School Board



     The present School Board is composed of men of wide experience in school affairs. Most of them were serving in their present capacity when the consolidated school district was organized four years ago. The present modern school building which we occupy is a credit to them and to the district they serve. Their continued re-election is ample evidence that the school patrons are pleased with the efficient way the school affairs are being conducted. Continuation in office gives opportunity for a more intimate and comprehensive knowledge of the needs of the system, and makes possible the growth, efficiency and intelligent supervision that is required, as the system expands and serves more fully the growing needs of the district.
     The opening up of mines in this community has brought many new families, and more are coming, with a consequent increase of school attendance. This will present new difficulties and problems.
     It has been their constant aim to give the children of the district all the advantages of the larger school systems, and at the same time to conserve wisely the funds that have been entrusted to their care.
     The Board is composed of:  W. R. Fox, President; Alonzo Copeland; S. U. Cowger; N. M. Leonard; Donald Ferree; Frank Jones, Secretary; Tom Mullins, Treasurer.


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