Decatur County Iowa Census Transcriptions

The 1925 Iowa State Census is a transcription. This information was taken from actual census microfilms. Ancestry does not include as much info with their records as the actual microlms do. Ancestry also chose to omit the Assessor information and did not show that each township/town was broken down into books.

1925 Iowa State Census, Transcribed by John Murray
These files are in .pdf format. You will need Adobe Reader to look at them.

Index to the 1925 Iowa State CensusTranscription NotesAssessor Information 
Bloomington Township 1Bloomington Township 2Bloomington Township 3Bloomington Township 4
Burrell Township 1Burrell Township 2Burrell Township 3Burrell Township 4
Center Township 1Center Township 2Center Township 3Center Township 4
Center Township 5   
Davis City 1Davis City 2Davis City 3Davis City 4
Decatur Township 1Decatur Township 2Decatur Township 3Decatur Township 4
Eden Township 1Eden Township 2Eden Township 3Eden Township 4
Eden Township 5   
Fayette Township 1Fayette Township 2Fayette Township 3 
Franklin Township 1Franklin Township 2Franklin Township 3Franklin Township 4
Franklin Township 5   
Garden Grove Town 1Garden Grove Town 2Garden Grove Town 3Garden Grove Town 4
Garden Grove Town 5Garden Grove Township 1Garden Grove Township 2Garden Grove Township 3
Garden Grove Township 4   
Grand River Town 1Grand River Town 2Grand River Town 3 
Grand River Township 1Grand River Township 2Grand River Township 3 
Hamilton Township 1Hamilton Township 2Hamilton Township 3Hamilton Township 4
High Point Township 1High Point Township 2High Point Township 3High Point Township 4
Lamoni 1Lamoni 2Lamoni 3Lamoni 4
Lamoni 5Lamoni 6Lamoni 7Lamoni 8
Lamoni 9Lamoni 10Lamoni 11 
Leon 1Leon 2Leon 3Leon 4
Leon 5Leon 6Leon 7Leon 8
Leon 9Leon 10Leon 11Leon 12
Leon 13Leon 14  
Leroy 1Leroy 2  
Long Creek Township 1Long Creek Township 2Long Creek Township 3Long Creek Township 4
Long Creek Township 5   
Morgan Township 1Morgan Township 2Morgan Township 3 
New Buda Township 1New Buda Township 2New Buda Township 3 
Pleasanton 1Pleasanton 2  
Richland Township 1Richland Township 2Richland Township 3Richland Township 4
Richland Township 5Richland Township 6  
Van Wert 1Van Wert 2Van Wert 3 
Weldon 1Weldon 2  
Woodland Township 1Woodland Township 2Woodland Township 3Woodland Township 4