officer Dominion Bank of Middle Tennessee, Dickson, TN
Kirby Durran Burchett21Deceased 1971, Heart Failure during his third year at ISU
Debra Sue (Burchett) Tjelmeland30Homemaker. She and her husband Ron operate a Hog Furrow-to-Finish Unit. 2500 hogs annually.
Tracy Lee Miller20Student, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
Bret Allyn Miller17H.S. Student
Justin Dean Tjelmeland8Student
Tara Ann Tjelmeland19 mos.Unorganizing the home
Personal Information  
Hobbies:Crocheting, Quilting some, Crafts, Bowling and Bicycling 
Favorite Sports:Basketball, Baseball and watching ice skating on TV 
Favorite Kind of Music:Gospel, Country Western & Big Bands 
Leisure Interests and Pastimes:Enjoying the Grandchildren, Retired Teachers' and Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority, Church Circle & Bible Study, Traveling & Camping. Just not having to meet the clock-- sleeping late! 
Travel:Mansel and I have visited the majority of the states in U.S. Wouldn't let us into Canada --Mansel had his German Luger in the camper and do you think he'd with it? NO WAY! 
Pet Peeve:People who only know you whenever they need a favor. 
A Surprising Moment:I was teaching at my home school (Brick #1) and at recess the weather was too messy to play outside. Small groups of students were playing various games, while others were drawing at the chalkboard, when a little first
grader looked up at me and said, "I wish I was Big like you!"

I thought, "Gee, even a little tot thinks I'm Big," so trying to change her way to thinking I asked, "Oh, do mean "grown-up', Hon?"

She nodded her head and with her big brown eyes twinkling she asked, "You know why?"

"No, really I don't. Why, Merna?"

"So I can have a BABY!" she hastily replied and began to laugh. What a relief -- we all laughed!

At that time I wasn't even married and needless to say a baby was from my mind.

(That little Sweetie was Rex and Hazel Davis' second daughter. Today she is a mother and perhaps a grandmother.)
Retirement Plans:I took early retirement from teaching the Spring of '82 since Mansel was retiring in the fall. We attended the World Fair at Knoxville, TN that fall and have spent winters in Florida (1986) and Texas (1987). We enjoy
traveling and sightseeing with our RV for we both love the Great Outdoors. Hopefully, we'll get to Ariz. next winter. And I still hopes of getting to Canada. Ha!
Memories of Grand River High School Seeing Supt. Sloan walk into the assembly made cold chills rush up and down my spine when I was a Freshman. Even though he walked the aisles with his head down pretending not to notice anything, believe me he knew
what was going on at all times. I can still hear his voice echo up the stairs when he caught a student misbehaving. But outside the classroom Sloan was a tease and lots of fun. He was a person I highly respected.

Do you remember, Verda, Margaret and Agnes when we along with Vera, Maurine and perhaps another graduate from G.R. attended summer school (1938) at Cedar Falls and our Supt. Sloan was operating a grocery
store close to campus. We'd stop in quite often to chat. One evening after closing the store he held a little party in our honor. What fun -- eating, laughing and reminiscing!!!
Favorite Subjects or Classes: Home Economics with Mrs. Switzer who taught me to eat Green Beans. Commercial Law with Supt. Sloan; Algebra and Agriculture with Mr. Barnhouse and English with Miss Graves, Peterson & Graham.
Subject or Class I Disliked:I really didn't dislike any of them, if I remember correctly. 
Favorite Teacher:Supt. Sloan & Mrs. Switzer 
Comments:I'll never forget Miss Gallagher in typ-class --- J-I-M SPACE, J-I-M SPACE. She'd repeat it again and again, while we typed it over and over. I'm sure she was thinking about Jim Carr, her escort at that time. Ha!

What fun we Seniors had during our skip week, picnicing (sic), driving around, decorating the Methodist Church for our graduation and just goofing off!
Quote:A school teacher is one who takes a lot of live wires and sees that they are well grounded.
Name: Dale Grimm
Spouse's Name:Iva Jean Grimm 
Address:Cottage Res. Lake MacBride 
 Solon, Iowa 52333 
Your Education:Graduate of Drake University, BA - Major Law  
Your Occupation:Branch Mgr. Ind. Ins. Adjustment Firm 
Date of Marriage:August 12, 1948 
Spouse's Home Area:Des Moines, IA 
Spouse's Occupation:Sales 
Children's NamesAgesOccupations
Daniel Grimm37Product Manager, Clyde Industries
Pamela Farrow36Computer Programmer
Timothy Grimm32VP First Trust & Savings Bank
Tamara Eich  
Katie Grimm14Student
Andrea Grimm9Student
Nicholas Grimm8Student
Troy Grim3 
Josh Eich5 
Mitchell Eich2 
Elizabeth Farrow2 
Brian Grimm7 
Personal Information  
Favorite Sports:Swimming, Boating & Fishing 
Favorite Kind of Music:Big Band 
Retirement Plans:Travel 
Favorite Teacher:Rosemond Ramsey
Name: Reba (Kirkpatrick) Lamb
Spouse's Name:Walter Lamb 
Address:208 S. Temple St. 
 Osceola, IA 50203 
Your Education:High School & Correspondence 
Your Occupation:Bookkeeper - Retired 
Date of Marriage:January 27, 1939 
Spouse's Home Area:Leon, IA 
Spouse's Occupation:Stock Clerk - Retired 
Children's NamesAgesOccupations
Victor Lamb48State Investive (sic) Auditor
Avonelle Sorensen43Senior Graphic Coder, AC Nielson
Karl Sorensen23 
Kris Sorensen Stumo22 
Jeff Lamb10 
Personal Information  
Hobbies:Gardening - flowers 
Memories of Grand River High School  
Favorite Subjects or Classes: Mathematics 
Subject or Class I Disliked:History
Name: Helen (McKee) Pike
Spouse's Name:Carl Pike - Deceased
Address:405 Robert Ct.
 Auburn Hills, MI 48057
Your Education:Good Old G.R. High, Some college, Massage Therapy Graduate
Your Occupation:Message Therapist
Date of Marriage:1945 - 1962
Spouse's Home Area:Auburn Hills, MI
Spouse's Occupation:Lumber Yard owner
Personal Information 
Hobbies:Dabble in Parapsychology
Favorite Sports:Bird Watching
Favorite Kind of Music:Most any kind that's not loud.
Leisure Interests and Pastimes:Reading and "Socialing (sic)"
Travel:Most of the main U.S. and Alaska
Pet Peeve:Inconsiderate people
My Most Embarrassing moment:You don't really think I'd tell, do you?
Retirement Plans: 
Memories of Grand River High School 
Fun things:Not study or school
Favorite Subjects or Classes: History, Typing and Public Speaking
Subject or Class I Disliked:Shorthand and Home Economics
Favorite Teacher:J.R. Barnhouse
Comments:Really plan to be there this time. Want to see who else is grey and fat.
Name: Tressie Mae (West) Brown
Spouse's Name:William H. Brown - Deceased 
Address:610 North State St. 
 Osceola, IA 50203 
Your Education:Graduated from Grand River High School 
Your Occupation:Homemaker and an Inspector at Snowdons Lingerie Factory for over 19 years 
Date of Marriage:November 5, 1938 
Spouse's Home Area:Bill lived most of his life in Clarke County, but he was born in Nebr. 
Spouse's Occupation:He was a farmer. 
Children's NamesAgesOccupations
Marie Louise Brown Halls48Homemaker & mother. Lives on a farm. Has 4 children
Merrill Gene Brown44John Deere Worker and drives Semi's of mail to Omaha as a part time job.
Teddy J. Halls29Farmer
Patricia M. Halls Crain28Office Personnel, Mercy Hospital, Des Moines, IA
Dennis J. Halls9-14-60Farmer
Monty C. Halls8-7-63Runs Water Works in Roland, IA
Darrin J. Brown20College Student. Also works at Chevrolet
Christopher G. Brown17H.S. Student, Dallas Center
I also have 7 Great Grandchildren. Oldest one is nine now. (4 girls and 3 boys)   
Personal Information  
 Have been a widow since Jan. 5, 1974. Moved from the farm to Osceola in June of 1975, near 4-H Grounds and High School.
Hobbies:Flowers and some sewing 
Favorite Kind of Music:Country Western 
Travel:Some Oregan (sic) and Missouri trips 
Pet Peeve:Living alone and having to be responsible for everything. No one to share the load.
Memories of Grand River High School  
 Living 8 miles from Grand River and staying in town to go to school, getting back and forth when snow and rains had the roads (dirt) bad. My father taking horse and bobsled to meet me or take me to G.R. on Sundays for
school. Sometimes I'd walk several miles and pack clothes, too.

Margaret Chip was usually with me. She was like a sister.

Going to Cafes' then in Grand River and what a quarter would buy then! I sure had a bunch of nice classmates and friends, along with lots of good times.
Favorite Subjects or Classes: Home Economics, Government and Law, Bookkeeping and Spelling 
Subject or Class I Disliked:Geometry and History 
Favorite Teachers:Barnhouse, Sloan and Mrs. Switzer 
Comments:I sure remember our custodian, Dan Day. He's a real nice person; seemed like a relative there in the school building; always around with a smile. A great guy!

Yes, I had lots of embarrassing moments, but would not know which one to name.
Name: Venice I. West
Address:336 Lloyd Ave. #26
 Santa Barbara, CA 93101
After graduating I worked in Des Moines, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska doing office work for several years before going to Boston.

While living the Boston area, I belonged to the Camera Club which enabled me to take a lot of trips with the Club, up the North and South Shores, which included Gloucester, Rockport and Marblehead on the North
Shores and on the South Shore (The Cape) we visited Plymouth, Sandwich, Falmouth, Hyannis and other places of interest. Then on separate trips we visited Nantucket Island and Martha's Vineyard.

One of my friends in the office in Boston owned a boat so he invited the office staff for a trip in his boat for an all day Saturday tour from Newport, R.I. to Block Island in the Block Island Sound.

While I was working in the East, my friend and I took a guided tour trip to Portugal and the Island of Madeira.

For several years, I worked in the Chicago area as a Nurse Aide.

After retiring I moved back to Omaha, Nebraska. And desiring to life in a climate where there wasn't such extreme weather conditions -- this lovely place in Santa Barbara, CA opened up for me. I live within walking
distance from downtown and the weather being such as it is we can get out and go whenever we want. I have taken a trip down the coast to San Diego since I've been here and want to take more trips up the north coast
and visit Portland and Seattle again.

Wishing the best to everyone in our class.
Name:Daniel R Day 
Spouse's Name:Gertrude (Pennock) Day 
Address:304 W. Maple St. 
 Allerton, Iowa 50008 
Your Education:High School Graduate 
Your Occupation:Retired R.R. Carrier 
Date of Marriage:June 28, 1933 
Spouse's Home Area:Grand River, Iowa 
Spouse's Occupation:Retired (Hospital Employee) 
Children's NamesAgesOccupations
Daniel W. Day (Dan)42H.S. Principal, Lancaster, MO
Kenneth E. Day (Ken)40Director of Pharmacy in Hospital, Fayetteville, Ark.
Michael J. Day (Mike)36Owner of a Fresh Produce Wholesale Market, Sedona, AZ
Tara Day11 
Tony Day18 
Casey Day17 
Chris Day14 
Danielle Day9 
Todd Day14 
Scott Day12 
Personal Information  
Favorite Sports:Basketball 
Favorite Kind of Music:Gospel and Country Western 
Leisure Interests and Pastimes:Camping 
Travel:Winters in Texas and Ariz. 
Retirement Plans:Travel and Fishing

Many thanks to Ken Day for contributing this wonderful booklet compiled by Berniece Burchett, 1988! Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall; added 30 Oct 2020.
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