Terre Haute School No. 3

Burrell Township, Decatur County, Iowa
A schoolhouse was built in 1876. Dick Miller furnished the ground for the building. There was an enrollment of 40 to 120 pupils. They put up benches around the room and in the aisles for seats.

A number of excellent teachers developed among the pupils of this school, several of whom started teaching after finishing the eighth grade. Among the early teachers was one William Bowman. He had had a tooth pulled about a year before he began teaching and lockjaw set in. In clearing that up he developed a nerve twitch in one side of his face he was never able to control. The school board called him up on the carpet. One of the girls had complained that he was always winking at her.

Among the other teachers were: Grover Quite, Kate Grogan, Susie Buritt, Vine Devoss, Winnie Cash, Irven Spencer, Abe Bowman, George O. Johnson, Mrs. Frank Wells, Louisa Butcher, Ed Keeler, Charley Chasey, Emma Ritchie, Fred Cash, Louis Jones, Elizabeth Bolen, Carmaletta Ayres, Henry Ferguson, Winona Alley, Maxine Merrifield, Hildred Hughes, Delma Newcomer, Pauline Smith, Wilma Norman, Joe McMorris, Margaret Dickey, Madge Woodward, Valota Norman, Willard Beck.

The schoolhouse burned in 1937. A new building was erected and was used as a community center until a few years ago when the county school board decided to clean house and sold all the rural schoolhouses. The Terre Haute School was sold and turned into a hog house. It was struck by lightning in 1964 and burned.

SOURCE: THOMAS, David O. Historical Sketch of the Old Ghost Town of Terre Haute, Decatur County, Iowa.
Transcribed and submitted by Earle Koeble.
Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, October 22, 1903

Norman vs. School Board, Burrell Township

I.C. NORMAN and fourteen other plaintiffs vs. the officers and directors of the School Township of Burrell has commenced an action to restrain defendants from moving the school house in sub-district No. 3, from lot 8, block 2 in the town of Terre Haute where it has been located for about 27 years, to a site three-fourths of a mile west and south of the original location, alleging in their petition that the meeting at which it was decided to make the change was called and held illegally, and the proposed location is not the most convenient for the majority of the children of the district. Judge Parrish has issued a temporary injunction restraining the directors from moving the school house until the case is heard in court. Geo. W. Baker, attorney for plaintiff.

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