Girls Basket Ball


     The Basket Ball season began with great enthusiasm, a large number of girls coming out for practice twice a week. The team met with good success this season, losing only four games out of ten. 
     A first and second team were chosen as follows:
L. Alcott       Davis       E. Alcott       Kennedy       Holroyd       Aldrich      Jones       Forrett
     The first game was played with Adel, December 3, on the local floor, the score 10-4 in our favor. The second game was played with Norwalk, December 18, when we came home with the overwhelming victory of 30-0. 
     On December 23rd, we ;played our first game with Dallas Center on the local floor. The score was 20-4 in our favor. The splendid team work of Waukee won the game. 
     No more games were played until January 21, when we returned the game with Adel. It was a hard fought battle all the way through but ended in our favor with a score of 8-6.
     A week later we went to Dallas Center, where we met our first defeat of the season, the score being 17-9. 
     School was closed for two weeks on account of smallpox and vaccination. Owing to this fact we did not get to practice and lost our next game with Adel by a score of 11-8.
     The 12th of March we went to the Girls' Basket Ball tournament at Drake University, where we were matched with Sheffield. Altho' our good fortune seemed to have deserted us, we put up a good fight. The score was 13-6 in favor of Sheffield.
     On March 16th, we played Adel at Adel. It was an interesting game from start to finish, ending with a score of 10-5 in our favor. 
Flinn               Boone               Snyder               Knoll               Steele               Dallam
     On March 19, we played our third game with Dallas on the local floor. It was the most interesting game of the whole season. When the whistle blew the score was 11-10 in favor of Waukee. 
     The last game of the season was played at Dallas March 23, where we met our fourth defeat. The score was 11-5.
     Although the second team played no outside games, they put up a good fight against the first team twice during the year.
--  E. A., 1921
          Forwards -- Ethel Alcott, Louise Alcott
          Centers -- Hazel Aldrich, Hazel Holroyd
          Guards -- Mamie Davis, Mary Kennedy (Capt.)
          Forwards -- Madeline Snyder (Capt.), Nellie Forret
          Centers -- Ethel Jones, Elsie Knoll
          Guards -- Marie Dallam, Helen Steele


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