Simmons, Mrs. Louise1857by letter, New Yorkburied Garden Grove cemetery
Simmons, Louise1857by letter, New YorkMrs. Dan Stearns; buried Garden Grove cemetery
Simmons, Emily1857by letter, New YorkMrs. H. Flanagan; united with Presbyterians
Simmons, J. B.1857by letter, New Yorkremoved to Marshalltown; died Mar. 20, 1926
Simmons, AnnieconfirmationMrs. Joseph Zook
Howes, M/M Nathan1870by letter, Illinoisburied Garden Grove cemetery
Howes, M/M Moses1870by letter, Illinoisremoved to Omaha, Neb.
Howes, Hattie E.1870by letter, IllinoisMrs. J. C. Williams; removed to Milwaukee
Howes, Elsie P.1870by letter, IllinoisMrs. G. P. Arnold; buried Garden Grove
Howes, Freemanconfirmationremoved
Howes, JennieconfirmationMrs. E. Bechtold (1); Mrs. Henry Flanagan (2); removed to Des Moines
Howes, M/M Asa1870by letter, Illinoisremoved to Decatur, Illinois
Howes, Nellie1870by letter, Illinoisremoved to Decatur, Illinois
Howes, Mervin1870by letter, Illinoisremoved to Decatur, Illinois
Howes, Julie A.confirmationremoved to Decatur, Illinois
Howes, Minerva C.confirmationremoved to Decatur, Illinois
Howes, Jessie P.confirmationremoved to Decatur, Illinois
Howes, Mary F.confirmationremoved to Decatur, Illinois
Manney, M/M F. G.Apr 1, 1868by letter, Wisconsinburied Garden Grove cemetery
Manney, Frederick A.Apr 1, 1868by letter, Wisconsinburied in Old Mexico
Manney, Mary JuliaApr 1, 1868by letter, Wisconsinremoved to Wisconsin
Manney, Sarah E.Apr 1, 1868by letter, Wisconsinburied Garden Grove cemetery
Manney, AliceApr 1, 1868by letter, WisconsinMrs. J. B. Simmons; removed to Marshalltown
Manney, Daniel S.Apr 1, 1868by letter, Wisconsinremoved to Marshalltown
Manney, Emaline A.Apr 1, 1868confirmationMrs. C. Mallette
Manney, Francis J.confirmationremoved to Ridgeway, Colo.
Manney, Jonson S.confirmationburied Garden Grove cemetery
Manney, Laura E.confirmationMrs. H. C. Doolittle; removed to Sedalia, Mo.
Arnold, Mrs. Lucretiaconfirmationburied Garden Grove cemetery
McCaull, Mrs. Michaelconfirmationmoved to Leon
McCaull, Graceconfirmationmoved to Leon
Pill, Mrs. Charlesconfirmationremoved to Kansas
Mallette, I. S.March 1875by letter, Ohiodied
Mallette, C. D.March 1875by letter, Ohio
Mallette, Mrs. Susieconfirmationremoved to Humeston
Griswold, Mrs. H.1877by letter, Ohioremoved to Ohio
McNeill, Mary M.confirmation
Griswold, Henry1877by letter, Ohioburied Bellevue cemetery, Huron county, Ohio
Johnson, Mrs. Jane1856by letter, Illinoisremoved
Johnson, Capt. C. C.1856by letter, Illinoisburied Garden Grove cemetery
Evans, Anna E.Jun 11, 1883confirmationremoved to California
McNeill, GraceJun 11, 1883confirmationMrs. E. W. Gaunt
McNeill, AnnaJun 11, 1883confirmationremoved to California
Young, SusanJun 11, 1883confirmationremoved to Leon
Judd, Mrs. AlmiraJun 11, 1883confirmationdied
Zicky, Mrs. MaryJun 11, 1883confirmationtransferred to Fairfield, Iowa
Barkhuff, Mrs. EmmaJun 11, 1883confirmationremoved to Tingley, Iowa
Baker, FannieJun 11, 1883confirmationMrs. R. Hall, removed to Tennessee
Swett, HattieJun 11, 1883confirmationremoved to Des Moines
Harding, SarahJun 11, 1883confirmationremoved to Des Moines
Curry, Nettie M.Jun 11, 1883confirmationdied
Wales, Mattie R. A.Jun 11, 1883confirmationremoved to Weldon, Iowa
Cole, Charles R.1884confirmationdied
Zook, Ella J.Nov 15, 1894confirmationremoved to Denver, Colo.
Mason, Mary F.Nov 15, 1894confirmation
Young, HellenNov 15, 1894confirmationremoved to Leon
Sparger, AnnaNov 15, 1894confirmationremoved to Nebraska
Zicky, MarianneNov 15, 1894confirmationtransferred to Fairfield, Iowa
Zicky, Margaret E.Nov 15, 1894confirmationdied
Arnold, Hellen (Lovett)Nov 15, 1894confirmation
Stearns, GraceNov 15, 1894confirmationMrs. J. E. Vail
Judd, CarrieNov 15, 1894confirmation
Judd, MableNov 15, 1894confirmationMrs. Harry G. Arnold
Young, John L.May 21, 1895confirmationremoved to Leon
Young, ElizabethMay 21, 1895confirmationremoved to Leon
Mason, Mrs. MargaretMay 21, 1895confirmation
Baker, Mrs. CarolineMay 21, 1895confirmation
Graves, Ethel G.May 21, 1895confirmation
McNeill, RuthMay 21, 1895confirmation
Vertz, J. EffusApril 13, 1896confirmation
Vertz, LeilaApril 13, 1896confirmation
Weeks, IdaApril 13, 1896confirmation
Burns, James D.April 13, 1896confirmationremoved to Kansas City
Burns, HattieApril 13, 1896confirmationremoved to Kansas City
Frase, Charlie B.April 13, 1896confirmationremoved to Ottumwa
Young, Len H.April 13, 1896confirmationremoved to Ottumwa
Woodbury, GeorgeApril 13, 1896confirmationremoved to Leon
Zicky, Elsie E.Oct. 8, 1899confirmationtransferred to Fairfield, Iowa
Zicky, Aurelia A.Oct. 8, 1899confirmation
Mallette, Francis G.Oct. 8, 1899confirmation
McNeill, NorahOct. 8, 1899confirmationhere but never attends
Aten, Benjamin F.Oct. 8, 1899confirmation
Stiles, Laura J.Oct. 8, 1899confirmationremoved
Metier, MaudOct. 8, 1899confirmationmoved to Leon
Arnold, Harry C.Oct. 8, 1899confirmationlives here but never attends
Baker, Gertrude G.Oct. 8, 1899confirmationMrs. Bryce McDonough
Baker, Ferry D.Apr 25 1900confirmationremoved
Baker, Fanny A.Apr 25 1900confirmationremoved
Knapp, William J.Apr 25 1900confirmation
Knapp, Sadie S.Apr 25 1900confirmation
Thomas, Ellen M.Apr 25 1900confirmationremoved
Wheeland, Charles D.Apr 25 1900confirmationnever attends
Stiles, Mary F.Apr 25 1900confirmation
Arnold, Ethel L. (Culver)Apr 25 1900confirmation
Arnold, Alice P.Apr 25 1900confirmation
Sparger, Birdie O.Apr 25 1900confirmationremoved
Stiles, Rhoda N.Apr 25 1900confirmation
Mason, Edward Apr 25 1900confirmation
Metier, Harriet E.Apr 25 1900confirmation
Hamilton, John F.Apr 15 1901confirmationremoved
Metier, Mrs LoreniaApr 15 1901confirmationremoved to Leon
Strohl, HenriettaApr 15 1901confirmationhere but never attends
Brown, Mary InezMay 8 1902confirmationMrs. Otto Jordan
Davis, Hattie N.May 8 1902confirmationremoved
Davis, Mary E.May 8 1902confirmationremoved
Poole, EdithMar 15 1904confirmationremoved
Russell, Edna M.Mar 15 1904confirmationremoved to Los Angeles; died May 5 1955
Wilson, Lillian MayDec 21 1904by letter, All Saints, Omahalives in Chicago, Illinois
Mason, Mrs. Julia MaryJun 1 1905confirmationremoved to Oregon
Davis, Helen ElizabethApr 30 1905confirmationremoved to Illinois
Davis, Edith AliceApr 30 1905confirmationremoved
Judd, BessieApr 23 1906confirmationremoved to Washington
Arnold, John DentApr 23 1906confirmationremoved
Arnold, Ralph JuddApr 5 1916confirmationNaval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland
Russell, Theodore BrownApr 5 1916confirmationremoved to Los Angeles, Calif.
Vail, John StearnsApr 5 1916confirmationremoved
Steuben, Charles EdwardMay 1 1920confirmation
Steuben, Freda TealeMay 1 1920confirmationtransferred to Trinity Church, San Francisco, Calif. Sep 22 1955
Aten, Margaret McNeillMay 1 1920confirmation
Mallette, Mrs. Isabel ClaricyMay 1 1920confirmationremoved to Leon
Jordan, Otto ClydeMay 1 1920confirmationdied Sep 24, 1952
Vail, Helen LouiseJun 8 1913confirmationremoved to Chicago
Vail, Ferry ElstonJun 8 1913confirmation
Gaunt, John DavenportJun 8 1913confirmationremoved to Leon
Russell, George MajorJun 8 1913confirmation
Wickoff, Jane Aspinwall Apr 15 1920from Grace Church, Holland Ia.removed to St. Marks, Des Moines
Wickoff, William John Apr 15 1920from Grace Church, Holland Ia.removed to St. Marks, Des Moines
Vail, Eva LongacreJun 27 1920confirmationremoved to Leon
Aten, Robert EdwardsJun 27 1920confirmationremoved to Leon
Aten, Elizabeth Jun 27 1920confirmationtransferred to St. Andrews, Chariton
Arnold, Elsie Alida Jun 27 1920confirmationdied Dec 1, 1964
Arnold, Harriet HowesJun 27 1920confirmation
Arnold, EdgarJun 27 1920confirmation
Jordan, Margaret Emma Jun 27 1920confirmationMrs. Seitz
Culver, Alice PaulineJun 27 1920confirmation
Lovett, John Joseph Jun 27 1920confirmationbanker in Los Angeles, Calif.
Lovett, Thomas ArnoldJun 27 1920confirmation
Russell, Robert WilliamJun 27 1920confirmationCalifornia
Russell, Harry SamuelJun 27 1920confirmationremoved
Culver, Ira GuyJun 27 1920confirmationNaval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland
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Transcribed and contributed anonymously 17 Jan 2020.
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