High Briar School No. 4

Eden Township, Decatur County, Iowa

The Davis City Advance, Davis City, Iowa
Thursday, November 26, 1896

The Highbrier School commenced last Monday with MISS OGDEN as teacher.

Copied by Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert, September 17, 2003

High Briar had the last school year, September 1930-1931. Six pupils starts in September and nine were enrolled by spring. Marie Trembly was the last teacher. Submitted by Tonita Helton.

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High Briar School


High Briar School

1904 - 1905

High Briar School


High Briar School

Teacher Dudley Dale, Tay Hall, Jim Still, Alma Still Osborn, Birdie Frazier McDaniel, Angie Still Waller, Bessie Hale Willis, Glen Frazier, Wawlter Fitch, Willie Dale, Walter Blakesley, Willie Still, Clifford Cowles, Walter Dale, Alice Still Marble, Bertha Hall, Nellie Woolsley Frury, Forest Dale, Myra Blakesley Spencer, Jennie Frazier McDaniel, Edith Cowles, Ella Fitch Davis. Submitted by C.C. Cowles. Sisters Birdie and Jennie Frazier married McDaniel brothers. Jennie was 3yrs old in this photo. George Clark, Edythe Cowles, Alice Still, Willie Still, Ella Fitch, Dora Wescott teacher, Harley Fitch, Zeta Robison, Nellie Fitche, Zelta Robison, Capitola Robison, Christena Fitch, Nona Still.
Submitted by Tonita Helton
Teacher Ray Cozad, Anna Peters, Nellie Fitch, Esther Peters, Alice Still, Myra Blakesley, Nellie Woolsey, Zeta Robison, Chester Dale, Harley Fitch, Roy Blakesley, Merle Dale, Capitola Robison, Pearl Blakesley, Zelta Robison, Nona Still, Pearl Dale, Merle Blakesley, Christina Fitch, Henry Peters, Earl Still, Grace Robison, Faye Peters, Lloyd Hamilton, Oren Peters, Cecil Hamilton Lulu Minor - teacher, Alice Still, Capitola Robison, Zelta Robison, Nellie Drury, Roy Blakesley, Myra Blakesley, Nona Still, John Minor, Pearl Blakesley, Chester Dale, Grace Spencer, Merle Dale, Earl Still, Pearl Dale, Virgie Schoonover, Christina Fitch, Lulu Marvin, Susan Schoonover, Merle Blakesley, Grace Robison, Maybe Wade, Lloyd Hamilton, Doss Fitch, Cecil Hamilton, Grace Schoonover
Submitted by Tonita Helton

High Briar School


High Briar School


High Briar School

1923 - 1924

High Briar Reunion

1940's or early 1950's
Garvin Manchester, Teacher
Pupils: Grace Robison, Lloyd Hamilton, Pearl Dale, Harl Barrett, Merle Blakesley, Jessie Barrett, Cecil Hamilton, Mildred Latta, Marie Barrett, Catharine Latta, Ruby Blakesley, Raymond Hamitlon, Eddie Barrett, William Latta, Lonie Hullinger, Clarice Cowles, Larence Latta, Olive Barrett, Doss Fitch, Theodore Robison
School Offices: W.A. Barrett, Frank Cox, J.B. McDaneil
Clarice Cowles, Lonnie Hullinger, Cecil Hamilton, Lula Johnson - teacher, Red Robison, Raymond Hamilton, Ruth Freeman, Hilda Boyd, Vera Cowles, Bonnie Hullinger, Forest Boyd, Viola Still, Velma Still, Marjorie Freeman
Submitted by Marjorie Snethen
Marjorie Manchester, Teacher
School Board: Frank Bain, J.B. McDaniel, J.B. Dale, J.H. Barrett
Pupils: Joseph Dale, Lester Cowles, Eugene Fuller, Mildred Cowles, Meredith Crabtree, Harold Cowles, Frances Crabtree
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