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Isaac A. and Sarah (Fultz) Kinyon

The second marriage of Madison S. Kinyon's second wife

Richard L. Kenyon

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 Updated Dec 24, 2014; original research ca. 1990


Isaac A. Kinyon and Sarah on the occasion of their marriage in 1873

-Collection of Betty Dunkelberg

Isaac A. Kinyon was the seventh of the eight children of Silvester S. Kinyon, a brother of my great grandfather Madison S. Kinyon.  Named Adorem by his parents, he was called "Ad" by relatives and friends, and was formally known as Isaac A. Kinyon. Ad was born May 1, 1854, in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Silvester S. and Tenta Ann (Root) Kinyon. When Ad was one year old, his parents moved by covered wagon to Jasper County, Iowa.  Ad grew up in Jasper County.  He was a locally well-known athlete, particularly as a wrestler.  His Uncle M. S. Kinyon also lived in Jasper County.  He had married Sarah Elizabeth Fultz about 1858 after the death of his first wife Polly. [The story of Madison S. Kinyon (known as M. S. Kinyon) has been told in the biography "Madison S. Kinyon, which is posted on the web site of the Painted Hills Genealogical Society, Cattaraugus Co. NY page, under Families.  It is also on the Jasper County IAGenweb site under Families.]  Sarah was born August 31, 1842, in Brooklyn, New York. The names of her parents are unknown.

The 30-year-old Sarah was attracted to the 18-year-old Ad, who must have been quite a contrast to her husband, the 57 year old M. S. Kinyon.  Sarah was divorced by M. S. Kinyon on November 27, 1872, and she married Ad on March 13, 1873 in Colfax, Jasper County, Iowa.  The couple moved to Van Meter, in Dallas County, Iowa to make  their home.

Sarah had five children by M. S. Kinyon.  They remained in his household, and were cared for by their stepsister Armitta.  Ad and Sarah's first child, Katheryn, was born about 1882 in Adel, Dallas County, Iowa, when Sarah was about 40 years old.  Their second child, James, was born May 3, 1883 in Dallas Co, IA.

About 1892, they moved to the village of Waukee in the same county.  Ad was the proprietor of a general store, and one of the best-known residents.  Sarah was very active in the Methodist Church, and also worked in the general store.  She handled business matters for Ad, who was not very good at that.  An advertisement she placed in the local paper reads:

Ladies if wanting anything in the line of suiting, remember that I have the best to be had for the money

Mrs. I. A. Kenyon


Ad's store and home in Waukee

Reproduced from the Waukee Centennial booklet

Sarah and Ad in their old age  Collection of Betty Dunkelberg,


Ad and Sarah holding their granddaughter Betty Collection of Betty Dunkelberg, the baby in the photos.


Ad in retirement, spending the winter at his son's home in Waterloo

Collection of Betty Dunckelberg

Sarah passed away June 23, 1921 at age 78, and was buried in the Waukee Cemetery.  She received a glowing obituary in the county newspaper, which suggests that she was very well regarded in the community.  Quoting from this obituary:

      The whole community was grieved beyond words last Thursday when at about eleven o'clock Mrs. I. A. Kenyon passed away after many weeks of illness. . .

       She was baptized by Christian parents in her infancy and grew up an active church and League worker and has been a member of the Waukee Methodist church during her long residence in the community, taking active interest in its work and teaching a Sunday school class until the infirmities of increasing years made it impossible for her to continue to do so.  She was a member of the Rebekah Lodge, taking much interest therein, and serving as District Deputy Grand Matron.

      She was a lover of children, keeping two of her grandchildren in her home to care for and lavish her affection upon.  She had many friends among the little folks, even to the last.

      Her ministry among the sick most cheerfully given and never stinted, though taking much of her time and strength.

      Though suffering much pain in her last sickness she continued bright and cheerful and thoughtful of those caring for her. . .

Nowhere in the obituary does it mention her five children from her previous marriage to M.S. Kinyon, all of whom were still living.  After she married Ad, her first marriage was a closed book.  She led an exemplary life in Waukee, and may have been concerned about the gossip that some of the details of her first marriage might bring.    In her old age, she privately tried to reestablish contact with her children by M.S. Kinyon, with very limited success.

After Sarah died, Ad retired from operating the general store, but he still owned the building and lived upstairs.  Well into his 80's he climbed up on the roof to make repairs.  Each day he would walk down to the "spit and argue club" which met in the basement of the bank.  Here the old men gathered to spend the day.  He spent the winters in Waterloo, Iowa, at the home of his son James.  He brought them yellow tomato preserves that he made himself.  He told many colorful stories of the old days, such as the time he was part of a posse organized to go after the James Brothers.  When the posse heard horses coming, they lost their nerve and hid under a bridge!

Ad died December 12, 1944, at the age of 90, at the State University Hospital in Iowa City.  He was buried in the Waukee Cemetery beside his wife and his mother.

Ad and Sarah's son:  James Irvin "Jim" Kenyon

Jim was born May 3, 1883, in Dallas County, IA.  Graduating from the high school in Waukee, he obtained a bachelor's degree from Drake University in Des Moines.  There he continued the athletic tradition of his father by playing baseball.  A newspaper clipping in the collection of his daughter Betty identifies him as a member of "one of the well-remembered teams of Drake's athletic past-the Bulldog Baseball Nine of 1907."  He went on to obtain a Master of Law degree from Yale in 1909.  He came to Waterloo, Iowa, about 1909 and began the practice of law.  He served as City Attorney from 1912 to 1914.   He was counsel for the Galloway-Gibson Investment Company from 1910 to 1918.  He also was active in other sales and business ventures.

Jim was married June 18, 1913, to May Belle Daniels of Iowa Falls, Iowa.  She was born March 8, 1886, the daughter of Leander and Amanda (Deemer) Daniels.  May Belle was a graduate of Ellsworth College in Iowa Falls, studying vocal and instrumental music.  She was a teacher prior to her marriage.  The couple traveled to New York on their honeymoon.

During the depression, Jim suffered a torn ligament, leading to blood clots in his leg.  He could not work for several years.  The doctors wanted to amputate but he refused.  It was the right decision-he recovered.

Work as an attorney was scarce during the depression and James engaged in other business ventures including real estate.  After he recovered from his illness he was approached by the bank, which had an 80-acre farm that was part of an estate.  They wanted him to develop it as real estate subdivision.  He did not have to pay them until he sold the lots.  From this time on, James became a full-time real estate developer in Waterloo.  One of his subdivisions was on Prospect Hill.  He named one street Kenway after the family name.

Jim died February 2, 1963, in Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa, and was buried in Memorial Park, Waterloo, Iowa.   His widow May Belle died at Phoenix, Arizona, August 14, 1977, and was buried alongside her husband.  They had two children: Betty and James, Jr.

Ad and Sarah's daughter: Katheryn "Katie" Kenyon

Named Welcome Katheryn Kinyon by her parents, she was known as Katheryn W. or Katie.   She was born about 1882 in Adel, Dallas County, Iowa.  On June 1, 1898, she married John Henry Staver who was born about 1875 in PA.  John worked for the railroad at first, but by 1920 had switched to farming.  Sometime later the family moved to Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Canada.  They were still there in 1944.  They had four children: Hale Lavern, Sarah Elizabeth, James Clair, and Maxwell.


Without the help of Sarah and Ad's granddaughter Betty Dunkelberg this document would be lacking much of the biographical detail, almost all of the photos, and the information on her descendants and those of her brother Jim.  Betty attended Sarah's funeral when five years old, but remembers only her beautiful white, curly hair.  Others who helped me include Ray Eychaner, Jenny Eychaner, Jeanette Dickson, Jaqueline Long, Liz Vijeh, Richard Reid Kenyon, Helen Whannel, Catherine Henderson, the Huntington Beach Family History Center of the LDS Church, the U.S. National Archives, Iowa State Department of Health, the Memorial Park Chapel and Cemetery of Waterloo, Iowa, and the Northeast Iowa Genealogical Society.  My thanks to all of them.

 Descendant List

Numbering system:  #1 is Silvester S. Kinyon.  #17 is Isaac A. Kinyon, the 7th child of Silvester.  For each generation another digit is added to the right.  For example #1713 James Clair Staver is the third child of #171 Welcome Katheryn

Kinyon, who in turn is the first child of #17, Isaac A. Kinyon.

#17 Isaac A. Kinyon  Born May 1, 1854, in Chicago, IL.  Died Dec 12, 1944.  Buried in Waukee Cemetery, Dallas Co., IA.  Married March 13, 1873 at Colfax, Jasper Co., IA, to Sarah Elizabeth Fultz, who was born in Brooklyn, NY, Aug 31, 1842, died in Waukee, Dallas Co., IA, Jun 23, 1921, and is buried in Waukee Cemetery.  Sarah was previously married to her husband's uncle M. S. Kinyon.  Sarah and Isaac had two children:

#171 [Welcome] Katheryn Kinyon (known as Katheryn W. "Katie")  Born about 1882 in Adel, Dallas Co., IA.  Living in Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1944.  Married Jun 1, 1898, to John Henry Staver who was born about 1875 in PA.  Four children:

#1711 Hale LaVern "Vern" Staver  SSN 482-10-8130.  Born Jun 25, 1899, in Waukee, Dallas Co., IA. Died Jul 19, 1993, in Mountain Home, Baxter Co., AR.  Buried in Waukee Cemetery, Waukee, IA.  Married June 19, 1918, to Bessie Blake (daughter of R. R. and Cora Bell (Thorne) Blake) who was born in 1896, died in 1972, and is buried in Waukee Cemetery, Waukee, IA.  Second marriage to Clara _____, who was living in Mountain Home,  AR, in 1993.  Two known children:

#17111 Susanna Staver  Living in 1993.  Married Mr. Sieberling.

#17112 Patricia Staver  Living in 1993.  Married ____Nelson.

#1712 Sarah Elizabeth "Sadie" Staver  Named Charity at birth.  Born Apr 2, 1901, at Waukee, Dallas Co., IA.  Living in 1993.  Married to John Anderson.  Second marriage to  ____ Black.  Two children: #17151 Maxie Gene Anderson

#17152 John Anderson Jr.

#1713 James Clair Staver Born Apr 23, 1905, in Waukee, Dallas Co., IA.  Died Nov 13, 1973, in Fremont, Alameda Co., CA.  Married to Genevieve ____, who was living in 1973.  Occupation: Humane Society officer. Two children:

#17131 Kinyon Staver  Living in Fremont, CA, in 1973.

#17132 Douglas Staver  Living in Fremont, CA, in 1973.

#1714 Maxwell Staver  Born Jun 14, 1905, in Waukee, Dallas Co., IA.  Died May 10, 1990, place unknown.  "Famous as a former captain of Ames [IA] College basketball team."

#172 James I. Kenyon  Born May 3, 1883, in Dallas Co., IA.  Died Feb 2, 1963, in Waterloo, Black Hawk Co., IA, and buried in Memorial Park, Waterloo, IA.  Married Jun 18, 1913, to May Belle Daniels of Iowa Falls, IA, (daughter of Leander and Amanda (Deemer) Daniels) who was born Mar 8, 1886, in IA, died in Phoenix, AZ, Aug 14, 1977, and buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Waterloo, IA.  James' Occupation: attorney, and later real estate developer.  Two children:

#1721 Elizabeth "Betty" May Kenyon  Born Jun 30, 1914, in Waterloo, IA.  Died Dec 6, 2004, and buried in Waterloo Memorial Park, Waterloo, IA.  Occupation: Homemaker.  Married 1936 in Waterloo, IA, to John Wolfe who was born in Waterloo, IA, in 1913 and died Aug 1991, in CA.  Worked for Rath Packing Co. in Waterloo, and later owned a grocery store in Phoenix.  Second marriage 1984 at Waterloo, IA, to Robert H. Dunkelberg who was born Jan 25, 1914, in Waterloo, IA, and died Oct 12, 1993, in Phoenix, AZ.  He owned a lumber company. Eight children, all by John Wolfe: #17211 John Wolfe Jr.  Born 1938.  Died Mar 3, 1990, in Phoenix, AZ.

#17212 Sue Ann Wolfe  Born 1939.  Died Aug 16, 1989, in San Mateo, CA.

#17213. Linda Wolfe  Born 1940.  Living in Jupiter, FL.  Married 1958 Gary Todd, who was born 1937.  Three children, seven grandchildren.

#17214 Mary Wolfe Born 1943.  Living in 1997 in Phoenix, AZ.  Married Paul Faulkner.  Now divorced.  Second marriage to Ben Harn.  Three children by Faulkner, seven grandchildren.

#17215 Julie Wolfe  Born 1946.  Living in Tucson, AZ., in 1997.  Married John Zaborac, from whom she is divorced.  Two daughters.  

#17216 James Wolfe  Born 1951.  Living in Chico, CA, in 1997.  Married Loretta Berg.  Two daughters.

#17217 Terrance "Terry" Wolfe  Born 1953.  Living in Orange, CA, in 1997.  Not married.

#17218 Sarah Elizabeth Wolfe  Born 1955. Living in Newark, CA, in 1997.  Married Marc Fyffe, from whom she is divorced. Second marriage to Nasser Vijeh (Iranian, now US citizen).  Two children by Nasser.

#1722 James I. Kenyon, Jr.  Born Dec 5, 1916, in Waterloo, IA.  Died Mar 29, 1994, at Cottingham Retirement in Sharonville, OH. First marriage 1942 to Josephine Margaret "Peggy" Carr, who was born in Indianapolis, IN, about 1917, and was living in 1997 at Cincinnati, OH.  Divorced.  Second marriage at Cincinnati to Mary Agnes Flanagan who was born in PA and died Jul 5, 1987, in Cincinnati.  Third marriage to Mary Jane Pfeiffer who was born Mar 16, 1937, in Cincinnati and was living in 1997 in Cincinnati.  James was Midwest District Manager for Rath Packing Co. at Waterloo, IA, and later founded Kenyon and Kenyon in Cincinnati, wholesaling chocolates, candies and gourmet foods.  He took his sons into the business.  Five children, all by Peggy:

#17221 James I. Kenyon III  Born 1943.  Living in 1997 in Hendersonville, TN.  Married Kathy ____.  Second marriage to Karen ____.  Left family business to go into business for himself in TN.  Three children by first wife, and three by second.

#17222 Michael Kenyon  Born 1945.  Living in Medina, OH, in 1997.  Married 1984 to Connie ____.  Two adopted children.

#17223 Stephen Kenyon  Born 1947?    Living in Loveland, OH, in 1997.  Married Mary Ann ____.  Second marriage to Laura ____.  Two boys.

#17224 Thomas Kenyon  Born 1949.  Living at Rochester Hills, MI, in 1997. Married Cindy ____.  Two children. #17225 John Kenyon  Born 1954.  Living in Palatine, IL, in 1997.  Married Mary Catherine? "Muffie" ____.  Two boys and One girl.


Sources   Ad and Sarah

Birth of Ad:  Date from his obituary, death certificate, and Waukee cemetery records, all cited below.  Year agrees with age in census, Jasper Co., IA, 1856 and 1860, family of S. S. Kinyon. Month agrees with 1900 census, Waukee, Dallas Co., IA.  Place of birth from obituary, death certificate, and residence of parents.  He was the son of Silvester S. Kinyon according to the census records, as well as his father's probate record (Kinyon, Silvester S., File 381, commenced May 7, 1883, Waseca Co., MN, available as FHL film 1839528.)

Ad's name: According to his granddaughter Betty, he was named Adorem by his parents, and nicknamed Ad.  In both the 1856 and 1860 census, the first name is illegible.  The probate record of his father shows that as an adult he was known as Isaac A.

Spelling of Kenyon:  Ad spelled his name Kinyon, but his descendants switched to Kenyon. Marriage to Sarah:  The description of Ad's athletic ability is from his 90th birthday article in the Waterloo Sunday Courier, Waterloo, IA, Apr 30, 1944, sect. 2, p. 1, col. 5.  Marriage information is from Jasper Co. IA, Marriage Record and Register, 1869-1878, p. 256.  The place and day is from the obituary of S.E. Kinyon, Dallas County Record, Adel, IA, Jun 28, 1921, p. 1, col. 1 & 2.  Sarah's maiden name was sometimes spelled Foltz or Folts.  

Sarah's previous marriage to M.S. Kinyon: The biography "Madison S. Kinyon, is Chapter 1 of my book "The Kenyons of Cattaraugus County, NY" which is posted on the web site of the Painted Hills Genealogical Society, Cattaraugus Co. NY page, under Families.  It is also on the Jasper County Iowa Genweb site under Families. Places lived:  Sarah's obituary in the Dallas County Record states that: She was married to I. A. Kenyon at Colfax [Jasper Co., IA] March 13, 1873, and came immediately to Van Meter, [Dallas Co.] Iowa to make her home.  She has been a resident of Dallas county for 44 years out of the 48 of her married life.  Waukee has been her residence for the past 29 years. The 90th Birthday article on Ad in the Waterloo Sunday Courier states that: In 1892 he moved to Waukee where he opened a general merchandise store for 30 years, retiring in 1922. M.S. Kinyon's granddaughter Virginia Kenyon, in an August 1964 letter to Ruth Deer, wrote that after they married they "came to Calif.-guess Los Angeles."  We were unable to find any evidence to confirm or correct this, although Virginia's family history information is generally reliable.  The 4 years that Ad and Sarah did not live in Dallas County remain a mystery.

Sarah's advertisement: Quoted from the booklet A walk Into the Future with the Key From the Past, published in 1969 by a committee on the occasion of the Waukee Centennial in 1969.

Relationship between Sarah and her children by M.S. Kinyon: This subject is covered in my document A Short Biography of M.S. Kinyon.

Death of Sarah: 1) Death certificate 25-02295, State of IA.  2) Obituary of Mrs. I. A. Kenyon, The Dallas County Record, Adel, Iowa, Tues. June 28, 1921, p. 1, col. 1 & 2.  3) Waukee Cemetery records in Dallas County, Iowa, Cemeteries-Vol. XIV, Boone and Walnut Twps., Iowa Genealogical Society publication 678, 1988, p. 37.

Ad after Sarah's death: As told to me by Ad's granddaughter Betty Dunkelberg on Jun 22, 1997.

Death of Ad: 1) Death certificate 52C 671, State of IA.  2) Obituary of I. A. Kinyon, The Dallas County News, Adel, IA, Wed., Dec 20, 1944, p. 1, col. 6.  Waukee Cemetery records.

Photographs of Sarah and Ad: We have reproduced almost every known photo of Sarah and Ad, except for a number of formal portraits of a mature Sarah that are very similar to the one we selected.  All except one of the photos are in the collection of Betty Dunkelberg of Phoenix, AZ. There is one portrait of a mature Sarah in the collection of Jaqueline Long of Redding, inherited from her mother Ruby, a daughter of Bert Kenyon, Sarah's last child by M. S. Kinyon.  The photos were in relatively good condition, and required only minor digital editing to adjust contrast and darkness and remove spots.

James Kenyon

Birth: Birth Certificate of James I. Kenyon, IA State Dept. of Health file #25-83-168.  Same date in obituary, death certificate, and Black Hawk Co., IA, old age assistance tax records, 1934-36.  Age 1 in 1885 census.

Death: 1) Death certificate of James Irvin Kenyon, IA State Dept. of Health; 2) obituary of James I. Kenyon, Waterloo Courier, Waterloo, IA, p. 45, Feb 3, 1963 and p. 2, Feb 4, 1963.

Marriage: 1) Waterloo Times Tribune, Jun 19, 1913, p. 5.  2) Iowa Falls Sentinel, Iowa Falls, IA, Jun 24, 1913, p. 1, col. 1

Wife's birth date & parents: Black Hawk Co., IA, old age assistance tax records, 1934-36.

Wife's death: Obituary of May Belle Kenyon, Waterloo Courier, Waterloo, IA, Tues, Aug 16, 1977, p. 5, col. 1.  Same information from cemetery office records.

Biographical details: The details of James' illness and real estate career were told to me by his daughter Betty Dunkelberg on June 22, 1997.  Other biographical details are the consensus of the following secondary sources:  1) Biographical sketch of James I. Kenyon, History of Black Hawk County Iowa and its People, Chicago, S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1915, vol. II, p. 35.  2) Biographical sketch of James I. Kenyon in Edgar Rubey Harlan, A Narrative History of the People of Iowa, American Historical Soc., 1931, vol. 5, p. 193.  3) The newspaper accounts of his marriage.  4) His newspaper obituaries.

Errors in published biography:  James'' biography in History of the People of Iowa contains a number of errors.  1) James is not the "grandson of Stephen Sadly Kenyon" and the "great grandson of Ulysses S. Kenyon." But someone must have known the correct name, for the obituary of James' father Isaac A. Kinyon states that he was the son of Sylvester S. Kinyon, which we know to be true from Silvester's probate record.  2) James' mother was not "Sarah Elizabeth VanSlyke," which was crossed out by an unknown hand on his daughter Betty's copy of the article.  VanSlyke is the maiden name of Sarah's mother, as given in Sarah's death certificate.  3) James' year of birth is not 1885, but rather 1883, as an unknown hand has marked on Betty's copy, and as confirmed by his birth certificate.  4) James' wife was not born March 6, rather March 8, also corrected on Betty's copy.

Children of James I. Kenyon: All data on children of Betty and James was obtained from Betty Dunkelberg via a questionnaire that I prepared and she filled out in 1989.  Betty's date of birth and parents' names agrees with Black Hawk Co., IA, old age assistance tax records, 1934-36.  Betty's date of death is from a memorial leaflet sent to me by her daughter Liz Vijeh.  James Jr.'s birth and death agrees with the Social Security Death Index, and the obituary of James Kenyon, Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, OH, March 31, 1994, p. B3, col. 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Katheryn (Kenyon) Staver

Name: The name is Welcome Katheryn Kinyon per the Dallas Co. birth records for her children, and the Social Security application of son Lavern.  The 1895 census gives Welcomb K. Kinyon.  She was normally called Katheryn W. or Katie W.  The spelling of Katheryn is from Betty Dunkelberg.

Birth: Age of 3 in 1885 census, Adel, Dallas Co., IA.

Marriage: Dallas Co. Register of Marriages, roll #58, p. 226, John H. Staver to Katie Kinyon.  Most sources give the middle initial "H." but the Social Security application of son James gives Henery [sic]-apparently the correction by a Social Security employee of otherwise illegible writing.  Birth of John: Marriage record gives age 23 when married, born in PA.

Living in 1944:  Obituary of James I. Kenyon.

Children of Katheryn & Lavern:  Children appear in the census with their parents: 1) 1910, Walnut Twp, Dallas Co., IA,. ED20, sheet 2B, family of John H. Staaver.  2) 1920, same place, ED21, Sheet 4B, Jan 10, 1920.   Same names in the biographical sketch of James I. Kenyon in E. R. Harlan, A Narrative History of The People of Iowa, American Historical Society, 1931, vol. V, pp. 193-194.

HALE LAVERN STAVER: Dallas Co. Birth Record Book 3, p. 19.  Dallas Co. Register of Marriages, 1918, sheet 249.  Application for Social Security number Apr 12, 1938.  Social Security Death Index SSN 482-10-8130.  Obituary in Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, AR, Jul 21, 1993, p. 6. Cemetery record of Lavern & first wife Bessie in Dallas County, IA, Cemeteries, Vol XIV, Boone and Walnut Townships, p. 46, Dallas Co. Genealogical Society, 1988.

SADIE [CHARITY] STAVER: Dallas Co. Birth Record, Book 3, p. 33.  Children and husband from grandfather's biography in  History of The People of Iowa, vol. V, pp. 193-194.

JAMES CLAIR STAVER: Dallas Co. Birth Record Book 3, p. 56.  Social Security Application Apr 12, 1938 (includes data on his birth and names his parents).  Social Security Death Index, SSN 47812-7193.    Obituary of James C. Staver, Oakland Tribune, Oakland, CA, Thur, Nov 15, 1973, p. 22.   

MAXWELL STAVER:  Dallas Co. Birth Record Book 3, p. 56 (birth date blank, recorded between Mar and Nov 1906).  Social Security Death Index, SSN 478-12-7193.   The Death Index gives 1905 for the birth year, but this is apparently an error, based on the birth record and age 1 in the 1905 census.

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