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School Histories

Denison High School

Glee Clubs

The Girls' Glee Club consists of thirty-six members:
First soprano – Fidela Green, Ruth Brethauer, Blanche Tucker, Margaret Hunt, Virginia Shields, Blanche Cooley, Gladys Buckley, Marian Cassaday, Vera Houlihan, Irma Soloman, Margaret Kinney, Gladys Nelson, Evelyn Vassar, Leona Vassar, Elsie Cavett, Nellie Bolton, Olive Reeser, Abbey Anna McHenry, Edna May Simpson, Sara Pfarr, Maxine Robinson, Irma Rath, Alice Lochmiller, Lauretta Portz, Anna Sneller, Myrtle Malone, Francis Hill;
Alto – Loween Faul, Martha Helsley, Marie Weiss, Rose Abischer, Katharine Vennick, Carmen Connery, Beryl Faul, Mary Vollerson, Ruby Faul, Helen Christensen, Hazel Retmar, Mildred Romans, Almarine Gebert, Evelyn Connery, Myrtle McNeal, Catherine Woolston, Marcella McCarthy, Elizabeth Weiss, Mildred Brethauer, Glenny Albert, Grace Harvey, Hazel Jackson.

The Boys' Glee Club consists of twenty-three members:
Tenor – Willis Barber, Rex Moffit, Charles Meyers, Eugene Eissman, Ray Evers, Paul Meyers, and Raymond Sibbert;
Baritone – Royal Nelson, Leslie Rollins, William Binkley, Earl Lorenzen, Floyd Buckley, Gaylord Smith, Fred Hoffert;
Basso – Andrew Lorenzen, Orris Suiter, John Roeh, Theodore Hawley, Ed. Hagendorn, Earl Hill, Charles Cramer and La Verne Romans.

The glee clubs practiced a cantata which was to have been given at the opera house, December 16th, but on account of the coal strike they were unable to complete their practice. The cantata was given instead on December 18th at the high school assembly and was a great success.

The glee clubs have appeared on public programs several times this year and are growing popular with the town people as well as with the school.