The Lamoni Chronicle
August 23, 1906

L. D. S. Reunion.

The Latter Day Saints of the Lamoni Stake with a number of visiting saints are holding a reunion in the Dancer grove, one mile south of Lamoni this week. Everything seems to be contributing to the success of the meeting.

The camp is not so large as last year there being about seventy tents up, but the interest and zeal seems better than the former year. Good weather and no sickness contribute to the social advantage, and good speakers and practical institute work to the spiritual advantage of the reunion. The different branches of the stake are well represented, there being a better attendance from schools than last year.

The organziation was affected Saturday morning at nine o'clock with Elders Heman C. SMITH, John SMITH and D. C. WHITE as presidents, J. A. GUNSOLLEY and R. S. SALYARDS secretaries, and J. A. GUNSOLLEY chorister. The following elders have spoken: Saturday afternoon Alexander H. SMITH, evening Wardell CHRISTY; Sunday morning J. R. LAMBERT, afternoon Heman C. SMITH, evening F. A. SMITH; Monday morning W. H. KEPHART, evening D. A. ANDERSON; Tuesday morning C. J. PETERS, evening R. M. ELVIN; Wednesday morning Duncan CAMPBELL, evening Elbert A. SMITH.

The Sunday school and Religio work is under the direction of the Stake presiding officers and the presiding officers of the Lamoni local societies. John F. GARVER, David L. MORGAN and Oscar ANDERSON comprise this committee. The institute work is in charge of Elder J. A. GUNSOLLEY, president of the general Religio Society. At 9:30 Sunday morning a Sunday school session was held; Sunday school institute work was the order Monday at 2:30, Religio institute work Tuesday and Sunday school institute work Wednesday at the same hours.

If the present weather attendance and interest prevail the reunion will have been fraught with much and lasting good.

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
May 23, 2003