Declamatory Contest


     Debating and declamatory work have been emphasized by the school throughout the year. In all the English classes, one  day a week has been given over to debating. Under the skilful leadership of Miss Beggs much progress has been made. We have not entered any of the inter-scholastic debates, but a good foundation has been laid, and we are looking forward to still greater things for next year.

     Much thought was given to preparation for the Declamatory Contest, which was held in the school auditorium Friday, January 29th. Competent judges were secured from Des Moines and Valley Junction, and a large audience was in attendance. All of the contestants did remarkably well, and are deserving of praise, but the one given first place by the judges was Grace Myers; Josephine Kitchell was given second place. At the Sub-district Contest at Valley Junction, Grace was awarded second place in the Dramatic class.
The program of the home contest follows:
Brigade March School Orchestra
The Meaning of the Times Sam Hunter
Medley Overture Standard Airs of America
School Orchestra
The Girl of the Golden West Emmeline Boone
Angel's Wickedness Helen Finchem
The Littlest Rebel Mae Griffth
Violin Solo -- Serenade Victor Herbert
Mr. Jeffers
Ole' Mistus Josephine Kitchell
The Death Dise Grace Myers
Selection -- Cupid's Heart School Orchestra
Naughty Zell Elsie Knoll
Just Mary Louise Helen Lux
Plupy's Debating Club Merritt McDonald
Cornet Duet Autumn Leaves
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffers
Mice at Play Alice McDonald
Penrod's Busy Day John Shoeman
Hooking Up His Wife's Dress Helen Steele
March -- Our Boys and Girls of Iowa Orchestra
Selection -- Whispering School Orchestra

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