Class Prophecy


One night as I sat by the fireside,
In the light of its rosy glow,
A vision was slowly unfolded,
And a voice so gentle and low,
Spoke in my ear as with music,
Saying, "Would you the future see?
Shall I move the years forward a decade,
And show where each classmate shall be?
As a picture passing before me,
The life of each was unrolled,
While speechless I gazed and pondered,
On all that the prophecy told.
The first view surely was foreign,
A land I never had seen,
But soon a familiar visage
Came smiling on the screen,
'Twas "Bo" just dropped from an airship,
On the plains for far away Mars,
And Marvin B. Fox was the pilot,
'Twas one of his radio cars.
But quickly the scene is shifted,
Again there 'neath the palms of the Orient,
Is Mary, "our Mary" once more;
She's teaching the native Hawaiians
How to read Caesar at sight,
And when her day's work is over
She paints lovely pictures at night.
I then saw stretching before me,
A vast and rolling plain,
Which grew ever greener and greener,
There was Finchem, "raising cane."
On looking down the vista,
Of green and waving rows,
I saw Marie coming running,
To help Paul as he hoes.
Then all in quick succession,
Came Lois and Mamie and Ruth
With Ethel and Donald in Congress,
The best of law-makers, forsooth,
But is this vision before me,
Of faces dusky and brown
There's "Hecky" and "Newt" in the center,
With the heathen gathered around.
Another turn and a college,
With a long, long faculty row,
Showing Josephine, Maurice and "Tubby,"
They always were brilliant, you know.
A crowded street, a waiting line,
An orchestra so grand --
Helena, George and Hazel A.,
All stars in music land.
A famous orator appears,
With many a forceful word,
He swings his arms, he beats the air,
Paul Johnson must be heard.
Again the scene is shifted,
And Edna takes the stage,
Her sweet voice charms the hearers,
She's the wonder of the age.
The panorama still moves on,
A castle comes to view,
With Helen as its princess --
I see the prince there too.
And then come flashing signals,
Sent upward to the stars,
I find it's only Louie
Sending messages to Mars.

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