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The BAPTIST CHURCH first held services four miles southeast of Leon, some years before the war. The meeting place was shortly removed to town. Among the members were MR. and MRS. BURNS, MRS. HAMMER, SAMUEL C. THOMPSON, ROBERT E. DYE and wife. REV. JOHN WOODARD preached for the little congregation for some years just before the war, and then the organization went down. About 1867 REV. CAKE preached for one year. Afterward came REV. MORTON and REV. TILLBURY, but between these there was an interim of inactivity. The present organization dates from Nov. 1, 1879, and REV. FREELAND EDWARDS has been in charge all the time. Among the members who aided in the re-organization were ROBERT E. DYE and wife, MRS. HAMMER, MR. and MRS. BURNS, WARREN COLE and wife, N.P. BULLOCK and wife, C.M. MURRY and S.P. NOTT and wife. The society rented a hall over Bowman's harness shop until it built its church in 1883, on the second block east of the square. It is a frame structure and cost, with furnishings, $3,500. Services are now held every Sunday, formerly every two weeks. For four years the church received $100 annually from the Home Mission Society, but now it is self-supporting. The membership at present writing is eighty-four. LEANDER BECHTOL is superintendent of the Sunday-school, which is attended by from eighty to ninety pupils. The deacons of the church are ROBERT E. DYE, JONATHAN HAMILTON and LEVI MITCHELL; clerk, C.M. MURRY; treasurer, LEANDER BECHTOL; trustees, ROBERT E. DYE, JONATHAN HAMILTON and N.P. BULLOCK.

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The oldest Church building in Leon was erected as the First Baptist Church in 1883.
Photograph Courtesy of Decatur County Historical Society Museum
Baptist Church Reorganized
The Leon Reporter
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, November 03, 1910, Page 1

A new Baptist church was organized last Saturday taking the place of the old Baptist organization of Leon which recently disbanded. The officers elected by the new church were as follows: Deacons, Albert Dale and Uriah Acton. Trustees, W. H. Jenkins. Clerk, Mrs. Anna Benefiel. A Sunday school will be organized next Sunday morning. All who are not now in Sunday school are invited to come into the new school. Preaching morning and evening by Rev. Chas. W. Reeder. You are invited to attend. Strangers in the city will be made to feel at home.

Note: On March 6, 1921, the Baptist Church building was purchased by the members of the Church of Christ.

Transcription and note by Sharon R. Becker, March of 2015
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