Methodist Episcopalian Church

Davis City, Iowa
The Davis City Advance
Davis City, Iowa
Thursday, November 8, 1900
Methodist Episcopal Church; Davis City, Iowa.

Four miles north of the south line of Iowa, Decatur County, on Grand River and the C.B. & Q. railroad from Chariton, Ia. to St. Joseph, Mo., is Davis City, a town of seven or eight hundred people.

Chariton District held a number of camp meetings in the fine native park here and this gave Methodism a start.

Our church was very small prior to 1889 when W.L. Douglass became Pastor. During his three years the congregation grew. Two lots were purchased and a $1,000 parsonage was built.

The Junior League Chapter No. 157 was organized Aug. 6, 1890 and the Epworth League, Chapter No. 8246, May 29, 1892.

The church prospered under W.G. Riheldaffer's Pastorate and he is held in the highest esteem here. The Sunday School records show for the first time that it was a Methodist School January 7, 1894. Geo. P. Campbell, Superintendent and Miss Anna Shirley, Secretary.

During the four years Pastorate of Geo. E. Mitchell the parsonage debt was paid and the membership increased under his holy living and faithful Pastorate.

E.C. Newland began his Pastorate here and during his two years a great revival was held.

When the present Pastor came, September l899, he found his congregation had shared with the United Brethren, Presbyterians and Disciples, the Union Brick Church which is now almost twenty-three years old, and very much out of repair and was very uncomfortable, especially in the winter. It was very apparent that we must build a Methodist Church, but that seemed well nigh impossible except in the most meager way -- three attempts prior to this time to build a church (two by our people) were abortive. None of our people were wealthy.

Six denominations, namely L.D.S., United Brethren, Presbyterian, Adventist, Disciples and Methodist each had their own interests to look after. Our congregation would require a roomy house, but no one thought $2,000 to build a church could be raised. For four months the Pastor argued the absolute need of it from house to house, meeting many seeming impossibilities and numerous objections and criticisms.

In January 1900, he resolved to build. February 6, 1900 the first subscription was taken and in March plans were ordered. April 2, the parsonage was moved to a joining lot. Seven months and nineteen days from date of first subscription, we held our first prayer meeting.

This is the twelfth church I have raised a debt for or built, and this has been much more difficult than any other one.

An harmonious church and very efficient building committee had more to do with making it possible than any other one thing. The week of dedicatory services Oct. 28, to Nov. 4, were very helpful to the people who attended.

Revs. B.F. W. Cozier, Geo. E. Mitchell, J.H. Moyer, Joseph Stephen and W.B. Thompson were very efficient helpers.

Rev. L.B. Wickersham's lecture Saturday evening Nov. 3, and sermons Sunday morning and evening Nov. 4, captivated his hearers. Nothing in Davis City from the pulpit has been received with such favor. During the day, $2,224.75 had been subscribed and the church was dedicated entirely free from debt. The church is valued at $5,000 including lot and fixtures, and the parsonage at $1,000.

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 The Davis City Advance
Davis City, Iowa
Thursday, November 15, 1900

Preaching next Sunday morning and evening by REV. S. SAMSON of Van Wert.

PASTOR RUSK and son, FRANK, took the 2:20 p.m. train Monday for Perry, Ills., to visit relatives and be present at the golden wedding of his parents, November 14.

The lecture "Day Dreams" netted us $34.25.

We expect to have some more lectures, but not for some weeks.

I think we will have a Santa Claus for our boys and girls who are in our Sunday School.

W.R. THOMPSON, our Presiding Elder, says that the building of this church is the greatest achievement, all considered, in southern Iowa church circles.

"I do most heartily rejoice at your success in building and paying for so fine a church. There is no place within the bounds of my knowledge that went from no church to so fine a church in such a short time as Davis City." So says REV. S. SAMSON of Van Wert.

"It has been a victory for you to build such a church. It will always stand as a monument of your skill and devotion." Dr. W.T. Smith, Presiding Elder of Boone District, Boone, Ia.

People were at the dedication from six neighboring towns.

Lamoni Methodists have paid PASTOR RUSK one month in advance.

$2,800 of insurance has been placed on the church, furniture and fixtures.

The great advantage and comfort the Pastor's study affords is beyond our highest anticipation.

U.G. GRIFFITH's Sunday School Class subscribed $55.00 Sunday for the Methodist church as follows:
The following are our Sunday School Teachers:
 The Davis City Advance
Davis City, Iowa
Thursday, May 9, 1901

Preaching Sunday morning and evening by the pastor.

Epworth League Anniversary will be observed Sunday eve. May 26th. Special program has been ordered.

The Ladies' Aid Bonnet factory has turned out 101 Sun bonnets. More than 100 yards of bonnet material was donated.

Third Quarterly Meeting last Monday, showed the charge in the best condition in all its history.

The Semi annual election of the Epworth League occurred Monday eve. The following officers were elected: Robert Mitchell, Pres., Hattie Bullock lst Vice., Fannie Jackson, 2nd Vice., Anna Shirley, 3rd Vice., Mary Rusk, 4th Vice., Beatrice Campbell, Secy., Mary Arnold, Treas., Pearl Thompson, Organist.

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