JUNE 30, 1866.


     WE, the disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, do hereby covenant with each other, and with God our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ our Savior, to attend to the institutions of His house through His divine aid, and to be known as The Church of God in Christ.

   "At the time of the organization, John Strader was appointed to act temporarily as elder, and Jasper Rice, deacon. Of the charter members, the following named, Jasper Rice, Sarah M. Rice, Jeremiah Reaves and Catharine Reaves came from the church at Adel by commendation; John Strader, Margaret Strader, Noah Strader, A. J. Olin, Hannah Olin, Lemuel Warford, Sarah E. Warford, Lettie Henderson, Mary Henderson, Thomas Henderson and Marilda A. Clark were formerly members of an organization- on the east side of the river at a school-house, about 1 1/2 miles south of the present site of Minburn; and A. C. Clark and Nancy Clark were recently from Indiana by commendation.

   "Bro. J. T. Bly continued to preach irregularly to the new congregation thus formed, until the next spring, and a number were added by his labors during this time. At this time, April, 1867, Elder J. M. Dodge, of the Adel church was employed to preach one fourth his time for one year, but he resigned at the end of five months.

     "In May of this year there was an election of officers held under the direction of Elder J. M. Dodge, and J. C. Clark, of Adel, which resulted in the choice of W. H. Murphy and Jasper Rice to act as elders, and Lemuel Warford and A. J. Olin to act as deacons."

     We learn also from the church record that this congregation was incorporated March 31, 1377.

     Their new chapel was completed that year, and was dedicated August 5, 1877, and for this purpose the following formula was used on that occasion.


     Brethren, you have found it in your hearts to build a house for the Lord. God in His providence has blessed you with the ability; we are now assembled to make an offering of his house to Him, and ask Him to accept this humble expression of our devotion to His cause. As you, by your united efforts erected this house for the Lord, so may you, under the divine blessing, be built up a spiritual house for Him to dwell in by His Holy Spirit. As the materials of this building are joined together in one, so may you be one in the Lord. As this place is a suitable place for God's children to meet, so may the character of your devotion be such as to make it the Father's pleasure to be with you; and as your seats are vacated one by one, may you have been the means of preparing your children, your neighbor and his children, to take your places; and when the battle of life is ended, may we all find a place in the "house not made with hands." [Congregation arose.]

     Respected friends: be pleased to accept our heartfelt thanks for the liberal aid you have given us. We welcome you to a seat with us, and as you have willingly contributed of your means, so may you become willing to contribute your heart's best affections to Jesus, and of your noblest energies to His cause.

J. W. BLY,

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