Center Twp. Page 132

This is the 1860 Federal Census for Decatur County, Iowa

Transcribed by Nancee (McMurtrey) Siefert: 2001 Heritage Quest Digital Microfilm M653-318

NOTE: This transcription is meant to be a guide only. It is the transcriber's interpretation and subject to human error. Always refer to the original document (or microfilm) for your own interpretation.

SCHEDULE 1-Free Inhabitants in Center Twp.; in the county of: Decatur; State of Iowa
Enumerated by me, on the 28 day of June 1860. C. G. Bridges Ass't Marshal Page No. 132
   CumminsThursa A.24F    IL    
   CumminsJohn H.5M    IA    
   CumminsMary1F    IA    
4990919BryantSpencer34M Hog Merchant1,100900PA    
   BryantCordelia24F    NY    
   BryantClara D.2F    WI    
7991920GilliumSamuel C.30M Plasterer30200PA    
   GilliumAmanda23F    OH    
   GilliumMary J.9/12F    IA    
10992921BinckleyPhilander H.36M Editor & Attorney 300OH    
   BinckleyMaria32F    OH    
   BinckleyHenrietta2F    IA    
   BinckleyFanny8/12F    IA    
   MainsWm. L.25M Attorney  OH    
15993922WhittenBeman C.65M Wagon Maker1,000200ME    
   WhittenNancy A.55F    OH  Can't read/write 
   WhittenSumner21M Wagon Maker  IL Attended School  
   WhittenOsker15M    IL Attended School  
19994923WarnerJohn W.34M Attorney8,35011,905OH    
   WarnerMary W.29F    OH    
   WarnerFranklin P.8M    OH Attended School  
   WarnerGrandville S.6M    IA Attended School  
   WarnerMahlon W.4M    IA Attended School  
   WarnerJohn W.1M    IA    
   ButtsPeter19M Day Laborer  OH    
26995923BobbittEuriah40M Black Smith3,000300VA    
   BobbittElizabeth M.37F    VA    
   BobbittCreed17M Black Smith  KY Attended School  
   BobbittPerry14M    KY Attended School  
   BobbittMinerva12F    KY Attended School  
   BobbittWm. H.7M    IA Attended School  
   BobbittLaura4F    IA    
   BobbittFreeland3/12M    IA    
34996924BallEzra33M House Joiner 100OH    
   BallElizabeth30F    NC    
   BallSarah J.8F    WI Attended School  
   BallGeorge W.6M    WI    
   BallSerina E.5F    WI    
   BallMartha S.2F    WI    
   BallClarissa A.3/12F    IA    

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