Manual Training

     Waukee can boast of a splendidly equipped Manual Training department, and under the skillful management of Miss Gleaves, is making itself felt in the community. Manual training has an important educational value. The training of the hand, and development of skill, when co-ordinated with other knowledge is very desirable. The students are taught methods of using, handling and caring for tools; the making of different useful articles, involving various problems. The development of artistic tastes, and opportunities for ingenuity and originality are afforded.
     In laying out the course the aim has been to make it as practical as possible. The boys have shown a keen interest in their work and the time alloited for this part of the school program is all too short, for not infrequently the noon hour and after school finds the boys busy in the shop.
     The projects they have turned out are a credit to themselves and their instructor as well. We hope that this department may be enlarged in the near future to include elementary instruction in the use of the forge, harness repairing, etc. 
     During the month of March a bird-house contest was held which created much interest and enthusiasm. Many unique and useful designed were offered by both boys and girls. The judges had a difficult time in awarding the prize for the best one, but the decision was finally made in favor of Gerald Curler.

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