Before the close of the last school year, through the courtesy of the enterprising citizens of Waukee, another tennis court was laid out, which has created renewed interest in this game. Spirited contests are held every evening when the weather permits.
     Last year's baseball team made a good record, and closed the season by defeating Grimes in a decisive game that left no doubt as to the supremacy of our team. The way the fellows are turning out for practice this spring gives us every reason to believe that Waukee will maintain its good record. The schedule this year includes games with Adel, Grimes, Dallas Center and "Amos-Hiatt Junior High" of Des Moines. 
Shannon, Staver, Clayton, Crispin, Snyder, Aldrich
     It is in Basket Ball, however, that Waukee excels. Clair Snyder was easily the star of last year's team, and we were all disappointed when we learned he was not to be in school this year. 
     Early in November we secured the services of "Bud" Knox as coach, and later "Chic" Lentz served in this capacity. They were successful in developing one of the best teams Waukee has ever turned out. We think they have made a wonderful record this year, winning thirteen games and losing only two. The members of the team were:  Shannon and Crispin, the never-failing guards; Stave, Clayton and Snyder, the loyal forwards, and Aldrich, the incredible center.
     We, the Basket Ball team, highly appreciate the enthusiasm shown toward us by the town and community, and as all the members of the team except Staver graduate this year, we sincerely hope that the team of 1922 will keep up the record of the school, and we also hope that the community will sand by the team, as we are sure they will. 
The record of the team:
  Waukee 27 Norwalk 13 at Waukee
  Waukee 37 Johnson 11 at Johnson
  Waukee 23 Adel 14 at Waukee
  Waukee 16 Adel 18 at Adel
  Waukee 18 Dallas 11 at Waukee
  Waukee 23 Dallas 17 at Dallas
  Waukee 29 Des Moines C. C. 5 at Des Moines
  Waukee 14 Grand Junction 13 at Dallas Center Meet
  Waukee 13 Madrid 14 at Dallas Center Meet
  Waukee 6 Redfield 5 at Redfield
  Waukee 20 Norwalk 12 at Norwalk
  Waukee 27 Adel 19 at Waukee
  Waukee 16 Adel 14 at Adel
  Waukee 11 Dallas 10 at Waukee
  Waukee 20 Dallas 12 at Dallas
    300   188    
J. Fox     Shannon     M. Fox
Shoeman     Crispin
     The second team has played no outside games, but has furnished "subs" for the first team and incidentally furnished them some mighty good practice games.
-- W. S., 1921

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