Department of Iowa
Grand Army of the Republic

Leon Post #251, G.A.R. Leon, Iowa

Chartered: November 22, 1883 Mustered by W.T. Wilkinson

Members: Charter 25 Total 192

Property: Charter received at G.A.R. Headquarters, July 11, 1940 from American Legion office Leeper

No. 251 Took the name of the town for a Post name.

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ComradesBornWhere BornDiedWhere DiedBurialWar Record
Abernathy, JohnIll03 Feb 1906Des Moines IaPVT Co D 15th IA Inf
Aitkins, Joseph MPVT Co A 17th IA Inf
Albee, Robert G29 Nov 1844Shelby Co IN25 May 1923Leon IALeon CemPVT Co C 9th IA Cav
Alexander, Eli11 Mar 1822Jackson Co IN05 May 1903Leon IAHigh Point CemCAPT Co A 34th IA Inf
Allen, Albert Jesse04 Mar 1845Memphis MO30 Sep 1912Leon CemPVT Co B 19th IA Inf
Andrews, Jacob Hadley20 Jun 1844Clinton Co OH09 May 1920Chariton IAChariton IACORP Co G 17th OH Inf
Archer, John12 Jan 1844New Holland OH1922Franklin CemPVT Co F 90th OH Inf
Atlee, Isaac RPVT Co E 45th IA Inf
Bailey, John LPVT Co F 40th IL Inf
Banta/Bunter, Elijah05 Jan 1823Shelby Co KY19 Mar 1889Lamoni IARose Hill CemPVT Co G 132nd IN Inf
Beck, Charles Wesley01 Dec 183229 Jun 1910Leon IALeon CemPVT Co C 5th KS Cav
Bedair, Francis F02 Oct 1838Beoumont France13 Jun 1909Leon IALeon CemPVT Co C 118th IL Inf
Beebe, Reuben LPVT Co K 39th IA Inf
Bell, John13 Aug 1839Keedysville MD02 Apr 1927Leon IALeon CemPVT Co A 13th OH Inf
Bennett, JohnMOBethel Cem, Eden TwpPVT Co G 33rd MO Inf
Benton, Richard G14 Nov 1841Carroll Co TN01 Oct 1908Decatur City IAPalestine CemPVT Co M 3rd IA Cav
Bethards, John D05 Dec 1840Pickaway Co OH30 Dec 1918PVT Unassigned 8th OH Cav
Blunt, Isaac182728 Jan 1920PVT Co B 18th IA Inf
Bobbitt, Creed08 Aug 1843Pulaskin Co KY13 Nov 1909Leon IALeon CemPVT Co C 5th KS Cav
Bowman, George S31 May 1927Hanover OH01 Feb 1927Leon IALeon CemCORP Co M 3rd IA Cav
Boyer, Joseph C12 Sep 181817 Apr 1904Decatur CoLeon CemPVT Co B 16th IA Inf
Brannon, WilliamPVT Co K 115th IL Inf
Brenneman, Peter30 Jul 1841Huntington PA26 Oct 1924Grand River IAGrand River CemPVT Co D 34th IA Inf
Brewer, William HenryMuscatine Co IASeymour, IAPVT Co I 11th MO Cav
Bright, Daniel Burgess09 Jan 1847Washington Co TN26 Sep 1921Grand River IALeon CemPVT Co C 9th IA Cav
Bright, Henry15 Oct 1842Gallipolis OHLeon CemPVT Co K 39th IA Inf
Brooke, Bealle W19 Nov 1906Highpoint TwpWoodland IAPVT Co B 43rd MO Inf
Brown, John Dana01 Aug 1840Norwalk, Huron Co OH25 Jun 1927Leon IALeon Cem2d LT Co L 3rd IA Cav
Brown, William A09 Apr 1844Huron Co OH04 Sep 1888Leon IALeon CemSGT Co L 3rd IA Cav
Burham, John12 Oct 1837Lancaster OH05 Jun 1912Grand River IAYoung CemMus.(Fifer) Co E 32nd IA Inf
Burnison, Samuel J07 Oct 1811Orange Co NY11 Jun 1898Leon IAPalestine CemPVT Co B 43rd OH Inf
Carmean, Joshua23 Mar 1836Rose Co OH27 Feb 1902Leon IALeon CemPVT Co K 14th IA Inf
Carroll, CharlesGermany30 May 1913Leon CemCORP Co A 1st MO Inf
Chandler, William S15 Mar 1841Pickaway Co OH04 Mar 1922Clarinda IALeon CemPVT Co A 2nd MA Cav
Chapman, Charles H17 Dec 18371912Oak Hill, Grand RiverPVT Co L 1st MI Cav
Chase, Abel E16 Aug 1834Putnam Co NY30 Oct 1890Leon IALeon Cem2d LT Co D 39th IA Inf
Clark, Isaac NLeon Cem2d LT Co G 3rd MO Cav
Clark, William FPVT Co A 1st IL Cav
Clymer, Charles02 Apr 1834Dayton OH03 Dec 1902Leon IALeon CemPVT Co G 31st IA Inf
Cox, Stephen L17 Jul 1831Jackson Co IN13 May 1919Leon IABethel Cem, Eden TwpPVT Co I 34th IA Inf
Crouse, Stephen27 Sep 1836Ind12 Aug 1929Leon IALeon CemPVT Co H 1st IA Cav
Curry, Edgar W25 Jul 1848Ind18 Mar 1896Des Moines IaLeon CemPVT Co L 3rd IA Cav
Davis, Francis M06 Apr 1840Van Buren Co IA19 Dec 1898Pleasanton IAHamilton Cem, PleasantonPVT Co A 1st IA Cav
Davis, James H26 Mar 1845Darke Co OHPVT Co D 14th IA Inf
Detrick, Andrew J02 Mar 1828Zanesville OH22 Jan 1893Leon IALeon CemPVT Co L 3rd IA Cav
Draper, Austin24 Aug 1845Jackson Co IN28 Apr 1924Marengo IAGrand River CemPVT Co C 145th IN Inf
Dunn, Allen13 Mar 1840Somerset KY22 Dec 1903near Leon IALeon CemPVT Co A 17th IA Inf
Early, James A1821Canada05 Feb 1899Leon IALeon CemPVT Co L 9th IA Cav
Elliot, Samuel H PVT Co F 86th IN Inf
Elm, Gustave09 Nov 1924Leon IAFranklin CemPVT Co F 82nd IL Inf
Enest, Elbert04 Mar 1833Ind08 Apr 1898Leon IALeon CemPVT Co C 9th IA Cav
Evans, James Hill03 Jan 1845Cheddar, England21 Mar 1925Los Angeles CALeon CemPVT Co B 4th IA Cav
Evans, James Jefferson22 Sep 1845Burlington IA22 Jan 1922Leon IALeon CemPVT Co C 9th IA Cav
Finley, John P17 Sep 1837Pique Co OH10 Apr 1903Gering NELeon CemPVT Co D 4th IA Inf
Fisher, William16 May 1826Bedford Co PA26 May 1903Van Wert IADecatur CemCORP Co H 99th PA Inf
Flora, Jacob F1842Ind15 Mar 1912Davis City IABethel Cem, Eden TwpPVT Co A 17th IA Inf
Foreman, George18 Jul 1828Armstrong Co PA24 Jun 1905Leon IALeon CemSGT Co C 33rd IA Inf
Foregrave, Lyman W1844OHPVT Co A 15th IA Inf
Fulton, Wade H14 Apr 1830OH13 Oct 1914Leon IALeon CemSGT Co K 30th IA Inf
Gammill, John C CAPT Co C 138th OH Inf
Gardner, Almon L31 Aug 1839Rochester OH25 Feb 1914Leon IALeon Cem1st LT Co I 34th IA Inf
Garrett, David J29 Jun 1843Tippecanoe Co IN28 Jul 1900Leon IALeon CemPVT Co C 9th IA Cav
Garrett, Jesse B22 Mar 1824Henry Co KY04 Feb 1895Leon IALeon Cem1st LT Co A 17th IA Inf
George, Justus09 Aug 1841Butler Co PA24 Aug 1916Leon IALeon CemPVT Co A 103rd PA Inf
Gibson, Garrett03 Feb 1826Greencastle IN27 Jan 1908Leon IALeon CemCAPT Co C 5th KS Cav
Gibson, Thomas JInd PVT Co C 9th IA Cav
Givens, James H1844Ill1908Davis City IAMcDowell Cem, Terre Haute IaPVT Co K 2nd IA Cav
Goff, Royal F PVT Co A 59th IL Inf
Good, Robert1847Richmond MO09 May 1911Leon IALeon CemPVT Co A 18th US Colored Inf
Grandstaff, James28 May 1843Cumberland OH13 Dec 1919Leon IALeon CemPVT Co I 29th IA Inf
Gray, Caleb06 Oct 1846Warren Co OH06 Oct 1909Leon CemPVT Co C 33rd IN Inf
Gunter, John FletcherInd29 Oct 1904Leon IALeon CemPVT Co M 3rd IA Cav
Hall, George R27 Apr 1837Rutland VT04 Feb 1911Leon IALeon Cem1st LT Co I 5th VT Inf
Hamilton, Archibald PVT Co F 17th IA Vol Inf
Harris, James GVA21 Oct 1911Leon CemPVT Co B 5th KS Cav
Harvey, John W16 Sep 1840Wells Co Ind28 Feb 1913Leon IALeon CemCAPT Co G 1A Inf
Henderson, JamesIrelandPVT Co H 33rd WI Inf
Hine, Daniel1800Hartford CT18 Nov 1884Leon IAGarden Grove CemPVT Co L 3rd IA Cav
Hoffhines, Jonas H10 Jul 1840Asheville, Pickaway Co OH22 Oct 1940Leon IALeon CemPVT Co C 88th OH Inf
Holden, John20 May 1840Manchester, England12 Nov 1911Leon IALeon CemPVT Co B 5th KS Cav
Holland, StephenOHPVT Co E 3rd MO SM Cav
Holliday, Charles H22 Dec 184708 Oct 1926Newton IALeon CemPVT Co H 151st IN Inf
Honold, James W08 Nov 1841Muskingum Co OH19 Feb 1921Leon IALeon CemCORP Co L 3rd IA Cav
Horner, John CEnglandPVT Co H 11th PA Cav
Horton, Otis H CORP Co K 23rd MA Inf
Houser, James MOHPVT Co H 29th IA Inf
Huston, Francis MarionIndFeb 1911Leon CemPVT Co K 9th MO Cav
Illsley, William H25 Apr 1844Hillsboro IL22 Jul 1932Ottumwa IAOak Hill Cem, Cedar Rapids IAPVT Co H 9th IL Inf
Jenkins, William HIndLeon CemPVT Co K 16th IA Inf
Jenks, Atwell AlonzoLeon CemUS Navy
Jennings, George Conway03 Apr 1847Ind21 Jan 1923Leon IAShields Cem, Woodland IaPVT Co M 3rd IA Cav
Jennings, Henry C24 Aug 1830Franklin, Portage Co OH16 Jul 1910Grand River IAOak Hill Cem, Grand RiverPVT Co F 42nd OH Vol Inf
Jenree, Gilbert W02 Dec 1825NY04 Apr 1911Leon IALeon CemPVT Co A 1st IA Cav
Johns, Edward26 Aug 1839Monroe Co OH06 Jun 1898Decatur Co IALeon CemPVT Co A 76th OH Inf
Johnson, Robert H26 Mar 1842Logan Co OH28 Aug 1901Leon IALeon CemCORP Co H 179th OH Inf
Jones, Isaac08 Jan 1839Youngstown OH11 Nov 1912Gregory Landing MOBluff Spring Cem, Canton, Clark Co MOPVT Co A 19th IA Vol Inf
Jones, John SIndHamilton Cem, PleasantonPVT Co H 3rd MO Cav
Keeler, John W10 Jan 1834Donnelsville OH02 Jun 1914Weldon IALeon CemPVT Co G 115th IL Inf
Keller, William R28 Feb 1825Ind09 Jan 1899Leon IAShy Cem, Decatur TwpPVT Co D 4th IA Inf
Kelly, Robert CORP Co K 7th MO Cav
Kelly, William T14 Oct 1826Dayton OH11 Jan 1916Corydon IARush Cem, Benton Twp, Wayne Co IA2d LT Co F 34th IA Inf
Kelsey, Cyrus J CAPT Co C 84th IL Inf
Kempf, John M CORP Co G 6th MO Inf
Kimpart, Martin04 Mar 1845Wilkesbarre PA10 Aug 1915Leon IALeon CemPVT Co A 13th IA Inf
Knapp, Henry C23 Nov 1820Ontario Co NY31 May 1893Leon IALeon CemCORP Co D 4th IA Inf
Lafollette, Adam04 Apr 1836Noble Co OH09 Dec 1921Albia IARussell IAPVT Co H 1st IA Cav
LaFollette, George W14 Jan 1843Pulaski Co MO23 Aug 1924Leon IALeon CemPVT Co D 13th MO Cav
Layton, James M27 Jul 1823Ind04 Sep 1901Lake OkobojiCity Cem, Ft Madison IACORP Co E 19th IA Inf
Little, Charles EChester SCPVT Co D 36th IA Inf
Lockwood, John Q PVT Co E 1st VT Cav
Lorey, Norris28 Jan 1829Morgan Co OH23 Apr 1900Leon IALeon CemSGT Co B 7th KS Cav
McCalla, William Henry1839Jefferson Co IA07 Apr 1926Des Moines IaLaurel Hill Cem, Lee Twp, Polk Co IACORP Co F 10th IA Inf
McDougal, John F PVT Co C 64th IL Inf
McKern, Abram H Palestine CemBugler Co G 13th MO Cav
Manrose, Andrew JNYPVT Co I 34th IA Inf
Martin, Amos J10 Apr 1843Athens Co OH28 Oct 1911Leon IALeon CemPVT Co H 5th KS Cav
Martin, Isaac P24 Jun 1830Putnam Co IN31 May 1898Leon IALeon CemLT Co C 23rd MO Inf
Martin, Peter1832Ireland03 Sep 1894Leon IACatholic Cem, Woodland TwpPVT Co I 33rd US Art
Merwin, Ansel S06 Aug 1844Crawford Co PA23 Dec 1924Leon IALeon CemPVT Co A 2nd MN Cav
Miller, Henry S29 Sep 1843Wapello Co IA11 Aug 1926Los Angeles CAFranklin Cem, Decatur Co IAPVT Co D 4th IA Inf
Mills, George WNY21 May 1907Leon IALeon CemCORP Co F 35th MO Inf
Mills, William Henry23 Jul 184312 Jun 1915Leon IALeon CemPVT Co H 5th KS Cav
Mitchell, George Edwin09 Aug 1842Meigs Co OH30 Apr 1918Weldon IAHebron Cem, Weldon, Clarke Co IAPVT Co A 59th IL Inf
Moore, Charles Wells08 Aug 1835NJ06 Jul 1918Leon IANew Salem Cem, Decatur Co IAPVT Co D 16th IA Inf
Negley, John C10 Jun 1910Decatur CemPVT Co B 208th PA Inf
Nott, Sheldon P CORP Co H 17th OH Inf
Oiler, Samuel A08 Apr 1943PA28 May 1920Leon IALeon CemPVT Co G 130th PA Inf
O'Neal, BryantLeon CemCORP Co G 1st MO Cav
Oney, Marion08 Feb 1846Iowa22 Sep 1894Leon IALeon CemPVT Co K 7th MO Cav
Osborn, John A 2d LT Co C 45th PA Inf
Osgood, Charles J Co M 1st IA Cav
Pace, William Payne1837Charlottesville VA21 Apr 1916Leon IAFranklin Cem, Decatur Co IAPVT Co L 3rd IA Cav
Parker, JamesTuscarawas Co OH02 Feb 1913Oak View Cem, Albia IAPVT Co E 36th IA Inf
Parsons, Green McDonald01 Nov 1835Stokes Co NY13 Feb 1918Leon IALeon CemPVT Co H 99th IN Inf
Paris, William H
Patterson, Thomas J25 Dec 1840Owen Co IN11 Apr 1900Van Wert IAVan Wert CemPVT Co D 50th IN Inf
Piper, John11 Oct 1833Columbiana Co OH05 Dec 1906Decatur Co IALeon CemPVT Co H 44th OH Inf
Pitman, Edward Kinkaid15 Mar 1835Estill Co KY25 Aug 1902Leon IALeon CemCORP Co G 3rd MO Cav
Pitman, James Henry06 Dec 1843Fulton Co IL25 Sep 1940Leon IANew Salem Cem, Decatur Co IAPVT Troop K 7th MO SM Cav
Platter, George William04 Jul 1837Ind13 Sep 1916PVT Co A 17th IA Inf
Potts, William Warden23 Jun 1834Brown Co OH09 Sep 1912Leon IALeon CemPVT Co K 86th IL Inf
Powell, Leander1843Ind15 Nov 1907Leon IALeon CemPVT Co G 14th IA Inf
Pressler, Robert D PVT Co K 82nd OH Inf
Pyle, Cortez02 Feb 1817KY12 Nov 1896Rose Hill Cem
Raney, Oliver C1887CORP Co I 54th IL Inf
Ray, Justinian A17 Dec 1826Ind20 Feb 1894Leon IALeon Cem2d LT Co D 13th IA Inf
Rhodes, Lewis Franklin28 Aug 1843Highland Co OH02 Sep 1927near Lamoni IALillie Cem, Bloomington TwpPVT Co G 60th OH Inf
Richards, Eugene FOH PVT Co E 34th IA Inf
Robertson, Issac W PVT Co B 3rd IL Cav
Rodgers, AlbertVA21 Jan 1890ISH MarshalltwonIA Sol Home, Marshalltown IAPVT Co K 7th MO Cav
Ross, Jacob08 Nov 1844Pittsburg PA16 Dec 1921Leon IALeon CemPVT Co K 39th IA Inf
Ruble, James HInd PVT Co A 48th IA Inf
Ryan, Thomas DIowaPVT Co L 3rd IA Cav
Sales, Lorenzo H1819Ontario Co NY08 Mar 1887Leon IA2d Lt Co A 17th IA Inf
Sanders, Cyrus PVT Co K 145th OH Inf
Sankey, Ezekiel J02 Aug 1843Potters Mills PA29 Sep 1935Leon IALeon CemPVT Co L 3rd IA Cav
Sherman, William RVTSGT Co F 9th IA Inf
Shewmaker, George W28 Mar 1842Jackson Co IN16 Feb 1892Grand River IAOak Hill Cem, Grand RiverPVT Co B 22nd IN Inf
Simpson, GilliardInd02 Dec 1902Riverton IAFarragut IAPVT Co G 6th MO Cav
Simpson, Lennius08 Jun 1838Ind20 Aug 1908Leon IALeon CemPVT Co I 34th IA Inf
Smith, Francis M09 Jul 1841Randolf Vo. IN08 Dec 1912Leon IALeon CemPVT Co M 3rd IA Cav
Sowers, John17 Apr 1840Johnstown PA04 Apr 1927Council Bluffs IALeon CemPVT 9th IN Batt OH Art
Springer, OliverSchenectady NYSGT Co I 34th IA Inf
Spurgeon, William A02 Nov 1820KY17 Oct 1907Greenbay Cem, Weldon IAPVT Co C 18th IA Inf
Stanley, John W07 Feb 1837Logansport IN23 Aug 1899Leon IAPalestine CemPVT Co C 5th KS Cav
Stanton, Green01 Dec 1846Laverne OH17 Mar 1916Leon IALeon CemPVT Co C 82nd OH Inf
Stewart, John WMOPVT Co L 3rd IA Cav
Stookey, Marion FIndPVT Co C 47th IA Inf
Sullivan, William J15 Jun 1847Clay Co IL15 Dec 1926Leon IALeon CemPVT Co M 3rd IA Cav
Sweptson, James A PVT Co K 7th MO Cav
Sylvester, Jehu M25 Oct 1839Meigs Co OH12 Feb 1906Davis City IADavis City CemPVT Co G 4th IA Cav
Taylor, Alfred R24 Jul 1837Noble Co IL24 Jan 1911Grand River IAOak Hill, Grand RiverPVT Co K 92nd IL Inf
Teale, Frederick Joseph20 Nov 1836England02 Jun 1914Los Angeles CAEvergreen Cem, LA CAPVT Co D 4th IA Inf
Teale, Thomas10 Jan 1842Greenwich England06 Mar 1923Leon IALeon CemPVT Co E 15th IL Inf
Tharp, AlbertOHPVT Co I 34th IA Inf
Thomson, James PVT Co F 50th MO Inf
Thurman, Daniel1841Ill16 Aug 1888Leon IALeon CemPVT Co K 30th IA Inf
Tones, George W23 Mar 1847New York City26 Apr 1928Leon IALeon CemPVT Co B 37th WI Inf
Truitt, George Marion31 Aug 1842Greencastle IN22 May 1931Leon IALeon CemPVT 18th IN Bat
Tullis, John S02 Mar 1832Ross Co OH03 Jul 1911Leon IADecatur CemPVT Co I 34th IA Inf
Tullis, Thomas Samuel23 Feb 1835Rush IN18 Nov 1912Leon IADecatur CemPVT Co C 5th KS Cav
Umphress, Hugh G16 Jun 1838Jackson Co IN14 Jan 1896south of Leon IABethel Cem, Eden TwpPVT Co K 10th IA Inf
Vanderley, John03 Feb 1843Holland19 Jul 1919Humeston IAOsceola IAPVT Co E 8th IA Inf
Vanderpool, Gillham David19 Oct 1847Leon IA10 Dec 1925Leon IANew Salem Cem, Decatur Co IAPVT Co G 4th IA Cav
Van Pelt, Tunis W1925Leon CemCORP Co K 33rd IN Inf
Wadsworth, Thomas J PVT Co C 60th OH Inf
Wakefield, James A1829NC12 Feb 1910Leon IALeon CemPVT Co D 51st MO Inf
Walker, Francis Marion09 Jul 1839Clay Co IN17 Oct 1914Pleasanton IAHamilton Cem, PleasantonPVT Co C 35th MO Inf
Warrington, Nathaniel B1842MD22 Aug 1915Des Moines IaGlendale Cem, Des Moines IAPVT Co A 34th IA Inf
Weaver, Cyrus16 Mar 1846Knox Co OH27 Sep 1920Leon IALeon CemPVT Co C 15th IA Inf
Weeler, William C25 Oct 1827Jackson Co IN09 Aug 1905Leon IALeon CemHosp Steward Co E 67 IN Inf
Williamson, James Knox21 Feb 1845Iroquois Co IL13 Feb 1934Leon IALeon CemCORP Co K 37th IL Inf
Wilson, John04 Aug 1830Salem IN04 Sep 1904Leon IALeon CemPVT Co A 33rd IL Inf
Wilson, William H28 Oct 1842Ind12 Mar 1921Lentz Cem, Woodland IA
Young, John Lewis30 Jun 1833Pickaway Co OH25 Jun 1912Leon IALeon CemCAPT Co C 9th IA Cav
Zimmerman, George W1842OH31 Mar 1903Leon IALeon CemPVT Co M 6th KS Cav

Source: "Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1861-1949" State Historical Dept., Des Moines, Iowa.
Transcribed and contributed by Conni McDaniel Hall, 17 Nov 2020.
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