WILLS:  1851 - 1910

Dallas County, Iowa

Source:  Dallas County Records, Vol. II compiled by Howard E. Snedden and Barbara A. Snedden, 1972

The will abstracts that follow include all those to be found in Record of Wills, Volumes 1 & 2, Clerk of Court, Dallas County Courthouse, Adel, Iowa

For ease of researching, I have alphabetized the records.  It takes nothing away from the original transcription.  

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MATILDA YARNALL, of the Town of Adel, aged 58 yrs.

Will dated 22 Dec 1858, proven 26 Jul 1859.

To my son Peter Yarnall, Jr. N 1/2 NE 1/4, Sec 30, T 81 N, R 28 W.

To my son Lemuel Yarnall, S 1/2 NE 1/4, Sec 30, T 81 N, R 28 W.

My sons Lemuel and Peter each to pay to William Yarnall and 

Elizabeth Edgerly, $5.00 each.  To my son Henry Yarnall, a 

minor, SW 1/4 Sw 1/4, sec 14, T 82 N, R 28 W.  To my James Yarnall,

SE 1/4 SE 1/4, Sec 15, T 82 N, R 28 W.  Sons Peter, Lemuel and James 

to pay $10 per year to my dau Rebecca Yarnall.

Executor:  Lemuel Yarnall.

Witnesses:  Jacob P Eckles, S D Loomis.









CALISTA YOUNG, of Dallas County.

Will dated 31 Mar 1891, proven 9 Sep 1891.

To my dau Emily J Cloud, $1; to my son George A Young, $50;

to my son Isaac L Young, $1; to my grandson Harry Campbell, $1;

remainder of estate to be divided as follows:  to my dau

Hannah Amanda Quinn, residing in Kansas, 1/3; to the heirs of

my dau Francis Jane Lamb, deceased, 1/3; and to the heirs of

my dau Parmelia Ann Hall, deceased:  John T Hall, Ida Hall,

Charles D Hall, Addie Hall and Jennie Hall, 1/3.

Executor:  A S Stephens.

Witnesses:  Wesley Wright, Fred E Stephens.





CAROLINE YOUNG, of Dexter, Dallas County.

Will dated 9 May 1907, proven 31 Aug 1909.

To my son Franklin P Young, $100.  To my grandchildren:

Marie Young, $100; Marguerite Young, $150; Lillian E Young,

$150; and Willard Young, $150, all being the children of

my deceased son Vincent Young.  Remainder of my estate to my

daus Rebecca M Stanley and Narcissa E Patterson and son

William G Young.

Executor:  J G Stanley.

Witnesses:  W A Stanley, S Callison, both of Dexter.








GEORGE M YOUNG, of Linden, Dallas County, age 42 years.

Will dated 19 Oct 1894, proven 16 Sep 1895.

To James M Young, $600; Evie Elmore, $600; ernie J Betemer,

$600; Corlus Kennett, $300; Golda Marite Kennett, $300 - the

last named two, minor heirs of Mary J Kennett, deceased;

Sarah M Mallory, $500; Jennie Mallory, my best friend, $500;

Linden Lodge, No 428, IOOF, $500; Dr E H Mallory $100;

Dr William M Young, $130; Ima Young, $5; Dora Young, $5;

Holly Mallory, a gold watch; John A Mallory, $100; and to

James M Young, Evie Elmore, Ernie J Betemer, Corlus Kennett,

and Golda Marite Kennett all the residue of my estate.

Executor:  A W Holloway.

Witnesses:  John M Thompson, Ola Holloway, A W Holloway, all

of Linden, Dallas County.






J J YOUNG, of Dexter, Dallas County, age 56 yrs.

To my wife Caroline Young our homestead.  To my two sons

Vincent P Young and William G Young, $250 each.  Also

mentions son Frank P Young and daus Rebecca M Stanley and

Narcissa E Patterson.

Will dated 9 Oct 1876, proven 18 Dec 1876.

Executor:  James G Stanley of Dester.

Witnesses:  D W Greene, Seth C Hatch, both of Barry, Illinois.




JACOB R YOUNG, of Dallas County.

Will dated 18 Apr 1881, proven 23 Aug 1881.

To my wife Isabela A Young, 80 acres,  being the W 1/2 NE 1/4,

Sec 33, T 80 N R 28 W, plus all my personal estate.

Witnesses:  I A Daugherty, T G James.





ANNA R ZIMMERMAN, of Dallas County.

Will dated 4 Nov 1889, proven 1 Apr 1890.

All my estate to my brother Frank L Hemphill.

Executor:  Frank L Hemphill

Witnesses:  G W Clark, John B White.

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