Moving Pictures

     A Waukee school annual would be complete without some mention made of our moving picture venture. In May of last year we purchased a modern moving picture machine and almost continuously since, on Saturday evenings, have given moving picture entertainments in the gymnasium of the school. From a financial standpoint it has been a success. The equipment has not only been paid for from the proceeds, but it has added materially to our fund for playground equipment. Then it has furnished clean entertainment for the community, for nothing of questionable character has been permitted to appear on the screen. Book reviews have been given from time to time to co-ordinate with the work of the English classes. Among the above are: "A Tale of Two Cities," "Freckles," "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," "Huckleberry Finn," "Les Miserables," "Anne of Green Gables," "Little Women," "Evangeline." In addition to these many of the finest pictures obtainable at any price have been shown, including those by the following well-known moving picture stars: Wallace Reid, Douglas Fairbanks, Chas. Ray, Mary Miles Minter, Mary Pickford, George Beban, Wm. Farnum, Marie Osburn, Wanda Hawley, Alice Brady, Constance Binney, June Caprice, Frank Keenan and others.

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