Decatur City School No. 1

Decatur Township, Decatur County, Iowa
A common district school was maintained from an early day in Decatur City. In 1864 this was made an independent district, and a frame building, 32 x 40 feet in size, was built, at a cost of over $3,000. This building was burned in 1885, with $1,000 insurance.

The present [1887] building was erected in 1885, at a cost of $3,200, including furnishings. It is 30 x 60 feet in size, and is divided into two rooms. Two teachers are employed. Nine months school is usually maintained. The enrollment is 130, and the average attendance seventy.

In 1915, the Decatur City District had one male and four female teachers; 118 pupils enrolled; and one school, cost $460.

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The Decaturite
1940 - 1941

Jr. - Sr. Prom

The Decaturite
1941 - 1942
Neil Smith, Dick Gillham, Roscoe Scott, George Springer, Olel Brown, John Gates, Charles Morgan.
Lanelle Mullinix, Ione Woolman, Lulu Bright, Ethel Coffin, Ermma Woolman, Ina Hazlet, Ruth Gittinger, Angie Cozad, Hazel Mullins, Ethel Beers, Myrtle Phipps, Mabel Stover, Neva Evans, Hazel Stuteville, Francis Kentner, Lucile Chirstofel, Robert Beardsley, Leslie Pullin, Lois, Ackerley, Freda Ferren, Gladys Dunn, Winifred Hamilton.
Raymond Goodman, Oliver Fletcher, Marry Muck, Orville Weaver, George Young, Homer Dale, Robert Scott, Joe Keshler, Bruce Townsend, Dewey Long.
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Nina Gardner, Teacher

Decatur School
year unknown

High School Football

year unknown

Decatur School
1958 - 1959

School in Park


HS Girls Basketball Team


Decatur City Band

1938 - 1939
Ona Riley, teacher; Lola Williams Euritt, Verda McLaughlin, Orville Wilson, Clifford Woodard, Alma Blades, Jessie Akers, Bennie Clark, Irene Nichols, J.D. Myers, Bertha Peck Hibness, Nellie Russ Painter, Wilma Creese, Brown Akers, Nelson Ammonds, Warren Millsap, Johnnie Lunbeck, Walter Kier, LuRetta Campbell Ross, Flossie Caldow Gillham, Elmer Van Horn, Addie Clark, Doris Lunbeck, Dorothy Lunbeck, Louie Lunbeck. Submitted by Dr. J.D. Myers. Agnes Caldow, Merle Crees, Margaret Riggle, Lucy Sell, Jessie Caldow, Bruce Townsend, Eva Gardner
from Ruby Clauson
Gearold Leffler, Charles Bunting, Bryant Sears USN, Francis Leahy USA, Euglah Plummer, Carl Millsap USN, Charles McClure, Dick Gillham USN, Ruth Havens, Earl Young, Robert Young USM, Lois McMorris, Max McClure, Mrs. Hines, Connie Conkle, Burton Young, James Porter, Art Sissel USA, Esther Jean Brownson, Ed Akers USN, Margarete Meek, Mary Lou Sutherland, Gene Thompson USN, Chet McGahey USN missing in action, Helen Surber, Bill Bronson, Margarete Lear, Helen Bunting, Bob Gillham USM, Louis Greenland, Willis Tullis.

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