Davis City School

Burrell Township, Decatur County, Iowa
 Although The Davis City Public School was organized around the year 1856, the schools were not graded until November of 1893. Davis City's first annual commencement exercises were held in April of 1896. ~ SOURCE: The Davis City Advance, Davis City, Iowa, Thursday, April 30, 1896


The fountain head, the main spring of all national greatness. Davis City is possessed of a fine two story brick school building, erected at a cost of $12,000, containing five departments, with about 220 pupils all of whom are in charge of experienced instructors, headed by Prof. J.M. Howell as principal, with four able assistants who are the Misses Sudie Prose, Gertie Sylvester, Maude Bowman and Emma Mark. The officers of the school are S. Radnich, President; Arthur Dorn, Treasurer.


The head of this faculty was born in Harrison County, Mo., and is a graduate of Grand River College in Grundy County. He has been engaged in educational work for eighteen years, fourteen of which have been in the Davis City schools, besides having taught school in Eagleville, Mo. The professor is qualified in every particular for the position he now holds, and during his fourteen years' residence in this city he has not only proven himself to be among Iowa's most able instructors but has been a valuable acquisition to its social and business circles as well. He has a good home and fortune seems to have smiled on him in more ways than one, as success has followed him year after year. He has the respect and admiration of all who enter the Davis City Schools for educational purposes, as well as the hearty cooperation of the board of trustees and its officers. He is a close student and a valuable educator and pupils receiving instructions there fully appreciate the benefit conferred on them, and occupy themselves diligently in the acquirement of a useful knowledge, and those graduating under his instructions are eligible to enter any State Normal without further examination.

Prof. Howell is an active and energetic worker in the cause of educational work, and parents out of town will do well to place their sons and daughters under his supervision, and his untiring efforts in the past should convince them of the advisability of so doing, thus enabling them to keep up with the evolution of knowledge.

SOURCE: Davis City Advance, Davis City, Iowa. Thursday, January 8, 1897.

Gertie Sylveter, Pearl (Norman) Grimes, Prof. J.M. Howell, Myrta (Howell) Frazier, Anna Shirley Hadley

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Davis City Graduates

year unknown

Class of 1905

Davis City High School

Class of 1906

Davis City High School

1st and 2nd Grades
  Prof. Howell, Floyd Severe, Chester Teale, Norman Grimes, Leigh R. Howell, Ralph Johnson Myrtle Shoemaker, Ovid Shoemaker, Garvin Manchester Georgia Rudebauch, Teacher;
John Howell, Supt.
Frank Rogers, Carmen Osborn, Clella Burrel, Garland Keshler Garden, Blanch Merisoot, Anna Hagen, Clara Graham, Lucille Post Small, Esther Hauge, Irene Attebury, Ruby Brown Daniels, James Teale, Harold Meriott, Grace Standefer, Margaret Hamilton, Margaret Balon Manchester, May Burell, Crystal Cummings Balon, Opal Brocon, Lucia Howell, Mae Davis, Grant Ricks, Emrold Van Beek, John Bunk Hamilton, Huel Martin, Orville Downey, Elwood McClaron, Garey Gore, Harvey Post, Otto Hill, Laurence Linden, Frank Davis, Wallace Teale, Arthur Teale.
Photo submitted by Wayne Small.

2nd Primary Class*


Davis City Rural School

year unknown

Davis City Graduates

year unknown

Davis City High School
1914 - 1915
Jessee Milligan, Janitor; Zula Hamilton, Dolly Gore, Blanche Newton, Blanche Merritt, Hazel Mildred Lindsey, Verna Karens, Anna Hagen, Garland Keashlear, Carmon Osborne, Grace Standefer, Mae Burrell, Opal Brown, unknown, Orville Downey, Bill Davis, Clella Burrell, Bunck Hamilton, Elizabeth Bolon, Harvey Post, Lester (Gooseberry) Allen, unknkown Myrta Walters, Teacher; Lewis Ricks, O. Standefer, Bill Daniels, ? Karens, Jim Teale, Elwo** McClaren, ? Reed, unknown, Wilber Osborne, Dewey Bolon
Submitted by Margaret Hamilton
    Roe Reed, James Teale, Robert Gates, Wallace Teale, Louis Ricks, Elwood McClaran, Frank Davis, Dorcas Manchester, Harvey Post, Orah Johnson, Roy Butcher, May David, Wilber Osborn, Huel Marten, Harold Merritt, Dewey Bolon, Opal Brown, Grace Standifer, Hildred McClaran, Maude Teale, Zula Hamilton, Blanche Newton, Gretchen Teale, Lucial Lowell, Elizabeth Bolon, Neil Hamilton, Charles Bolon, Boles Keshlear, Earl Cox, Leone Robbins, Helen McClaran, Esther Post, Florence Bartlett, Ethel Merrifield, Ruth Lee, Fay Thompson, Anne Merrifield, Blanche Merritt; Deane Gates, Earl Johnson, Maude Hamilton, Osa Standifer, Teachers - Miss Rinking, Supt. J.M. Howell
Submitted by Esther Post Tellier

Davis City School
Teachers, 1917

7th and 8th Grades*


Davis City High School*

2nd and 3rd Grades*
1922 - 1923
Prof. Carroll, Jessie Vanzee, Miss Hudson, Mrs. Dougherty.
Submitted by Berdie Ordway
Cecil Sutherlin, Teacher Irene Atteberry, Mae Burrell, Garland Keshlear, Ruby Brown, Grace Schoonover, Bleandaine Keshlear, Mable Welcher, Berdie McLain, Audry Pickens, Emerson Poush.
Submitted by Berdie Ordway
Nona Miller - teacher, Virgil Oiler, Chester Turpen, Fred Akes, Lawrence Hill, Stephen Radnish, Basil Craig, Wilma Piper, Esther Henderson, Winifred Shoemaker, Villa Warner, Gladys Warner, Elaine Johnson, Bernadine Burrell, Retha Lovell, Kenneth Henderson, Dale Cowles, Harold Griffith, Winston McClaran, Ovid Turpen, Charles Bennett, Harold Frazier, Edwin Piper; Submitted by M.L. Adair. Contributed to Decatur County IAGenWeb by Sherry Balow.

Davis City School*

High School*
year unknown

High School*

Lois Rudebaugh, Winona Rew, Kathleen Frazier, Mable Hill, Estehr Nigh, Sylable Oiler, Louise Miller, Violet McDaniel, May Clarke, Opel Eston, Georgia Lovill, Maxine Frazier, Margaret Stoneburner, Leta McClaran
Ralph Hill, Robert Oiler, Emmet Craig, Dale Nielson, Wayne Davis, Frank Binder, Ernest Warner, Riley Warner, Maurice McLain
Russell Hagen, Harold Frazier, Wilma Piper, Dorothy Nigh, Voncile McDonald, Opal Davis, Helen Galbraith, Lenore Latta, Marguerite Adkins, Steven Radnich, Edwin Piper, MIldred Lovel, Velva Elston, Fannie June Post, Daisy Hawk, Pursie McClaran, Lela Ventling, Evelyn Henderson, Leland Elston, David Schoonover, Leon Johnson, Willard Sellers, Mabel Bass.
Teachers Lela J. Kirk, ? Graham, Mildred Moore, Acean Graman
Thelma Trembley, Neda Elston, Helen Marshal, Helen Boeger, Lorrane Phyllis, Vera Cowles, Macyl Karns, Veta Trembley, Pauline Craig, Birdie Kirk, Layton Baker, Gerald Robbins, James Parker  

7th and 8th Grades*

Kindergarten & 1st Grade*
year unknown

Just The Boys*

year unknown

Davis City High School*
Lela Kirk - teacher, Arthur Hullinger, Loren Riley, Gilbert Hagen, Clarence Giegler, Forrest Graves, Layton Baker, Jim Parker, Birdie Kirk, Pauline Craig, Macil Karns, Thelma Trembley, Opal McClaran, Clara Bender, Vita Trembley, Freda Elston, Martha Lovell, Freda Oiler, Rosa Schoonover, Violet Smith, Lillian Kimbel, Doris Hart, Loraine Phillis, Octo Banbut, Vera Cowels, Helen Marshall, Harvey Shoemaker, Otis Vandel, Toney Osborn, Leon Neigh, Gerald Post, Raymond Frazier, Homer McClain, Clyde Brayman, John Piper, Waile Ricks
Submitted to the Leon Journal-Reporter by Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Graves
Beryl Kirk, Ellen Bryant, Adeline Sly, Gerald Feltz, Robert Haile, John Carter Scott, Garland Feltz, William Henderson, Oscar Van Winkle, Mrs. Mable Thorpe, ? Welcher, Ruth Bartlett, Granville Thompson, Harold McClaren, Alfred Lovett, Velora McDonald, Clara George, Lucille Bartlett, Veta Richers, Cleo Noftsger, Bernice Nigh, Raymond Kirk, Dorothy Klusman, Paul McDonald, Alta Tiller, Henry Cartwright, Donald McClaren Wailes Ricks, Wiley Buchanan, Woodrow Bryant, Gerald Graham, Lee Flora, Harvey Shoemaker Forrest Graves, Leon Neigh, Otis Vandel, John Piper, Clyde Braman, Arthur Hamilton, Woodrow Bryant, Howard Stander, Lee Hart, Loren Riley, Carrel Martz, Albert Craig, Hep Latta, James Burrell, Myles Post, Raymond Frazier; Lorain Phillis, Violet McDonald, Marjorie Freeman, Doris Hart, Louise Miller, Opal McClaran, Rosa Schoonover, Mergerie Rolland, Pauline Craig, Eula Brenizer, Naomi Lee, Violet Smith, Ethel Pickens; Gerald Neigh, Lester Quigley, Gerald Graham, Wiley Buchanan, Homer McClain, Lucille Miller; Freda Elston, Violet Slauter, Vera Flora, Francis Dennis, teacher Miss Cornet, teacher Alice Bolon, supt. H.D. McClaran, coach Philip Baltimore, Kathlene Frazier, Leta McClaran, Harvey Shoemaker, Lee Flora, Wailes Ricks.
Submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Graves

Lela Kirk's Class*
year known

6th and 7th Grades*

1926 - 1927

Third Grade Class*

Seventh Grade Class*
Velva Johnson, Winifred Shoemaker, Agnes Dunbar, ? Moore, Harold Griffith, Virgil Dunbar, Ovid Turpen, Harold Frazier, Edwin Piper, ? Elston, Steven Radnich, Chester Turpin, David Schoonover, Leland Elston, Marjorie Gibler. Teacher Lela J. Kirk Elizabeth Bolon - teacher; Stephen Radnish, Willard Elston, Leland Elston, Marjorie Gibler, Dorothy Merritt, Marian Rogers, Ovid Turpen, Harold Frazer, Edwin Piper, Velva Elston, Isabelle Bryant, Mildred Lovett, Kenneth Henderson, Virgil Dunbar, Retha Henderson, Agnes Dunbar, Wilma Piper, Winifred Shoemaker.
Submitted by Wilma Adair; contributed to Decatur County IAGenWeb by Sherry Balow.
  Daisy Hawk, Ellen Graves, Geneva Smith, Mabel Hill, Marguarite Lee, Francis Hagan, Garland Hagan, David Schoonover, Casey Gibler, Hantess (?) Ross; Evelyn Henderson, Persis McClaran, Lenore Latta, Wyola Buchanan, Lela Vestling, Farole Jane Post, Margaret Stoneburner, Ocean Braman, Maxine Frasier; teacher - Lela Kirk, Russell Hagen, Dale Wilson, Maurice "Buss" McLain, Wayne Davis, Betty Goble, Helen Gilbraith, Opal Davis, Vencille McDonald, Dortha Nigh

Davis City High School*
1927 - 1928

HS Boys Basketball Team
1927 - 1928

2nd and 3rd Grades*
teacher Nona Miller

Class of 1936

Davis City High School
Teachers - Hessel Vanderflught, Philip Baltimore, Alice Dewey Bolon, Bernice Mitchell.
Casey Gibler, Raymond Butcher, Lester Quigley, Harvey Shoemaker, Huntess Ross, Wayne Davis, Maurice "Buzz" McLain, Dale Wilson, Roe Burrell; Buford _inger, Helen Kimbal, Margaret Stoneburner, Leta McClaran, Freda Johnston, Wyole Buchanan, Gladys Vandel, Vera Cowles, Naomi Lee, Esther Nigh, Rosa Schoonover, Jaunita Hatcher; Roy Ordway, Violet McDonald, Opal Elston, Maxine Frazier, Octo Van Beck, Opal McClaran, Freda Elston, Helen Boeger; Madge McLain, Wanda Fisher, Geneva Smith, Harve Shoemaker, Johnie Piper, James Burrell, Louise Miller, Homer McLain, Georgia Fetty, Clyde Braman, Ellen Graves, Raymond Frazier, Pauline Craig, Leon Nigh, Wiley Buchanan, Marjorie Freeman, Woodrow Bryant, Marguerite Lee, Rex Hamilton, Kathleen Frazier, Forrest Graves, Otis Vandel, Lillian Kimbal, Doris Hart.
Submitted by Art Rex Hamilton, Wathena, Kan.
Homer McLain, James Burrell, Forrest Graveds, Leon Nigh, Clyde Brahman, Beuford Hullinger, Raymond Butcher, Leon Johnson, Ray Frazier, Roe Burrell Nona Miller, teacher; Oscar Lee Van Winkle, Chestger Dunbar, Flossie Feltz, Verlee Butterton, Eiloise Gibbler, Vera Hawk, William Henderson, Velora McDonald, John Carter Scott, Lesty Klusman, Russell Brymeier, Halford Ross, Sidney Ellston, William Fox, Clarence Turpin, May Kennedy, Madeline Cartwright, Harry Cartwright, Jack Hubbard, Wayne Tiller, Garland Feltz, Adeline Sly, June Vanderflute, Beryl Kirk, Bernice Nigh, Ruth Bartlett

Handwriting was very difficult to read - can you help?
Catherine Pickens, H.D. McClaran, Lois Prall, Mark Manchester, Maurice Radnich, Ruth McClaran, Alice Bolon, Winston McClaran, Wayne Ventling, Virlee McDonald, harold Griffith, Leah McLain, Johnnie Benton, Roberta Davis, James Piper

Davis City Class

1936 - 1937

Davis City High School*
1936 - 1937

2nd and 3rd Grades*
1937 - 1938

4th and 5th Grades*
1937 - 1938
Leola Tellier, Pat Hamilton, Helen Evans, Alice McDonald, Ray Lincoln "Bud" Puckett, Earl Fugate, __ Brenizer, Maurice Davis, Neicy Sly, Gloria Cheeseldine, teacher - Helen Wales, Margaret Piper, Kitty Lou Burrell, Bernice Craig, Dorothy Ollie Turpen, __ Nye or Nigh, Eva McCleary, Virginia Evans, Virginia Latta, Gracie Forkner, Dorcas Fugate, Gerald Cartwright, Jack Black, Carl Lee Lovett, Jim Hendricks, Hollis McClaran, Bobby Forkner Mark Manchester (teacher), Prof. McClaren, Kenneth Hamilton, Adaline Sly, Ellen Bryant, Virlee Batterton, Halfred Ross, John Carter Scott, Granville Thompson, Dorothy Klusman, Charles Owens, Lesty Klusman, Walter McDaniel, Mildred Pettit, Harold McClaren, Clara Dunbar, Rex Munyon, Gamaliel Cox, Lois Prall (teacher), Bernard Craig, Alice Bolon (teacher), Vaneta Keasler, Madaline Cartwright, Marcelle Cartwright, Russel Seymour, Eilla Wiley, Bill Fox, Virginia Adkins, Harold Davis, Barbara Downey, Mary Fetty, Robert McNelly, LeLoie Thompson, Lucille Parker, Vendene Reynolds, DeLoris Sly, Charles Dunbar, Harley Piper, Arthur Vandel, Marvin Davis, Paul McDonald, Freeman Houk, Bennie McDaniel, Don McNelly, John Craig, Don McClaren, Wiley Willis, Don McLain, Willard Craig, Roy Kennedy, Kenneth Wheeler, Don Latta.
Submitted by Barbara Downey Sebben
Louie Brenizer, Harold Craig, Jim Hill, Theora Snethen, Beverly Sage, Mary Lou Ventling, Ruth H. Tellier, Dorothy McCleary, Almer Couthart, Vivian McDonald, Wilma Bellier, Basil Craig, Donella Fugate, Vera L. Fortner, Evelyn Baker, Viva McKee, Evelyn Horney, Nancy L. Latta, Leta Vandal, Betty Hagen, Luella Tillford, Russel Hampton, George Evans, Billie Noftsger, Coral Seymour, Bobby Dean Lovett, teacher Nona Miller Dale Cothard, Lena Dennis - teacher, Bob Forkner, Richard Elston, Louie Brenizer, Cleo Evans, Oliver Hendrix, Carl Lee Lovett, Johnnie Dunbar, Maurice Davis, Darrell Young, Raymond Vandel, Robert Latta, Bobbie McClaran, Margery Baker, Neley Sly, Helen Evar*, Mary David, Imogene Cartwright, Sara Hamilton, Cha* Davis, Leola Teiller, Da* Young, Shirley Ke*
Submitted by Darlene Hill

6th and 7th Grades


HS Boys Basketball Team

2nd and 3rd Grades*
1938 - 1939
Patsy Hamilton, Miss Wales, Gracie Fortner, Max Davis, Billy Keshlear, James Hendrix, Gerald Cartwright, Earl Fugate, Ray L. Puckett, Hollis McClaran, Vera Tellier, Margaret Piper, Eva McClarey, Bernice Craig, Virginia Evans, Kitty Burrell, Gloria Cheseldine, Alice McDonell, Virginia Latta
Submitted by Margaret Hamilton
  Robert McDonald, Julius Ross, Charles Owens, Walter McDaniel, Wiley Willis, James Keshlear, Raymond Kirk, Bill Farris, Karl Kirk, Freeman Houk, Granville Thompson, Bernard Craig, coach Kay Bartlett
Submitted by Virginia Willis
James Hill, Louie Brenizer, Ruth Hope Tellier, Luella Tilford, Vera Fortner, Margaret Pickens, Evelyn Baker, Theora Snethen, Viva McKee, Eva Tuller, Helen Norris, Evelyn Horney, Nancy Latta, Lela Vandel, Betty Hagan, Delphine Hascal, Alta McKee, Elsie Stephens, Leo Fugate, Roy Tuller, JIm Keown, Scotty Richardson, Harlan Richardson, Bill Noftsger, George Evans, Johnny Mitchell, Orien Brenizer, Everett "Pete" Graham, Joe McDonald, James Bruner.
Teacher Nona Miller

High School Boys

year unknown

Davis City High School*

Davis City School*
1939 - 1940

Davis City High School

James Parker, Gerald Robbins,
Layton Baker
Teachers Harry Bickle & Wilbur Knutson, Clarence "Bud" Stephens, Wiley Willis, Bernard Craig, teacher Alice Boles, Raymond Kirk, Arthur Vandel, Julius Ross, Ronald McLain, Supt. E.R. Morrison, Gamaliel Cox, Donald McClaran, Oscar Lee Van Winkle, Lowel Reynolds, Karl Kirk, Betty Sage, Helen Cartwright, Freda McDaniel, Velva Deane Ordway, Mary Ellen Pickens, Gracie Forkner, Arvilla Bruner, Vera Evans, Clara Dunbar, Robert Puckett, Deloris Sly, Bill Farris, Ellen Bryant, Marcella Cartwright, Eileen George, Louise Eastin, Virginia Latta, Aurelia Van Winkle, Lorena "Nance" Felts, LeLoie Thompson, Wyvonne Felts, Darlene Cartwright, Virginia Adkins, Betty Daniels, Tony Lovett, Barbara Downey, Chester Tellier, Donald Latta, Marjorie Vandel - teacher, Freeman Houck, Max Davis, Paul McDonald, Bennie McDaniel, Gerald Cartwright, Jack Davis, Kenny Munyon, Jerry Stephens, Paul Stoneburner, Delmar Sly, Robert McDaniel, Rex Burrell, Marvin Davis, Ray Puckett, Doyle LaFollett, Ralph McLain, Earl Fugate, Homer Manchester, Frank Elston, Robert Newton, Julian Scott, James Keshlear, Harley Piper, Herbert Batterson.
Submitted by Virginia Willis
Viva McKee, Theora Snethen, Evelyn Horney, Ruth Hope Tellier, Louie Brenizer, Betty Bruner, Charles Bruner, Jim Hill, Scotty Richardson, Vera Lou Fortner, Evelyn Baker, Wilma Tellier, Dorothy McCleary, Donella Fugate, Mary L. Ventling, Vivian McDonald, Betty Hagen, Mary Jane Stephens, Bevervl Sage, El* Stephens, Luella Tilford, _ Latta, Roy Tuller, Coral Seymour, Almer Cotherd, Donald Straight, Russell Hampton, Bobby Lovett, Billy Noftsger, Jim Keown, Helen Jurgens Atterberry - teacher  

6th and 7th Grades*
1940 - 1941

Grade School Class*

Primary Class

1945 - 1946

Miss Chatburn, teacher

ca. 1945
Jonnie Dunbar, Bob McClarran, Russel Hampton, Raymond Vaneal, Caral Seymore, Donald Strait, Alemr Cothard, Bobby Dean Lovett, Billy Manchester, Beverly Sage, Charlotte Davis, Lucille Boeger, Mary Jane Stephens, Vivian McDonald, Dorothy McClearly, Mary Elizabeth Roberts, William Tellier, Mary Davis, Richard Elston, teacher Louisa Hascal, Betty Bruner, Frances Ordway, Sarah Hamilton, Lois Waynt, Margery Baker, Mary Lou Ventling, Cleo Evans.
Submitted by Berdie Ordway
Max Richardson, unknown, Rex Boswell, Ron Scott, Donald Proctor, Doug Hullinger, James Ricker, Victor McDonald, Jeraldine Craig, Marie Hildebrand, Joyce Ricker, Nancy McClaran, Addie McCleary, Beth Butcher, Diane Jeurgins, Donna Vandel.
Submitted by Freda Hildebrand
Contributed by Francis Pickens/Moden  

The only year a school yearbook was published.
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3rd and 4th Grades
year unknown (1960's)


1952 - 1953

Mr. Campbell's Grades 6-7 8

1953 - 1954

Class Group

year unknown
Bryce Dunn, Billy Green, Ronny Reed, Marty Eakes, Mike Graham, Vicki Willis, Rhonda Reed, Pam Shoemaker, Rhonda Kelley, Margaret Moreland, Sharon Manchester, Brenda Osborn, Judy Eakes, Mike Evans, Doug Smith, Kim Kelley, Kelly McDaniel, Randy Graham, Robert Mathis, teacher Miss Hullinger
Leon-Journal Reporter
Roberta Neal, Teacher
Bill Colyer, Butch Hartley, Dwayne Hill, David Sellers, Gary Toney, Keith Hill, Ronnie Helton, Don Robbins, David Graham, Joan Manchester, Norman Gannon, Judy Miller, Mary Newton, Lucretia Hamilton, Janet Dowell, Lynn Elston, Janis McDonald, Sharon Burrell, Gayla Vandel, Virginia Shoemaker
can you name them?  

Elementary Class

year unknown

Second & Third Grade

1950 or 1951

unknown grade

year unknown

elementary class

  Teacher Gretchen Miller
Twyla Hawk, Lind Burrell, Wayne Hill, Carl Felts, Jimmie McDonald, Timmy Jones, Eddie Sellers, Tommy Davenport, Betty Hart, Barbara Felts, Katy Shoemaker, Judith Tellier, Lois Atterberry, Joyce Dowell, Philinda Snethen, Jimmie Newton, Paul Colyer, Noble Noe, Ronnie Tellier, Jerry Sams, Arney Thompson.
Harold Schoonover, Ronnie Elston, Wayne Still, Roe Burrell, Robert Heckathorn, Vernon Hill Jr., teacher Phyliss Daniels, Mary George, Julie Reed, Diana Tellier, _ DeGraw, Sharon Ventling, Sheryl Perry, Martha Shoemaker, Pearl George, Bobby Snethen (sic), _ Still Teacher Doris Swigart, Danny Eakes, Jimmy Willit, Jan Slemp, Kenny Willit, Marcia Osborn, Joan Hill, Stan Akes, Donnie Still, Rick Shoemaker, Marvin Evans, Marvelle Gardner, Lester Vandel, Glen Manchester, Dave Poush, Dennis Horney, Bev Gilliland, Cathy Snethen, Kay Evans, Rita Sissel, Duane "Wolf" Boswell, Joe Lewis, Donnie Hullinger, Wayne Brenizer, Allyson Snethen

elementary class

year unknown

elementary class

1962 or 1963

elementary class

year unknown

8th Grade Graduates

year unknown
  Teacher Doris Swigart, Patty Hamilton, Randy Dunn, David Smith, Ramona Osborn, Larry Henderson, Ronnie Reed, Linda Willet, Anna Mathis, Linda Still, Gary Henderson, Jay Eakes, Brenda Osborn, David Blades, Zula Gilliland, Joni Evans, Rex Felts, Stuart Akes, Bonnie Sissel, Doug Manchester, _ Willet, Jackie Willis, Roger Vandel, Jay Sexton, Judy Eakes, Kelly Butcher, Roberta Mathis, Sharon Manchester, Marty Eakes, Randy Graham, unknown, Diane Brenizer, Mike Evans, Joe Emerson   Roe Allen Burrell, Pearl Marie George, Julie Reed, Harold Schoonover, Mary George, Sharon Ventling, Diane Tellier, Ronnie Elston, Wayne Still, Robert Heckathorn, Vernon Hill
Elementary Teachers

Mrs. Doris Swigart
  Wilberta Neal, Gretchen Miller, Marie Davenport, Julia Belle Higdon, Phyllis Daniels the dates on the photos may not be accurate  
Articles of Interest
Copied by Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert
The Davis City Advance
Davis City, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, February 13, 1896


The following compositions were handed us by Miss Mable Horner, teacher of the second primary. We followed copy and the parents can see how well their children are progressing under their efficient teacher.


Abraham Lincoln, one of our best and beloved presidents, was born in Kentucky on Feb. 12, 1809. He was a very poor boy. He worked his way through by the farm and by splitting wood to a good honest president. When Abraham was a small boy his father built a house of logs in the woods. They didn't have any floor, no windows or doors.

They were too poor to buy them.

When it would rain or snow they would hang a bear skin or a wolf up to keep out the cold. His mother had few books but read to Abraham out of them. Abraham only had two books they were Asop's Fables and Arithmetic. He was very fond of reading. He would read a book through two or three times. A man loaned him a book by the name of Life of Washington. He would take it to bed with him. Beds them days were made of hemlock branches and the leaves. He would stick it in the branches. One night it snowed and the leaves and back were spoiled. He felt very sorry. He carried the book back to its owner and asked him what he could do to pay for it. The man said 75c or three days work in the corn field. Abraham said I haven't the money but will work three days for you. After he worked for the three days he gave him the book. Abraham never was so proud in all his life. In those boyhood days Abraham was called little Abe. His mother made him a suit of clothes of bear skin and a cap with a tassel of rabbit tail.

Sometimes Abe's father would shoot a turkey which would last them two or three days.

The first time Abe shot a turkey he said he never would kill another turkey unless it was needed for food. Abe's father was married twice. His first wifes name was Nancy Hanks and the second Sally Bush.


Abraham Lincoln was born Feb. 12, 1809. His parents were very poor. He read few books but mastered all he read. When he was a young boy he lived in a log house. They went to a log church which was a short distance away. When Abraham came home he would preach to his little sister. They moved not long after. Abraham was about big enough to kill bear and wild turkeys. The first turkey he killed he sat down and cried for he had always thought it wrong to kill a bird.

His mother made him a funny suit of bear skin, and a little cap with a rabbits tail for a tassel.

He walked 12 miles after a book which a man loaned him. It was the life of Washington. He thought a great deal of the book. He took it to bed with him. One night there came a storm which spoiled the book. He took it back to the man and asked him how much money he would have to pay. The man said 75 cents or 3 days work in the corn field. He said he had no 75 cents so he worked 3 days in the corn field, on the 3rd day the man said he could have the book. And he said he was never so happy in all his life.


Abraham Lincoln was born Feb. 12, 1809. His mother and father were very poor. They lived in a little log house. All the furniture that they had was some old stools and a table.

They went to a log church not far away. When Abraham and his little sister came home from church he got on a log and preached to her and then they would sing a little song. It was always a treat to them when their father would kill a bear or a wild turkey. Once his mother made him a suit of clothes out of a bear skin and she made him a funny cap. He never forgot that little cap.

He lived to read books. Once a man loaned him a book to read it was the Life of Washington. He would take it to bed with him and read it over and over. He would put it between the logs. And one night it rained and ruined it. When he took it he told the man he was sorry.

He asked the man how much, he would have to pay for it and he said that he would have to pay me seventy-five cents or work in the corn field three days.

He said I have not got the money so he would work in the field.

When the end of three days came the man gave a book to keep, he was very proud of it.

He grew up to be a smart man.

Then he was elected president in the year of 1860.

He died April 15, 1865.

A man by the name of Booth shot him at a theater.
The Davis City Advance
Davis City, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, April 30, 1896


The first annual commencement exercises of the Davis City Schools was held at the Union Church last Thursday night. It was a decided success in every respect. The audience was large, and we feel perfectly safe in saying that no one went away disappointed. Our schools are dear to the hearts of our citizens, and well they may be, for they would be an honor to a town of much larger proportions. For this eventful occasion, when the first class of graduates were to receive their diplomas, much ability was shown in the selection and arrangement of the decorations for the building, which was handsomely decorated in the class colors -- green and white, with a profusion of house plants and blooming flowers here and there.

At eight o'clock the exercises began, the overture being played by Dr. Fred W. Horton. Rev. G.E. Mitchell followed this with a very appropriate invocation to Almighty God in which he poured forth the sentiments of every citizen present, in his thanks for America's free school system. E.E. Horner then favored the audience with a vocal solo, entitled, "Down in the Ocean Deep," which was well rendered, and heartily enjoyed by all lovers of good vocal music.

The first of the class orations was given by Miss Anna Shirley. The subject selected by her was


She handled her subject well, clearly setting forth the fact that dreamers and thinkers are two distinct and different classes of people, and bringing out the undeniable truth that with either class, that all-important factor of doing "deeds" must be added in order to make their lives a success, no matter what may be their avocation or chosen profession.

The next oration was that of Lewis Horner, who had chosen the subject of


He handled his subject with much ease, showing that he is a deep student, and one who has stored his young mind with useful knowledge. He clearly set forth the idea that, no matter what one's convictions may be, he should follow out the dictations of his own mind, regardless of the minds of his or her associates, so long as they do not conflict with the laws of the country in which they live. Mr. Horner possesses marked ability as an orator, and should he copy after the thoughts brought out in his oration, carrying them into his daily life, he will undoubtedly reach a higher plane than that of the average man.

This oration was followed by a vocal duet, by Misses Mabel Horner and Maude Bowman, which was one of the crowning features of the evening's program.

This was followed by Miss Grace Horner's oration, entitled,


Miss Horner handled her subject in a very acceptable manner, comparing the human being to a passenger steamer on the great ocean, and dwelling especially on the fact that it is just as essential that every person have some definite object in view, and steer direct for it, as it is for an ocean steamer to have a pilot or a rudder. As every vessel on the ocean is either sailing proudly on, to some definite port, or aimlessly drifting on to destruction, so it is so of every man, woman and child on the voyage of life. We are either "Sailing or Drifting."

The next on the program was an instrumental duet, by Misses Nellie Davis and Lena Cummings, which was well rendered and showed their skill at the piano.

Miss Maude Topliff followed with her oration, having chosen for her subject,


This oration was a vigorous appeal for the rights of women. She did not wish to condemn man of course, but simply desired to convince the audience that with equal chances, "Woman as a Factor," is man's superior. She referred to the fact that it was man who was instrumental in the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and also that Christ appeared first to women after the resurrection. She set forth the power of woman in questions of reform, but one of the leading thoughts she presented, and one which we think will receive the hearty approval of every true-hearted woman, was her disdain for the "new woman" of today. She evidently voiced the sentiments of the audience when she conveyed the idea that she had no use for her.

This oration was followed by a vocal solo by Miss Maude Bowman, entitled, "Zereta," which proved her wonderful ability as a singer, and brought forth applause from the entire audience.

Miss Pearl Norman gave the last of the class orations, having selected as her subject,


She did ample justice to her subject, presenting the truth that this life is what we make it, and that we should each one strive to live higher, nobler lives. In her remarks to her class-mates, she dwelt on the importance of a full use of the knowledge they have already acquired, and the necessity of a constant effort to gain more. Nothing can bring more real genuine happiness than the knowledge of having lived a pure and noble life.

This was followed by an instrumental solo by Miss Nellie Davis, after which Prof. J.M. Howell made a few fitting remarks to the class in behalf of all the teachers. He pointed out to them very clearly the substance of the class motto: "Something Yet to be Gleaned."

S. Radnich, President of the School Board, then presented the class with their diplomas, and made a few remarks in regard to the progress of the Davis City Schools, from the time the district was first organized, almost forty years ago, down to the present date. He said it had taken a long time to get the first graduates ready, but our readers will remember that the schools were not graded until November, 1893.
The Davis City Advance
Davis City, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, March 01, 1900


Examination in High School this week.

STELLA MCINTOSH, of the High School took teacher's examination in Leon last week.

The names of the prize winners of the historical contest are: 1st, MAGGIE MCINTOSH; 2nd, AFTON HEMBRY; 3rd, GEORGIA HORNER.

The Literature class is reading and discussing Merchant of Venice this week.

The school has secured MISS MARION WILSON, of New York, to give an entertainment consisting of impersonations and pantomimes, March 6. The proceeds go for the school library so let each one help this cause by attending.

The Geography classes are studying industries.



CLARICE FRANKLIN and HARRY FAUCETT are attending school in the second room now.

The following are names of the children who were neither absent nor tardy in the primary last month and would have been entitled to a quarter holiday had the board not given the half day. BURRIS HOWELL, OLIVE MOORE, EARL ASBACH, OTTO TURPIN, FRANK STANDIFER, RUTH ARASMITH, HELEN WAILES, NEAL HOWELL, BOLON KESHLEAR, BESSIE HOWARD and EDNA BAKER. LESLIE CUMMINGS was not absent during the month.
The Davis City Advance
Davis City, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, April 25, 1901


The Commencement of the Graduating Class at the Union Church last Friday evening was a very happy event, and the town turned out in a way that showed appreciation -- the building being taxed to its utmost capacity to hold the audience. The Senior Classes from Leon and Lamoni were in attendance to see the young people make their start. The room was very tastefully decorated and the singing by the Male and Female quartettes were very fine, as was also the solo by MISS WINNIE CRAIG. The Orations, "Looking Backward" by WILLARD GUY JEFFRIES, "At the foot of the Ladder" by FLORENCE PEARL SWITZER, and "Future Governmental Changes" by JOHN BERT HOWELL, were excellent, showing good thought and fine training, and did great credit to Professor HOWELL, the teacher, as well as to the authors. MISS HORNER's Address to the Class, was a fine effort and would have been better appreciated if the audience had been more thoughtful and the program shorter. MR. RADNICH made some very happy remarks in presenting the diplomas, and the Audience joined in singing America, thus ending one of the most successful Commencements ever held in Davis City.

Lack of time and space prevents us from printing the Orations in this issue, but they will appear in the future numbers of the Advance.
Leon Reporter
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, April 23, 1903

The commencement exercises of the Davis City High School will be held at the M.E. Church in that city this evening. There are eleven graduates in the class, which is composed of GRACE B. MCDOWELL, ORA FAY MOINE, OLIVER OSCAR ROGERS, AFTON FRANCES HEMBREE, HILLORY LORRAINE OSBORN, CHESTER HAROLD SEVERE, JENNY HAZEL FREEMAN, CURTIS JAMES MCWILLIAMS, DAISY PEARL DAVIS, CLARA OLIVETTE MCINTOSH, VETA LAURA SCOTT.
Leon Reporter
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, May 5, 1921


The first, second and third grades are preparing to give a program next week.

REV. and MRS. THOMPSON visited MRS. POUSH's room last week.

LULU JOHNSON visited MRS. POUSH's room last week.

GLADYS VANDEL is absent from the Grammar room this week on account of sickness.



The High School senior play "Deacon Dubbs," which was given Friday evening, was a great success, there being a large crowd in attendance. The crowd was so well pleased that the class was asked to give the play over Tuesday evening which they did.

While going home from school Friday evening, VETA GRAHAM was thrown out of the buggy in which she was riding and injured. The last reports were that she was improving and we hope she will soon be back in school.

While playing in a tree, Monday, PAUL RADNICH fell to the ground lighting on his head. He went on home but when he got there he couldn't remember anything that had happened during the morning. The doctor was called and after a careful examination, said it was just a bad stun. We all hope he will soon be back in school.

ROSCOE DOOLITTLE re-entered the seventh grade Monday after a few weeks' absence.

The contest which was held at Leon, April 29th, showed that Davis City Grammar room is just as smart and has as much pep as the rest of the schools in the county, because we carried home four medals, two firsts and two seconds. MYRL TONEY winning first over all in arithmetic for the seventh grade, EVANGELINE SLAUTER winning first over all in arithmetic for the eighth grade. HATTIE BOLON winning second in spelling for the eighth grade and LORENE JOHNSON winning second in silent reading for the seventh grade.

The eighth grade wrote a letter of sympathy to VETA GRAHAM Monday.

The eighth grade presented PAUL RADNICH with a bouquet of flowers Tuesday evening, hoping they would cheer him up so he could soon be back in school.

The High School Orchestra, which is just starting up, played before and between acts for the senior class play Friday evening and certainly did well for the first time they ever played before the public. We hope to hear them again soon.
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