Hagen School

Burrell Township, Decatur County, Iowa
The Davis City Advance
Davis City, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, June 13, 1895

MISS CURTIS closed a very successful term of school at the HAGAN last Friday evening, with a very interesting entertainment to a crowded house, and there were no flies on the actors who took part in the exercises. The Gipsy(sic) Maid, Little Jim, and Rock of Ages made a great impression on all present. A Baby Born in the White House was well spoken by BERTHA SMITH. The piece was very witty, but nevertheless true. The pantomime, Who has the Best Time the Man or the Woman, was well gotten off and was the most laughable of all. The essay by MISS BERTHA SMITH was very instructive to all present. MISS CURTIS has shown herself to be an accomplished teacher and theatrical instructor. All who were there were more than pleased with the plays. JUBE GOOD did the horn playing and did it well. ROB and STAN FRAZIER did the other two-thirds of the music.

Copied by Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert
September 2, 2003
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