Decatur County, Iowa

Contributions by Frank Durham

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The senior member of the Walton family of Decatur Iowa is George Walton. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1791. His parents are David and Elizabeth (Rogers) Walton. His sister Martha L. was born in Lycoming Co. Pa. May 11, 1803. Their grandfather Walton was one of three brothers who emigrated from England. The Waltons were farmers in Williamsport. He married Martha (Sutton) Bailey, Tharp following the death of her husband William Tharp. Martha was born March 30, 1782, Morristown, New Jersey. Martha and George were married June 15, 1815 Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. She had 7 children from her first marriage. William Jr., John, Amariah Sutton, Letitia, Joseph W., Mary, and Hannah Tharp. The new family had these additions with the first being Henry Lenhart Walton born April 5, 1816, and Elizabeth born May 6, 1817, in Williamsport, Lycoming County PA.

Later we find the family as one of the earliest settlers of Crawford County Ohio. They had moved there from Pike-Whole-Prairie in Pickaway County in the fall of 1820. They moved into an abandoned squatter cabin near the site of the residence of Major Matthew Carmean. George and Martha worked on the place and made it a good home. Here they raised a large and enterprising family that contributed much to the development of the area of Dallas Township. Here in their home, were held the first Methodist meetings in the area.. Here Martha and George had or raised the remainder of the Walton family. George’s sister Martha had married a Thomas F. Johnston, and their family moved into the area also in 1826.

From Bible Records we have the other children born to George and Martha: Ellis Walton born Aug. 8, 1820, Foster born Sept 8, 1821, Simon born Oct. 28 1822, Martha born Mar 30 1827, George Washington born Oct. 8, 1828 and Jane Ann born June 8, 1831. All were born in Dallas Township, Crawford County, Ohio.

Some time after Henry Lenhart Walton settled in Leon, Decatur County in 1853, George and Martha moved to Leon. In the 1860 census George is 72 and his daughter Martha S. Walton is caring for him and is a Milner. George died March 8, 1865, his wife Martha died May 11, 1857, both in Decatur County Iowa. They are buried in the Leon Cemetery.

Submitted by Frank Durham, Twin Falls, Idaho, fourth Great-grandson to George and Martha Walton
George Washington Walton
George is the son of George and Martha (Sutton) Bailey Tharp Walton. He was born October 8, 1828 in Ohio in either Crawford or Marion County. George married Abigail Ivers she was born in Indiana or Ohio there is a conflict in the census data. George came to Leon with his brothers Henry Lenhart and Simon Walton in 1853. His parents also lived out their lives here. To this union were born 3 girls. Sarah Elizabeth born Dec. 5, 1856 in Leon, Decatur County, Iowa. She married Peter Glick in 1875 and had 9 children all born in Livingston County Mo. Ellen born about 1857 in Decatur County, and Frances born about 1861. We find the family in the Iowa 1856 census and the 1860 census of Center Township June 28, 1860. It is thought that soon after the birth of Frances Abigail died. In about 1865 George married Elizabeth Gaskill who was born in Ohio. They remained in Decatur County until the birth of their first child Otis Walton on October 24, 1866. Not long after Otis was old enough to travel they set out for Kansas. They settled in Sumner County, Kansas. There they had two more children. Iola E. born 1877 in Osborn, Sumner County and George Samuel Walton born 1878 in Osborn, Sumner County Kansas. George Washington Walton passed away in 1897 and is buried in Mayfield, Sumner County, Kansas.
Simon B. Walton
Simon is the son of George and Martha (Sutton) Bailey Tharp Walton. He was born October 28, 1822 in Ohio in either Crawford or Marion County. Simon married Susan or Sarah, maiden name not known, in Indiana. In the 1856 Census we find who we believe to be Simon next door to George Washington Walton and the Tharp family who also came to Decatur County with the Walton Families. At the time Simon and Susan had a son Charles W. born about 1852 and a daughter Allis J born about 1853 both in Jasper County Indiana. Simon and his family do not appear in the 1860 census of Decatur County and it is believed that they have left for Sumner County Kansas at about that time We find them as neighbors to George Washington Walton in that County in Osborne Township in the 1880 census.

Submitted by Frank Durham Twin Falls Idaho, and Pam Barney descendant of George Washington Walton.
The Henry Lenhart Walton Family
Henry Lenhart Walton the son of George and Martha (Sutton) Bailey Tharp was born in Williamsport, Lycoming County PA. April 5, 1816. Henry had 3 brothers and 3 sisters and 4 half brothers and 3 half sisters from his mothers first marriage. About 1820 the family moved to Ohio. In 1820 they are in Crawford County, Ohio. The location of Dallas Township in Crawford County, and Marion County would lead one to believe they were probably in the same home those years of growing up but that the county lines were changed. In 1838 Henry married Elizabeth Clark, a native of Wayne County, Ohio. The family lived in Crawford County, Ohio until about 1848, at that time they moved to Jasper County, Indiana. In 1853 they moved to Decatur County, Iowa to a farm south of Leon. In the account of the pioneers in that move to Decatur we find this. On November 29, 1853, we arrived on a stormy night to a log cabin, clapboard roof, on the bank of Old Magruder, one and a half miles northeast of Leon (then called Decatur) We came in covered wagons from Rensselaer, Jasper County, Indiana a distance of about 500 miles. We drove 21 head of cattle with us. There were 9 of the Tharp family, John Tharp Sr., his wife, 5 boys and 2 girls. Henry Lenhart Walton his wife, 2 boys and 7 girls. Also in the party or coming later were Simon and George Washington Walton, Henry’s brothers. All settled in Decatur County for some time. George Washington Walton went to Kansas after he married Elizabeth Gaskill about 1865 in Decatur County, his brother Simon and his family would also purchase land next to George in Sumner County, Kansas.

Henry first settled in Eden Township and bought 320 acres of land which he paid $660.00. The land was prairie and timberland and very good for farming and raising a family. He and his family lived there for 22 years. Then he traded for a farm in Center Township in 1875 then on the 23 of October 1884 his wife Elizabeth (Clark) Walton died at their home. In 1885 Henry married Lizzie Loving daughter of John Loving. She died not long after this union. In 1886 Henry moved to Leon and rented out his farm. Henry died suddenly in the early morning hours of August 9, 1894 while at the home of his son-in-law Henry Oney. He, his wife and son Archibald are buried in the Chastain Cemetery.
The Children of Henry and Elizabeth:
Martha Ann b. 7 Oct 1838 in Marion Co. Ohio Married Decatur Co. Benjamin F. Hall
Sarah Jane b. Jan. 20, 1840 in Crawford Co. Ohio Married Decatur Co. Lucius Rane Chastain
Joseph Willis b. Oct.30, 1841 in Marion Co. Ohio Married Decatur Co. Mary E. Chastain
Ida Letitia b. Nov. 17, 1843 in Crawford Co. Ohio Married Decatur Co. Oliver Durham
Margaret E. b. 1848 in Crawford Co. Ohio
Henrietta b. 1851 in Jasper Co. IN. Married Decatur Co. Henry Oney
Lucinda b. 1851, in Jasper Co. IN.
Archibald b. 1853 in Jasper Co. IN. Died Dec.18, 1868 Decatur Co. IA. Chastain Cemetery

Submitted by Frank Durham Twin Falls, Idaho, third great grandson of Henry Lenhart and Elizabeth Walton and second great grandson of Ida Letitia (Walton) Durham and Oliver Durham.
Ida Letitia Walton
Ida was born in Crawford County, Ohio November 17, 1843. She is the daughter of Henry Lenhart and Elizabeth (Clark) Walton. Her family moved to Jasper County, Indiana and in 1853 moved to Decatur County Iowa. Following the Civil war her husband to be, Oliver Durham who had fought with the Ohio 38th Volunteers for nearly 4 years, found his way to his sister’s house Melissa and Elias Bassett of Decatur County. Oliver and his brother Edgar also a veteran of the war having fought with the 9th Ohio Calvary, had gone west to find there future. They arrived there around 1870 after spending a few years in Illinois working for other Durham family farmers there. Oliver bought some farm ground in 1870 from A.J. and Sarah A. Keller for 75 dollars. Soon Oliver met Ida Walton and Edgar met Nancy Jane McGaffick in Leon. After a time of courtship they were married. Oliver and Ida married March 5, 1871 in Leon. Edgar and Nancy married in 1873. In January of 1872 Ida was very ill and it was about this time that the first child Guy Durham was born. He died in infancy. Ida was unable to move to Jewell County, Kansas to homestead with Oliver because she was too sick to travel. By June of that year she was able to make the trip and join Oliver in the new frontier of Kansas. Soon they had built a new house out of stone and had a prosperous farm in the rolling hills of northern Kansas. They next had Frank in 1871 and Lenhart born in 1881. Ida a beloved neighbor and a pioneer of Jewell County, had worked hard to do her part to make Kansas what it is today. She died January 25 1916 and is buried in the Pleasant Prairie Cemetery. Oliver died in 1917. Lenhart farmed the family farm until his death in 1965. His son Neil farmed until his death in 1998. And now his son farms the original Homestead today. Over 130 years in the Durham name.

Submitted By Frank Durham Twin Falls Idaho. Second Great-Grandson of Ida and Oliver Durham their son Frank is my grandfather.
Sarah Jane Walton
Sarah the second daughter of Henry Lenhart and Elizabeth (Clark) Walton was born in Crawford County, Ohio January 20, 1840. At the age of 8 the family moved to Jasper County, Indiana. In 1853 they moved to Decatur County, Iowa. She grew up south of town on her parents farm. She married Lucius Rane Chastain January 26, 1860 and they then started there life together on Eden Prairie. In 1889 they moved to the farm where she would live out her life. They had 10 children four of them died before Sarah passed on. These were Harry, Ella, Emma, and Cora. On July 21, 1889 her husband died of a brief illness. Sarah Jane would take on the challenge and the great struggles that would come for this pioneer. She was a charter member of the Church of Christ at Eden Prairie and she was a lady that worked hard to do the right thing all of her life. The other 6 children are these: William R., Mrs. Olive Van Nostrand of Cheyenne, Wyoming; John M., Mrs, Nellie Smith, Benjamin F. and Rolla Chastain of near Leon. Sarah Jane Walton Chastain passed away at the age of 80 years, 10 months, and 20 days on December 10, 1920. She left her 6 children and 8 grandchildren and one great grandchild. She is buried by the side of her husband in the Walton Cemetery.

Submitted by Frank Durham with the help of Jan Lund
Martha Ann Walton
Martha the oldest daughter of Henry Lenhart and Elizabeth (Clark) Walton was born in Dallas Township, Crawford County, Ohio October 7, 1838. Later they would move to Jasper County Indiana and then when she was about 14 they would move to Leon. On December 14 1854 she married Benjamin Hall. In 1861 they settled in Greenbay Township, Clarke County Iowa . They were members of the Christian Church . They had one of the best stock farms in Clarke County and by 1886 it had grown to 545 acres. Martha and Benjamin had 2 sons and 1 daughter: Edmond Parks Hall born January 8, 1859 in Leon, Decatur County and died January 10, 1938 in Lucas, Lucas County, Iowa. Charles Elmer Hall, born October 28, 1873 in Greenbay Township, Clarke County Iowa married Ida L. Elliott , and Della Mae Hall born September 3, 1878 in Greenbay Township, Clarke County, Iowa married Bert W. Keeler. Benjamin F. Hall died July 22, 1900. He was 66 years old. He had been and active and prominent citizen until his health failed him the past few years. He and Martha are buried in Green Bay Cemetery. On September 12, 1917 Martha died leaving 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Submitted by Frank Durham Twin Falls, Idaho with data from Jim Miller of Tenn.
Joseph Walton
Joseph the son of Henry Lenhart and Elizabeth (Clark) Walton was born October 30, 1841 in Jasper County, Indiana. He came with the family in 1853 to Leon. He worked on the family farm as he grew to manhood. He was trained early in the pursuits of agriculture. One October 1, 1868 he married Mary Elizabeth Chastain daughter of Levi and Louisa (Martin) Chastain . Mary was born in Putnam County, Indiana January 22, 1836. Less than five weeks after their wedding Joseph died of Typhoid Fever and left Mary a widow and she would never remarry. From this short union would be born Joseph Willis Walton. Born May 8, 1869. He married Ena Hazlet. Willis and Ena had 3 children. The Twins. Mary would later be a teacher in Eden Township and marry Roy McDaniel. They would have 3 children Roy Jr., Lois and Carolyn. Margaret was also a school teacher in Eden Township and would marry Andrew Edward Barry. He was the son of John and Louisa (Ketterer) Barry. He was born August 28, 1894 in Decatur County, Iowa. They would have a child Virgene Berry. The third child of Ena and Willis was Willie Hugh Walton. Mary remained on the farm after the death of Joseph and when Joseph Willis was old enough and was able to run the farm he took charge of the home place now known as the Yoder farm. In 1905 Mary moved to another farm in Eden Township and her and her sister Eliza A. lived there until the passing of her sister August 23, of 1911. Mary died September 18, 1917 in Decatur County Iowa.

Submitted by Frank Durham Twin Falls, Idaho
Henrietta Walton
Henrietta Walton daughter of Henry Lenhart and Elizabeth (Clark) Walton was born one of twins, in 1851 in Jasper County, Indiana. She married Henry Oney in 1869, in Decatur County. He was born in 1849 in Iowa. He is the son of William and Jane (Moore) Oney. Henry died May 6, 1937 in Decatur County, Iowa. To this union was born 4 girls: Pocahontas Oney born January 6, 1870 in Leon, Decatur County, Iowa and was in frail health most of her life. She died August 12, 1916 having been a member of the Christian Church since the age of 14. Buried in the Leon Cemetery. Ellen (Ella) Oney born 1872 in Leon. Ella was a school teacher and was fortunate enough to travel to the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 while she left her sister to teach while she was gone. She married Clement Jenkins. Elder Stevens of the Christian Church married Clem Jenkins and Ella Oney. They were married under a canopy made of the stars and stripes. They were very popular in the Leon area. Clem is a stock buyer and also works with his father as a brick layer. Ella is one of the County’s best teachers, and a graduate of the Normal Institute. This marriage took place in the early part of May 1898. Louie Oney was born in 1873 in Decatur County, she married E.M. Fessler. Elizabeth Oney was born in 1877 in Decatur County. She married George Jacob Hinds. They had 7 children. Margery, Edna, Keith, Kennette, Georgia, Jellitte,and Theodore.

Submitted by Frank Durham, Twin Falls, Idaho

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