1915 Iowa State Census

The 1915 Census is on individual cards and sorted alphabetically instead of by towns and townships. Therefore, the records will be alphabetized.
"A __, Minnie Ann - Avery, Mildred M. "I" Iams, John - Ivins, Ralph "S" Sage, G L - Sharp, O H
"B" Badham, Donald - Bashawa, J. R. "J" Jackson, A N - Jumper, John A "S" Shaw, Albert C - Smith, Carl L
"B" Baron, Baby - Birk, Vella "K" Kaepen, Fai V - Kyner, Nellie "S" Smith, Carlos - Snow, Virgil
"B" Bishop, Doris - Bradfield, Thomas "L" Ladd, B J - Lytle, Mary "S" Snowden, Kate - Sten, Salinda Rosetha
"B" Bradley, Catharine - Brown Geo. V. "M" Machlan, Edith - McCarthy, Winnie "S" Stephens, A C - Sylvester, Nora Z
"B" Brown, George W. - Byerley, Neal Berbank "M" McCartney, Artist - McKee, Fred "T" Tabler, Clyde C - Tywater, Rena
"C" Cader, Esther - Chastain, Worth "M" McKee, Grace P. - Miller, Forest "UV" Umpferman, W M - Virden, Lola Mable
            (Vr... included throughout)
"C" Cheeves, Almira - Crass, Sarah Alline "M" Miller, W. P. - Moyer, Mary "W" Wadsworth, W F - Webb, Lewis
"C" Crawford, Adaline - Curtright, Lucy "M" Mueller, Alice T - Myers, William W "W" Web, Margret - Willet, Hattie
"D" Daberry, Glen H. - Dykes, Virgal "N" Nash, D. M. - Nuhn, Winnie "W" Willis, A D - Wylie, Myrtle M
"E" Eaves, Mary - Ewing, Mary "O" O'Boyle, John - Owens, Zelma "YZ" Yarrington, A J - Zook, Sylvia
"F" Fairall, Earl - Fuqua, Isabelle "P" Pace, Albert W - Pyle, Lulu J Farm Animals - Acton C E - Cox, Linnie
"G" Gabel, Charles - Gwen, Olive "Q" --, Raymond - Quigley, Opal B Farm Animals - Cox, N M - Hartley, Alva
"H" Haadley, R C - Harris, Wesley "R" Rabadou, J J - Ridgeway, Ralph S Farm Animals - Hartley, William - Melton, Richard R
"H" Harsh, Carl - Hill, Zelma "R" Riggs, Chals U - Ryan, Sylvia Farm Animals - Melvin, Billy C - Shakespear, William T
"H" Hilliard, Grace - Hyatt, C R   Farm Animals - Sharp, Ed H - Zimmerman, Jim
1915 State Census of Iowa

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