Maps of Surrounding Counties

The following townships are adjacent to the townships in Decatur County - and may share relatives and neighbors.
  Northeast Corner of Ringgold County
1875 Landowners.
  NameTownship Section
J. WhiteUnion6
Mrs. CornwellUnion5
J. WhiteUnion6
F. RobinsonUnion7
Geo. DicksonUnion9
B. F. DayUnion16
G. W. OliverUnion16
E. ManningUnion14
A. GoodellUnion19
E. ManningUnion23
C. WaltersUnion23
A. J. GillettUnion32
J. CritchfieldUnion32
J. RushMonroe18
W. R. LaytonMonroe19
A. McMullenMonroe22
J. ShockleyMonroe27
J. R. MillerMonroe35

  Southeast Corner of Ringgold County
1875 Landowners.
NameTownship Section
I. M. CooperAthens6
J. B. MillerAthens11
W. C. ParkerAthens17
J. ScottAthens13
J. D. HiattAthens29
E. LandAthens26
M. ReynoldsAthens26
__ ReynoldsAthens26
M. W. BabbAthens33
B. ConklinAthens33
M. H. BarnesRiley10
J. DownieRiley16
J. D. RileyRiley23

  Northwest Corner of Wayne County
1875 Landowners.
NameResidence BusinessNativity Came To State Post Office Address
Auchmnoody, Eli sec 14 hotel kpr Ulster Cty, NY 1869Humeston
Brown, Henry S. sec 4 farmer Gloucester Cty, NJ 1870Humeston
Berry, James H. sec 22 farmer Harrison Cty, OH 1869Humeston
Bonner, H.B. sec 28 farmer Alleghany Cty, PA 1864Humeston
Clothier, L.S. sec 2 farmer Lewis Cty, VA 1870Humeston
Hasbrouk, J.D. sec 11 farmer Ulster Cty, NY 1869Humeston
Humeston, Alva Jr Humeston genl mdse Trumbull Cty, OH 1865Humeston
McKinley, W. sec 21 farmer/stock rsr Belmont Cty, OH 1863Humeston
Moorhead, John sec 34 farmer Armstrong Cty, PA 1855Humeston
Taylor, W.J.S. Humeston miller Owen Cty, IN 1845Humeton
NameResidence BusinessNativity Came To State Post Office Address
Ashkittle, Mary A. sec 27 farmer Indiana Cty, PA 1857Lewisburg
Abel, R.P. sec 11 farmer Fayette Cty, PA 1855Humeston
Barber, James sec 35 farmer Suffolk, Eng 1858Allerton
Barber, William sec 35 farmer Suffolk, Eng 1855Allerton
Bay, Joseph, N. sec 33 farmer Guernsey Cty, OH 1856Lewisburg
Caldwell, Nicholas sec 20 farmer Portage Cty, OH 1855Lewisburg
Elder, Thomassec 32 farmer/stk rsr Coshocton Cty, OH 1850Lewisburg
Hillyard, Berryman sec 35 farmer Sangamon Cty, OH 1855Lewisburg
Merryman, A.M. sec 36 farmer Knox Cty, IL 1870Allerton
Moore, Henry sec 29 farmer Madison Cty, OH 1855Lewisburg
Palmer, Joseph sec 11 farmer Coshocton, OH 1856Humeston
Smith, William W. sec 17 farmer Mason Cty, VA 1871Lewisburg
Shaw, S.J. Lewisburg farmer Blount Cty, TN 1851Lewisburg
Styles, James A. sec 36 farmer Bedford Cty, PA 1865Allerton
Templeton, James sec 34 farmer Rush Cty, IN 1863Allerton
Walters, John sec 26 farmer Jefferson Cty, OH 1870Lewisburg
Williams, Charles sec 26 farmer Wales 1864Allerton

 Southwest Corner of Wayne County
1875 Landowners.
NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame To State Post Office Address
Barber, Robert sec 9 farmer Suffolk, Eng 1863Allerton
Comstock, W. L. sec 35 farmer Madison Cty, OH 1863Allerton
Haner, Caroline sec 12 farmer France 1860Merton
Rynor, George H. sec 36 farmer Edgar Cty, IL 1870Allerton
Shriver, Elias sec 2 farmer Monroe Cty, IL 1855Allerton
Shipley, J.D. ? blacksmith Lawrence Cty, MO 1856Lewisburg
Sinclair, Robert sec 5 farmer Ireland 1859Lewisburg
Terry, William L. sec 1 farmer Fulton Cty, IL 1874Allerton
Wright, Samuel sec 25 farmer/sheriff Morgan Cty, IL 1855Corydon
NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame To State Post Office Address
Bryan, John M. sec 13 farmer Adams Cty, OH 1870Lineville
Bryan, A.L. sec 17 farmer Sevier Cty, TN 1850Lineville
Buffum, E.F. Linevl cash mets. Erie Cty, NY 1863Lineville
Comstock, Danielsec 31 farmer Yates Cty, NY 1849Clio
Clancy, William H. ? well driller Jefferson Cty, OH 1853Lineville
Duncan, H.M. sec 9 farmer Whitley Cty, KY 1841Lineville
Duncan, G.P. sec 10 farmer Whitley Cty, KY 1841Lineville
Evans, Henry L. sec 17 farmer Blount Cty, KY 1850Lineville
Edgmand, J.B. sec 2 farmer Wayne Cty, KY 1849Clio
Glendenning, Elijah Linevl Phys Rush Cty, IN 1854Lineville
Hayes, John sec 4 farmer Posey Cty, IN 1850Clio
Hicks, Martin A. Linevl farmer Cumberland Cty, KY 1864Lineville
Hughes, John F. sec 12 farmer Clark Cty, IN 1853Clio
Hughes, Wm A. sec 12 farmer Scott Cty, IN 1855Clio
Johnson, J.A. Linevl merch Guernsey Cty, OH 1864Lineville
Lawson, J.A. sec 11 farmer Belmont Cty, OH 1855Clio
Lovett, Joseph Linevl hotel prop Whitley Cty, KY 1841Lineville
Martin, Wm. C. Linevl carpenter Daviess Cty, MO1865Lineville
Martin, H.S. sec 21 blacksmith Devonshire, Eng 1865Lineville
Purcell, B.F. sec 9 phys Ripley Cty, IN 1857Lineville
Saylors, J.S. Linevl merch Hancock Cty, IL 1863Lineville
Simpson, W.H. Linevl merch Putnam Cty, IL 1873Lineville
Simpson, A.J. Linevl rr agent Putnam Cty, IL 1871Lineville
Scott, B.F. Linevl liveryman Vermillion Cty, IL 1875Lineville
Tabler, S.W. sec 1 farmer Miami Cty, OH 1855Clio
Wilson, H.W. Linevl lumber Bedford Cty, PA 1851Lineville
Wright, G. Taylor Linevl Hdwe Morgan Cty, IL 1855Lineville

Southwest Corner of Clarke County
1875 Landowners.
NameResidence BusinessNativity Came To StatePost Office Address
Anderson, James sec 19 farmer Ashland Cty, OH 1854Hopeville
Bates, R. Hopevl mer/P.M. Onondaga Cty, NY 1856Hopeville
Daniel, J.M. sec 19 farmer Monroe Cty, IN 1856Hopeville
Emery, H.H. Hopevl US Mail Lawrence Cty, PA 1860Hopeville
Emery, Jesse Hopevl physician Mercer Cty, PA 1853Hopeville
Emery, Elijah sec 19 farmer Stark Cty, IL 1853Hopeville
Fouts, W. L. Hopevl merchant Morgan Cty, OH 1843Hopeville
Hall, C.R. Hopevl genl mdse Portage Cty, OH 1854Hopeville
Ketchum, A. Hopevl hardwe Licking Cty, OH 1840Hopeville
Myers, M. sec 18 farmer Mahoning Cty, OH 1872Hopeville
Newton, David Hopevl genl mdse NY 1839Hopeville
Newton, J.J. Hopevl genl mdse Farmington, IL 1839Hopeville
Nelson, Eli sec 19 farmer Bad Axe, WI 1856Hopeville
Prentice, T.J.Hopevl genl mdse Noble Cty, IN 1848Hopeville
Sipel, C. sec 23 genl mdse Augusta Cty, WV 1857Hopeville
Swan, T.D. Hopevl blacksmith Shelby Cty, KY 1867Hopeville
Wetherell, A.H. Hopevlwhlwrgt Walworth Cty, WI 1853Hopeville
Wilson, W.C. Hopevl US hotel Iriquois Cty, IL 1855Hopeville
Wilson, E.F. sec 30 farmer Lewis Cty, KY 1850Hopeville
NameResidence BusinessNativity Came To StatePost Office Address
Bonham, S.H. sec 14 farmer Belmont Cty, OH 1839Osceola
Crawford, Hugh sec 21 farmer Muskingum Cty, OH 1868Lacelle
Morrow, T.A. sec 9 farmer Jefferson Cty, OH 1854Osceola
Ruhl, J.E. sec 16 farmer/phys York Cty, PA 1869Lacelle
Rarick, A.C. sec 27 farmer Darke Cty, OH 1855Green Bay
Saunders, Wm M. sec 5 farmer Perry Cty, OH 1866Lacelle

Southeast Corner of Clarke County
1875 Landowners.
NameResidence BusinessNativity Came To StatePost Office Address
Arnold, Ben Grn Bay farmer/mcht Morgan Cty, IN 1849Green Bay
Booth, S.E. sec 30 farmer Otsego Cty, NY 1867Green Bay
Fell, Chas. sec 31 farmer Buckinghamshire, Eng 1864Green Bay
Gardner, Wm H. sec 4 stock feeder NB, Canada 1851Green Bay
Hall, B.F. sec 31 stock breeder Putnam Cty, IN 1851Green Bay
Johnson, John S. Grn Bay genl mdse Owens Cty, IN 1854Green Bay
Keeran, Thos. sec 21 stock raiser Guernsey Cty,OH 1854Green Bay
Miller, Phillip sec 31 farmer Germany 1870Green Bay
Miller, Jno sec 31 farmer NY 1870Green Bay
Matthews, W.T. sec 24 stock raiser Murray Cty, TN ? Osceola
Mitchell, C.W. sec 25 farmer Meigs Cty, OH 1872Smyrna
Stevens, W.H. sec 36 farmer ME 1869Osceola
Talbott, A.G. sec 3 farmer Putnam Cty, IN 1843Osceola
Williams, J.S. sec 28 farmer Putnam Cty, IN 1849Green Bay
Wallace, J.M. sec 36 farmer Ross Cty, OH 1868Osceola
NameResidence BusinessNativity Came To StatePost Office Address
Jamison, Robt. sec 19 stock breeder Logan Cty, KY 1848Smyrna

SOURCE: 1875 ANDREAS MAP. Contributed by Jack Scott, November 2002
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