Center Twp. Page 130

This is the 1860 Federal Census for Decatur County, Iowa

Transcribed by Nancee (McMurtrey) Siefert: 2001 Heritage Quest Digital Microfilm M653-318

NOTE: This transcription is meant to be a guide only. It is the transcriber's interpretation and subject to human error. Always refer to the original document (or microfilm) for your own interpretation.

SCHEDULE 1-Free Inhabitants in Center Twp.; in the county of: Decatur; State of Iowa
Enumerated by me, on the 28 day of June 1860. C. G. Bridges Ass't Marshal Page No. 130
   ScottThomas6M    OH    
   ScottSamuel4M    IA    
   ScottLafayette9/12M    IA    
4975905DavenportWm. W.27M Farmer800205NC    
   DavenportSarah J.21F    PA    
   DavenportPerry5/12M    IA    
7976906SchenckDavid63M Farmer 150PA    
   SchenckJane55F    OH  Can't read/write 
   SchenckRebecca25F    IN    
   SchenckSamuel20M Farmer  IN    
   SchenckDaniel17M Farmer  IN    
   SchenckTilman14M    IN    
12977907WalkerHarvey H.41M Farmer4,480950KY    
   WalkerElizabeth38F    KY    
   WalkerEm A.16M Farmer  IL Attended School  
   WalkerHarriett E.13F    IL Attended School  
   WoodNelson H.33M Farmer800 INMarried wthn yr   
   WoodSusanah J.18F    ILMarried wthn yr   
19978908PolstonAsa28M Farmer 200VA    
   PolstonCelestia16F    OH    
21979 Unoccupied     100      
23980909PolstonWm.54M Farmer1,400400MD    
   PolstonJulia44F    VT    
   PolstonCaroline A.16F    VA Attended School  
   PolstonEmma11F    VA Attended School  
   PolstonWm. M.8M    VA Attended School  
28981910IngramCommodore36M Farmer1,000200IN    
   IngramCatharine35F    IN  Can't read/write 
   IngramJohn F.15M    IA Attended School  
   IngramBenjamin5M    IA    
   IngramAmanda C.3F    IA    
   IngramCommodore1M    IA    
34982911SpurlockHarvey S.37M Farmer960350TN  Can't read/write 
   SpurlockMary34F    IN    
   SpurlockCynthia A.14F    IA Attended School  
   SpurlockHarvey H.6M    IA Attended School  
   SpurlockMarietta4F    IA    
   SpurlockSamuel2M    IA    
40983912BallingerJoel54M Farmer 150NC  Can't read/write 

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