Decatur County Historical Society Newsletter

Volume No. 2, Issue No. 4, September/October 2007
 Decatur County Museum

The Museum is closed for the season until May, 2008. Appointments may still be made for viewing during the fall and winter months. The Museum is located in the 100 block of North Main in Leon, Iowa.

For viewing appointments, please contact Bob Bixby at (641) 446-3297.

Museum News


Recent donations to the Museum include:

1. A nice contribution from Ruby Cox of Bethany, Missouri.

2. An L-shaped desk from Barb Campbell of Leon.

3. 120 old law and record books from the Decatur County Law Library at the courthouse.

The records and book room upstairs has a new window installed.

4. A new front door and lock has been installed at the main entrance.

5. The main floor display cases have been cleaned, new background paper installed and new labeling started.

6. The upstairs now has a functional air conditioner that makes visiting the upstairs much more comfortable.

7. Plaster repair on the ceiling of the upstairs hallway.

Projects in Progress

1. The entire east outside wall is being tuck-pointed and should be completed in a couple of weeks by Delbert Lee and his son.

2. Plaster repair in the upstairs bedroom.

3. New upstairs entrance door (the old one has been leaking water.)

Future Projects

1. Painting the upstairs hallway, the bedroom and the ceiling in the living room.

2. Improved lighting in the upstairs hallway.

3. Unsafe wiring to be replaced in the building.

4. A restroom downstairs.

5. Creating a library on the main floor for research.

6. New labeling and signage on the displays, i.e. what they are and the name of the donor.

7. Painting the front and rear trim inside and outside.

9. New steps on the outside rear main floor fire exit.

10. Tuck-pointing the front of the building.

With the seven inches of rain received the week of August 19th there weren’t any leaks in the building!

Thanks to the Following:

1. Ivan Stoltzfus and Commercial Roof Coating of Leon.

2. Cody and Chris Lindsey, Contractors, Leon.

3. Delbert Lee and Son, Leon.

4. Jane’s Wallpaper, Humeston.

5. Carla Perks, Museum Volunteer, Leon.

6. Janet Jelsma, Museum Volunteer, Decatur City for work on the display cases.

7. James Cornell, Leon.

8. Kathy Howell, Museum Volunteer, Leon, for signage.

Museum Goals

1. Increase the hours and days the Museum will be open.

2. Organize the Museum so that patrons can research and copy the many records at the Museum and furnish the means to do so.

3. Restoration of the displays and identification of the artifacts, records and books so that they will be easier to use and view.

Page 3, Donations

Donations to the Decatur County Historical Society and Museum may be sent to:

Great Western Bank
c/o Chet Redman
111 N Main
Leon, Iowa 50144
Checks may be made out to: The Decatur County Museum.
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