Eden Prairie Church

Leon Journal-Reporter
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, August 19, 1976
County Bicentennial Column

The Eden Prairie Church of Christ was organized March 1, 1868. Thomas Artt and Josiah McCutchan were appointed as the first Elders, with Levi Chastain, Ralph Southworth and L. D. Mitchell as Deacons.

The meeting place was built one half mile north of the Decatur County Home.

The original members were Levi Chastain, Ralph Southworth, Josiah McCutchan, Thomas Artt, L. D. Mitchell, Christian Kemp, A. F. Kemp, Phillip Kemp, J. M. Kemp, G. G. Meek, Charles Lillie, John Chastain, L. R. Chastain, Ellen Gammon, Ema Vaughn, Lucy Vaughn, Fannie R. Bassett, Sarah Chastain, Rebecca Bentley, Eliza Chastain, Ann Artt, and Amelia Southworth.

The Congregation was never served by a resident preacher. The men of the congregation conducted the services. About once a year a protracted meeting of around two weeks was held by some preacher from some other congregation, usually from a distance, thereby new members were added through the years.

In later years, for the convenience of some members, it was decided to start a congregation in Leon so a building was bought at 405 E. 9th Street from the Baptists, who had discontinued meeting there. The first services there were held Mar. 6, 1921.

Finally, due to the few left, who assembled at Eden Prairie, the remaining members were again united with the ones of the Leon congregation sometime during the early 1930s, where services are still being held.

The original building at Eden Prairie was sold and torn down, so only a memory remains. This article was submitted by Winnie Evans.

Copied by Judy Chastain
February 27, 2003

New Members Up To 1902

Mary Albaugh Dora Allen James Allen
Mary Allen Clara Artt J. H. Artt
Lucy Bradfield Mak Brooks Maria Brooks
Nancy Brooks Henry Burk Mr. Burke
Mrs. Burke Mary Chastain Sallie Chastain
Wm. Crookshank Mrs. William Crookshank Mrs. R. E. Dye
Caroline Ellis Bertha Gammon Docia Gammon
Laura Gammon Lavina Gammon Martha Gammon
Garah Gibson Emma Hazlet H. D. Hazlet
Ida Hazlet James Hazlet Margaret Hazlet
Minnie Hazlet Ruby Hazlet Ruey Hazlet
William Hazlet Thursa Hickman Isola Hiner
Ada Hines Mrs. Hines John Kemp
Lanie Kemp Sarah Kemp Martin Kimport
Elfa Leonard Laura Leonard Lewis Lillie
Clarinda McCuthan David McCuthan E. A. McCutchan
Fannie McCutchan Marcy McCutchan Mary McCutchan
David Meek Elizabeth Meek G. A. Meek
Lanic Meek Mary A. Meek Melvin Meek
Richard Meek Malissa Miller Catherine Mitchell
L. D. Mitchell Maria Mitchell Mr. Moreland
Mrs. Moreland John Offield Lizzie Offield
Rebecca Offield Laura Reed Matthew Reed
Clara Reid Maggie Reid Andrew Rumley
Jessie Rumley Lucinda Rumley Josphine Scanlon
Mary Shira Marison Stanford Minnie Trask
Ida Vaughn Millie Vaughn Lucinda Webster
James H. Wood Henry Wood Jackson Woolsey
The preceding information was taken from a file at the Decatur County Museum.

Transcription and Submission by Sara LeFleur, Decatur County Historical Society Museum, January of 2014
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