East Eden School No. 1

Eden Township, Decatur County, Iowa

Courtesy of Decatur County Historical Musuem
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East Eden School


East Eden School


East Eden School

1921 - 1922

East Eden School

1950 - 1951

Lanie Meek, Teacher.
Grace Cain, Willard Gassett
Etta Gamman, Etmer Kimport
Clara Gammon, Ralph Eddington
Belle McCalla, Willard Chastain
Winnie Shira, George Chastain
Esther Peters, Hughie Walton
Annie Peters, Clair Fletcher
Mary Edginton, Henry Peters
Eva Rumley, Oran Peters
School Board:
C.E. Chastain - Director
Eli Hutchinson - Co. Supt.
Amos Brazelton, W.H. Frost, W.F. Cox 

Reece Gittinger, Willard Chastain, elma Kimpert, Willard Gassett, Clara Gammon, Belle McCalla, Winnie Shira, Fannie Hazlet, Louise Lindsey teacher, George Chastain, Homer Dye, Roy Chastain, Clair Fletcher, Ralph Edgington, Cleo Clark, Willie Hazlet, Hugh Walton, Mary Edginton, Winferd Griffin, Ida Hazlet, Walter Griffin, Ward Atherton, Leslie Flaggard, Maurice Flaggard, Dillon Frost, Julia Chastain.
Submitted by Winnie Evans 
Jim Maine, Russel Evans, Gladys Maine, Forest Davenport, Julian Frost, Miss Philis teacher, Burniece Allbaugh, Thelma Davenport, Harold Chastain, Walter Frost, Miles Clay, E. Barrett Allbaugh
Submitted by E.B. Allbaugh 
Neva (Bunny) Parsons, Marilyn Maynard, Joe Chastain, Bobby Selk, Martha Ann Rose, Patty Ruth Foltz, Sarah Chastain, teacher Cleo Fulton, Osa Wayne Foltz, Carol Jean Hembry, Irma Kay Chastain, Ronnie Selk, Eddie Frost, Joyce Frost, Mary Frost, Nancy Chastain, Mike Frost
Submitted by Cleo Fulton 
East Eden Class ~ 30 Years Unbroken
Away back in 1869, thirty-two years ago, when this country was very thinly settled a group of five little girls had their pictures taken in a group. They were ANNA GAMMON, SALLIE ALLBAUGH, MELLIE DYE, LEVINA GAMMON and ELMA GASSETT. The following year they comprised the algebra class of the East Eden School, which we believe was the first algebra class taught in Decatur County, Robert Turner, who now lives at Lamoni, being the teacher.

Twenty years later they again assembled and had their pictures taken in a group, and last Saturday the class was tendered a reception at the home of MRS. ELMA GASSET MORRILL, after which they for the third time had their pictures taken together. It is remarkable that out of the class of five members that all should be living within a radius of five miles of each other, and that the circle formed thirty-two years ago has never been broken by death. It is a record that is seldom if ever equaled and the same friendship exists between them as when they were playmates and schoolmates. The only change is that four of the five have married, the group taken last Saturday being MISS ANNA GAMMON, MRS. SALLIE ALLBAUGH CHASTAIN, MRS. MELLIE DYE CONREY, MRS. LEVINA GAMMON BASSET and MRS. ELMA GASSETT MORRILL. They are now in the midst of a series of receptions given at their homes, and all met at the pleasant home of MRS. CHASTAIN in Eden Township, Tuesday, where another elaborate dinner was disposed of.

Source: Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa, Thursday, January 10, 1901
Copied by Nancee (McMurtrey) Siefert, December 7, 2002 
Decatur County Journal, Leon, Iowa
October 22, 1914

The new school house in Eden Township known as Eden No. 1 was opened Monday of last week. The new building replaces a structure that had been serving as a school house since 1868. A feature of the opening day was a special program and a dinner. Many people of that neighborhood together with others from a distance who had one time been pupils of that school, were in attendance. MISS WINNIE SHIRA, the teacher of the Eden No. 1 school, had worked hard in arranging for the opening day and her efforts were crowned with great success.

The day was a most enjoyable one and those in attendance had a most delightful time. MRS. LAFE MITCHELL, of Leon, was in attendance and had with her the first school register used in the old school house dated away back in 1868. As the roll was called from the old register MRS. J.M. CHASTAIN, of Leon, a former pupil of the old Eden School, answered, telling so far as she was able the whereabouts of each one and what they had been doing in life since the old school days. ROBERT TURNED, now a resident of Lamoni, was the first teacher of Eden No. 1 school and most all of the pupils who first attended there are still living. Forty of the pupils of that school have taken up teaching successfully. MRS. ROY GAMMON read a newspaper that had been prepared and read at a meeting of the literary society at the old school house 26 years ago.

Another newspaper written by W.E. GAMMON and his daughter, MRS. LAFE MITCHELL, of Leon, in 1871, was another pleasing feature of the opening day of the new school building.

Copied by Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert February 4, 2002  
The Leon Reporter
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, May 10, 1917, Page 10

School Report.

The following is the report for the school year ending May 4, 1917, at East Eden school, district No. 1 in East Eden township:

Total number enrolled, 53.

Total number days taught, 160.

Average daily attendance, 38.

Salary per month, $55.20.

Average cost of tuition for each pupil per month, $1.45.

Number neither tardy nor absent, during the year, 3.

Number in 1st grade . . . . . . 13
Number in 3rd grade . . . . . .11
Number in 5th grade . . . . . .6
Number in 7th grade . . . . . .6
Number in 8th grade . . . . . .12

Number completing eighth grade work, 11.

Cuba E. Hayes, Teacher.

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