1953 Davis City School Yearbook

Contributed by Bob Bixby and the Decatur County Historical Museum
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Roe Allen Burrell,
Pearl Marie George, Julie Reed, Harold Schoonover

Ronnie Elston, Wayne Still,
Robert Heckathorn, Vernon Hill

Mary George, Sharon Ventling, Diane Tellier


Wilberta Neal, Gretchen Miller, Marie Davenport,
Julia Belle Higdon, Phyllis Daniels


Primary - 1st Grade
Front row. Carolyn Welch, Terry Devine, Edna Wells.
Row 2. Janet Dowell, Lynn Elston, Janis MacDonald, Sharon Burrell, Gayla Vandel, Virginia Shoemaker.
 Row 3. Joan Manchester, Norman Gannon, Judy Miller, Joyce Jones, Mary Newton, Lucretia Hamilton.
Row 4. Billy Colyer, Michael Hartley, Duane Hill, David Sellers, Gary Toney, Tommy Davis, Keith Hill, Ronald Helton, Donald Robbins, David Graham.
Teacher. Wilberta Neal.

2nd and 3d Grades
Front row- Jimmie Newton, Paul Colyer, Noble Noe, Ronnie Tellier, Jerry Sams, Arney Thompson.
Row 2- Betty Hart, Barbara Felts, Katy Shoemaker, Judith Tellier, Lois Atteberry, Joyce Dowell, Philinda Snethen.
Back row- Twyla Hawk, Linda Burrelll, Wayne Hill, Carl Felts, Jimmie MacDonald, Timmy Jones, Eddie Sellers, Tommy Davenport.
Teacher- Gretchen Miller.
"Sharri"    "Kenny"
4th Grade
First row - Donna Sams, Judy Bolen, Marilyn Piercy, Janis Massey, Beth Hill, Ardis Hill, Diana Hartley.
Back row - Gary Bolon, Danny Reynolds, Paul Hawk, Gary Welch, Mrs. Davenport, John Tompson.
5th and 6th Grades
Front row- Carl MacDonald, Walter Hartley, Joey Wilson, Steven Thompson, Johnny Burrell.
Row 2- Kay Snethen, Viola Heckathorn, Janet Shoemaker, Marla Davenport, Paula Tellier, Vera Heckathorn, Fay Snethen, Patty Atteberry, Donna Felts, Margaret Dowell.
Row 3- Clayton Colyer, Myrte Noe, Bette George, Gary Marvin, Ronnie Burrell, Jerry Marvin, Eddie Colyer, Dennis Massey, Miss Higdon
7th Grade
In back: Janice DeGraw
2d row: Kay Still, Bobby Snethen, Sheryl Perry & Teacher. Phyllis Daniels
In front: Martha Shoemaker
Corner: Rose Mary Mancheser
Ball Team
Front row- Johnny Burrell, Ronnie Burrell, Clayton Colyer.
Row 2- Dennis Massey, Robert Heckathorn, Wayne Still, Vernon Hill, Ronnie Elston, Gary Marvin, Jerry Marvin.
Row 3- Pearl George, Eddit Colyer, Roe Burrell, Barbara Snethen

Silver and Roberts, Smyth Studio and Record Shop, Thomas Electric, Lamoni Coal and Material Company, Barritt Produce, Reynard Clothing Store, Wilson's Store, Davis City Produce
State Bank of Lamoni, Western Auto, Judy's Gardens, Longfitt Seed Farms and Elevator Inc.
Finsley's Hatchery, Cross Billiards, Sinclair Service Station, Butcher's D-X Service
Hacke's Ben Franklin Store, Iowa Southern Utilities Company, Downey Chevrolet Company, Stewart Funeral Home
Hynden Insurance Agency, Lamoni Packin Co., Small's (Formerly Lanes Dry Goods)
Lamoni Co-op Creamery Association, Buzz Inn Cafe, K and M Mercantile, Decatur County State Bank, Jones Drug Company, Farmers Co-op Grand and Seed Co., Compliments of a Friend
Leon Implement Company
E. J. Hines, D.D.S.
Ray Gilbert
Coast-to-Coast Store, Louie Pickering
C. D. Scott, D.D.S.
The Pantry
Lamoni Sale Corporation
Rush Pontiac Garage
Hotel Central
Rippey's Food Market
A. L. Teale - Shoe Repair Shop
City Cafe
Goodyear Store
Davis City Tavern
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