Department of Iowa
Grand Army of the Republic

Weldon Post #426, G.A.R., Weldon, Iowa History

Miscellaneous Data and History:

Chartered: March 17, 1877

Mustered by J. D. Goodrich

Members: Chartered 22, Total 39 (40 in this list)

Disbanded: July 1, 1912

Weldon, #426 took the name of the town for the Post name.

Allen, AshealPvt Co I 91st NY Inf
Barnard, John D.Pvt Co K 34th IA InfMar 17, 1887Feb 25, 1838Jan 30, 1896Friends, Weldon
Barnett, MosesPvt Co E 83rd IL InfApr 7, 1887Jul 13, 1832Apr 20, 1896Hebron, Weldontransferred from Wayne Post #137, Humeston
Brenneman, Wm HenryPvt Co B 78th IL InfSep 11, 1837Apr 25 1909Garden Grovewife, Juliette Ashbaugh
Bricker, David H.Corp Co M 6th OH CavAug 5, 18871846
Chapman, Reuben D.Pvt Co D 64th IL Inf1903May 24, 1842Feb 24 1915 Greenbay, Weldonborn Medina Co OH; died Clinton OK
Crist, George A.Pvt Co C 186th OH InfMay 12, 1887Feb 15, 1846May 18 1928Maple Hill, Osceolaborn Delaware Co OH; died Willow Springs MO
Funk, JohnPvt Co E 73rd OH InfApr 6, 1840Nov 24 1928Rose Hillborn Pickaway Co., OH; died Shenadoah, IA
Gallagher, JamesPvt Co A 34th IA InfJun 4, 1834Feb 27 1907Garden Groveborn Galway, IRE; died Weldon, IA
Greenlee, Levi T.Sgt Co I 4th IA InfMar 17, 1887Nov 3, 1841Sep 5 1922Coal Ridge, Knoxvilleborn Mason Co., WV; died Ft. Dodge, IA
Hodge, CharlesPvt Co D 39th IA InfMar 17, 1887Apr 19, 1821Jun 20 1901Greenbay, Weldonborn Wyoming Co., NY; died Weldon, IA
Hosier, MarshallPvt Co C 90th OH Inf
Judd, OscarPvt Co L 3rd IA CavMar 17, 1887Dec 24, 1846Jan 26 1929Garden Groveborn Pike Co., IL; died Davis City, IA
Keeran, JohnPvt Co G 7th IA Inf
Kimberling, JosephPvt Co F 13th WV InfMar 17, 1887Jan 27, 1846born West Virginia
Knight, Edward F.Pvt Co D 8th IA Cav1889Jun 17, 1842Apr 24 1921Pierce Twp, Page Co. IAborn Morgan Co., IN; died LeRoy, MO
Lane, Job T.Sgt Co I 15th IL InfMar 17, 1887May 30, 1834Jul 15 1918Greenbay, Weldonborn Wyoming Co., PA; died St. Joseph, MO
Lowe, Thomas J.Lt Co G 34th IA InfMar 17, 1887May 4, 1833Nov 4 1901Weldon-Chaney, Weldonborn Henry Co., IN; died Weldon, IA
McAlister, James Z.Pvt Co D 39th IA InfMar 17, 1887Jun 14, 1848Dec 15 1914Metier, Garden Groveborn South Boston, IN; died Weldon, IA
McFarland, CorneliusPvt Co E 133rd IL InfMar 17, 1887Jun 11, 1845Apr 5 1907Greenbay, Weldon
Marshall, HenryPvt Co G 3rd WI CavMar 17, 1887Nov 15, 1838Feb 4 1912Garden Grovedied LeRoy, IA
Mathena, Robert F.Sgt Co H 121st OH InfMar 17, 1887May 9, 1845born Delaware Co., OH
Mathews, William T.1st Lt Co D 39th IA InfMar 17, 1887Jul 18, 1823Jan 2, 1899Hebron, Weldonborn Murray Co., TN
Maxwell, Daniel K.Sgt Co A 55th IL InfAug 3, 1842
Mitchell, George EdwinPvt Co A 59th IL InfNov 12, 1888Aug 9, 1842Apr 3 1918Hebron, Clark Co. IAborn Meigs Co., OH; died Weldon, IA
Myers, William H.Pvt Co D, 8th IA CavMar 17, 18871846wounded & taken prisoner Jul 30 1864 Newman GA
Newell, John WesleyPvt Co M 7th IL CavMar 17, 1887Sep 15, 1843May 29 1915Greenbay, Weldonborn IN; died Weldon IA
Payne, David R.Pvt Co G 44th MO InfMar 17, 1887
Short, Young W.Pvt Co C 70th IN Inf1899Jan 29 1915born Bellville, IN
Showers, Lyman L.Pvt Co K 97th OH InfMay 21, 1888Jul 14, 1844Aug 11 1920Maple Hill, Osceolaborn Muskingum Co., OH; died Weldon, IA
Smith, George M.Corp Co D 18th IL Inf
Stevens, William H.Pvt Co A 2nd WV CavMar 17, 1887Sep 14, 1838Jun 24 1919Hebron, Weldonborn Bangor, ME; died Weldon IA
Tallman, John CarlCorp Co E 25th IA InfDec 4, 1843Feb. 1917Green Bay, Weldonborn Middlebourn WV; died Humeston IA
Tansey, DanielPvt Co D 70th IN InfMay 5, 188718361908Green Bay, Osceola
Terry, George LeanderPvt Co B 151st IL InfMar 17, 1887Mar 15, 1850Jun 14 1917Smyrna, IAborn Utica, NY; died Weldon IA
Vaught, George W.Pvt Co D 39th IA InfMar 17, 1887Dec 12, 1828Nov 10 1903born Clark Co., IN; died Steel, ND
Wade, WilliamCorp Co C 30th Mo CavMar 17, 1887Aug 4, 1841Dec 10 1918Hebron, Weldonborn Montgomery Co., IN; died Clarke Co., IA
Wallace, John M.Corp Co E 83rd IL InfAug 5, 1885Jan 8, 1833Jun 24 1907Hebron, Weldonborn Ross Co., OH; died Weldon, IA
White, PeterPvt Co I 45th IL InfMar 17, 1887Dec 19, 1824Jun 21, 1892Green Bay, Osceola
Worden, Joseph WPvt Co B 18th IA InfMay 5, 1887Apr 10, 1835Nov 1 1912Metier, east of Weldonborn Dutchess Co., NY; died Weldon, IA

Source: "Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1861-1949" State Historical Dept., Des Moines, Iowa.
Anonymously transcribed and contributed. Formatted and added by Conni McDaniel Hall 18 Jan 2020.
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