Garden Grove, Iowa

Methodist Episcopalian Church, Garden Grove, Iowa, 1915

The Methodist Church was organized in 1854 at the home of Sylvanus ARNOLD with Rev. David T. SWEEN as pastor. Under the pastorate of Rev. J. W. TODD, the first Methodist Church building was built in 1868.
 Garden Grove Express
Thursday, Dec. 21, 1893
Garden Grove, Iowa

The ladies of the M. E. church planned and carried into execution a reception to Mr. and Mrs. G. H. BENNETT at the parsonage on Thursday evening of last week, which proved to be a most enjoyable affair, not only to the pastor and his wife, but to all present. At seven o'clock the ladies took full charge of the kitchen and dining room and unpacked the numerous well filled baskets. At 7:30, after the invocation by Rev. BEER, the supper was served to the hungry guest, to which all did ample justice.

After supper the company were favored with readings by Mrs. WEMPLE, Miss Della MCCONNELL, and Mr. BENNETT. The selections were all humorous and rendered in a way that added very much to the merriment of the evening. About 10 o'clock the guests dispersed to their several homes feeling under great obligations to the ladies who arranged the evening's entertainment.

The entertainment was originally planned for Tuesday evening, but owing to Mr. BENNETT's absence it was changed to Wednesday, and he being unable to reach home that day, the time had to be changed to Thursday. Some were disappointed on account of the necessary change.

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
January 8, 2004
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