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January 1 - February 19

Dow City Enterprise
January 1, 1909 - Friday

Personal Pointers

*W. E. Dow and wife spent Christmas in Denison.
*Mrs. H. Huntington was a Denison visitor Monday.
*R. W. Tech and wife were Denison visitors Tuesday.
*A. M. Talcott and wife were Denison visitors Wednesday.
*Melvin Graul is spending his holiday vacation at home.
*Mrs. Dr. Toon spent Christmas with relatives in Mapleton.
*Howard Alexander and wife were Denison visitors Tuesday.
*Eugene Crandall was a business visitor in Dunlap Monday.
*L. C. Butler of Arion, transacted business in Dow City this week.
*Raymond Butterworth went to Logan Wednesday for a short visit.
*Fred Rule was down from Rockwell City to see his folks Christmas.

*Mrs. Fagan and Miss Lola Fishel were Denison visitors Wednesday.
*H. E. Pease, the Dunlap undertaker, was in town on business Tuesday.
*Oscar Edwards is with his parents during the holiday school vacation.
*F. W. Berka spent Christmas with his brother and family in Arion.
*Rev. Mix and wife of Arion ate Christmas dinner at the J. G. Graul home.
*A. A. Birkhofer and E. P. O'Meara were in Dunlap Monday buying horses.
*W. V. Butler was up from Woodbine Monday and favored us with a call.
*John Edwards moved this week to the farm recently vacated by the Goodman's.
*Mrs. J. Cragon of Fremont, Neb., has recently been visiting friends in Dow City.
*Fred Baber and wife and son Virgil were over from Gallands Grove, Saturday.

*Jay Baber is home from South Dakota where he has been during the past year.
*The Goodman family started this week for Oklahoma where their future home will be.
*Will Seemann who is working for Hayden Bros. in Omaha was at home Christmas.
*Mrs. Ina Winn of South Dakota is visiting relatives in Dow City and vicinity this week.
*Mrs. R. T. Baber, Mrs. W. C. Rolls and Mrs. Fred Baber were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Julian Butterworth went to Des Moines Wednesday to attend the state teachers association.
*Mrs. J. J. Carson came down from Sac County to visit her mother, Mrs. H. M. Waters.
*Leslie Holcomb and Thos. Clark were at the county seat Saturday on very important business.
*Mrs. Ruben and her daughter were up from Omaha and spent Christmas at the L. Coehn home.

*Mrs. T. W. Swatman went to Denison Tuesday to see Mrs. B. F. Judd who is in the hospital.
*Martin Christiansen and wife came up from Council Bluffs this week for a visit with relatives.
*Albert Poitevin came last week from Giltner, Neb., to spend his Christmas vacation with his relatives here.
*Jay Field started Wednesday on his return to college. He expected to visit Logan and Council Bluffs on the way.
*E. D. Butts and wife enjoyed a Christmas visit from their daughter Cora and her husband from Council Bluffs.
*J. E. Pearsall, Chas. Bell, Ed Sterrett and Gene Crandall were among those who were at the county seat Tuesday.
*Geo. H. Davis and wife were up from South Omaha to spend their holiday vacation with relatives and friends.
*E. H. Crandall, E. H. Swasey, Wm. McBride and C. W. Justice were transacting business at the county seat Wednesday.
*Mrs. O. J. Judd and children spent Christmas with relatives in Omaha and Mr. Judd dined with the W. C. Rolls family.

*Joe Pearsall, W. C. Rolls, Harry Huntington, John Gibson, J. W. Cramer and F. W. Pearsall were county seat visitors Tuesday.
*P. B. Poitevin and family were here a few days from Giltner, Neb. and visited relatives here and in Denison. They returned home Tuesday.
*Leslie Holcomb and wife and Thomas Clark and wife returned Wednesday evening from Lincoln, Nebr. where they had been on their wedding trip.
*Wm. Butler who has been several years in the west is visiting friends in Dow City this week. He will return to the west about January tenth.
*Miss Grace Poitevin who is teaching school at Overton, Nebraska came home for the holiday vacation.
*Thomas E. Hawk and wife of Minneapolis, Minn., visited with Mrs. Hawk's parents Mr. and Mrs. Jos. McColl.
*On account of the holiday vacation and the serious illness of Miss Martha Curtis, Homer, Roy and Stanley Curtis are all at home this week.
*Mrs. Hill of Fayette, Iowa was here this week visiting her aunt, Mrs. Jane Wood, whom she had not seen since she was a little girl over forty years ago.
*J. R. Rudd and wife returned home yesterday after nearly two months absence visiting relatives in Oklahoma and Missouri. They like Iowa much better than the south.
*Mrs. L. E. Poitevin, Mrs. J. N. Bell and daughter Anna, Mrs. H. Young and Miss Ruth Swasey went to West Side Monday to visit the family of P. D. Hall before they move to eastern Iowa.

*Road Notice - The township clerk will receive sealed bids for the road work of Union township up to twelve o'clock, Monday Jan. 11, 1909. Bidder is requested to state price per day for man and price per day for man and team, and must be able to put up a satisfactory bond to insure the carrying out of contract. The board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. E. D. Butts, Township Clerk

*Married - At the home of the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis King, on Christmas day was solemnized the marriage of their daughter, Bertha to Asa Bybee, J. L. Butterworth officiating. Only a few relatives and intimate friends being present. Mr. Bybee was born in Dow City and has grown to manhood in our midst and is a quiet young man of good habits and will make a good husband. The bride is an entire stranger to us, but judging from what the groom is capable of in choosing a life partner, we believe she will be a good noble wife. The groom is in the employ of J. A. Scott as a blacksmith and we understand they will soon make Dow City their permanent home where they will be given a warm welcome by our good citizens. The Enterprise extends best wishes for their future happiness.

*Double Wedding - What more ...time could there be ... union of hearts than the holiday season, when the heart of the whole world are going out to their fellowmen. Love is the formation of all that is good and pure. The contracting parties to this double wedding were Leslie Holcomb and Miss Ethel Butterworth, and Thomas Clark and Miss Mamie Rudd. The wedding occurred at the home of J. L. Butterworth, the rooms being beautifully decorated with southern holly. At high noon, Sunday, Dec. 27, the contracting parties took their places before the few relatives and friends where Elder C. J. Hunt pronounced the ceremony in a most beautiful and impressive manner that joined these hearts for the remainder of life's journey. Immediately after the guests were escorted to the dining room where a bounteous and delicious dinner was served. Both the bride's were born in Dow City and their lives from that time to this has been as an open book before their neighbors and both are ladies of many graces of mind and person, who are capable of filling the place of helpmate of the companions they have chosen. The grooms are both the sons of honored parents and are young men of excellent habits who will make their mark as substantial men in our community. The congratulations on the happy event are numerous and the Enterprise is greatly pleased on this occasion to add its hearty good wishes to those being so freely expressed.

*A choice line of candies at H. A. Rudd's restaurant.
*H. F. Dean, an old settler, died in Dunlap last week.
*Word reaches us that Thos. Wheelwright is very sick.
*There are indications that Mrs. F. M. Cole is getting better.
*As we write this Thursday Miss Martha Curtis is still very low.
*Christmas was an ideal day, as it was for several days before and since.
*The regular January session of the board of supervisors will convene next Monday.
*Parties desiring good winter pasture for stock should inquire of John Edwards, Dow City, Iowa.
*Frank O'Meara obtained the fine dinner set given away by W. H. Wiggins on Christmas Day.

*A Northwestern brakeman fell under the wheels of his way car last week in Dunlap and lost an arm.
*Miss Althea Wiley is teaching school this week for Nellie McDonald on account of the latter being sick.
*Later reports have added to the earthquake horror in Italy and it is now given out that 150,000 lives were lost.
*The Garber-Howe entertainers rendered a splendid musical program at the M. E. church Wednesday evening.
*The directors of the Crawford County Fair association will hold their annual meeting in Arion, Iowa, Jan. 11 at 2:30 p.m.
*Henry Jaacks of Denison and a wealthy man was drowned in a well on one of his farms in Goodrich township last week. It is thought to have been accidental.
*A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Howorth last Sunday morning but the little one was only permitted to live a few hours. They have the sympathy of all in the loss of their first born.
*Mrs. A. H. Rudd entertained her mother, Mrs. T. G. Dobson and her sister, Miss Eunice Dobson of Deloit at Christmas dinner. Guy Johnson of Deloit was also present as well as several friends from Dow City and vicinity.
*A recent letter from Geo. J. Ingwersen enclosing remittance for the Enterprise to January 1910, states they are having fine weather and also sends best wishes to Dow City friends for a happy and prosperous New Year. Mr. Ingwersen lives at Fulton, Ill.

*The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition at Seattle is farther advance than was ever known in the history of a worlds fair at a similar period and it is said that when the gates open to the public next June that every building will be completed. The exposition site covers 250 acres, many acres being covered with green lawns and flower beds. There will be low railroad rates during the exposition.

*The Supreme court recently reversed the case of the State of Iowa vs Lizzie Mundt tried before a Crawford County Jury, Judge Church presiding. The opinion of the Supreme Court states that the record of the District Court contained a number of errors for which the reversal was ordered which gives the defendant Meiers a new trial. The case was tried several years ago and gained considerable notoriety in the county and was then decided against defendant Meiers who appealed to the supreme court and died shortly after the trial in the District Court. We understand the case will again be called up by his heirs. S. V. O'Hare & Conner & Lally appeared for the State and P. W. Harding and Jacob Sims appeared for the defendant.

*Christmas eve at the M. E. and L. D. S. churches appropriate exercises were held. Each Sunday school had prepared a splendid entertainment which was greatly enjoyed. At the M. E. church a large chimney was provided down through which Santa Claus came and distributed presents. At the L. D. S. church two small trees were set, one on each end of the platform and a snow house in the center, out of which Mrs. Santa Claus and her youngest son emerged and distributed the presents. The display of presents at both places were quite numerous beside every Sunday School scholar had been remembered with a sack of candy and nuts. It was a joyous Christmas and everybody was happy.

We Sincerely Wish you All A Happy and Prosperous New Year
Our invoice is completed and we invite you to visit our store
D. E. Bremser, Successor to Bremser Bros.

R.T. Van Metre, M. D. Physician & Surgeon
Office in residence one block east of Wiggins' Grocery
Dow City, Iowa

J. U. Wise Funeral Director and Embalmer
Dow City, Iowa
Calls answered day and night. Floran designs furnished.

Barber Shop
Valla Vaughan, Prop.
A share of the public patronage is solicited
Satisfaction Guaranteed
2nd Door north of P.O., Dow City, Iowa

Why Not
Look over some Watches, clocks and jewelry, silverware, glasses, spectacles and
field glasses. Musical instruments and sundries. Also Edison Phonographs and records.
Over 1000 selections of records,
at the Jewelry store, 3 doors north of the Enterprise Office.
F. W. Berka, Dow City, Iowa

L. W. Roberts
Practical Auctioneer
Dow City, Iowa
Will cry sales in this and adjoining counties and Guarantee Satisfaction.
Have had experience with farm sales, as well as with horse sales in Kansas City.
Dates at Enterprise Office

McAhren & Malone
General Auctioneers
Will serve the interests of the people of Dow City and vicinity and guarantee satisfaction.

Denison Review

Dow City Items

*Death of Asa D. Baber - Asa D. Baber, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Baber, was born near Dow City, Iowa, August 23, 1884 and died at his home Jan.3, 1909, aged 24 years, 4 months and 11 days. He gave evidence of conversion - when 11 years of age. Although not a member of any church, he was a believer and believed in doing right for right's sake and in giving to everyone justice, not in fear of punishment but because it was right. He was by profession a telegrapher, and had held places of responsibility and trust in Chicago and other large places, his last position being in the chief dispatcher's office at Matoon, Ill. His health failed about eighteen months ago. He visited many eminent specialists but they only gave temporary relief. He returned home from Arizona six weeks ago and has since been confined to the house. All that medical skill or kind, loving care could do could not save him. He leaves to mourn his loss his widowed mother, three brothers and five sisters. Funeral from the home Monday afternoon conducted by Rev. LaRue of Denison. All extend sympathy to the bereaved family.

*The schools began again last Monday.
*E. H. Crandall has gone to New Mexico and if pleased will buy some land.
*Reverend Bremser was the preacher last Sunday at the M. E. church as Rev. Curtis was in no condition to preach owing to the sickness of his daughter.
*Martha Curtis is still very sick and at times her parents feel that she will not live. As her life is spared from day-to-day they hope yet, however, for her recovery.
*The minister called by the Baptist church has sent word he cannot come. The present plan is to have a minister supply the churches both here and at Woodbine.
*The next number of lecture entertainment courses will be on Friday, Jan. 15 when Gearheart will lecture.
*Mrs. Marion Cole is still a very sick woman and her loved ones are very much concerned over her condition.
*Miss Grace Poitevin has returned to her school work at Overton.
*The markets on Tuesday were; Hogs $5.00-$5.50; Wheat - .90; Oats 40-43; Corn on the cob - 47; shelled, -48; barley 47-50.
*The Misses Inez and Jennie Hallowell went to Ames Saturday. Miss Inez is a student of the Ames College and has charge of the boarding hall for the preparatory short term.

*Mr. and Mrs. Marten Christensen of Council Bluffs were here to attend the funeral of Mrs. Christensen's brother, Asa Baber. Mrs. Christensen has been helping to care for him for several days.
*Aunt Serilda Rudd is quite sick.
*Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Stempel went to Council Bluffs Monday for a week's visit.
*J. A. Scott was in Missouri Valley Sunday.
*Miss May Kelly, who is nursing Mrs. Cole, was in Denison Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Morris McHenry have returned home from Mitchell, South Dakota where they have been visiting their son, Charles McHenry.
*Mrs. O'Meara has been added to the sick list this week and is quite bad.
*A. L. Rudd returned Friday from Wendt, South Dakota where he has proved up on a homestead.
*Mr. and Mrs. James Spence of Deloit were in town Monday.

Dow City Enterprise
1-8-1909 - Friday

Personal Pointers

*Miss Rena Ahart went to Denison Monday.
*C. P. Stoley went to Council Bluffs Saturday.
*Mrs. V. Talcott came down from Arion Saturday.
*W. E. Fishel went to Denison Saturday evening.
*Jene Baber and his mother were Saturday visitors in Denison.
*R. W. Tech was having some dental work done in Denison Monday.
*Dr. VanMetre went to Denison on professional business Saturday evening.
*J. L. Butterworth and John Edwards transacted business in Denison Monday.
*F. M. Cole and F. A. Pett were business visitors at the county seat Monday.
*Misses Golda Jordan, Opal McColl and Rosa Cohen were Dunlap visitors Saturday.

*I. Howorth came down from his Goodrich township farm Saturday to see relatives.
*Geo. Malone and H. C. Stempel transacted business at the county seat Saturday.
*James Spence and wife came down from Deloit Monday to attend the Asa Baber funeral.
*Miss Fern Crandall returned to Boone Monday after spending her holiday vacation at home.
*Ed Beach and wife returned to Omaha Monday after a short visit here with relatives.
*Fred Baber and wife were over from Gallands Grove Monday to attend the funeral of Asa Baber.
*Supervisor Thos. Ahart is attending to his official duties as a member of the board in Denison this week.
*Jacob Weiss shipped nine cars of sheep to Chicago Monday night, eight of them being double deck cars.
*Attorney E. H. Swasey and Frank Odell were attending to some business matters at the county capital Tuesday.
*Mrs. May Arnold and two daughters were up from Council Bluffs a few days last week visiting at the M. A. Rigsby home.

*J. W. Howlett, N. R. Wilder, Mott McHenry and Frank Howorth were transacting business at the county seat Tuesday.
*Misses Vinnie Rudd and Ora Butterworth started Saturday on their return to college at Lamoni, Iowa.
*Mesdames W. Seeman, J. U. Wise, W. H. Wiggins and O. J. Judd were among the Dow City people who were at the county seat Saturday.
*H. C. Stemple was in Omaha this week.
*Miss Grace Howorth visited in Dunlap Sunday.
*Ancil and Wm. Clark drove over to Harlan Friday.
*Joe McColl was a business visitor at Carroll Saturday.
*Adolph Honz went to Schleswig Monday to visit his sister.

*Mrs. J. H. Pearsall and children went to Denison Saturday.
*J. E. Doser visited recently at the John Hargens home at Mondamin.
*Lon Rudd and his mother came down from Wendte, S. D. this week.
*Mrs. P. W. Harding came down from Denison Saturday to visit friends.
*Mrs. A. H. Rudd and Miss Mildred Butterworth went to Omaha Saturday.
*Fred Butler went to Omaha Saturday. He expects to soon go to Spokane, Wash.
*Valla Vaughan has been enjoying a visit from His mother and brother of Milford, Neb.
*B. Sharp, W. E. Fishel and J. H. Pearsall went to Omaha Yesterday on business.
*Mrs. Jean Fagan, Mrs. J. R. Best and Miss Norinne Fishel were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Mrs. J. F. Downs came from Overton, Neb., Monday to attend the funeral of her cousin Asa Baber.

*A. W. Wiggins of Ottumwa, Iowa, is visiting in Dow City this week among his many relatives and friends.
*Wm. Cook of Omaha and Herman Cook of Kansas City visited a few days this week at the W. L. Swatman home.
*Gustaf Anderson, Martin Johnson and Miss Ellen Larson of Sioux City visited this week at the Adolph Honz home.
*James McKim and wife came down from Denison Saturday for a visit at the home of Pete Christiansen west of Dow City.
*A. F. Boylan and family and G. L. Caswell and wife were down from Denison Sunday enjoying themselves automobiling.
*D. W. Kenyon and his daughter Mrs. Ed Kepford returned Sunday evening from Sutherland, O'Brien county, where they had been visiting relatives. Mrs. Kepford's mother was the first white child born in that county.
*E. H. Crandall started Monday for Pecos Valley, New Mexico, on an inspection trip. If he finds things there to his liking he will no doubt purchase a piece of land, but they have got to show him that he will better his condition by making the change.
*Joe Hallowell and William Walters went to Ames Sunday where they will attend the two weeks short course. These boys mean to be up to date.
*Miss Martha Curtis is recovering from her recent severe illness.
*The thermometer was below zero all day Wednesday and was the coldest day for three years.

*Parties desiring good summer pasture for 1909 should enquire of John Edwards, Dow City, Iowa.
*The next number of the lecture course will be by Co. G. A. Gearhart and will occur next Friday Jan. 15.
*The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Dow City improvement Co. of Dow City, Iowa, will be held next Tuesday.
*The Dunlap gas lighting plant blew up recently. This is the second blow up they have had and will leave the town in darkness for a few weeks.
*Julius Ahart was operated on for appendicitis at the Denison hospital last week and for a time his condition was very serious but now he is getting along quite well.
*S. A. Dow was drawn as a member of the grand jury for the year and Edwin Poitevin as a member of the petit jury for the January term of court. Both are to appear for duty Jan. 25.
*Our mother, Mrs. J. R. Rudd, has been very sick since Monday and just before going to press Thursday afternoon, she is still in a very critical condition with no change for the better.

*While putting his horse in the barn last Tuesday, S. Gibson was quite badly hurt by one horse crowding him against the manger and hurting his back. We sincerely hope the injury will not prove serious.

*The twenty fifth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Kevan occurred last Saturday evening and they were handsomely entertained at the James Ballantine home and completely surprised by a large number of their neighbors and friends.

*At the home of Elder Alfred Jackson, who performed the ceremony, Mr. Richard E. Hoeffer and Miss Margaret Pearsall were married Wednesday evening at eight o'clock. These young people are well known to the entire community, having been born and raised here. All will join with the Enterprise in congratulations and wishing them much joy and happiness in their new relations. They will go to housekeeping immediately on a farm southeast of town, owned by Hoeffer Bros.

*Card of Thanks - To the kind friends and neighbors who so willingly assisted us during the illness and death of our son and brother we wish to express our heartfelt thanks and trust the day may be far distant when you will need similar help. Mrs. S. E. Baber and Family.

The Denison Reviiew

Dow City Items

*The Misses Ann Ebzey and Villa Harker were visiting at the W. E. Fishel home last week.
*Ward Towne was an over Sunday visitor with Morris Wilder.
*Will Wiggins was here from Ottumwa last week visiting relatives and friends.
*Mart will probably be down to the depot an hour earlier next Sunday evening.
*The members of the K. K. K. club and gentlemen friends went hay rack riding last Friday evening. They returned with a few black eyes, torn coats and a broken hay rack. They all report a jolly good time even if some of them did have to walk to keep warm.
*The Priscilla club were entertained at the Howorth home Saturday afternoon.
*The G. H. C. club were entertained by Mrs. J. E. Dozer Saturday afternoon in two course luncheon was served which was enjoyed by all.
*Miss Lulu Crandall is visiting at Moorhead, Iowa.

*The markets for Tuesday were as follows: Hogs $5.00 to $5.30; wheat $5.92; corn .49; oats - .43; barley 48-52; hens 7 1/2; springs 8 c.
*Mrs. W. E. Fishel went to Ute Monday for a visit with relatives and friends.
*The good news comes that Mrs. Judd, who is at the Denison hospital is slowly recovering.
*Mrs. Geo. Binnall entertained the Friday club last week.
*Mrs. Clair Butterworth is on the sick list this week.
*Mrs. Caroline Reynolds has gone to Arion to spend the winter with her son, George.
*Mrs. Frank Odell's mother came Friday for a few day's visit.
*Mr. Cook and Herman were up from Omaha last week to visit at the Walter Swatman home. They are father and brother of Mrs. Swatman.
*Mrs. Eva Michels of Emmetsburg, Iowa, returned to her home Saturday and Mrs. John Rollins of Kenwood is caring for her mother, Mrs. Cole who is slowly improving.
*Mrs. Anterim is here on account of the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. John Rudd.

*Jay Baber returned to Dakota Saturday.
*Mrs. Lara Downs, accompanied by her father, W. A. Baber, returned to her home at Overton, Nebr. Friday.
*Mrs. Dr. Jones came up from Omaha Thursday for a short visit with relatives. Dr. Jones has located at Garden, Neb. and is doing a good business.
*Henry Nelson visited in Denison Sunday.
*Miss Flora Wiggins of the senior class delightfully entertained the class and teachers at dinner Saturday evening.
*The Rebekahs installed the following officers last Wednesday evening: N. G. Florence Miller; V. G. Florence Rudd; F. S. E. D. Butts; C. S. Grace Swatman. A nice supper was served at the close of lodge.
*Sears Nelson returned home Monday evening from a three week's visit with relatives at Newman Grove, Neb.
*Aunt Serelda Rudd is now improving, after a very severe illness; also Mrs. Cole's friends now hope for her complete recovery and Martha Curtis is improving, though still very weak.

Dow City Enterprise
1-15-09 - Friday

*Miss Rena Ahart went to Denison Tuesday.
*R. W. Tech and wife were in Denison this week.
*Frank Odell is enjoying a visit from his mother.
*Asa Talcott of Omaha was visiting here this week.
*Mrs. W. E. Fishel visited relatives in Ute this week.
*Miss Lulu Crandall was a Moorhead visitor this week.
*Mrs. Sarah Baber was a Denison visitor Wednesday.
*H. W. Messenbrink and wife were in Denison Saturday.
*Mrs. R. Wight and S. C. Holcomb visited in Woodbine Saturday.

*Miss Nellie Hicks of Dunlap was visiting Miss Bessie Butler last week.
*R. W. Tech was having some dental work done in Denison Monday.
*Mrs. W. E. Fishel enjoyed a visit from a sister and a friend from Ute this week.
*H. B. Johnson and W. C. Rolls attended the assessors' meeting in Denison Monday.
*Misses Bessie Butler and Vera Cramer were Dunlap visitors Saturday and Sunday.
*Attorney E. H. Swasey and C. W. Justice transacted business at the county seat Saturday.
*Geo. Reynolds was down from Arion this week sawing wood for several parties in town.
*Dr. Toon was called to Kentucky this week on account of the serious illness of his father.
*Mrs. John Frownfelter went to Missouri Valley Tuesday to act as nurse for some sick person.

*N. R. Wilder, Mott McHenry and Sol Miller were transacting business at the county seat Monday.
*Mrs. John Rollins of Kenwood returned home yesterday after a few days visit here with her parents.
*J. W. Howlett, J. C. Bruhn, O. A. Cooper and C. W. Justice were business visitors at the county seat Wednesday.
*A. J. Henderson and wife of Minnesota are visiting this week with their son J. C. Henderson south of Dow City.
*Mrs. J. D. Antrim of Redfield, Iowa, who was here on account of the sickness of her mother, Mrs. J. R. Rudd, returned home Tuesday.
*Mrs. Julius Ahart and Adolph Ahart were in Denison Wednesday to see Julius who is in the hospital. He is getting along fine and will probably be able to leave the hospital about Saturday.
*Henry Nelson Sundayed in Denison.
*G. W. Langley was a Dunlap visitor yesterday.
*Miss Flora Wiggins visited Miss Fern Butler in Arion Saturday.
*W. A. Baber went to Overton, Neb. last week with his daughter, Mrs. J. F. Downs.
*Sears Nelson returned this week from his three weeks visit at Newmans Grove, Neb.
*Mrs. Frank Michels returned to her home at Emmettsburg, Iowa last Saturday.

*SO HAVE I - Have you ever run a furnace through the dark and stilly night? Have you sought to poke and stroke 'er in your nighty? What a sight! Have you paddled down the stairway on the cold and shiny stair with the sleep ticks in your peepers and the tousles in your hair? Have you bumped your toe agin it - that there cussed rocking chair? Have you? Well, of course you didn't - er - hum, that is, you didn't swear? Have you tiptoed in the basement where the floor is cold as ice and discovered to your horror that the fire is out? How nice! Have you stepped upon a clinker on the clammy cellar stair and just turned a little handspring in the vapid midnight air? Have you hit in forty places ere you found a place to light, falling madly down the bumpers in the cold and stilly night? Have you shivered by the furnace with the pimples on your flesh, big as berries on a platter and a deuced sight more fresh? Have you daubed your nice white nighty with the coal soot and the grime and just frozen stiff and hoary as you watched the flight of time? Have you raised your voice in anger and just swore by saying, "Fie?" Ah, I thought you must have said it in your anger. So have I.

*Mrs. B. F. Judd is getting better although her recovery is slow.
*The happiest man is the one that made no New Year resolutions.
*The ice houses have nearly all been filled this week with a good quality of ice.
*The Iowa State Farm will be held commencing August 27 and closing Sept. 3.
*Mrs. Clair Butterworth has been sick a couple of weeks but is some better at present.
*Mrs. J. R. Rudd, Mrs. F. M. Cole and Miss Martha Curtis are all reported better.
*The installation of officers of the I.O.O.F. occurred Friday night and the Rebekahs Wednesday night.
*Jess Reimer was winner in his wrestling match with the Italian Pardello Monday night in Des Moines in two straight falls.
*The Priscilla club was entertained by the Howorth girls and the Golden Hour club by Mrs. J. E. Doser Saturday afternoon.
*Walter Bryan has finished sawing lumber west of town and has moved his sawmill to Thos. Rae's where he has a few weeks work.

*D. E. Bremser and Cohen & Son each have a new system of keeping accounts which is a great improvement over any system of books.
*There will be German services next Sunday afternoon at the L. D. S. church and also business meeting. The pastor Rev. H. Wendt will be present.
*Earl Cummings, a son of Dell Cummings who was at one time publisher of a paper at Arion and Charter Oak, is assisting at the Valla Vaughn barber shop.


Dow City Items

*Eldridge Bryan has gone to Sac county to visit at the J. J. Carson home.
*Howard Alexander has moved his family to town and they are living in one of the Wheelrite houses.

*Mrs. Bybee and son, Harry, have returned from Nebraska and is staying at the Wm. Galland home.
*The Womans' Foreign Missionary Society will serve a creamed chicken supper in Ahart's hall the evening of Feb. 3d. This society always serves a fine supper and it has become an annual event and well worth the price, twenty-five cents.
*The Priscilla Club had a business meeting at the home of Mrs. Stempel Saturday afternoon.
*Joe Hallowell returned Friday from a two weeks' stay at Ames.
*Archie Brake was an Omaha visitor Thursday.
*Rev. Bremser preached at the M. E. church last Sunday evening and Rev. Curtis in the morning.
*The Tuesday markets were: Hogs, $5.60-$5.75; wheat, 85-90; barley, 50-53; corn 48-49; hens 8c and spring chickens 9c.
*There have been many new books added to the school library of late. The school children are busy with examinations.
*The C. H. C. friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Doser gave them a farewell at the home of David Bremser on last Saturday evening. Mrs. Doser was presented with a handsome meat fork. There is much regret that Mr. Doser must go away on account of his health.

*The Priscilla club will meet with Mrs. Ed Riddle on Thursday.
*Eli Baber and daughter Velma went to Omaha Sunday to see Frank Shafer, who is sick.
*Leslie and Ralph Carson of Sac county were visiting their grandmother, Mrs. S. J. Waters, Sunday.
*Henry and Sears Nelson were Sunday visitors in Denison.
*E. H. Crandall is back from the Pecos Valley, and having bought fifty-four acres of land, will be off, family and all for there in the next two weeks. Mr. Doser, his son-in-law, the druggist and some others go too.
*There has been much activity among those having ice houses to fill and as a result Butterworth, the butcher, O'Meara, the saloon man, and many private parties have fine ice ready for summer use.
*Martha Curtis, the daughter of the M.E. Pastor, is not recovering from her sickness, and there is much alarm that she may not survive many days. Of course, all hope she may be better.
*Among the other sick in the last week have been Sylva McColl and Foster Tillett of the young people and Mrs. McNair, Mrs. Langley and Mrs. Houston among the adults.
*Walter Bryan with his sawing outfit is located at the Thos. Rae farm, where he will saw up some fifteen thousand feet of cotton wood lumber.

Dow City Enterprise
1-22-1909 - Friday

*G. W. Langley was in Dunlap Monday.
*H. C. Stempel was a Denison visitor Friday.
*W. F. McKnight was up from Dunlap Monday.
*Station agent, O. J. Judd, was in Omaha Sunday.
*Fred Wettengel was up from Dunlap Saturday.
*Miss Norinne Fishel was a Denison visitor Tuesday.
*Mrs. W. T. Kevan was a Denison visitor Wednesday.
*Northwestern agent J. G. Graul was in Omaha Sunday.
*Elder C. J. Hunt of Deloit transacted business in Dow City last week.
*Fred Jackson and wife and Miss Hazel Williamson went to Denison Wednesday.

*Herman Konnekamp was down from Denison Monday visiting Joe Best and family.
*W. E. Fishel and wife, Herbert Fishel and Miss Lola Fishel were all Denison visitors Saturday.
*Mrs. B. F. Judd came home Monday from the Denison hospital where she had been for several weeks. All will hope for her full and complete recovery to health.
*Albert Ahart was in Denison Monday to see his brother Julius.
*James Scott and his daughter Ellen were in Denison Saturday.
*E. H. Swasey transacted business at the county seat Saturday.
*Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Fagan were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Nelson Butler went to Woodbine Saturday and J. W. Howlett to Dunlap.
*Section foreman, Eli Baber and his daughter Velma visited in Omaha Sunday.
*R. W. Tech, E. Justice and S. E. Goddard were county seat business visitors Monday.

*John Mathis and Andrew Jackson transacted business at the county seat Wednesday.
*John Wiley and family of Benton county are making an extended visit with relatives in Dow City and vicinity.
*Mrs. A. O. Cooper and Mrs. R. T. Baber were among the Dow City people who were in Denison Saturday evening.
*C. L. and H. A. Rudd, Joe Pearsall and Frank Binnall were in Omaha last week and saw Reimer defeat Lundin in a wrestling match.
*Herbert Fishel and Elmer Sharp went to Ames Wednesday where they attend college.
*H. C. Stempel transacted business at the county seat Tuesday.
*Dr. VanMetre and wife were Denison visitors Saturday evening.

*Miss Martha Curtis who has been sick for such a great length of time and who was thought to be getting well, is now considered in a very serious condition. This long and serious trial for the Curtis family has been augmented by the news that the house where Stanley Curtis roomed while attending the Northwestern University was burned while he was at home helping to care for his sister and that his books, papers and clothing were either entirely destroyed or so badly damaged as to be almost useless which is not only an inconvenience but a serious financial loss. The entire community will certainly sympathize with this excellent but afflicted family.

*Joe McColl shipped a load of stock to Omaha Monday.
*H. W. Logsdon went to Chicago with stock this week.
*Elder C. J. Hunt will preach next Sunday at the L. D. S. church.
*Joe Hallowell and Wm. Walters who attended the short course at Ames have returned home.
*C. W. Justice will have a sale next Tuesday and J. C. Bruhn will have one the next day, Wednesday.
*Our lady teachers spent a delightful evening on Tuesday with their neighbor school ma'ams Mrs. Cora Michels and Miss Lulu Howorth at Arion.
*There will be a teachers convention in Dow City Saturday Feb. 6 at 2:30 p.m. An interesting program has been provided which we will publish next week.
*W. L. Swatman will start a bakery and grocery in the room soon to be vacated by C. P. Stoley. He will commence business just as soon as the room can be cleaned and fitted for his use.

*Plans are being perfected for a banquet for the benefit of the Dow City Improvement co., which will probably be given at the hall Jan. 30. This company needs more funds and Dow City people are always ready to help in time of need.

*E. H. Crandall returned Friday of last week from New Mexico. He purchased a farm of over fifty acres within the corporate limits of the town of Artesia which has a population of about 2,000. He has perpetual water rights and the land cost him but a little more than a hundred dollars per acre. He expects to move there about Feb. 1. We all will be sorry to see this family leave us but will sincerely wish them every success in their new home. It is about three miles from this town where J. E. Doser purchased him a farm a few months ago.

*Carl Jungerman, who has run a bakery in Denison several years has sold out and will give possession next month.

*Ralph Jackson of Denison who assisted with the plumbing work on our new hotel was putt off from a Northwest train last month east of Arion, after having given the conductor a ticket to Denison and, as a result, the company paid him $500 rather than go to court.

Dow City Enterprise
1-29-04 - Friday

*J. M. Pett went to Denison Saturday.
*Mrs. Malone was a Denison visitor Tuesday.
*Mrs. Metta Williams and son were at Denison Tuesday.
*Roy Cruise was among the county seat visitors Tuesday.
*M. E. Weatherbee was up from Council Bluffs Wednesday.
*Wm. Houston is enjoying a visit from a brother from Colorado.
*R. W. Houston was here this week from Colorado Springs.
*Mrs. F. F. Jackson and daughter were in Denison Tuesday.
*S. A. Dow is serving on the grand jury during the present session.
*Mrs. Mott McHenry and daughter were Denison visitors Tuesday.

*Mrs. M. A. Rigsby and son Floyd returned from Council Bluffs Tuesday.
*Attorney E. H. Swasey attended court in Denison several days this week.
*Wallace Edwards and wife went to Glidden Saturday for a visit with relatives.
*Horace Malone was a Council Bluffs and Omaha visitor Friday and Saturday.
*Fred Messenbrink was down from Denison last week visiting with his brother, Henry.
*W. C. Rolls and Harry Huntington were business visitors at the county seat Tuesday.
*Mrs. H. A. Rudd and two youngest children came up from Omaha Wednesday for a visit.
*E. N. Chamberlain and R. W. Houston transacted business at the county seat Wednesday.
*O. A. Cooper, Mark Pearsall, A. Alexander and Ed Ahart was in Omaha Monday to see the big wrestle.
*Geo. Conners started Sunday for Ottawa, Canada, to visit his mother that he has not seen for many years.

*I. Gardner, Mrs. L. A. Vore and daughter Susie and Miss Adah Cross were among the Dow City people who were in Denison Tuesday.
*W. L. Swatman went to Ford Dodge Tuesday to purchase a stock of groceries for his new store which will be in operation as soon as arrangements can be made.
*M. C. Norris will be here Feb. 1st and will be located in the building formerly occupied by C. L. Rudd on the west side of the drug store. He is a good barber and will get his share of the business.
*Mrs. Frank Binnall was in Denison Monday.
*Sears McHenry was down from Denison Tuesday.
*Mrs. A. A. Fishel visited Denison friends this week.
*H. Bell was transacting business in Denison yesterday.
*Mrs. M. Henry visited in Omaha Sunday and Monday.
*Rev. A. L. Curtis was a Denison business visitor Friday.

*W. C. Rolls transacted business at the county seat Saturday.
*Mrs. Fagan was in Denison Friday having some dental work done.
*Ben. Wingrove was down from Deloit last week calling on friends.
*Howard Sterrett and Chas. Bell were county seat visitors lat Friday.
*S. A. Dow was looking after business matters at the county seat Friday.
*Uncle Morris McHenry is on the sick list but is reported some better.
*E. H. Crandall and J. E. Doser will move to New Mexico next week.
*George and Fred Pett and Mrs. J. M. Pett were Denison visitors last Friday.
*Mrs. H. Konekamp of Denison visited her daughter, Mrs. J. R. Best Tuesday.
*Elder C. J. Hunt came from Deloit Saturday and preached at the L. D. S. church Sunday.

*Henry Young and wife went to Mondamin Wednesday to visit friends.
*Jas. McBride and wife were over from Shelby county Sunday visiting relatives.
*Lon Rudd started Monday for Muscatine, Iowa, and Quincy, Ill. He expects to make arrangements to play ball with the former team, providing he gets released from the latter where he played last year. Lon is a good player and manager and consequently is in demand at a good salary.
*J. L. Butterworth returned Monday from Auburn. He had also been at Coalville and Cherokee engaged in Sunday School work.
*The pool hall has been moved to the building north of the hotel.
*Fred Jackson is substitute mail carrier and is now carrying mail for W. I. Swatman.
*Gibson and McBride have sold their dray to Howard Alexander and will give possession next Monday.
*Remember the teachers meeting which will be held at the school house in Dow City Saturday afternoon Feb. 6.
*The Western Iowa Editorial Association will hold their next meeting in the Carnegie library in Council Bluffs Friday, Feb. 19, 1909.
*The Royal Neighbors gave a banquet Wednesday evening which was a very enjoyable affair for those who were permitted to attend.

*Mr. C. F. Kuehnle of Denison was elected member of the Board of Regents of the State University from the tenth congressional district to succeed the late Thos. D. Healey.

*A farewell party was given to Floyd Crandall at his home south of town, Tuesday evening by his schoolmates. All enjoyed a pleasant evening and many were the regrets that Floyd was soon to leave here and go with his parents to New Mexico.

*With what pride are the words, "My own my own," breathed by the young mother as she gazes upon her first born child. The little stranger is always welcome and there is always room for the baby in the mother's arms and heart. This reminds us that the stork left a sweet little cherub at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Crandall last Friday. Mother and son are doing nicely and the doctor thinks Gene will recover from his "son stroke." We congratulate.

*It is a degree of pleasure that we are able to report Miss Martha Curtis on the way to get well, having been making some improvement each day for about a week. Her birthday was last Friday and some of her friends conceived the idea of giving her a post card shower. The news soon spread and as a result she was the recipient of fifty very beautiful birthday cards which she prizes very highly. She desires us to extend to all her sincere thanks for their kind remembrance of her during her affliction.

*Died - Mr. Isaac Bixler, a resident of Paradise township for about thirty years died very suddenly early Friday morning of heart trouble. He went to bed in apparently his usual health but died in a few hours. He was nearly seventy years old and was a native of Ohio. His wife, four sons and three daughters are left to mourn. The funeral services were conducted at the M. E. church in Dow City by Rev. LaReau of Denison and the remains interred in the Dow City cemetery.

Denison Review
Wednesday - February 3, 1909

Dow City Items

*Mrs. Metta Williams and children of Council Bluffs have been visiting at the Morris McHenry home.
*Mrs. Mix, wife of the Arion pastor, has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Graul.
*Mr. Cal Kuykendall and family who have been living in Chicago for a few months have come back to Dow City. They have moved into the house recently vacated by the Wallace Edwards family.
*Born to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Crandall, Friday, Jan. 22, a son. They have named the little fellow George.
*Miss Lillie Baber has gone to Missouri Valley to live with her sister Mrs. Ed Galland.
*Julius Ahart is home after a few week's stay in the hospital at Denison.
*There are to be several new business enterprises in town soon. First of all we hope to see our fine new hotel occupied. Then there is to be another restaurant, another barber shop and bakery and grocery combined.
*Jose McBride worked in Coehn & Son's store during Lottie Bixler's absence.
*Fred Jackson having been appointed deputy mail carrier for Geo. Rule and Walt Swatman, has been carrying mail for Swatman while he has been getting the building ready for a bakery.
*Mrs. Grace McBride was visiting her parents, M. G. Wiggins and wife last week.

*Virgil Butterworth has been working in D. E. Bremser's store while D. E. Bremser was confined to the house on account of rheumatism.
*Floyd Crandall was greatly surprised by a party of high school boys and girls giving him a farewell party before his departure for his new home in New Mexico.
*Herman Logsdon returned from Chicago where he had been with stock. He stopped on his way home at Marshalltown, where he visited his father.
*Mrs. Dr. McConnaughey has resigned her position as music teacher in our school.
*Mrs. Dr. Toon and son, Billy, went to Kentucky, being called there by Dr. Toon on account of the serious illness of Dr. Toon's father.
*Keep in mind the educational meeting at the school house next Saturday. All are welcome.
*It is a pleasure we announce that Martha Curtis is on the gain. On Tuesday she sat up in bed and ate her breakfast unaided. Her recovery thus far seems almost a miracle.
*There is joy also at the home of Mr. Cole. His wife is now able to talk with the family and move about some. Friends of the family are certainly glad.
*W. L. Swatman, the mail carrier, is about to open a grocery store and bakery on the east side of Main street in the room where the pool hall has been for some time.
*The markets Tuesday as reported by Mr. McColl were as follows: Caron 49-49 1/2; oats 42-44; wheat 85-92; barley 50; hogs $6; butter cheapest quality 18 1/2; eggs 25; chickens 9-11.

*Pastor Curtis preached morning and evening last Sunday.
*The Foreign Missionary Society gave a supper in the Cohen hall on Wednesday evening.
*Uncle Morris McHenry is some better.
*Dr. Toon was expected home this week.
*E. H. Crandall and Mr. Doser have loaded their car. They were some delayed because the storm blew off the top of the car set out for them at first.
*Stock shipments have been good. On Monday night there went out nine cars for Chicago. Howarth Bros. had two; Jacob Wiese four; and Deetz & McElwain three. Other shipments were Alexander one car of hogs, Jack Ahart, car of hogs, Birkhoffer & O'Meara, car of horses.
*Attorney Swasey, Ex-mayor Rolls, Mr. Binnel and Harry Huntington were among those at Denison Tuesday.
*Howard Alexander has purchased the McBride & Gibson dray line.
*Robert Houston has purchased the Binnall livery barn and equipments and taken possession.
*Starr Goddard has rented the Baptist parsonage and moved in.

*Mr. A. A. Luke has purchased the A. C. Heath residence and will move to town about the first of March. We are told the Mr. Luke expects to go on the road for some wholesale harness house.
*Both business and resident houses are in great demand, not enough of either to supply the want.
*There was no school Friday, the storm having blown down the smokestack and otherwise damaged the heating plant. One of the fine large evergreen trees in the schoolyard was also blown down.
*Nelson Bros. received a dispatch that an uncle at Shickley, Neb. died Saturday night. Sears went to be present at the funeral.
*Mrs. J. N. Bell and Mrs. Walter Cameron went to Cherokee Monday to visit their sisters, Mrs. E. W. Bruner and Mrs. Goldie.
*At the George Jordan farm there were hundreds of crows frozen to death in the storm last week. The hills were black with them.

*The Royal Neighbors installed officers for the coming year Wednesday evening of last week. Mrs. Hallowell was installing officer and Mrs. Swatman ceremonial marshall. The Neighbors and their families to the number of about seventy-five were present. The following are the principal officers for the year; Oracle, E. Maude Pearsall; Vice-Oracle, Helen B. Rule; Recorder Emeline Fritz; Receiver, May Odell; After lodge was closed tables were spread and a fine supper served. This camp has a benefit membership of thirty-eight and is on good solid footing and doing good work.

*The Masons and their ladies also had a banquet in the hall Thursday evening.
*Mr. Burka, the jewelry man, has gone away again for a couple of weeks. It is said that when he comes back he will bring a wife with him.

Dow City Enterprise
2-5-1909 - Friday

*J. C. Bruhn went to Omaha last week.
*Mark Norris was in Denison and Dunlap Tuesday.
*Mrs. A. Alexander was a Denison visitor Tuesday.
*J. N. Leslie and Wm. Dwine are serving on the jury this term.
*Wm. McBride attended court in Denison as a witness Wednesday.
*J. W. Howlett and Frank Binnall were among the county seat visitors Tuesday.
*W. C. Rolls and Harry Huntington transacted business in Omaha Wednesday.
*H. B. Johnson, Union township's popular assessor, transacted business in Denison Wednesday.
*James and Earnest Clark, sons of David Clark, went to Ells and Boyer where they visited relatives a few days.
*W. E. Fishel, E. N. Chamberlain; John and Thos. Walters and O. M. Leslie transacted business at the county seat Wednesday.

*James Baber and Jess Coburn went to Denison Tuesday with teams and moved the household goods of Mark Norris to Dow City.
*D. S. Miller and wife returned this week from their visit with relatives in Texas and elsewhere. They have been absent since in November.
*Mrs. J. N. Bell and Mrs. W. A. Cameron went Monday to Cherokee for a two weeks visit with their sisters Mrs. E. W. Bruner and Mrs. G. L. Goldie.
*Paul Wight came up from Council Bluffs and spent Sunday to visit his parents. His wife and baby had been here for a week previous. They returned home Monday.
*John Ahart shipped hogs to Chicago and to Cudahy, Wis., this week.
*Deputy sheriff Wm. Savery was subpoenaing witnesses here last Monday.
*Joe McColl shipped a car of hogs and A. Alexander a car of cattle to Omaha this week.
*Howard Alexander, the new drayman, seems to be making good. He has plenty of work to do.
*Roscoe Saunders was re-appointed postmaster at Manilla. This gives very good satisfaction.

*Harry Huntington and W. C. Rolls will open up a lunch room next to the drug store at an early date.
*During the cold weather last Friday and Saturday all the trains were late and some as much as eight hours.
*We are fortunate this year in having plenty of ice with which to keep things cool during the hot weather.
*Those who may not have finished putting up ice before the thaw will be pleased with the recent cold weather.
*Henry Bell will have a sale at his farm Feb. 17. He suffered a loss of several head of large hogs in the late storm.
*Remember the teachers meeting which will be held at the school house in Dow City Saturday afternoon Feb. 6.
*We have a few subscribers that would please us very much if they would jar loose from a few dollars on subscription.
*S. E. Goddard moved into the Baptist parsonage this week and Harry Huntington is now occupying his own residence.
*Mrs. McConnaughey resigned as music teacher in the public schools and Miss Johnson of Denison has accepted the position.
*Howorth Bros. shipped two cars of cattle to Chicago Monday night, Jacob Weiss four, Elmer McElwain one and Albert Deitz one.

*February is the shortest month in the year, and as we are well started on it at present it looks as though our winter would soon be over.
*The supper served by the ladies of the Woman's Foreign Missionary society in the hall Wednesday evening was fairly patronized, the receipts being about $25. The supper was fine and worth more money than was charged for it.
*Chas. Scroggin, cashier of the bank at Portsmouth suicided last week by shooting himself. The bank examiner reported the bank in good condition.
*Dr. F. B. Evans of Concord, Nebr. as in Dow City Saturday calling on his many friends. The doctor left here over a year ago and is doing well where he is.
*Lunch and meals at all hours of the day at H. A. Rudd's restaurant.
*A. A. Luke has purchased the Mrs. Heath residence and will occupy it about March first. This will leave two families without any place to live. There is not an empty house in town.
*There is a bill before congress to raise the president's salary to 100,000 dollars per year. Now we are against the bill and trust somebody will tell congress, so they will not pass it against our wishes.

*The annual Masonic banquet was held Thursday evening of last week and not-withstanding the severe storm was fairly well attended and the program and supper enjoyed to the fullest extent.
*Friday of last week was the most disagreeable day we have had for many years and the rural mail carriers did not attempt to make the trip and we do not believe the patrons expected them either.
*The Sons of Veterans of Denison will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birthday Friday evening Feb. 12. A splendid program has been provided which is free to everybody.
*C. W. Justice and sons loaded two cars of household and other goods and shipped to Wendte, S. D., this week where they have homesteads. The Enterprise wishes for them prosperity in their new home.
*The wind last week done considerable damage. In the country about Dow City many wind mills were blown down and some small buildings were overturned. Old residents do not remember of ever witnessing as hard a wind in the winter.
*E. H. Crandall and J. E. Doser loaded their car of household goods Tuesday to ship to Artesia, New Mexico. We are sorry to lose these excellent families but hope they will prosper financially and have good health and like their new home. May success go with them is our wish.
*The Annual meeting of the Dow City Cemetery Association will be held on Saturday the 6th of Feb. at 2:30 p.m. in the League Room, Yours Respectfully, Geo. W. Huntington, President, Thomas Rae, Sec'y.

*Elder C. E. Butterworth was called to Gallands Grove Sunday to preach the funeral sermon of Mrs. Wm. Hansen who lives near Earling. She leaves a husband, eleven children and many relatives to mourn. The sympathy of the community where they resided is extended to the bereaved ones.
*R. W. Houston purchased the livery stock and business of Frank Binnall and took possession Saturday. Mr. Binnall gave good satisfaction as a liveryman but Mr. Houston will no doubt keep up the reputation of the barn. Mr. Houston is now in Colorado but will move here as soon as he can get a place to live in.
*F. W. Berka, our jeweler, went Saturday to Fairbury, Neb. where on Tuesday he was married to Miss Lola Keith. It is expected they will return to Dow City in a week or two where they will make their future home and where our citizens will give them a cordial welcome. The Enterprise extends congratulations.

Dow City Enterprise
February 12, 1909 - Friday

*Miss Ellen Scott was in Denison Saturday.
*S. E. Goddard and wife were Denison visitors Friday.
*Sam Brasel and wife were Denison visitors Monday.
*J. U. Wise was transacting business in Omaha Monday.
*Mott McHenry transacted business in Denison Saturday.
*H. C. Stempel was transacting business in Dunlap Monday.
*Dr. Van Metre was a business visitor in Denison Monday.
*Frank Wettengel was up from Dunlap Monday on business.
*Herman Konekamp was down from Denison Friday on business.
*Darius Paul who is attending school in Sac City was at home over Sunday.

*C. W. Justice, Joe Pearsall and John Cross were in Omaha last week on business.
*Merton Thomas who is attending college in Denison was at home over Sunday.
*E. P. O'Meara and L. B. Thompson transacted business at the county seat Monday.
*Thomas Clark went to Chicago Saturday night with a car load of cattle for Clark Bros.
*O. A. Cooper, W. L. Swatman and Mark Pearsall were Council Bluffs and Omaha visitors Monday.
*Dr. E. D. Manchester was up from Dunlap last week on professional business. Take note of his and in this paper.
*County superintendent Brainard of Harrison county was up from Logan Saturday in attendance at the teachers meeting.
*James Houston who has been visiting a few weeks with his brother William in Dow City returned home to Colorado Springs. Col.
*Mrs. E. H. Crandall and son Floyd went to Woodbine Saturday where they would stay a few days and then go to their new home in Artesia, New Mexico.
*F. W. Berka returned from Fairbury, Neb., Tuesday, accompanied by his new wife. We extend a cordial welcome to Mrs. Berka and trust she may enjoy Dow City as a home.

*W. B. Gibson, W. H. Buss, W. C. Rolls, O. A. Cooper, F. C. Rush, G. M. Brake, Frank Binnal, John Killion and Fred Wiley went to Jefferson Friday to attend the I.O.O.F. Encampment. They report having a very fine time.
*Rueben Vore was up from Dunlap Tuesday.
*Miss Rena Brake was in Denison yesterday.
*Frank Odell transacted business at the county seat Tuesday.
*W. E. Fishel and wife were in Omaha the first of the week.
*S. A. Dow and Frank Binnall were Woodbine visitors yesterday.
*Mrs. Scott McKim of Denison visited at the J. R. Rudd home Sunday.
*John Birkhofer brought his son home from the Denison hospital yesterday.
*J. C. Bruhn and family went to Crofton, Neb. this week near which place will be their future home.
*W. C. Rolls, G. H. Huntington and Geo. Binnall transacted business at the county seat yesterday.
*Elder J. W. Peterson of Lamoni, Iowa is in Dow City this week attending the L. D. S. conference and the Religio and Sunday school conventions.
*Mott McHenry and wife went to Denison yesterday to see their daughter, Lucinda, who is in the Denison hospital where she was operated on Monday for appendicitis. She is getting along quite well.

Dried Fruits
3 one-pound packages
Seeded Raisins
25 cents
3 pounds
Fancy Dried Peaches
25 cents
1 pound cartoon
Evaporated Apples
12 cents
1 pound cartoon
Evaporated Raspberries
35 cents
Willis H. Wiggins

Denison Review
Feb. 17, 1909 - Wednesday

Dow City Items

*It has been a question with us as to whose thermometer could go the lowest during this cold weather. Some registered sixteen below.

*Of course weddings take the lead over other news. Our wedding this time is that of Miss Norine Fishel and Mr. Harold Alexander and it took place on Wednesday evening at eight at the home of the grandparents of the bride, G. W. Huntington and wife. Our pastor, Rev. Curtis, tied the knot in the presence of a few invited guests. The bride since the death of her mother has made her home with her grandparents. She is the daughter of Mr. A. A. Fishel. She is a distinctively Dow City girl and that means, pure, good, womanly. The groom is the son of Mr. A. A. Alexander and he has been with his people between here and Arion. He is a fine young man. They go to housekeeping on a farm east of town, known as the Bruhn place. May fortune smile upon them.

*Owing to the storm, the Lincoln exercises which were to have taken place Sunday evening were postponed for one week. Prof. Gillespie and Mr. Swasey will deliver the orations.
*Superintendent Hoffman visited the city schools Wednesday of last week.
*Miss Johnson of Denison has been engaged to teach music in the schools.
*Sears McHenry was in town last Wednesday and enjoyed the cream chicken supper.
*Mildred Wiggins was having dental work done in Denison recently and Miss Edna Fritz taught the second primary room in her absence.
*Mrs. Winnie Crandall is reported as gaining in strength and plants to get down to her mother's house soon. The nurse is still there caring for mother and child.
*The Womans' Home Missionary society will meet with Mrs. Dr. VanMetre on Saturday at three p.m.
*Martha Curtis is holding her own and gaining slowly.
*News comes from Perry that the little son of Prof. Guy Whaley is again very sick.
*Uncle Morris McHenry is better and impatient that he cannot be out surveying again. His wife went to Denison Tuesday to see their grandchild, who is in the hospital.

*The club events for this week call for the Priscilla with Mrs. Stempleon Thursday and the Friday with Mrs. Joe Best on Friday. Both events in the afternoon.
*Mrs. Swatman and Mrs. Rigsby report that their business has been rushing in the bakery and grocery business. The amount of bread going out is amazing.
*Mr. Shisler and wife and two children are back from Sheridan, Wyom., and with her mother, Mrs. Jane Wood, until they can get a house.
*Mrs. Stoley and sister were at Omaha Sunday.
*Our rural carriers have only missed two days because of the bad weather. They are three good carriers and the patrons should appreciate them.
*The markets for Tuesday were: Hogs $5.80; Corn 51-51 1/2; wheat 93 and oats 44.
*Grace Hansen is up from Council Bluffs visiting relatives.
*D. S. Miller and wife returned from Texas Wednesday, Feb. 10th where they have been visiting for about three months.
*Thursday evening Mrs. R. S. McColl gave a surprise party for her daughter Sylvia, it being her eighteenth birthday. Refreshments were served consisting of fruit, nuts and pop corn.
*Jim Baber has moved to the Mott McHenry farm, where he will work the coming season. Henry Olmstead moved into the house vacated by the Baber family.

*We now have a bakery in town, which we hope will be well patronized.
*Quite a number of the Dow City encampment I. O. O. F. went to Jefferson Friday to attend the annual banquet given by the order.
*Messrs. Huntington and Rolls were down to Omaha to purchase supplies for their restaurant and lunch room which they will open in a few days.
*The Dow City Juniors very much enjoyed Saturday evening, which was spent at the home of Mildred Butterworth. They made taffy and had a regular good time.
*Miss Lottie Bixler is back in her place at the Cohen store, after an absence of a couple of weeks. She and her mother will move to town about the first of March.
*The green banners that are seen waving from many high places are the senior colors. They have chosen Nile Green.
*Mrs. Sarah Baber has returned home from Ames, where she spent a week with her daugher, Mrs. Roy Roup.
*Mrs. John Turnlund delightfully entertained the Royal Neighbors at her home Wednesday afternoon. Nice refreshments were served and every one enjoyed the afternoon very much.
*Robert Houston's family arrived in town last week from Colorado Springs where they have lived for the past year. They are glad to be back home again, much improved in health.

Dow City Enterprise
2-19-1909 - Friday

*Chris Suhr was in Denison Tuesday.
*Eugene Crandall went to Omaha Monday.
*E. K. Burch was down from Denison Tuesday.
*W. W. Cushman was here from Denison Tuesday.
*Miss Golda Dow was a Denison visitor Wednesday.
*Aunt Mary McHenry was a Denison visitor Tuesday.
*Harold Alexander and wife went to Omaha yesterday.
*A. L. Jackson was in Woodbine Saturday on business.
*Mrs. A. H. Rudd visited her mother in Deloit Monday.
*Mrs. F. W. Berka was calling on Arion friends Wednesday.

*County supervisor J. T. Carey was in Dow City Tuesday.
*F. W. Feinhold of Paradies township was in town Tuesday.
*P. W. O'Meara transacted business at the county seat Monday.
*L. C. Butler and R. A. Talcott were down from Arion Tuesday.
*W. V. Butler was up from Woodbine last week visiting relatives.
*James Baber and Earl Ettleman were Dunlap visitors last week.
*Miss Stella Riddle and Miss Lillie Gibson were Denison visitors Friday.
*Mrs. J. E. Doser went to Woodbine Friday for a short visit with relatives.
*Mrs. A. Robertson of Des Moines was visiting her friends in Dow City this week.
*A. Alexander, J. W. Howlett and Harold Alexander were county seat visitors Tuesday.

*Attorney E. H. Swasey and J. W. Howorth were transacting business in Denison Wednesday.
*Mrs. P. J. Hallowell and daughter Jennie and Mrs. George M. Talcott were Denison visitors Wednesday.
*Mott McHenry makes almost daily visits to Denison to see his daughter Lucinda who is in the hospital. She is getting along real well.

*J. F., Ed and E. E. Downs and A. Monington came in from Overton, Neb. Tuesday night. They came to Omaha with stock and the former three came here to visit their relatives and friends. J. F. will go from here to Illinois to visit before returning home.

*Wedding Bells - On Wednesday evening at the home of the grandparents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Huntington, well known and respectable citizens of our town, occurred the wedding of Miss Norinee Fishel to Mr. Harold Alexander. The bride is one of our choicest young ladies while the groom is one of our best young men. They both have grown from childhood in our midst and are too well known to need any introduction from us to the people of this community. The groom has a home provided a mile east of town which they will soon occupy. The Enterprise extends warmest congratulations, wishing for them happiness and prosperity.

Dow City news articles submitted by Melba McDowell

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