County Inventory Map With Historical & Conservation Points of Interest (prior to 2000)
Developed by USDA Corporation with the Decatur County Rural Development Committee
Design and Drafting by Eldon L. Thomas.

1 The Town of Van Wert
2 Site of the Del Ray Railroad Station
3 Decatur Wildlife Area and Site of Settlement of DeKalb
4 Tennessee Church and Site of Settlement of Little Tennessee
5 Four Corners
6 Scenic Ridge Road to Westerville
7 Sand Creek Wildlife Area
8 Soil Conservation Measure: Diversion Terrace
9 Westerville
10 Horse Thief Cave
11 Soil Conservation Measure:
12 Shewmaker Park
13 Site of Funktown (Oak Hill Cemetery)
14 Diamond School House
15 Elk Chapel Church and School House
16 Woodmansee Stagecoach House and Barn (Max Albaugh Residence)
17 Springer Woods (Private)
18 Decatur City
19 Little River Watershed Structure Site
20 City of Leon
21 Terre Haute (Site of Pioneer Trading Post) 
22 Soil Conservation Measure: Grade Stabilization Structure
23 Tuskeego
24 Liberty Home
25 Graceland College
26 Slip Bluff Park
27 Location of Strington School House
28 Union Church Built by John Clark in 1878
29 Soil Conservation Measure: Tile Intake Terraces
30 New Buda (Site of Hungarian Settlement and Home of Decatur  County's Civil War General George Pornutz)
31 Scenic Road
32 Nine Eagles State Park
33 Soil Conservation Measure: Farm Pond
34 Spring Valley (Old Town Site on Little River)
35 Site of Agricultural Experimentation
36 Morgan Center Town Site
37 Scenic Ridge Road between Steel Creek and Woodland
38 Town of Woodland
39 Former Site of Town of High Point now marked by High Point Church
40 Mormon Cemetery amid Scenic Beauty
41 Town of Garden Grove and Site of several Classic Buildings

Information provided by Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert 
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