Class of 1922

Junior Play



Betty Campbell, the star of the Movegraph Company Beatrice Good
Lizzie, Betty's Maid Mildred Meyers
Aunt Winnie, Betty's chaperone Cathrean Thomas
Alexander Jartree, Betty's guardian Harold Jump
Ostrich, a film play writer Harold Leonard
Lin Leonard, in love with Betty John Shoeman
Policemen Ladwin Shannon, Maxwell Staver
School Boys Merritt McDonald, Frank Ozbun, John Hanlon
School Girls Alice McDonald, Wilma Copeland, Elsie Knoll
Violet Ostrich, a movie star Mary Kennedy
Mrs. Diggins Doris Good
Daffodil, her daughter Helen Briggs
Miss Chizzle, one of the North Georgia Chizzles Fern Boone
Ned O'Hare, Violet's latest husband John Fox
Archibald, the bell boy Charlie Forret
Mrs. O'Hare Marie Dallam
Ebenezer O'Hare, her husband Sam Hunter
Pearlee, the colored maid Doris Snyder
The doctor Madeline Snyder
Children Dorotha Copeland, Harvey Boll

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