Church of Christ

Van Wert, Iowa
 Decatur County Journal
July 23, 1914
Corner Stone Laid With Appropriate Ceremony.

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J. Mad Williams of Des Moines, a Former Pastor Made the Address.

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On Wednesday, the 15th of July, the corner stone of the new building for the Church of Christ in Van Wert was laid with appropriate ceremonies. Rev. J. Mad Williams, of Des Moines, a former pastor of the church, made the address on the occasion. He set forth in a very pleasing manner that for which the church as a religious body stands. The corner stone speaks of strength, endurance and usefulness. A.J. CARRICH, Pastor of the Church of Christ at Murray, was present and spoke in congratulatory terms of the efforts of the church. REV. MARTIN H. KEIST, Pastor of the local Methodist Church, brought greeting from their church and so happy was he in the presentation that all were made to feel that we were brothers indeed, having a common fellowship in a common cause -- the progress of the Kingdom of our Lord.

The TEAS brothers, two of the bricklayers on the church, sang "Through the Gates of Gold." It was beautiful and rendered to the delight of everyone in the large audience. Two anthems were sung by the choir that were appropriate to the occasion. JEROME TRAUPEL laid the mortar and placed the stone, CHRISTIE LANTZ, a granddaughter of ISAIAH THOMPSON, one of the first elders in the church placed the sealed box in the stone. MISS BAALIS HALSTEAD gave an address (a copy of which was placed in the sealed box in the corner stone) to the supposed openers of the box in some future day. The address was beautiful in thought and well rendered.

After a few words of congratulations by the pastor of the church, the audience was dismissed with prayer by A.E. PRICE, a son of one of the first elders of the church.

The day was pleasant and everybody was happy.

Copied by Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert, January 31, 2002
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