Union (Brick) Church

Davis City, Iowa

John CLARK (1813-1888), a native Scotsman, operated a milling business in Davis City. In 1878 he erected the Union Church, also known as Brick Church, to serve the town's congregations - the Methodist Episcopalians, the Methodists, the Presbyterians and the Christians, none of which had a church building. Included in the structure was a magnificent clock and clock tower.

CLARK himself did not claim any particular religious affiliation but held respect for all, hence the structure was named Union Church.

Upon John CLARK'S death, the following appeared in The Decatur County Journal:

"Deceased died as he had lived, calm, placid and self-possessed, September 4, 1888, aged seventy-five years. Thus ended the life of John Clark, one of nature's noblemen, a model man and citizen, a noble and honored father, a loving and true husband, a friend whose friendship was like the light of the sun, true and steadfast in its course.

"The life of Mr. Clark furnishes an example to the youths of today of what may be accomplished by energy and continued labor, combined with the honest and noble resolution of benefiting his fellowmen with a portion of the material results of a successful life.

"Mr. Clark was fully aware of the seriousness of his last illness some time prior to his departure and made every arrangement for his burial. Also in talking over the matter with his children he stated: 'I know that my case is a critical one and that no physician can do me any good. I leave my case entirely in the hands of Providence and feel perfectly resigned, let that be as it may, it's all right.'

This well balanced and perfect consciousness was with him when he breathed his last, for, leaning back into the arms of his son James, surrounded by those he loved, he said to all: 'I am going --- I will soon be gone.'"

Union Church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

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2009 Photographs courtesy of Sharon R. Becker
Transcription & Compilation by Sharon R. Becker, July of 2013
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