Smith-Hughes Short Course

First Row --  Thompson, Witham, Jameson, Englebretzen, Lux, Luce, Thompson
Second Row -- Hanlon, Jameson, Forrett, Card, Huston, Reeves
     The Smith-Hughes Short Course has been made possible through Government and State aid. In December Mr. Ingebretzen organized a group of fellows, above school age, for scientific study in Agriculture. It was a ten weeks' course, and fifteen men were enrolled, with Mr. Bender, graduate of the Minnesota State Agricultural School as instructor. At different times lectures were offered by specialists sent from Ames. Work in soils, Farm Bookkeeping and Arithmetic, Animal Husbandry, Manual Training and Engine Repair was offered. This work proved so successful and far-reaching in its results that are hopeful that this experiment may be repeated for next year on a larger scale.

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