1850 Federal Census - Decatur County, Iowa

Transcribed 28 July 2004 by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
This transcription is meant to be a guide only. It is the transcriber's interpretation. Always refer to the original document (or microfilm) for your own interpretation. NO CHANGES will be made to this transcription. It has been transcribed to the best of the transcriber’s ability exactly as it is on the census record. A transcription is an exact copy of the original record. Therefore spellings of names and ages, etc. will not be changed.

KEY to Column Headings:
LN = Line Number Family appeared onOCC = Profession, Occupation or Trade of each Male Person over 15 years of age
DW = Dwelling-houses numbered in the order of visitationRE = Value of Real Estate owned
FN = Families number in the order of visitationBRTH = Place of Birth Naming the State, Territory or County
LAST, FIRST = Name of each person whose place of abode on the June 1, 1850, was in this family.MD = Married within the year
AGESCH = Attended School within the year
SEXR/W = Person over 20 years of age who cannot read & write
RACE = Color (White, Black or Mulatto)DDB = Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper or convict

111Enos Davis30M |Farmer500Ohio
2Mary A.24F |Mass
3Daniel M.6M |Ia
4John S. Brown25M |Farmer50Ohio
522Peter Buchanan53M |FarmerNY
6Hanna64F |VA
7Girman23M |FarmerNY
8Benjamin20M |FarmerNY
9Hanna17F |NY
10Eliza I.13F |NY
11Lucy E.7F |NY
1233Asaph Blanchard50M |FarmerNY
13Eunice26F |NY
14Alma M.8M |Mich
15Ione E.5F |Ill.
16Ether4M |Iowa
17Janiette C.12-JunF |Iowa
18Charlotte Thompson73F |Va
1944Joel Drury?43M |MassBlind
20Tirsa59F |Mass
21Ruth30F |Mass
22Charles H.25M |BoatmanMass
2355Cornelius Henderson55M |FarmerWales
24Elizabeth55F |Ct|
25James23M |CooperOhio
26Cornelius17M |FarmerMo|
27Lucinda15F |Ohio|
2866Margaret Beebee27F |Ky
29William H.6M |Mo
30James F.3M |Iowa
31Eliza1F |Iowa
3277Cynthia Clyde45F |Vt
33Solomon21M |NoneNY
34Edward19M |FarmerNY
35Alanson17M |FarmerNY
36Lucy14F |NY
37James11M |Ill|
38Frederick Stoddard9M |Ill
3988Bradbury B. Wilson44M |FarmerCt
40Agnes39F |Pa |
41John21M |FarmerOhio
42Lovina18F |Ohio
Page 2
1Henry17M |FarmerOhio
2Atlas15M |FarmerOhio
3Clarissa14F |Ohio
4George12M |Mo
5James10M |Ill
6Mary9F |Ill
7Mahala7F |Ill
8Emily4F |Iowa
9Bushrod1M |Iowa
1099Louis Meacham35M |WagonmakerNH
11Lydia32F |NY
12Julia13F |Pa
13Margaret10F |Ills
14Joshua8M |Iowa
15Ann6F |Iowa
16Brigham3M |Iowa
17Lydia12-NovF |Iowa
181010Louis D.40M |CarpenterOhio
19Nancy36F |Ohio
20Lovina19F |Ohio
21Lemuel G.18M |FarmerOhio
22Alvira17F |Ohio
23Louis D.10M |Ills.
24David9F |Ohio
25Milissa3F |Iowa
26George M.1M |Iowa
271111Enoch Wallace44M |FarmerTenn|
28Winnie39F |Tenn|
29Rebecca22F |Ia|
30Jane19F |Ia
31Elizabeth17F |Ia
32Sylvester16M |FarmerIa
33James14M |Ia
34William10M |Ia
35Sally8F |Ia
36Brice7M |Ia
37Mary E.2F |Ia
38Melissa12-MayF |Ia
391212Josiah Morgan48M |Farmer600Va
40Susanna38F |Va
41Uriah16M |FarmerIlls|
42Willard13M |Ills|
Page 3
1Nancy11F |Ills
2Philena8F |Ills
3F?5M |Ills
4Isaiah12-JunM |Iowa
51313Hiram Chase34M |Farmer600Ny
6Ellen32F |Ct
7James H.7M |Ohio
8Alice4F |Ia
9Carlos M.1M |Ohio
101414George G. Zimmerman71M |SchoolteacherGermany
11Julia A.51F |Germany
12Julia A.21F |Pa
13Elizabeth19F |Pa
14Margaret14F |Pa|
15Susan11F |Pa|
16Rosanna8F |Pa|
17Christina A.32F |Pa
18Sarah J.2F |Iowa
19John Zimmerman28M |FarmerMd
20Harriet L.20F |Ny
211515William Carson32M |FarmerPa
22Girrilla32F |Ills|
23John A.10M |Ills
24Mary A.8F |Ills
25George W.6M |Ills.
26Samuel D.3M |Iowa
271616John Carson31M |FarmerPa
28Elvira29F |Ia|
29William7M |Ill
30Elizabeth5F |Ill
31John3M |Iowa
32Sarah A.12-JunF |Iowa
331717George Carson56M |FarmerPa
34Ann56F |Pa|
35David22M |FarmerOhio
36George22M |FarmerOhio
37Washington20M |FarmerOhio
38Thomas E. Carson23M |FarmerPa|
39Polly A.17F |Mo|
401919Ezra M. Kellogg34M |Merchant1000NY
41Harriett31F |Ohio
42Homer12M |Oho
Page 4
1Eugene9M Ohio
2Murray4M |Ohio
3Josephine1F |Iowa
42020William Davis57M |Farmer1000SC
5Ruth46F |Pa
6Amasa25M |FarmerOhio
7Sylvester14M |Ohio|
8Sarah12F |Ia|
9Isaac10M |Ia|
10Harmon8M |Ia|
11Murrich?6M |Ia
12Almeda Willson11F |Mo
132121Joshua N. Monroe31M |FarmerOhio
14Amanda29F Ohio
15Sarah E. Umphron?18F |Ohio
162222Erastus Lamb46M |FarmerNY
17Abigail42F |NY
18Siwald I.?18M |FarmerNY|
19James15M |NY|
20Polly8F |Ills|
212323Johnson Langler51M |FarmerNY
22Emeline50F |NY
23Solomon I.10M |Mich|
242424John Blades49M |MerchantKy
25Robert E.11M |Ia
26Samuel E.9M |Ia
272525Benjamin Lamb50M |Farmer200NC
28Olive28F |Va
29Hiram18M |CooperIa|
30Henry16M |FarmerIa|
31America13F |Ia|
32William12M |Ia|
33Jefferson10M |Ia|
34Malildod?9F |Ia|
35Josiah6M |Ia|
36Marietta5F |Ia|
37Laura M.3F |Ia
38Leonidas2M |Ia
392626John Miller30M |FarmerScotland
40Jennette28F |Scotland
41Henry5M |Ills
42Thomas4M |Iowa
Page 5
1Elizabeth1F |Iowa
22727Thomas Crooks33M |BlacksmithScotland
3James6M |Scotland
4George Crooks25M |WagonsmakerScotland
5Elizabeth18F |Scotland
62828William Davis28M |FarmerIa
7America25F |Ky
8Margaret M.5F |Ills
9James3M |Iowa
10Enoch2M |Iowa
112929Thomas Carter46M |FarmerKy|
12Margaret46F |Ky|
13Charles21M |FarmerIa|
14Barnabus18M |FarmerIa
15Margaret I.17F |Ia
16Atha15M |FarmerIa|
17Sarah A.13F |Ia|
18Sarilda11F |Ia
19Susanna6F |Ill
20Angeline3F |Iowa
213030Alesander Value43M |FarmerU.C.
22Mary40F |U.C.
23Mary J.18F |U.C.
24Thomas16M |FarmerU.C.
25Hannah14F |Ohio
26Ruth11F |Ohio
27Emily7F |Ills
28Rosilla5F |Ills
293131Victor Doze35M |Farmer500France
30Mary34F |NY
31John13M |Ohio
32Job10M |Mo
33Julian A.8M |Mo
34Polly5F |Iowa
35Margaret3F |Iowa
36Phebe12-NovF |Iowa
37William Askin19M |FarmerNY
383232Daniel Winters45M |Farmer1500Va
39Rebecca47F |Va
40George W.20M |FarmerOhio
41Daniel18M |FarmerOhio
42Rebecca18F |Ohio
Page 6
1Susanna15F |Ohio
2Joseph13M |Ohio
3Jane9F |Ohio
4Matilda11F |Ohio
5Isaac7M |Ohio
63333Jacob Hufford57M |Farmer650Ky
7Elizabeth49F |Ky
8James20M |FarmerIa
9Jacob17M |FarmerIa|
10Elizabeth14F |Ia|
11John11M |Ia|
12Eliza6F |Iowa
133434Mordecai Smith35M |FarmerOhio
14Catharine M.33F |Ohio
15Sabrina20F |Ohio
16Samuel W.15M |FarmerOhio
17George13M |Ohio
18John11M |Ohio
19Lewis9M |Ohio
20Mordecai7M |Ohio
21Eli1M |Iowa
223535David Mann34M |Ky
23Dicy26F |Ky
24Mary E.9F |Ky
25Jordan6M |Ky
26Milton4M |Ky
27Thomas1M |Ky
28Thomas Mann22M |FarmerKy
293636Thomas Wood38M |FarmerVa
30Deemy24F |Ky
31Mary8F |Ky
32Sarah6F |Ky
33William B.3M |Ky
34John F.1M Ky
353737Cheney G. Van Buren39M |MasonNY
36Lucy37F |NY
37Mary18F |NY
38Samuel15M |FarmerOhio|
39Eleanor13F |Ohio|
40Andrew C.9M |Mo
41Ellen4F |Iowa
42Lydia I.1F |Iowa
Page 7
13838Hosea Merville49M |FarmerCt
2Mary44F |NY
3Jerusha24F |NY
4Alonzo19M |FarmerNY
5Joseph17M |FarmerNY
6John8M |Mich
7Jerome7M |Mich
8Porter4M |Iowa
93939William Thompson46M |FarmerScotland
10Mary A.51F |Eng
11Daniel17M |FarmerCanada
12David19M |FarmerScotland
13William15M |FarmerCanada
14Maria12F |Mo
15Orville9M |Ills
164040George Hales28M |PrinterEng
17Sarah A27F |NY
18Mary A6F |Ohio
19Harriett4F |Iowa
204141Charles33M |Brick layerEng
21Julia A26F |NY
22Eliza A9F |Ills
23Julia A8F |Ills
24George G.6M |Ills
25Mary O.4F |Ohio
26Charles H.2M |Ohio
27Henry H. Hales21M |FarmerEng|
28Eliza A.20F |Pa|
294242Stephen Hales30M |Stone cutterEng
30Eveline20F |Vt
31Stephen1M |Iowa
324343Daniel Hankins45M |Farmer200Va
33Ann45F |Va|
34Sarah J.19F |Ia
35Nancy17F |Ia
36Alexander14M |Ia|
37James12M |Ia
38Lucinda9F |Ia
39Amos6M |Ia
40Enos6M |Ia
41Mary E.3F |Iowa
424444James Milton25M |FarmerTenn
Page 8
1Rebecca22F |Ohio
2Martha J.1F |Iowa
34545Roland Hankins24M |FarmerOhio
4Mary24F |Ohio
5Melinda A.12-OctF |Iowa
6Barbara Davidson20F |Ohio
74646William Cartel?lew?41M |SchoolteacherPa
8Harriett44F |Pa
9Benjamin T.14M |Pa
10Charlotte R.13F |Pa
11William F.11M |Pa
124747Elijah B. Hall44M |FarmerOhio
13Mary40F |Va|
14Jane18F |Ill
15Lovina14F |Ill
16Van Buren9M |Ill
17Elijah5M |Ill
18Solomon M.2M |Ill
194848William Harris32M |FarmerOhio
20Amanda26F |Ia|
21Mary J.7F |Mo
22Susanna2F |Ills
234949Oliver Hankins24M |FarmerIlls
24Lucinda26F |Ills
25Josiah1M |Iowa
265050Elijah Hall47M |FarmerTenn
27Cynthia44F |Va|
28Elijah Moss18M |FarmerIlls
295151Casey Cherry28M |FarmerTenn
30Lucinda40F |Tenn|
31Martha J.16F |Tenn
32Cyrona14F |Tenn
33John10M |Tenn
34Susanna9F |Tenn
35Mary D.1F |Tenn
365252James Phipps50M |FarmerVa
37Thomas?50F |Canada
38Andrew28M |FarmerIa
39Elmer R.27M Ill
40Thomas23M |FarmerIa
41Lucinda17F |Ia
42Clarinda13F |Ills
Page 9
1Eliza I.7F |MO
2Mary A.5F |MO
3Thomas Done87M |FarmerPA
45353Jefferson Copeland40F |FarmerTenn
5Louisa36F |Ky
6Charlotte15F |Ills|
7Lydia A.9F |MO|
8Martha8F |MO|
9Juretta?5F |MO
105454Jesse Moss45M |FarmerOhio
11Jacob14M |Ill
12Isaiah12M |Ill
13Elza10M |MO
145555Anna Hall54F |Va
15Miles24M |Ill
16David20M |Ill
17William Phips14M |Ill|
18Polly A11F |Ill|
195656Elza Hoskins47M |FarmerOhio
20Polly42M |Tenn|
21Lovina21F |Ill|
22Isham15M |FarmerIll
23Elisa A.14F |Ill
245757John J. Stanley33M |FarmerVa
25Didame? W.30F |Ark.
26Alfred L.12M |Tenn
27Benjamin I?11M |Tenn|
28John A.9M |?
29Jesse Y.7M |MO
30Margaret ?.4F |MO
31Aaron J.2M |Iowa
325858Alfred M. Stanley42M |FarmerNC
33Margaret41F |Ky|
34Oliver19M |FarmerTenn|
35John R.14M |Tenn
36Lafayette12M |Tenn
37Thomas M.11M |Ala
38Christopher C.9M |Ala
39Lemuel H.7M |MO
40Joseph D.6M |MO
41Luanna3F |Iowa
42Cecilia J.2F |Iowa
Page 10
1Rebecca A.13F |Tenn
25959Stanley Hatfield33M |FarmerUnknown||
3Martha I.23F |Ky||
46060William Grey36M |Farmer700Va
5Jane31F |Ia
6Joseph13M |Ia|
7Thomas9M |Ills|
8Harriett10F |Ills|
9Bedford7M |Iowa|
10Marian5M |Iowa
11Henry3M |Iowa
12Crockett1M |Iowa
13Henry Notson35M |Merchant1300Ky
146161Alfred Stanley36M |FarmerTenn|
15Elizabeth34F |Ten|
16Arad15M |FarmerMo|
17Andrew J.13M |Mo|
18Hiram10M |Mo|
19Eliza A.8F |Iowa
20Jasper5M |Iowa
21Pamelia2F |Iowa
226262William S. Firdey?34M |FarmerNY
23Rosana34F |Pa
24Hannah J.13F |NY|
25John11M |Mich
26William S.7M |Mich
27Josephine3F |Mich
28Joseph1M |Ia
296363John Vanderpool32M |FarmerMo|
30Mary24F |Ky|
31Martha J.13F |Mo|
32Solomon10M |Mo|
33Catharine7F |Mo|
34Quincy5M |Iowa
35Margarett4M |Iowa
36Gillian2M |Iowa
37Alfred12-JunM |Iowa
386464Anthony Vanderpool34M |FarmerTenn
39Easter27F |Tenn|
40Mallet9M |Mo|
41Margaret7F |Conn?
Page 11
1Caroline5F |Iowa
2John1M |Iowa
36565Meredith Still43M |FarmerTenn|
4Elizabeth36F |?|
5John15M |MoIdiotic
6Andrew J.13M |Mo|
7Jesse11M |Mo
8Samuel9M |Mo
9Nancy J.7F |Mo
10Cristopher6M |Mo
11Rebecca E.5F |Mo
12James W.2M |Mo
13Marion B.12-JulM |Iowa
14Hiram18M |FarmerMo
15Joseph M.17M |FarmerMo
166666John Still41M |FarmerTenn
17Elizabeth32F |Tenn|
18Abel14M |Mo
19Mary12F |Mo
20Rebecca10F |Mo
21Stephen J.7M |Mo
22John M.4M |Mo
23Samuel1M |Iowa
246767Alfred Gordan42M |Ky
25Matilda39F |Ky|
26Uriah20M |FarmerIa
27James18M |FarmerIlls
28Francis15F |Mo
29Lovina12F |Mo
30Lucinda10F |Mo
31Martha5F |Mo
32Nancy2F |Mo
336868James Woodmansee33M |BlacksmithOhio
34Rachel30F |Ia
35Ann9F |Ia
36John6M |Ia
37Mary E.4F |Ia
38Reuben S.3M |Ia
39Joseph Millsap24M |FarmerIa
406969Peter S. Scott33M |FarmerKy
41Sophia27F |Ia|
42Mary E.7F |Ia
Page 12
1Lucinda4F |Ia
27070Francis Hanna26M |FarmerIa|
3Susan24F |Ky|
4John6M |Ia
5Rachel A.12-AugF |Iowa
67171Aaron Turpen38M |FarmerKy
7Lucinda33F |Ohio|
8Andrew J.17M |FarmerIa|
9Francis M.15M |FarmerIa|
10Bryant13M |Ia|
11Mary J.13F |Ia|
12Sally A.9F |Ia|
13Betsey A.9F |Ia|
14Rachel6F |Iowa
15Lucinda4F |Iowa
16Moses1M |Iowa
177272John Hanes62M |CarpenterVa
18Phebe52F |Va|
19Rebecca19F |Ohio
207373Stephen Biraniy30M |FarmerHungary
21George Pomut?32M |FarmerHungary
22Charles Kovaes23M |FarmerHungary
237474Ferdinand Fakaes43M |FarmerHungary
247575Bryson Miller63M |FarmerVa
25Mary M56F |Va|
26Bryson21M |Ia
27Nathen18M |FarmerIa
28Reuben13M |Ia
29Francis Burrell85M |FarmerMd or Mo
30Jane40F |Ohio
317676Burrill Miller22M |FarmerIa
32Melinda20F |Ia
33Mary2F |Iowa
347777Francis Miller35M |FarmerOhio
35Pamilia33F |Ky|
36Sarah A.12F |Iowa|
37John8M |Mo|
38Mary J.15F |Ia
39Allen6F |Iowa
40Francis B.4M |Iowa
41Martin1M |Iowa
427878Sapson? Coo34M |FarmerKy
Page 13
1Elizabeth36F |Ky|
2Ellen12F |Ia
3Isabella10F |Ia
4Francis Marian9M |Ia
5Lilburn P.7M |Ms
67979Andrew Still35M |FarmerTenn
7Mercy21F |Ms|
8William6M |Ms
9Ruth5F |Ms
10Harriett2F |Iowa
11W?1M |Iowa
128080George Coo36M |FarmerKy|
13Susanna32F |Ky|
14Mercy J.13F |Ia
15Cordelia11F |Ia
16Rowland2M |Mo
178181John McDaniels53M |FarmerVa
18Rachel48F |Va|
19Larkin26M |FarmerVa
20Isaac19M |FarmerVa
21Eliza17F |Va
22John15M |FarmerVa
23Louis12M |Va
24Mahala9F |Ms?
25Julia Welden24F |Va
26?heman Welden27M |Ky
27Harrison1F |Iowa
288282Joel Luceas19M |FarmerIa
29Julia17F |Ia
308383Asa Burrell44M |FarmerOhio
31Betsey46F |Ky
32Nathan17M |FarmerIa
33Martha J.18F |Ia
34Polly A.15F |Ia
35Elizabeth13F |Ia
36Jacob C.11M |Ia
37Asa7M |Ills
38Sarah Ann4F |Iowa
39Lucretia2F |Ill
408484Ladeslaus Ujhazl56M |FarmerHungary
41Merch50F |Hungary
42Tarkes23M |FarmerHungary
Page 14
1Theodore20M |FarmerHungary
2Klara30F |Hungary
3Helena12F |Hungary
4Ladeslaus10M |Hungary
58585George Burrell30M |FarmerNH?|
6Hannah30F |Ky|
7John8M |Iowa
8Mary J.5F |Iowa
9William3M |Iowa
10James12-JunM |Iowa
11Polly Kesiah54F |Tenn
12Minta27F |Ky
13Polly Burrell12F |Ia
14William10M |Ia
15Nathan8M |Mo
16Betsey5F |Iowa
17Hannah Keziah8F |Ia
18Jefferson G.2M |Iowa
198686Moses Baker70M |FarmerTenn|
20Margaret30F |Ky|
21William21M |FarmerIa|
22Sarilda18F |Ia
23John18M |FarmerKy
24Sally14F |Ia
25Elizabeth12F |Ia
26Tabitha9F |Ia
27Catharine7F |Ia
28Julitha4F |Ia
298787William Howard61M |FarmerNC
30Mary46F |Ky
31Nicholas W.17M |FarmerMo
32Samuel14M |Mo
33James W.12M |Mo
34Joseph C.9M |Mo
358888Champaigne Collier40M |FarmerKy
36Pamelia40F |Ky
37Elizabeth14F |Ia
38Emiline8F |Mo
39Sarah1F |Ia
408989Cristoph Livengood23M |BlacksmithOhio
41Catherine25F |Va
42Phebe3F |Ia
Page 15
1Ira12-JunM |Iowa
29090Jefferson Demich45M |FarmerMass
3Mary41F |Ct
4Cynthia21F |NY
5Albert19M |FarmerNY
6Ephraim17M |FarmerNY
7James12M |Ills|
8Eliza6F |Ills
9Alma3M |Iowa
10Moroni3M |Iowa
11Rachel6F |Iowa
129191Allen Scott38M |FarmerKy
13Rachel30F |Ia
14Bryson12M |Ills|
15John R.10M |Mo|
16Susanna8F |Iowa|
17Allen5M |Iowa
18Mary E.1F |Iowa
19Bennett Banton28M |FarmerVa
20Andrew Scott17M |FarmerIa|
21George McDonald30M B?FarmerVa
229292John Bunkeson55M |FarmerVa
23Mary50F |SC
249393Gideon R. Walker40M |FarmerNH
259494William Eaton27M |FarmerKy|
26Josephine26F |Ky|
27Isabel10F |Ky
28Jane6F |Ky
29Thomas4M |Ky
30James H.2M |Ky
319595William Grindstaff37M |FarmerKy
32Polly24F |Ky|
33Osborn10M |Mo
34Susan8F |Mo
35Mary6F |Mo
36Elizabeth4F |Mo
37Johnny2M |Mo
38Tommy12-OctM |Mo
399696William Hamilton49M |FarmerTenn
40Susanna50F |Tenn
41Sarah23F |Ohio
42Eliza19F |Ohio
Page 16
1Peter17M |FarmerTenn|
2Arvesta A.15F |Tenn|
3Samuel12M |Tenn|
4Allison11M |Tenn|
5Francis M.5M |Mo
6Fernia Condria31M |FarmerTenn
7Martha31F |Tenn|
8James7M |Mo|
9William5M |Mo
10Fernia1M |Iowa
11Newton Hamilton21M |FarmerTenn
129797David Perdunn53M |FarmerNJ
13Hannah50F |Pa
14Ellen22F |Ohio
15Martha19F |Ohio|
16Hosea16M |FarmerOhio|
17Ephraine14M |Ohio|
18Emanda10F |Ohio|
199898Coleman Ceymore32M |FarmerTenn
20Louisa32F |Tenn|
21Josiah12M |Tenn|
22Arvesta A.11F |Tenn
23William A.8M |Tenn
24James B.6M |Mo
25John5M |Mo
26William P. H.3M |Mo
27George W.2M |Mo
289999Wyllys Dickerson50M |FarmerCt
29100100George Newman39M |FarmerTenn
30Eliza35F |Ky
31Eliza J.7F |Mo
32George3M |Mo
33Ann12-NovF |Iowa
34101101Abraham Miller38M |FarmerNJ
35Sophronia C.29F |Vt
36William H.16M |Pa
37Allen11M |Mo
38Sophronia J.9F |Ill
39Fernando C.6M |Ill
40102102George B. Miller25M |EngineerPa
41Martha W.25F |Ill
42103103Andrew J. Randolph31M |FarmerTenn
Page 17
1Lieuanna30F |Tenn
2John T.8M |Tenn|
3Aaron H.2M |Ill
4Mary E.12-NovF |Iowa
5104104Samuel L. Club24M |FarmerTenn
6Nancy27F |Tenn|
7Cynthia E.8F |Tenn|
8105105John F. Hatfield26M |FarmerTenn|
9Susan25F |Tenn|
10Aley E.2F |Iowa
11John M.1M |Iowa
12106106Andrew Hatfield31M |FarmerKy|
13Phebe20F |Tenn|
14John L.3M |Iowa
15Eliza E.1F |Iowa
16Calvin Hatfield16M |Tenn|
17107107Daniel Gray34M |FarmerVa
18Drucilla23F |Va
19Lucinda A.4F |Mo
20Eliza J.3F |Mo
21Irena1F |Mo
22108108Asa Howard26M |FarmerKy
23Tabitha21F |Ia|
24George12-OctM |Iowa
25109109Calvin Hatfield38M |FarmerTenn|
26Elizabeth33F |Tenn
27Andrew9M |Mo|
28Susan8F |Iowa|
29Marion6M |Iowa
30Reuben4M |Mo
31Mary C.2F |Iowa
32Brighton1M |Iowa
33110110Nelson Kirk34M |FarmerTenn
34Jane35F |Tenn|
35Sylvester13M |Tenn
36Robert11M |Tenn
37Rebecca J.7F |Mo
38Lotty5F |Mo
39Maurine A.2F |Mo
40111111Reuben Hatfield62M |Va
41Polly50F |Unknown
42Hiram20M |Tenn
Page 18
1John M.22M |FarmerTenn
2112112James Hatfield60M |Farmer?|
3James15M |FarmerTenn
4Riley12M |Tenn
5113113John Price50M |FarmerDel
6Eliza35F |Ky
7Elizabeth12F |Ia
8Hiram9M |Ia
9Thomas7M |Ia
10Robert5M |Ia
11114114Sarah Stanley56F |Tenn|
12Eliza33F |Ky|
13Calvin18M |FarmerIa
14Abraham16M |FarmerMo
15Reuben26M |MachinistKy
16115115Elizabeth Owen50F |NY
17Francis M.21M |FarmerNY
18Emeline17F |NY|
19Robin Gosuth12-NovM |Iowa
20Huldah Jackson10F |Unknown
21Lucy Tombs8F |Iowa
22Clark Roberts17M |FamerIll
23116116John W. Vickory34M |FarmerNY
24Elizabeth M.26F |Tenn|
25Eliza V.8F |Ill
26Alferd A.5M |Ill
27William4M |Iowa
28Alferd Logan46M |FarmerTenn|
29Sidney47F |Ky|
30117117Thomas Kilgore58M |FarmerKy
31Sarah61F |
Page 19
1Daniel R. R.2M |Iowa
2William P.1M |Iowa
3119119Jeremiah Riden?32M |FarmerTenn|
4Rebecca32F |Tenn|
5Anne10F |Ky
6Martin7M |Mo
7Daniel5M |Mo
8Nancy1F |Mo
9120120William Kirk35M |FarmerTenn|
10Rebecca25F |Tenn|
11Josiah9M |Tenn
12James N.7M |Mo
13Willis6M |Mo
14Mary A.4F |Mo
15Pleasants2M |Mo
16121121Daniel Mead43M |FarmerTenn
17Elizabeth48F |Tenn
18John N.23M |FarmerTenn
19Elisha B.22M |FarmerTenn
20Rhoda20F |Tenn
21Rebecca17F |Tenn|
22Joseph15M |FarmerTenn|
23Easter A.13F |Mo|
24Thomas R.10M |Mo|
25George D.6M |Mo|
26122122Andrew Killyaro44M |FarmerKy|
27Abby42F |Ky|
28Martha A.16F |Mo
29Menerva14F |Mo
30Nancy12F |Mo
31Sarah E.11F |Mo
32Abby7F |Mo
33Lewis M.4M |Mo
34Billy12-NovM |Iowa
35William Wainscott19M |FarmerMo
36123123Jacob Harmon73M |FarmerPa
37Simeon21M |FarmerOhio
38Simeon H. Harmon23M |FarmerOhio
39124124Samuel Still26M |FarmerMo|
40Luvina24F |Mo|
41Abby7F |Mo
42Caroline5F |Mo
Page 20
1Martin A.4M |Mo
2Lucinda1F |Iowa
3125125Samuel McDowell35M |FarmerKy
4Pellina?28F |Ky
5Sarah J.6F |Ia
6John W.3M |Ia
7George12-JunM |Iowa
8126126James Wainscott22M |FarmerTenn
9Rhoda A.19F |Mo
10Alexander L?1M |Iowa
11127127Christopher Wainscott48M |FarmerSC
12Hannah45F |Ky
13Maranda16F |Mo|
14Mary J.12F |Mo|
15Samuel10M |Mo|
16Sally A.8F |Iowa
17Benton B.6M |Iowa
18Charles F.4M |Mo
19Phebe E.12-SepF |Iowa
20128128Henry E. Newland33M |FarmerTenn
21Sarah25F |Ia
22Jesse B.6M |Mo
23John4M |Mo
24Margaret J.2F |Mo
25Permelia12-JulF |Iowa
26129129Bassell Wilson32M |FarmerSC
27Cyntha32F |Ia|
28Martha A.13F |Ia|
29George W.8M |Mo|
30Joseph M.6M |Mo
31John4M |Mo
32Margaret J.3F |Mo
33Betsy12-SepF |Iowa
34130130James Hammond37M |Farmer200Va
35Kassy38F |Ky
36William H.11M |Ill
37Nancy7F |Mo
38Sarah E.6F |Mo
39Cyntha A.4F |Mo
40James H. 9/12M |Iowa
41131131Isaac Copigg?30M |FarmerKy
42Cyntha Lochlau35F |Tenn
Page 21
1Dorcus E.17F |Ky
2Sophia J.16F |Ky|
3Ellen12F |Ky|
4Thomas A.10M |Ky|
5John F.8M |Mo|
6Mary F.5F |Mo
7Albert Stotts20M |FarmerTenn
8132132Ewaral? Winkle36M |FarmerTenn
9Susanna27F |Ohio
10Susan16F |Ia
11Elizabeth12F |Mo
12Daniel B.8M |Mo
13John A.5M |Mo
14Mary F.12-JunF |Iowa
15William Vanderpool42M |BlacksmithVa|
16Mahala22F |Tenn||
17Marion22M |BlacksmithKy
18James18M |BlacksmithKy
19John14M |Mo
20Rachel16F |Ky
21Boone8M |Mo
22Thomas6M |Mo
23William2M |Mo
24133133Thomas P. Duncan23M |FarmerUnknown
25Solina ?17F |Tenn
26Joseph Lust11M |Tenn|
27George W. Lust23M |FarmerTenn
28134134James P. Marsh28M |Wagon MakerOhio
29Frances25F |Ohio
30William C.6M |Mo
31Obediah F.4M |Iowa
32Eli D.1M |Mo?
33Martha J. Murphy19F |Ia
34135135John Logan39M |FarmerKy
35Eliza41F |Tenn
36James E.20M |FarmerKy
37Elizabeth A.18F |Ky
38Lydia C.17F |Ky
39Jesse L.16M |FarmerKy|
40Isaac R.13M |Ky|
41William N.8M |Ky|
42Margaret J.6F |?
Page 22
1Mary F.5F |Iowa
2Eliza L.2F |Iowa
3John W.12-AprM |Iowa
4136136Yansey Stokes36M |FarmerVa
5Elizabeth36M |Tenn
6Rachel J.15F |Mo
7Levi H.9M |Mo
8John W.12M |Mo
9Martha8F |Mo
10Stokely6M |Mo
11Yansey4M |Iowa
12Travis1M |Iowa
13George Garman37M |FarmerPa
14137137William H. Moore32M |FarmerMo
15Eliza24F |NC
16Ann A.4F |Iowa
17Levi D.3M |Iowa
18Lutecia J.2F |Iowa
19Miles12-JunM |Iowa
20138138Lee Yengle38M |FarmerOhio|
21Hannah32F |Ohio
22John12M |Ohio
23Elizabeth10F |Ohio
24William6M |Mo
25Senlica?4F |Mo
26Squire3M |Mo
27Kendle12-JunM |Iowa
28Elizabeth Donaldson65F |Pa
29139139Jefferson Moore35M |FarmerMo|
30Louisa28F |Mo|
31Emily15F |Mo
32Clayborne14M |Mo
33Eliza10F |Mo
34Manerva5F |Iowa
35Yansey4M |Iowa
36Burnetta1F |Iowa
37140140Andrew Colier29M |FarmerKy|
38Mary J.24F |Ohio
39Harriet S.4F |Mo
40141141Joseph Spear58M |FarmerNC
41Joseph17M |FarmerIa
42Phebe16F |Ia
Page 23
1John12M |Ia
2Isaac10M |Mo
3Benjamin6M |Mo
4Rachel Shaw26F |Ia
5Nicholas3M |Mo
6William12-OctM |Mo
7Margaret Adair60F |NC|
8142142James Alexander44M |FarmerTenn
9Edna38F |Tenn
10?alah13M |Mo|
11James11M |Tenn|
12Jane6F |Mo|
13George4M |Mo
14Adaline2F |Iowa
15Joseph12-JanM |Iowa
16143143George Richie29M |FarmerIa|
17Catharine29F |Ia|
18Samantha J.9F |Ia|
19Joseph R.6M |Iowa
20James A.4M |Mo
21William T.2M |Mo
22144144William Adair27M |FarmerIa|
23Susannah28F |Ohio|
24Joseph3M |Mo
25Margaret2F |Mo
26145145Joseph Lovet29M |FarmerKy
27Henrietta27F |Ky
28Harvy5M |Iowa
29Sophia E.3F |Iowa
30Green D.1M |Iowa
31John M. Brown34M |FarmerKy
32Sarah21F |Ill
33Naomi6F |Ill
34George W.4M |Iowa
35Eliza C.2F |Iowa
36146146John D. Duncan26M |FarmerKy
37Margaret22F |Ky
38Eliza4F |Iowa
39Mary E.2F |Iowa
40William L. Davis14M |Ky
41Green W. Davis6M |Mo

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