Class Will


     We, males and females, the sole members of the Class of 1921, Waukee High School, City of Waukee, County of Dallas, State of Iowa, being sound in body and of disposing mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this writing to be our last will and testament.
     Regarding such belongings as we have, by the sweat of our brows, the anguish of our souls or the brawn of our arms, accumulated in our school here. We dispose of the same as follows:
     To the Class of 1922:  We leave the first three rows in the assembly, with the privilege (outside  of school hours) of chewing all wads of gum found under these desks. We also leave our grades, especially those in deportment, for this seems to be the only thing our successors lack. They have loyalty and any amount of class spirit, but their deportment has always been a minus quantity.
     To the Class of 1923:  We leave them possessions, as far as they are capable, of all vacancies necessitated by our departure, on the athletic teams, and various activities. 
     To the Class of 1924:  They have just entered upon this life of pleasure and troubles and have taken up with enthusiasm this four-year race which will end in dishonor or glory for them - just as they choose - we leave a long, brilliant path to follow, which is lighted by the glamor of '21's glory.
     In witness whereof, we, the Class of 1921, hereunto set our hand and seal this 26th day of May, 1921.
Class of 1921.      

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