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Presbyterian Church and Manse, Garden Grove, Iowa, 1915

The Presbyterian Church was organized on July 7, 1856, at the home of Stephen CARRITHERS with 13 charter members. The first church building was erected in 1866 at a cost of $1,375.

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Presbyterian Church History
Leon Journal-Reporter
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, July 14, 1938, Page 8

The following is a list of ministers of the Presbyterian church, handed us after publication of the church's history in last week's issue. [Transcriber's Note: Unfortunately, last week's issue of July 7, 1938, is unavailable.]

In Indiana Calvin Johnson had known a young Presbyterian minister, Rev. James P. Breugle. He wrote him promising him that if he would come out and preach for the people he would give him 40 acres of land and see that his earthly wants were supplied. On Rev. Brengle's arrival Mr. Johnson deeded him two forty acre tracts of land. Mr. Brengle was a native of Kentucky. In the fall of 1870 Craig R. Van Emmon became the minister till 1872. In October, 1872, came Frederick Ren, a Scotchman.

In the fall of 1874 Rev. Reuben Hahn came as a supply and continued until 1878 or 1879. After the close of Rev. Hahn's labors here, Rev. Silas Johnson came from Indianola to supply the churches at Leon and Garden Grove in the fall of 1879. On account of failure of his health he ceased his labors here in 1880.

Rev. George Ainslee from New York preached the first sermon in the new brick church Sept. 18, 1881. Formal dedication of this church took place Dec. 11, 1881.

For one year Rev. Ainslee was stated supply of the churches of Humeston and Garden Grove.

In July, 1883, F. C. Hood, a student at Princeton came and preached until September.

Rev. Robert Baer began his pastorate Nov. 25, 1884. He was appointed pastor at large in the Presbytery and declared his pulpit vacant Feb. 24, 1895.

Heary Quickerden came May 17, 1896. He resigned June 15, 1898.

Rev. J. Q. Hall was next installed Sept. 12, 1898, and remained till Aug. 23, 1904.

March, 1905, Rev. John C. Patterson came for one year.

April 16, 1906, Rev. Elmer Aukerman took up the work. He remained for 18 months.

Oct. 19, 1908 Rev. John Wilson was called for LeRoy and Garden Grove.

Dec. 29, 1913, Rev. D. N. Good was called for supply. He remained only three months. Prof. Price finished the year for him.

Rev. Forest A. Heizer came in 1915 and remained until November, 1917. It was during this pastorate that the present church was built. It was dedicated Nov. 4, 1917.

July 1, 1918, Rev. Wm. Jones came as a stated supply and remained until April, 1923.

Rev. J. S. Hoffman was called in May, 1923, and remained until Aug. 1, 1925.

From Nov. 30, 1925, until Jan. 15, 1928, Rev. Mitchell was pastor of the church. Then he accepted a call at Rich Hill, Mo.

Rev. Henry Roskamp was [the] next pastor for three months, commencing June, 1928.

The next minister, Rev. Wm. McRoberts, came from Omaha Theological Seminary, May 5, 1929. He had been here two years and three months at the time of the Diamond anniversary. His resignation was to take effect June 30, 1934, to become pastor of the Leon church, making his stay in Garden Grove five years and two months. He was married in the church June 29, 1934.

After about sixteen months Rev. Victor B. Demoree came in November, 1935, to be the nineteenth pastor. The Demorees left in May, 1938.

William Matthews, William Flanagan and George Bruce studied for the ministry, all of whom had received early training in this church.
Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, April of 2015
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