From grandmother West's scrapbook
Barry West

Leon Journal-Reporter
July 19, 1945

Weldon Farmer Injured Monday by a Cultivator

Raymond Spencer Knocked Down by Tractor Dragged by Cultivator; in Hospital

Raymond Spencer, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Spencer who live south of Weldon was badly injured at 5:00 p.m. Monday when a tractor knocked him down, ran over him and the cultivator attached to the tractor dragged him several feet.

The farm youth was attempting to start the tractor when the accident occurred. The tractor had stalled and he jumped off the machine to start it. As he cranked the tractor the machine started moving as it was in gear. The tractor knocked him down and ran over his left arm. The cultivator dragged him for quite a distance before he was able to free himself. Although the tractor wheel with lugs had badly lacerated his body and he had suffered bruises he jumped up and turned the switch off on the tractor stopping it before it reached a deep ditch just a few feet ahead.

Spencer was able by stopping to rest a few times to walk one-fourth mile to the house. He was taken to the Decatur County hospital for treatment.
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