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April 9 - May 28

Dow City Enterprise

*Next Sunday is Easter
*Harry Huntington expects to move to Dakota next week.
*Elder C. J. Hunt will preach at the L. D. S. church next Sunday.
*The spring school vacation is over and school is again in session this week.
*A splendid Easter program will be rendered at the M. E. church Sunday evening. Section foreman John Turnlund moved to Arion last week, his object being to get cheap rent.
*John Ahart shipped five loads of stock to Chicago Saturday night, Gus Anderson two loads and Christ Suhr two loads.
*Sunday was an ideal day and the roads were fine and as a result nearly every automobile in town was brought into use and much enjoyment resulted therefrom.
*The township trustees were in session Monday as a board of equalization and found assessor Johnson's books in such fine shape that no changes were made.
*J. U. Wise has moved into the Alfred Jackson residence recently vacated by John Turnlund and Walter Cameron has moved into the Barbara Scott residence.
*The report that W. L. Swatman would have to give up his mail route or the store seems to have been untrue for he still carries the mail as usual and also has the same connection with the store as heretofore.

*The board of directors have called a special election for April 23 to vote on the question of issuing from three thousand to five thousand dollars for the purpose of erecting an addition to the present school house and for other necessary improvements. This will give the women a right to vote and we will see how badly they want the right of suffrage.

*The funeral service of Mr. J. Wiley took place at the M. E. church last week as it was announced it would. The Odd Fellows had charge both at the church and at the cemetery and their beautiful and impressive services were very appropriate. The floral offerings were very beautiful and the singing by the choir appropriate. Other particulars were given last week.
*Many out of town people attended the Wiley funeral here last week. Among the number we noticed the following persons. G. L. Caswell, F. W. Meyers, John Mount, Chas. Bullock, W. W. Cushman, Theo. Walker, H. J. Cummings, S. M. Thew, S. P. Jacobsen, E. W. Pierce of Denison, L. C. Butler and Dr. Evans and wife of Arion, John Kepford and wife, Jasper Hain of Buck Grove, Chas. Talcott and wife of Dunlap, O. McBride of Logan and Thomas Munsey of Deloit.

*At a meeting of the school board, held last Saturday evening, Prof. Gillaspie, Miss Goddard, Miss Wiggins and Miss Strahn were re-elected to their present positions with an increase of five dollars per month each. Miss Lisle and Miss Alexander were not applicants for their respective positions as Miss Lisle intends to return to her home at Linden, Iowa, at the close of the school year, and Miss Alexander has accepted a position as teacher in the public schools of St. Anthony, Idaho. As yet there has been no one elected to fill their positions.

*Brother Rudd, editor of the Dow City Enterprise, was in Charter Oak last week soliciting advertising for the coming premium list of the Arion fair. This fair is fast spreading out so that it is becoming more and more of a county fair in fact, and Mr. Rudd argued that merchants all over the county could make good use of a little advertising in its premium list. He succeeded well in Charter Oak, every man does who has a good thing. Mr. Rudd carries one coat sleeve empty which handicaps him a little for shop work, but he keeps busy getting there some other way. We have never quite dared to ask how he came to have an empty sleeve, knowing that he must have received it in accident, as he is not old enough to have been a soldier; but he told us the other day. He just got wound up in a shaft was all. Both legs were broken y being hit against the ceiling, and this arm was literally pulled out. However, he had the editorial instinct born in him, and he could not be killed. - Charter Oak times.

* Bad Prairie Fire - the following letter explains the calamity that came upon the Dow City people in South Dakota. They certainly have the sympathy of all Dow City people - Wendt, S. D. April 5, 1909 - Friend Rudd - It is a sad task for me to write to you the misfortune that happened to my son Elijah on April 3. He had completed a neat little house 14 x 24 and had their provisions stored up stairs and was laying the floor overhead in his barn which was 16 x 28 when he discovered a prairie fire about a mile away. He at once prepared to save his little home but in less that fifteen minutes he and his wife found they were in danger of losing their lives so he set a fire and had barely time to get upon burned ground when the house, barn, hay, harness and everything they had were on fire and they barely escaped with the clothes they had on. Their horses were all they saved. Several houses, barns and hay stacks were destroyed. Bert Cruise lost his barn, one team, harness and feed, Milford and Addie Sharp lost their houses and barns, grain and harness. How many lost their property I do not know. Resp., C. W. Justice

*Card of Thanks - We hereby extend our heartfelt thanks to the neighbors and friends who so kindly assisted us during our late bereavement. Mrs. Elizabeth Wiley and family.
*Chas. Smith was a Denison visitor Wednesday.
*Mrs. Paul Wight went to Council Bluffs Friday.
*Miss Ellen Scott was a Dunlap visitor Saturday.
*Arthur Butterworth went to St. Louis Sunday.
*Lin Rood and family wee Denison visitors Friday.
*Attorney M. B. Bailey of Dunlap was in Dow City Friday.
*Prof. Kies was a brief visitor in Dow City last week.
*Elder C. E. Butterworth went to Lamoni, Iowa, Monday.
*Mrs. W. W. Galland visited last week in Missouri Valley.

*Fred F. Jackson and family were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Miss Barbara Scott started yesterday for St. Anthony, Idaho.
*Misses Mary and Grace Howorth were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Miss Inez Hallowell and Elmer Sharp returned to Ames, Monday.
*Fred Baber and Harry Black were over from Gallands Grove Tuesday.
*Mrs. W. H. Wiggins and Mrs. Dr. Toon were Denison visitors Tuesday.
*Attorney E. H. Swasey was transacting business in Arion, Wednesday.
*Jay Langley of Crawford, Neb., is visiting his parents in Dow City this week.
*W. V. Whaley went to Perry last Saturday but returned the first of this week.
*Adolph Honz and son Frank visited over Sunday with relatives near Dunlap.

*J. W. Smith was down from Denison a few days this week writing life insurance.
*Mrs. Milton Doidge came down from Arion Saturday for a visit with relatives.
*Mrs. S. J. Woodruff came down from Denison Wednesday for a visit with relatives.
*Mrs. J. B. Rae went to Denison Monday on account of the death of her sister's child.
*Mrs. A. M. Talcott and daughter Mrs. Maggie McKim were visitors in Denison Monday.
*Hugh Butterworth, John Gibson and Don Howorth were county seat visitors this week.
*Elmer Sharp and Miss Inez Hallowell are spending the short spring vacation with their parents.
*Mrs. C. L. Rudd and Mrs. E. Shisler were among the Dow City people who were in Denison Wednesday.
*Chris Suhr and son, Gus Anderson and John Ahart returned from Chicago Wednesday where they had been with stock.
*M. C. Norris enjoyed a visit from his parents from Dunlap and from A. Wilcox, a friend from Redfield Tuesday evening.

*Supervisor Thomas Ahart is attending to his official duties in Denison this week, this being the regular April session.
*Mrs. Eli Baber and daughters, Velma and Irene returned home Saturday from a visit with relatives in Jackson township.
*R. H. Fishel goes today to resume his position in the navy having been at home nearly thirty days. He has nearly two years yet to serve.
*James Scott and daughter Rosalia and the Misses Inez and Jennie Hallowell were among the Dow City people who were in Denison Friday.
*Miss Grace Swatman returned home Monday from a four weeks visit with relatives and friends at Lincoln, Neb., Council Bluffs and Sidney, Iowa.
*A. A. Luke and wife, Mrs. Dr. VanMetre, Mr. Frank McHenry, Miss Miller and the Misses Grace and Daisy Glassburner were Monday visitors in Denison.

Denison Review

Dow City Items

*Misses Althea Wiley, Goldie Dow and Josie McBride were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Miss Elsie Randall gave a recital for her music pupils Saturday evening at the home of Jos. McColl. A number from Logan and Dunlap were present.

*Wednesday evening there is to be a basket social in Ahart's hall for the benefit of those who suffered from the Dakota fire. Everybody come and if unable to attend the social and you wish to help in some way may do so by leaving money, clothing, provisions or bedding with Willis Wiggins.
*Linus McBride was a Denison visitor Saturday.
*Bert Cooper and wife are the proud parents of a baby girl born Saturday morning.
*Robert Fishel, our sailor boy, left Friday evening for New York, after a months' furlough.
*Both services at the M. E. church were well carried out, the church being packed both morning and evening, but a severe wind storm came up at the close of the evening service which made it very difficult for the country folks to go home.
*Aunt Seralda Rudd is on the sick list this week.
*The Friday Club was entertained by Mrs. Enos Cross last week. All report a fine time.
*Frank Wiley returned to his home in Sheldon, Mo. Saturday.
*A surprise party was given to Jay Langley at the home of his sister, Mrs. Geo. Binnal, on Saturday evening. A number of old friends and acquaintances were present.
*Mr. Wm. Peterfish of Virginia, Ill. is visiting at the Chamberlin home this week.

*E. N. Chamberlin and wife drove to Denison Saturday in their auto.
*Mrs. S. E. Rudd was a Dunlap visitor Saturday.
*Born to Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Brake, April 9, a son.
*Miss Nellie McDonald, who is teaching school near Denison spent Sunday in Dow City.
*Miss Lola Fishel and Ada Cross were Denison visitors Saturday evening.
*Saturday morning a pair of twins were born to Benson Smith and wife, but the little boy lived but a few hours.
*Mrs. Dr. Toon entertained the Priscilla Club Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Willis Wiggins.
*Sylva McColl was seriously sick Sunday evening through a mistake she took two morphine tablets instead of headache tablets.
*Mrs. J. U. Wise and daughter, Mrs. Seeman were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Mrs. H. C. Stemple was a Denison visitor Saturday.

*Misses Willetta Strahn and Marion Scriver visited with Jenna Strahn Friday afternoon.
*Miss Grace Swatman returned home Monday evening from a month's visit in Sidney.
*Marion Cole was a Council Bluffs visitor Saturday.
*Mr. Berks, the jeweler, has purchased one of the Wheelright houses in the east part of town.
*Miss Barbara Scott started Thursday to St. Anthony, Idaho, where she expects to make her future home.
*Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Butts went to Council Bluffs Saturday to spend Easter with their daughter, Mrs. Cora Hendricks.
*Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cooper, April 10th, a baby girl.
*W. E. Fishel was in Omaha Monday.

*Sunday night was one of the darkest ever witnessed by our people. After the exercises at the church some of the town people found it so difficult to keep the walks that they had to take the street. Nearly all the lanterns were loaned to country people. Quite a number of carriages were unset, but fortunately no one was hurt. A good many remained in town over night, not daring to try to get home.

*The entertainment at the M. E. church Sunday was one of the best ever given by the Sunday School. The children had been well drilled and did their parts splendidly. The program consisted of music and recitations. In the evening the choir gave a concert which was enjoyed by a full house. The music was fine and the singers well trained. We haven't heard a single criticism, which proves that this was far ahead of most entertainments furnished by the Lyceum Bureau. Why not have more such entertainments as we have plenty of talent in that line?

*James Walters, who lives southwest of town is very sick and not much hopes of recovery. The disease is peculiar, as the skin comes off leaving the flesh exposed. The body is nearly all left in this condition and his suffering is intense.

*Fred Rule came home Monday from Fort Dodge for a visit with the home folks. He expects to go west soon.
*There will soon be a tribe of Redmen organized in Dow City with twenty or more charter members. Delegates from both Denison and Dunlap are expected to help organize the lodge.
*There will be a special election held April 23 to vote on bonding the district from three to five thousand dollars to build an addition to the school house and make other improvements. Dow City Enterprise April 16, 1909
*Miss Alice Poitevin went to Denison Tuesday.
*Mrs. W. E. Fishel was in Omaha this week.
*Miss Ola Rigsby was in Denison Thursday.
*W. E. Dow went to Dunlap yesterday to work.
*Mrs. S. E. Rudd was a Dunlap visitor Saturday.

*Frank Howorth was an Omaha visitor Tuesday.
*Fred Rule was down from Rockwell City this week.
*Mrs. R. T. Baber was a Denison visitor Monday.
*A. A. Birkhofer went to Logan Saturday to buy horses.
*Harry Huntington and Al Rudd went to Omaha yesterday.
*P. W. O'Meara transacted business at the county seat Tuesday.
*Mrs. S. E. Rudd and Miss Rena Brake were in Denison Wednesday.
*Chas. Smith and John Ahart went to Nebraska yesterday to look at land.
*Asa Talcott and his father A. M. Talcott went to Wendte, S. D. yesterday.
*O. A. Cooper and Lincoln Goddard were Denison business visitors Tuesday.

*Herman Lazerus returned from Omaha Tuesday where he has been a few days.
*Asa Talcott has been up from Omaha several days recently visiting relatives.
*D. E. Bremser and wife were among the Dow City people in Denison Tuesday.
*A. P. Bryan and wife of Dunlap were visitors at the M. C. Norris home this week.
*Edmund Howorth and daughter Mary and Mrs. Wm. Seemann were in Denison Saturday.
*Mrs. H. C. Stempel and the Misses Ada Lisle and Ellen Scott were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Miss Ida Waterhouse who has been visiting friends here returned to her home in Dunlap Saturday.
*E. D. Butts and wife went to Council Bluffs Saturday to visit their daughter Cora for a few days.
*Fred Rule started yesterday for Butte, Montana where he has a position offered him at good wages.
*Jay Langley left Monday for his home at Crawford, Neb., Stopping on the way at Ainsworth to visit relatives.

*Lon Rudd came home from Quincy Monday, having secured his release from playing ball this season. He will go to Wendte, S. D., next Monday where he will farm this year.
*Chas. Smith went to Denison Saturday to attend the funeral of Isaac Gilmore, one of the old settlers of the county.
*Attorney E. H. Swasey, A. A. Luke, Joe Price and Geo. Pearsall were business visitors at the county seat Saturday.
*H. C. Stempel and wife, Mrs. Geo. Crandall and daughter Lou, N. R. Wilder and J. A. Scott were Denison visitors yesterday.
*Wm. Pett, wife and daughter, F. A. Pett, G. M. Goddard, Mrs. Clair Butterworth and daughter Mildred and Miss Alfreda Gloe were among the Dow City people who were in Denison yesterday.
*H. B. Johnson returned Tuesday from Ferguson, Ia., where he was called on account of the serious illness of his mother who died before he reached her bedside. An obituary of this excellent old lady appears in another column.
*James Walters is still very sick.
*Born - to Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Cooper, Saturday, a girl.
*Al Rudd has had his restaurant nicely papered this week.
*John Ahart shipped a car load of cattle to Omaha Wednesday.

*E. Shisler has accepted a position as bar tender for P. W. O'Meara.
*Try the celebrated Indian Dandruff Cure at M. C. Norris barber shop.
*Bartley Healy came near choking to death on a piece of meat Monday morning.
*The new Nebraska law requires saloons to close at eight o'clock in the evening.
*Elder C. J. Hunt of Deloit preached two sermons t the L. D. S. church last Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Brake are the parents of a baby boy which was born Friday of last week.
*The Charter Oak high school ball team will play the Dow City high school on the home grounds Saturday afternoon.
*The ducks have undertaken to go north several times this spring but have been April fooled by meeting a cold wave which caused them to turn back.
*Ted Millard of Dunlap committed suicide yesterday morning by hanging. He was an old settler and was supposed to have been temporarily insane.
*Mr. A. E. Harvey of Des Moines is the new pharmacist at Goddard's drug store. He is a very genial gentleman and is making lots of friends.

*Mrs. Frank Binnall was operated on for goiter at Rochester, Minn., Tuesday, and at last reports was getting along first rate. She will soon be home.
*We are told that train No. 16 will soon be made a through mail train. This will be good, as it will give us mail in the evening that heretofore we have had to wait until morning for and will lessen the morning mail that much.

*The Easter program, which had been prepared with great care, was beautifully rendered at the M. E. church last Sunday, both morning and evening, the church being crowded on both occasions with an attentive and pleased audience.
*Old books, magazines, newspapers, scrap papers, etc., can be disposed of during the spring housecleaning. Take them to Rev. Curtis' barn before the 25th of April and you will receive the thanks of the ladies of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society.

*A bunch of small boys came down from Denison Saturday and played a similar nine here a game of ball. It was close and interesting all the way through and required eleven innings to decide which side was victorious. The visitors won, the score being 13 to 14.
*There was a party at the George Binnall home Saturday, in honor of Jay Langley, a brother of Mrs. Binnall. About twenty of Mr. Langley's old friends were present and all had a good time. Refreshments were served which added much to the pleasure of the occasion.

*James A. Davis who married Miss Daisy Bybee ten years ago this month and for a number of years lived in this vicinity died last week in Woodbine. He was over thirty-eight years old. The family were living in Nebraska but at the time of his death were visiting his brother in Woodbine.
*Mrs. H. H. Mix went to Omaha last week where she underwent a surgical operation at the Clarkson hospital, Dr. Finley being the physician in charge. It is believed the operation will be successful. The patient is doing as well as could be expected. Her mother, Mrs. J. G. Graul accompanied her.
*August 12 will be Iowa day at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition. Some Iowa man of prominence will be invited to visit the exposition and deliver the address of welcome. There will be an Iowa headquarters on the grounds where all those from our state will be expected to register. The Iowa club at Seattle will see that the day is appropriately celebrated.

*The charter members of the Red Men held a meeting Monday and elected the following officers: W. C. Rolls, Sachem; C. L. Rudd, Sr.; Chas Miller, Jr.; E. H. Swasey, Prophet; S. E. Rudd, Chief of Records and Geo. Rule, Keeper of Wampum. The installation will occur Thursday evening of next week, the work being done by the Denison and Dunlap teams.
*During the month of March the three carriers out of Dow City carried out and brought in a total of 17,021 pieces of mail matter. When we add to this the mail received and sent by the entire town and those in the country who get their mail from the post office, we can then see what the postmaster has to do, and nearly all this comes on the first mail in the morning.

Dow City Enterprose
Friday 4-23-1909

*Mrs. H. G. Scott was a Denison visitor Monday.
*G. M. Goddard was a Sunday visitor in Denison
*A. A. Birkhofer was buying horses in Dunlap last week.
*O. A. Cooper was a business visitor in Denison Tuesday.
*W. C. Rolls transacted business in Omaha Wednesday.
*W. V. Whaley transacted business in Woodbine yesterday.
*E. P. O'Meara was a business visitor in Vail last Friday.
*Miss Lottie Bixler and her mother were in Denison Tuesday.
*W. C. Rolls was in Denison Monday with his assessor's book.
*Fred Baber and wife were over from Gallands Grove Saturday.

*Walter Bryan was in Vail Monday to see about a job of sawing logs.
*G. W. Huntington was a business visitor at the county seat Saturday.
*E. H. Swasey and wife and Mrs. J. A. Creagon went to Omaha Monday.
*M. C. Norris enjoyed a visit from Henry Godberson of Denison this week.
*Misses Lucy Healy and Marie Fritz were Charter Oak visitors Sunday.
*W. E. Fishel, S. E. Goddard and B. Sharp and son wee Denison visitors Friday.
*Dr. VanMetre and W. E. Fishel were business visitors at the county seat Wednesday.
*Ed Ahart drove to Dunlap last week taking a horse that he had sold to a party near there.
*Walter Bryan, E. H. Swasey and John Ahart were doing business at the county seat Tuesday.
*Mrs. George Binnall, Mrs. Frank Binnall and Mrs. J. H. Pearsall were Denison visitors yesterday.

*Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Swasey and N. R. Wilder were transacting business at Charter Oak Tuesday.
*J. F. Wulf and wife of Boyer came yesterday for a visit with their daughter Mrs. David Clark.
*Mrs. G. L. Goldie and Mrs. E. W. Bruner dame down from Cherokee Monday for a visit with relatives.
*Mrs. G. H. Huntington was called to Defiance this week on account of the death of her uncle Mr. Frank Hillas.
*Mr. Hill, agent for the Illinois Central at Aurelia, was in town Tuesday visiting with station agent O. J. Judd.
*Ed Baber and wife, Mrs. Claus Hansen and Mrs. Malone were among the Dow City people at the county seat this week.
*Mrs. J. F. Rudd of Sioux City was visiting here the first of the week. She goes from here soon to visit her aged mother in Wyoming.
*Mrs. J. A. Creagon went to Fremont, Neb. Monday, returning Wednesday. She will stay at the Swasey home while Mr. Swasey visits some of the southern states, a trip he expects to make soon.
*Mesdames S. E. Rudd, G. H. Huntington, W. A. Cameron, Dan Howorth and the Misses Ellen and Agnes Goddard, Lula Howorth, Genevieve Dow and Sunshine Rudd were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Remember the date for the Uncle Tom's Cabin show will be May 5.

*The Gulie auto car was down from Denison Monday. It is a beauty.
*Birkhofer & O'Meara shipped another car load of horses to Omaha this week.
*All acts, ordinances and resolutions of the city council of the town of Oto has been legalized by an act of the legislature.
*D.C. Rosenberger and C. E. Selby were in Dow City Tuesday taking a number of views of the pleasant places in that pretty little city. - Dunlap Herald
*There will be German services at the L.D.S. church next Sunday, April 25, at 2:30 p.m. The new pastor Rev. E. A. Bischoff will be installed at this time by Rev. H. Wendt.
*Miss May Randel, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Art Randel, is the new deputy in the post office and with care will make a very acceptable clerk, satisfying the public and postmaster.

*Under the new quarantine law the persons quarantined, instead of the public, will have to pay the bills if they are able, and the attending physician is required to do the disinfecting.
*Last week we told our readers that Fred Rule had started for Butte, Montana. Well, he did start, but only got as far as Omaha when he was telegraphed for to return to Fort Dodge where the Illinois Central gave him a foremanship in the yards at that place at $65 per month.
*There was a basketball game between two teams in the high school here Tuesday afternoon. The players on one side were Trenna Chamberlain, Ethel Spence, Bessie Butler, Ester Turnlund and Beatrice Lee and on the other side were Flora Wiggins, Edna Fritz, Fern Butler, Helen Swasey and Vada Kevan. The former side winning. The number of goals being 14 to 4.
*Word reached Dow City Sunday Uncle John Hawley had died at his home in Missouri. He was for many years a resident of Shelby county and has many relatives and friends in this vicinity. He was an uncle of Mrs. E. H. Swasey and father of Mrs. William Pett. The later went Sunday to be present at the funeral, Mr. Pett accompanying her as far as Council Bluffs.

*Attorney general Byers has given it as his opinion that wherever Memorial Day is generally observed on the 31st that the saloons will have to close on that day, and wherever it is generally observed on the 29th that they will have to close on that day, but in a town where some of the people observe the 29th and others the 31st, making it not a general observance, that they will not have to closed.

*Our citizens were startled Monday by the ringing of the fire bell. The alarm was sent in because some children had set fire to some straw along the side of R. T. Baber's barn in the northeast part of town. The boards wee somewhat scorched but the fire was extinguished with a few pails of water before the fire department reached the scene. All were glad it was no worse. Children should not be allowed to have matches to play with.

*The Charter Oak high school baseball team came over last Saturday and conquered our high school heroes to the tune of 17 to 0. The game was too much one-sided to be interesting, the home team was not in it at any stage of the game. We did not believe a high school team could shut our players out without a score, but it was done and Charter Oak gets the credit for having the school to do it, but we are of the opinion that they can't do it again.

*Miss Edna Fritz entertained the seniors and juniors of the high school at her pleasant home in the east part of town last Saturday evening. She was assisted by Miss Bessie Griffin. The young ladies had made great preparations to handsomely entertain all who came, and did give them a very enjoyable time, notwithstanding that when they went to serve refreshments some party or parties had taken all their ice cream, freezer and all the pressed chicken that had been prepared. The young ladies felt very bad but did not let a little thing like ice cream and pressed chicken hinder them from enjoying the evening. It was a mean thing for boys to do and no doubt they are sorry for the criminal act which they committed. Although it may never be known who were the guilty ones still there are a number who are suspected, but boys who were at home as they should have been with their parents at half past nine will have no trouble to clear themselves.

*James Walters Dead - James Walters was born at Danville, Montour county, Pennsylvania, June 28, 1855. He moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio in 1866 and to Crawford county, Iowa, in 1884. In 1878 he was married to Miss Jemima Jones at Brookfield, Ohio, who survives him. He also leaves two sons, John and Thomas Walters who are residents here. He leaves four brothers and one sister; David Walters of Dow City; Thomas Walters, Florence, Colo; John Walters, Palmer, Neb; Samuel Walters, New Castle, Col., and Mrs. Margaret Allen of Oliver Springs, Tenn. He united with the Baptist church in Dow City, March, 1890, and has always been a consistent member. The disease which caused his death was of the skin, and physicians could do nothing to help alleviate his suffering or stop the spread of the disease, so that death came as a relief Monday night after all had been done that kind and loving hands could do for him. Mr. Walters was a man respected by all who knew him and as a citizen he will be greatly missed. He had held offices of trust and responsibility in the township and always discharged his duties without fear or favor and in a conscientious manner. The funeral took place at the home yesterday afternoon at two o'clock, the sermon being preached by Rev. Place, pastor of the Baptist church in Dow City, and the remains interred in the Dow City Cemetery where the Odd Fellows had full charge, and where their beautiful and impressive ceremonies were carried out. The Enterprise joins in extending sympathy and condolence to the bereaved family and relatives in their hour of sorrow.

Denison Review
Wednesday April 28, 1909

Dow City Items

*Dow City has sustained a great loss by fire. Four buildings beginning with the post office and south are in ruins. The south building the Odd Fellow's hall with drug store beneath is standing but badly burned. The fire was at one in the morning, Monday night. Further particulars will appear elsewhere in the paper.
*Many of our citizens, men, women and girls were prostrated over their work at the fire.
*The Baptist people have settled down to regular services. The pastor, Rev. Place preaches at 11 in the forenoon on Sunday and the prayer meeting is on Thursday evening at 7:30. On next Saturday, May 1st comes the covenant meeting and all members are asked to be out.
*The proposition to issue bonds to build an addition to the school house was lost by four votes. Twenty-five women voted. The opposition came from those fearing to put more debt on the tax payers.
*Rev. Curtis and wife were at the home of Benson Smith and wife on Tuesday at ten a.m. when funeral services were held for the second one of the twins born at the household two weeks ago. One child lived but a short time but it was hoped to save the girl, but she died despite great care. The precious form was taken to the Denison cemetery for burial. There is much sympathy for the parents.

*The foreign missionary society of the M.E. church has announced a fine worker from Carroll who will be here on Saturday and Sunday next. A good attendance of women is asked. Miss Rena Brake is clerking in the Bremser store. She will be a popular clerk.
*Mr. Israel Cole celebrated his 79th birthday last Sunday at the home of his son, Marion Cole. Some twenty relatives were present. W. L. and wife from Denison could not get there.
*E. M. Brunes of Cherokee, one of our former townsmen visited in own over Sunday. He is still driving, the Baker medicine wagon.
*Waldron brothers have leased the Harding blacksmith shop at Denison and have moved their families there.
*The lower grades of the schools gave a program on Friday evening. The children did splendidly and all feel the entertainment well worth the small admission charged. They made about $35.00 which will be placed in a fund to buy organs for the lower grades and they sure need them.
*Mrs. E. E. Edwards of Armour, S. D., came Saturday evening for a visit with friends and relatives.
*The Arion boys promptly responded to our call for help at the fire Sunday night and was on hand in a short time. Dunlap also phoned that they would send assistance, if needed, but the fire was under control. We very much appreciate the kindness of these neighbors and extend to them our thanks.
*Sylvester Thew of Denison was in town Monday delivering stock for the Perry nursery.
*Ralph Roy moved to Denison Saturday, where he expects to work in the ice factory.

*Ed and James Riddle went to Des Moines Saturday. Ed has returned home, but Jim stayed to be treated for some ailment which is affecting his mind.
*There is quite a nice family reunion at the Ms. B. H. Wiggins' home. All the family of six girls are home. Ms. E. W. Bruner and Mrs. Goldie are here from Cherokee and Mrs. Lynn Slocumb from South Dakota. They all were in Denison Saturday to have their pictures taken. The daughters here are Mrs. May Brake, Mrs. J. N. Bell and Mrs.Walter Cameron.

*Devastating Fire at Dow City - Mid-Night Flames Devour Ten Thousand Dollars in Business Section - Heroism of Men and Women - Four Business Houses in Ruin from a Fire which raged Sunday night, Only Stillness of Air saved half the town. - Dow City was visited by a ten thousand dollar fire about one o'clock on Monday morning. Three business houses with their contents were completely destroyed and a fourth was very badly damaged by fire and water. Little did the citizens of Dow City think when they retired to rest last Sunday night that practically all would be fighting fire on the Main street before daylight. It was about one in the morning when Mr. Daughenbaugh, the drayman, and wife saw the reflection of flames in their home a block east of the main street and discovered fire leaping from the rear of the post office. They quickly gave the alarm and soon about the entire population was on the scene. Marshall Baber, had not discovered the fire, but he had the big gas engine going in quick order to force water through the mains, and the fire company attached the hose to a plug on the corner of the street north of the Ahart hall. The hose was taken round in the alley back of the fire.
Happily there was little wind. As it was, the gentle breeze carried flaming embers down by the railroad tracks. The Dow City boys put on two hose and the Arion company came with a third set. The building north of the post office was of brick and this kept the fire from making headway northward. The roof made a place for men to stand and fight fire. The gutter was running water from the hose and the by-standers dammed up the stream and a bucket brigade was formed, the pails being passed to men on the roof of the Best brick hardware store.
The women and girls were on hand and every well in the locality was called on to give water for the fire. It is said that some men stood by, while women worked. Mr. Stemple was the fire chief. Soon Mott McHenry came in from the country and proved a host in fire fighting, doing some deeds of daring. Without saying anything Mr. Best removed fifteen pounds of dynamite from a small building near the fire. Before long four buildings were ablaze. The post office at the south, next to the hardware store, and to the south a building occupied by Al Rudd as a restaurant below this, the building where J. H. Rolls had a restaurant the wreck of which is seen standing, last the two story buildings, best known as Mr. Whaley's having the Odd Fellow's hall above and Goddard drug store below. It is a miracle to all how the hall building was saved at all. The roof is full of holes where flames burned through.
There is a picture in the paper of some of the damage (comment from typist). Our view gives an idea of the ruins. The three one -story buildings with their contents were destroyed. The post office safe and the stoves lay in desolation amidst black embers. Postmaster Wiggins believes the safe will open all right and that the money and stamps are safe. All mail in the office and every fixture was consumed. Postmaster Wiggins immediately began to prepare some crude fixtures and these he has in the Butterworth meat market on the opposite side of the street. The drug stock is drenched with water and there is no telling now what is the damage. The origin of the fire is not known. A man who went up the alley at 12:30 says there was no sign of fire. Banker Fishel was so overcome with fire fighting and excitement that he collapsed and the doctor was called.
Many burned their hands and faces and were disabled by the excitement and exertion. When the insurance is adjusted the lots will be built again. The post office building and fixtures were valued at from $1,000 to $1200. Total loss with $425 in insurance. A considerable amount of mail was destroyed, all office records $200 worth of stamped envelopes, while about $200 to $300 in stamps and currency are yet in the safe which has not been opened. The restaurant occupied by H. A. Rudd was a total loss of about $1000 partially insured. The building owned by A. H. Harper, valued at $1000 was insured for $800. The fire originated in this building. The Rolls restaurant stock, in the Whaley building shows a loss of about $800 with $300 insurance. The Goddard drug stock is badly damaged, but it is thought that the insurance will cover it. The Odd Fellows hall valued at about $5000 is insured for $3450 with $400 insurance on regalia.

Dow City Enterprise
Friday, April 30, 1909

*Mrs. O. J. Judd went to Omaha Saturday.
*Miss Lucy Healy went to Denison Tuesday.
*W. W. Cushman was down from Denison Saturday.
*Virgil Butterworth was a Saturday visitor in Denison.
*Chas. Bell was an over Sunday visitor in Council Bluffs.
*Herman Konekamp came down from Denison Tuesday.
*Hon. C. F. Kuehnle of Denison was in Dow City Monday.
*Mrs. J. W. Sprague was down from Arion Wednesday. Mrs. M. C. Norris visited in Dunlap Saturday and Sunday.
*Ralph Roy and wife returned from Denison Tuesday.

*Mrs. C. P. Stoley enjoyed a visit this week from her mother.
*Mrs. John Turnlund came down from Arion Saturday to visit friends.
*Edmund Howorth went to Dunlap Saturday to visit his brother Daniel.
*Geo. Igou went to Fillmore county, Feb., last Saturday to look up a location.
*Deputy Sheriff Savery and Dr. Carr came down from Denison Friday on business.
*Mrs. L. A. Vore and daughter Susie, and Mrs. Eli Baber were Denison visitors Tuesday.
*E. W. Bruner came down from Cherokee Saturday and remained until Monday visiting relatives.
*Tom Howlett and Charles Kemming came down from Arion Tuesday to view the ruins of the fire.
*Wm. Kuykendall and wife of Missouri Valley were visiting the J. C. Kuykendall family over Sunday.
*Eugene Gulick and son Leslie with Chas. Tabor and G. L. Caswell came down from Denison Monday to view the ruins of the fire.

*Mrs. Geo. Fritz and daughter Edna, Josie McBride and her brother Frank, Mrs. Jas. Ballantine and Miss Ellen Scott were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Misses Agnes Ahart and Geneva Lyman came down from Denison last Friday, the former to visit at the Chas. Smith home and the latter with her aunt, Mrs. Thos. Clark.
*Mrs. B. H. Wiggins and her six daughters, Mesdames May Brake, L. V. Slocumb, E. W. Bruner, J. N. Bell, W. A. Cameron and G. L. Goldie were in Denison Saturday to have a family group picture taken.

*New Tribe of Indians - It is said that there are no good Indians except dead ones. If this is true there were about one-hundred "bad" Indians in Dow City last Thursday night, because there were no "dead ones" in the bunch. The occasion was the organizing of a new tribe of the Independent Order of Red Men, to be known as Swastika Tribe No. 156. The braves of Omaha Tribe followed the trail up from Dunlap and conducted the members of the new tribe through the wilderness, of the various degrees, and proved themselves excellent guides. A large number from the Ute Tribe of Denison were also present. Grand Chief of Records, F. A. Day, of Des Moines was present and had charge of instituting the new tribe. After the degree work was finished the Indians gathered around the camp fire and indulged in a "pow-wow", short addresses being made by several of the prominent chiefs, refreshments were served, the "pipe of peace" was smoked and a general good time was had by all. Swastika Tribe starts out with a charter list of twenty-seven members.

*Disastrous Fire Visits Dow City - Dow City was visited early Monday morning by a fire which entirely destroyed three business houses and seriously damaged the drug store adjoining, in which building were the offices of Whaley & Randel and S. A. Dow in the basement and the hall overhead was occupied and used by all the lodges in town. The Odd Fellows carried insurance on their building to the amount of $3450 which may cover the loss. They also carried $300 insurance on their regalia which will probably cover the loss. The Rebekahs had $100 insurance on their regalia and the loss will probably not be more. The loss of G. M. Goddard is covered by insurance and probably that of W. C. Rolls who was fortunate enough to save some of his things. A. H. Harper had a loss on building of $1000 with $800 insurance. H. A. Rudd who occupied the Harper building had a loss estimated at about $1500 with $1000 insurance.
Postmaster Wiggins had a loss estimated at $1000 and carried only $425 insurance. J. R. Best had a loss of probably $100 fully covered by insurance. W. H. Wiggins tore down a small building at the rear end of his store which caused some damage to him. The losses over and above the insurance will probably be about $1500. As noble a band of firefighters as ever held a nozzle of a hose fount for nearly three hours with a determination to conquer the flames which they succeeded in doing just when every onlooker thought all hope of saving any of the drug store had gone. The Arion fire team came down as soon as they could and rendered valuable assistance, which act was appreciated by all our citizens. To keep the fire from spreading and to help where they could be of assistance, a bucket brigade was formed which done noble work. Boys, women and girls assisted in this work while several dozen able bodied men stood by and done nothing at all. After the fire was extinguished W. C. Rolls with some helpers made coffee and sandwiches for the people who had fought so hard to conquer the flames.
Just how the fire started is not known and probably never will be known. Dow City has had many fires, and this is no worse than some others, and as in the other cases, we expect to see arise from the ashes better and more substantial buildings, and thus it may be a benefit in the end rather than a serious calamity, although we sympathize with those who were losers by the fire.
*Notes of the Fire - All are now glad we have a system of waterworks. It proved its efficiency on this occasion and in the amount of property saved by having it, it certainly paid for its cost. And those noble ladies, "may their shadows never grow less," who rendered such valuable help in pumping and carrying water deserve much praise.
The fire company is certainly all right. The men worked with a will and determination in the blinding, choking smoke and wet as they could be until success was attained but since then some have been almost incapable of performing necessary work. We hope Arion will never need the help of our fire department but if they ever do we guarantee they will get it. They will remember that "a friend in need is a friend indeed."

*Black Heatherbloom petticoats at Arion Mercantile Co.
*J. O. Rudd of Sioux City is sick at the home of a brother in Dow City. T. F. Slater is a new shoe repairer and is located at Jos. McColl's office.
*S. E. Goddard has purchased his father's interest in the wagon shop and now he is sole proprietor.
*There was a moving picture show in Dow City Tuesday evening which was as good as the usual show of that kind.
*Wednesday evening this vicinity was visited by quite a severe hail storm. It was too early to do much damage to garden or crops.
*The county board of supervisors were here Monday and with supervisor Ahart went to view some work to be done in Paradise township.
*German Fire Insurance Co. of Peoria, Ill., adjusted losses for G. M. Goddard and M. B. Harper Tuesday, the next day after the fire, to the entire satisfaction of the assured.
*The P. W. O'Meara storeroom on the west side of the street has been vacated for occupancy by W. C. Rolls who is now located there ready to serve the public with meals and lunches.

*Ed Riddle went to Des Moines Saturday with his brother James who has not been well for some time. He will receive treatment at some hospital there and all will hope he may be much benefited.
*There will be a meeting of the alumni of the Dow City high school at the home of Clair Butterworth Saturday evening for the purpose of transacting necessary business. All that can are requested to attend. By Order of the president Mrs. S. E. Goddard.
*At the special school election last Friday there were 106 votes cast, 51 of those being for the bond issue and 55 against it. Women being allowed to vote, there were 28 of them availed themselves of the opportunity, 23 being for and 5 against, while 28 men voted yes and 50 voted no. Thus the bond issue was lost by four votes.
*Card of Thanks - We wish to extend our sincere thanks to the neighbors and friends who so kindly assisted us during our late bereavement. Mrs. Jas. Walters and Sons.
*Postmaster Wiggins opened up the post office in the meat market a couple of days but did not have sufficient room so on Wednesday he moved into the furniture store with J. U. Wise where he has more room.

*The board of directors elected Miss Grace King of Arlington, Iowa, as assistant principal and Miss Mabel Craft of Dunlap for the grammar room. Prof. Gillaspie had been elected at a former meeting but on account of having to move on a claim which he has in Dakota he could not accept. The principal has not yet been elected.

*Through the columns of your paper we wish to thank the many kind friends of Dow City and vicinity who donated the one hundred and ninety-eight dollars, the clothing and the provisions, which were delivered by Harry Huntington. Special thanks are due to Mr. Huntington for his efforts in our behalf, and to the ladies who had charge of the basket social. E. B. Justice, M. T. Sharp, Nellie Justice, Addie Sharp, Bert Cruise (
*Note from Melba - these were people who lived in Dakota who lost homes in fires - earlier papers)

*Denison 6; Dow City 5 - Last Saturday the Dow City high school baseball team went to Denison to play the fat college team there. "Hooker" was the first one to bat getting a nice home run. In about the first-half of the ninth inning the score card showed a score of 5 to 5, and an error let in a score for Denison making the score 6 to 5 in Denison's favor. Bell did the twirling for Denison and most of our goys got good hits and Butterworth did the twirling for Dow City and done good work. Although our boys were beaten by a 6 to 5 score, they feel proud that it was no worse.

*The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Shisler is very sick.
*Seats can be reserved at Goddard's drug store Monday for the class play.
*W. C. Rolls has been on the sick list but is again able to be on duty at the lunch room.
*The long wished for rain came last Friday evening and lasted most of the night. It was a good soaker and has put the ground in good condition for all kinds of crops.
*Rev. Place of the Baptist church will deliver the Memorial sermon at the M. E. church Sunday May 30th and Judge Conner will deliver the Decoration Day address on Monday the 31. Fall program of exercises will be published next week.
*Dr. W. B. Evans of Arion had expected on his return from Idaho to move to Dow City and continue in the practice of his profession, but his health is such that he does not think it advisable at the present time to do so.
*The county Sunday school convention will be held in Denison Saturday and Sunday. An excellent program has been prepared which will be interesting to hear. Rev. Curtis of Dow City will lead the devotional exercises Saturday evening.

*Last Thursday evening Miss Mary Howorth entertained the teachers at a 6 o'clock dinner. After the elegant dinner was served a pleasant evening was spent in playing Some 'R Set. Guests are always sure of a rollic-some good time at the Howorth home.
*Mr. Cretney, the moving picture man of Dunlap, will give a show in Ahart's hall this evening putting on a show and a half using 3000 feet of film and guaranteeing satisfaction. This is one of the best shows Mr. Cretney has ever put on. Don't miss it. Admission 10 cents to all.
*A story has gained circulation in some manner that we had said that we were going to publish the names of all who signed the saloon petition. Now we want to be fair with all and so far as the Enterprise is concerned we do not expect to take sides on this question, and only take note of this because it is an absolute falsehood.
*Rev. Curtis of the M. E. church and Rev. Place of the Baptist church both attended the anti-saloon meeting in Denison Monday and we are informed that it was agreed at this meeting to publish the names of those who sign the petition and that if the county papers do not wish to publish them they will be published otherwise.

*A.M. Talcott loaded a car with his household goods, farm machinery and stock and shipped Thursday to Wendt, S. D. where he has taken a homestead. His son, Asa, also has a homestead there and has gone with him. Mrs. Talcott went to Omaha Tuesday to visit her daughter Mrs. Beach and will go from there to Wendt in a short time.
*Fred D. Warren, managing editor of the Appeal to Reason, was convicted in the federal court at Fort Scott, Kan. The offence he had committed was that of offering a reward of $1000 if anyone would kidnap ex-governor Taylor of Kentucky and return him to that state for trial. It will be remembered that Taylor was a fugitive from justice for several years in Indiana and that he was just pardoned a few weeks ago in time to appear as a witness at this trial.

Denison Review
Wednesday, May 5, 1909

Dow City Items

*Prof. Galespie will try farming and did not apply.
*McColl shipped out 7,300 bushels of grain last week.
*The evening services at the church now begin at eight.
*Mrs. Ed Riddle and Miss Pearl were Dunlap visitors Monday.
*Among the sick ones are Mrs. McNair and Mrs. Lucy Goff.
*Mrs. Ernest Edwards was an over-Sunday visitor in Omaha.
*Mrs. Ed. Baber entertained the Friday club Friday afternoon.
*The lodges have found a temporary meeting place at Aharts Hall.
*Billy Toon went to Chicago Sunday to join his father and mother.
*On the morning of the first day of May, ice was frozen over an inch thick.

*Miss Rena Brake is making a very acceptable clerk in the Bremser store.
*The post office is in the Wise furniture store, where there is plenty of room.
*Mr. Goddard has his drug store in the Harry Huntington house for the present.
*Mrs. S. W. Bruner and Mrs. Goldie returned to their home at Cherokee Saturday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Herman Logsdon are the proud parents of a new son born the third of May.
*Alexander shipped hogs to Omaha and Jack Ahart hogs to Chicago and Omaha, one car each.
*Aunt Nettie Graves returned to Dow City Sunday after spending several months in Maine with relatives.
*Rev. DePree, the talented pastor of Denison will deliver the Baccalaureate sermon on Sunday evening, May 23.
*Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Swasey were in Des Moines the latter part of last week. Mr. Swasey is now in Chicago.
*John Rudd Jr. of Sioux City has been at the A. H. Rudd home with pneumonia. He is now able to be up again.

*The alumni banquet is now being talked of and those pushing the affair want a liberal support. It certainly deserves it.
*Some of our Red Men went to Dunlap Monday night. Among these were M. C. Norris, V. P. Vaughn, Geo. Rule and Sanford Rudd.
*Mrs. Humphrey of Carroll who spoke for foreign missions last Sunday proved a fine speaker. The thank offering was over $50.
*Pastor Curtis would be glad to have all the men of the town and community hear the speaker at the M. E. church next Sunday morning.
*The M. E. church trustees believe in keeping up the property. The building will be painted soon as the energetic pastor has already raised the $150 needed for the work.
*Banker Fishel spent Sunday and Monday at Ames college visiting his son, Herbert, who is boarding at the home of Mrs. Ben Heath late of Dow City. Her cottage is out west of the college buildings.
*On opening the big post office safe the postmaster found all stamps ruined. The currency was safe. In one drawer was the "Keep sakes" such as his picture taken in army uniform, pen he used in the army, G.A.R. badges and some church pledges.

*Sidewalk improvements are now in order. John Williamson has the contract to put in 1,500 feet in one job. The walk begins in front of the Geo. Huntington residence, runs south past Mr. Whaley's and around the Heath property now owned by A. A. Luke. More walks are to follow.
*All teachers for the new year have been selected except the principal. The force chosen is as follows: Miss Grace King of Arlington, Iowa, takes the place Miss Lisle; Mable Craft comes from Mapleton to have Miss Alexander's place; Mildred Wiggins; Jena Strahn and Helen Goddard remain in their same positions.

*Miss Lulu McMillin, Supt. Of the Bidwell Deaconess Home, Des Moines, Iowa will speak in the M. E. church Sunday morning and evening, in the interest of the W. H. M. S. and Deaconess work. She will also meet the W. H. M. S. Anx, Saturday at 3 p.m. in the church. All the women of the church and community are cordially invited to attend this Saturday meeting.
*Nearly all the insurance adjusters have been here and those having fire losses know they are off. Al Rudd secured the full amount of his risk $1,000. Mr. Rolls $187.50. He had $200 insurance on the restaurant fixtures. He thought his stock was in too and was thus disappointed at not getting $300 for his loss was more. Mr. Goddard the druggist fared not so well for the adjuster gave him but $100 on loss to his stock. Mr. Best obtained $60 and Willis Wiggins $35. Adjustment had not been made Tuesday morning for Post master Wiggins or on the Odd Fellows building.

Dow City Enterprise
Friday, May 7, 1909

*Miss Elsie Randall went to Dunlap Thursday.
*Henry Bell visited the county seat Tuesday.
*Miss Vera Cramer was a Dunlap visitor Sunday.
*Miss Ola Rigsby was a Denison visitor Tuesday.
*O. A. Cooper transacted business in Manilla Friday.
*H. C. Stempel transacted business in Denison Friday.
*W. H. Wiggins and family drove to Buck Grove Sunday.
*Sears Nelson and Geo. Fritz were Omaha visitors Wednesday.
*A. A. Birkhofer and Christ Suhr were in Dunlap Saturday.
*John Killion was up from Woodbine Sunday visiting his family.

*Misses Jessie and Bessie Baber were Arion visitors Wednesday.
*Mrs. Wm. Pett and daughters were Denison visitors Wednesday.
*E. H. Swasey is in Florida this week looking at the Everglades land.
*Mrs. Ed Riddle and daughter Pearl were Denison visitors Monday.
*Assessor H. B. Johnson transacted business in Denison Tuesday.
*Misses Mary Howorth and Ruth McHenry were in Denison last Friday.
*W. E. Fishel went to Ames Saturday to spend Sunday with his son Herbert.
*O. A. Cooper and Dr. VanMetre were business visitors at the county seat Monday.
*F. W. Berka and wife were among the Dow City people who were in Denison Monday.
*M. C. Norris enjoyed a visit from his mother and brother from Dunlap Wednesday.

*David Menagh was down from Denison Tuesday attending to some business matters.
*Moritz Dethlefsen of Arion was in Dow City Tuesday and had his name entered on our subscription list.
*Mrs. E. E. Edwards of Armour, S. D. has been visiting her relatives here for a couple of weeks.
*T. W. Swatman and wife, Mrs. J. U. Wise and Miss Beatrice Lee were Denison visitors Tuesday.
*A. H. Harper and wife, Mrs. E. H. Swasey and Mrs. J. A. Creagon were visitors in Denison Monday.
*O. A. Cooper, M. C. Norris, Valla Vaughan, E. P. O'Meara and Geo. Rule attended a meeting of the Red Men in Dunlap Monday night.
*R. H. Fishel has secured an honorable discharge from the navy and has returned home. After his trip around the world he was fully satisfied with navy service and desirous to be released which he has just obtained. His friends are all pleased to see him home to stay.

*The editor of the Dunlap Herald in giving an account of the fire in Dow City has this to say about our fire department and citizens. -The writer visited the scene of the fire Monday and was greatly impressed with the work of the fire department of that little city. We are unable to see how the fire was stopped in the middle of a row of frame buildings, but such is the case and the fire boys of the town must have been exceptionally skillful and diligent. The fire was a disastrous one for Dow City, but we believe the public spirited citizens of that town will quickly rebuild the burned section.

*T. F. Slater is a new shoe repairer and is located at Jos. McColl's office.
*The saloon at Soldier was closed a few weeks ago and last week it was burned.
*Wednesday was as warm as a summer day but Thursday was much cooler.
*About a dozen Dow City Rebekahs attended a meeting of that order in Denison Wednesday evening.
*Elder Chas. Derry of Woodbine preached both morning and evening at the L. D. S. church in Dow City.
*A recent letter from Bernard Koenekamp states that he has moved from Raymond, Wash., and orders his Enterprise sent to Pottatch, Idaho. He says he met Ross Rudd in Spokane.
*William Thompson and son were both killed by the fast mail Tuesday afternoon. He was a farmer residing northwest of Dunlap and was killed at that place. He leaves a wife and two children.
*The adjustment has been made with Mr. Wiggins on the post office building and fixtures, he getting the full amount that he was entitled to under his policy. The damage to the Odd Fellows buildings was settled for $1315.
*While the Odd Fellows building is undergoing repairs, G. J. Goddard's drug store will be found in the house recently vacated by Harry Huntington about a block east of the former location.

*J. N. Leslie brought to our office a hen egg that measures 7 1/4 inches in circumference one way and 8 1/4 the other. If there is anyone that has an egg that can beat it, bring it in to us so that the editor will have enough to make a square meal.

*Mr. D. M. Kelley, adjuster for the Farmers Insurance Co. of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was in Dow City Monday and adjusted the losses of H. A. Rudd and W. C. Rolls who were losers in the recent fire. Mrs. Rolls supposed he had insurance on the stock burned but such was not the case so he received $187.50 the amount of his loss on fixtures. Mr. Rudd got the full amount of his policy at $1,000. So far as the adjustment was concerned it was entirely satisfactory.

*Terry's Uncle Tom's Cabin Show appeared here Wednesday night and the large pavilion was nearly filled with a delighted audience. It is an old play that never wears out, and is very popular here when the Terry company plays it. The street parade was good and all the actors from little Eva to Uncle Tom played their parts well. The stage scenery and other stage equipment is equal to that found in many theatres. Terry's show is all right and the people have no need to fear of being humbugged when Terry bills the town.

Denison Review

Dow City Items

*George Fritz and Sears Nelson were Omaha visitors Wednesday of last week.
*Mrs. Ernest Edwards returned to her home at Armour, S. D. Friday as did Mrs. Lynn Slocumb to Beemer, Neb.
*Last Wednesday fifteen of the Dow City Rebekahs attended a special meeting and banquet of the Denison lodge. All report a good time. They enjoyed the evening very much. The Denison sisters are good entertainers.
*The stork made his visit at Dow City last week making two calls. On Thursday a fine nine pound girl was left at the Albert Thomas home southeast of town and Friday a nice baby girl arrived at the Clark Best home.
*Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Whaley attended the Rebekah convention at Woodbine Friday and reports a very profitable meeting.
*Last Friday one of George Binnall's big horses stepped on his foot crushing it quite badly.
*Last Friday evening quite a number of friends went to the Frank Binnall home for a surprise party, as Mr. Binnall will soon move to the country. He is to occupy the A. M. Talcott farm and Mr. and Mrs. Talcott are to go to Dakota.

*Mrs. Wood and daughter, Lottie, are packing their household goods and getting ready to go to Holden, Mo. where they expect to make their future home. Howard Alexander will occupy the house vacated by Mrs. Wood and Mr. Berka will move into the house vacated by the Alexander family, he having purchased it. Robert Fishel is home now to stay, he having severed his connection with the U. S. Navy.
*Work has been commenced on the I. O. O. F. building, but it will take some time to repair it.
*Miss McMillin of Des Moines gave a very interesting address Sunday on the Deaconess work.
*There was a meeting at the M. E. church Sunday afternoon and a Queen Esther Circle was organized. The first regular meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Dave Bremser Tuesday afternoon just after school.
*The Cohen family went down to Omaha Sunday in their auto.
*Mrs. D. E. Bremser and Helen Goddard were Denison visitors Saturday evening.
*Prof Gillaspie, Vernon Talcott, Lloyd Brake, Pearl Vore and W. B. Gibson went from Charter Oak to Ute Saturday evening to attend a class play. They returned home Sunday evening.

*John Rudd has been sick with pneumonia, but is better now.
*Mrs. Marion Cole and daughter, Blanche, were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Mrs. Mary Terry, sister of Mrs. A. Alexander came Sunday for a visit with relatives. She has been spending the past two years in California.
*Mrs. Jennie Huntington started Friday for Omaha to spend a few days before starting for Wendt, S. D. where she will make her future home.
*Miss Nelle McDonald, who is teaching school near Denison spent Sunday in Dow City.
*Mrs. G. V. Jordan went to Council Bluffs Friday for a visit.

*A. Berkhoffer is building an addition on his house and making other needed improvements.
*Hoeffer Bros lost a valuable horse last week.
*Mathias Bros will about finish planting corn this week - 190 acres.
*Lottie Rae is expected home from Colorado this week.
*Mrs. W. E. Fishel and children were Sunday visitors at Ute.
*The Priscilla Club met with Mrs. Leslie Poitevin Thursday.
*Prof. Gillaspie took his high school boys over to Charter Oak Saturday to play ball. The boys were defeated 7 to 14.

Dow City Enterprise
Friday May 14, 1909

*Mrs. C. F. Buss was a Denison visitor Tuesday.
*Miss Lottie Rae is expected home soon from Colorado.
*Herman Konekamp came down from Denison Tuesday.
*Henry Young and wife were Omaha visitors this week.
*P. W. O'Meara transacted business at the county seat Monday.
*Mrs. F. M. Cole and daughter Blanche went to Denison Saturday.
*O. A. Cooper transacted business at Denison and Vail Wednesday.
*Mrs. E. Shisler and daughter Dorothy were Denison visitors Friday.
*Raymond Butterworth and his mother were Denison visitors Tuesday.
*Miss Carrie Ellison of Dunlap was visiting at the Randel home this week.

*L. Cohen and family drove to Omaha Sunday in their Ford automobile.
*G. W. Huntington and Robert Bell were county seat visitors Wednesday.
*Misses Mildred and Flora Wiggins and Mrs. Tillett were in Denison Saturday.
*Mrs. W. E. Fishel and children were over Sunday visitors with relatives at Ute.
*Mrs. H. Alexander and her brother R. H. Fishel were Saturday visitors in Denison.
*Miss Sylva McColl went to Minneapolis Tuesday for a few weeks visit with her sister.
*Miss Lulu Howorth, who teaches school in Arion, spent Sunday at her home in Dow City.
*O. A. Cooper went to Denison Saturday on business for the Singer sewing machine company.
*W. H. Laub was down from Denison Monday and W. W. Cushman and J. H. Patterson Tuesday.
*W. C. Rolls and wife and daughter Ruby visited Mr. Rolls' parents in Dunlap Sunday afternoon.

*Mrs. G. H. Huntington went to Omaha last week and from there went to her future home at Wendte, S. D.
*W. V. Whaley and wife returned Saturday from Woodbine where they had been attending some lodge doings.
*Mrs. A. Alexander is enjoying a visit from her sister Mrs. Terry who for a year or more has been living in California.

*One of the most embarrassing things a country editor has to contend with is the disposition of the people to wait until the last moment of going to press and then rush in with their items which they "want them in this week sure". This is particularly the case with those who wish to make announcements which they expected to have inserted gratis. People do not reflect upon the fact that the paper is made up during the whole week and that its capacity is limited to just so much and the matter gauged accordingly. If the editor should await the convenience of those who have something they want published he would not get his paper out until the next week and then he would have to delay two or three days until some kind friend had made up his mind about a notice he wants but hasn't been able to prepare to suit him. A good many people don't get their notices published in consequence of this disposition to put off to the last minute, but those not interested never notice the omission, the paper appears on time and the world moves on just the same.

*W. C. Rolls is numbered with the sick this week.
*Nearly everyone has been making garden this week.
*D. E. Bremser has installed a fine new safe in his store.
*Clark Best and wife are the parents of a new girl born Friday.
*The Denison Presbyterians are going to erect a $4500 parsonage.
*J. L. Butterworth is papering the residence occupied by Geo. Rule.
*Mrs. Josephine Wood has sold her residence and moved to Holden, Mo.
*The Hall signal system will be in operation through Dow City in a few days.
*Baseball game tomorrow. Dow City high school vs. Denison college.
*There will be a county Sunday school convention in Denison Saturday and Sunday.
*The notorious Cole Younger has joined the chautauqua circuit. Wonder if that is a reformation.

*F. W. Berks moved this week to the residence recently purchased by him in the east part of town.
*The saloons of the county are all closed but those in Denison. Just what the result will finally be we do not know and await developments.
*Postmaster Wiggins secured a case containing about 150 call boxes which will be considerable help until better accommodations can be secured.
*H.C. Stempel, Clair Butterworth and J. G. Graul have put up a street lamp near Mr. Graul's residence adjoining the park and the same is giving good service.

*Workmen commenced re-building the Odd Fellows' hall Monday and will push the same to completion, together with the building adjoining, as fast as possible.
*W. H. Wiggins has purchased the Harper lot and will soon erect some store rooms of brick with a fifty foot frontage. This will make a big improvement over the old buildings that burned.
*Notwithstanding the fact that the "hats and shoes should match" our merchants have not as yet received a consignment of shoes that look in any respect the same shape as the hats sold at the millinery store.

*The Omaha Commercial club and business men will be in Dow City twenty minutes next Monday arriving a few minutes before noon. Everyone should be ready to receive them and give them a cordial welcome.
*The Hall signal system was put in service through West Side Thursday noon. It makes the operators nervous to have trains going by and not report them or drop the block behind them. But they'll get used to it after a while.
*The teachers of our schools and E. G. Wiggins were all invited to the home of Mott McHenry to a six o'clock dinner Wednesday evening. They accepted and it is needless to say they had a good time because that always goes with a visit to the McHenry home.

*The moving picture show in the hall Tuesday was good although not largely attended. Mr. Cretney, the proprietor, is permanently located in Dunlap and expects to come to Dow City frequently if the patronage warrants. He will show this evening with an entire change of program.
*Last Friday evening about twenty of the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Binnall called at their home completely surprising them, the occasion being a farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Binnall before moving to the country. Refreshments were served and the evening was very pleasantly spent.

Denison Review
Wednesday, May 19, 1909

Dow City Items

*The arrangements for Memorial Day are about made. On Sunday the 30th the sermon is given by Rev. J. J. Place, the new Baptist pastor. On Monday, the 31st, Judge Conner of Denison gives the address at the cemetery. People should try to hear him.

*The drug store will be back in a few days at the old stand on Main street.
*Little Leroy Norris, who says he will be four in July, fell the other day and fractured his right arm.
*Marion Cole is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Michels, at Emmettsburg this week.
*Mrs. Albert Thomas living west of town has been so ill that a professional nurse was called to care for her.
*Mrs. S. E. Wiley and daughter, Althas, were at Denison Saturday.
*Henry Young and wife were at Omaha for some days last week.
*Mrs. J. V. McHenry will care for her invalid father this summer. He has been at Denison with her sister, Mrs. Pierce, during the winter.
*Dow City had a visit from the Omaha boomers. They remained some ten minutes giving out bells and distributing advertising matter.
*Helen Bell is back from a two weeks' visit at Omaha.
*Rev. Curtis was at Denison this week attending a meeting of those interested in keeping the saloons out of the county. It is reported here that the names of all signing the saloon petition will be published.

*The public schools are looking forward to commencement day. The exercises begin Sunday, the 23rd when Rev. J. J. Depree of Denison gives the Baccalaureate address. On Thursday after comes the class play, "Mrs. Briggs of the Poultry Yard,". The commencement is Friday, the 28th and a noted lecturer, Prof. L. E. Follansbee, gives the address. An admission fee is charged to the play and the Friday exercises. The graduates will wear "cap and gown" and look very swell. They are as follows: Ferne A. Butler, Flora G. Wiggins, Bessie E. Griffin, Grace C. Thomas, Edna A. Fritz, Morris B. Wilder and Mildred Butterworth.

*Jack Scott was an Omaha business visitor Friday.
*The insurance adjuster of the Royal Insurance Co. in which the I.O.O.F. and Rebekah regalia were insured was here Friday and adjusted the loss satisfactorily to all.
*It is reported that Willis Wiggins will erect a brick store building on the lots where the post office and the Rudd restaurant recently burned.
*Under the able leadership of Cyrus Rudd the repairs on the Odd Fellows building are progressing rapidly. The smaller building which was occupied by the W. C. Rolls restaurant will also be rebuilt.
*Mrs. McNair has been quite sick, but is somewhat improved.
*Sylva McColl went to Minneapolis, Minn. last week for an extended visit with her sister.
*Prof. Bunch, late of Rowan, the new principal, was in town Saturday.
*L. G. Ballangee of DesMoines was an over Sunday visitor with his parents.
*Adolph Nelson visited his brothers, Henry and Sears Sunday.
*A good many Dow City people rejoice that the saloon is closed, others think it is hard luck. The booze has all been shipped away. Hope it is gone to stay.

*Mrs. Joe Best was an over Sunday visitor at Denison at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Koenekamp.
*The C. C. Booth family, former residents of our town arrived at Twin Falls, Idaho, Friday, where they expect to make their future home.
*Mrs. James Reede entertained the Friday club Friday afternoon at her home in the country. A nice two course lunch was served and all enjoyed their visit to Mrs. Reedes home.

Dow City Enterprise
Friday, May 21, 1909

*Mrs. M. C. Norris visited in Woodbine last week.
*Dr. Carr was down from Denison Wednesday.
*W. V. Whaley was a county seat visitor Wednesday.
*Miss Jennie Strahn spent Saturday and Sunday in Denison.
*Mrs. G. W. Huntington was a West Side visitor Tuesday.
*Ed Baber and wife and Mrs. R. T. Baber were in Denison Friday.
*Mrs. J. F. Wiley and daughter Althea were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Mrs. C. L. Rudd and Mrs. J. H. Pearsall were Denison visitors Monday.
*Mrs. J. N. Lee and Miss Hildur Turnlund were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Mrs. I. Howorth and children visited at the Edmund Howorth home last week.

*Mrs. Wm. Moffitt and Mrs. Robert Beutel were down from Buck Grove Saturday.
*F. M. Cole recently spent a few days visiting at the Frank Michels home at Emmetsburg.
*W. C. Morrison and Geo.Igou were transacting business at the county seat Saturday.
*Mrs. W. Seemann and Miss Grace Howorth were among the Denison visitors Wednesday.
*Miss Jessie Parsons of Los Angeles, Cal. is visiting at the Geo. Talcott home this week.
*Uncle Dan Howorth returned to Dunlap Saturday after a brief visit at the E. Howorth home.
*Mrs. Frank McHenry was in Denison Tuesday. Her father Mr. Samuel Gibson returned with her.
*Mrs. L. B. Thompson and Mrs. Sophia Jenkins were among the Dow City people who were in Denison Tuesday.
*Prof. Bunch, the newly elected principal of our schools was in town Saturday making the acquaintance of school patrons and others.
*S. E. Goddard, G. M. Goddard, E. G. Wiggins and Jos. McColl were doing business at the county seat Wednesday, the latter having some dental work done.

*Mrs. J. G. Graul went to Omaha Monday and returned with her daughter, Mrs. Mix, who had been in the hospital several weeks. We are glad to know that she is much improved in health although not entirely well.
*Mrs. J. R. Best spent Sunday with her parents in Denison.
*Sears and Henry Nelson enjoyed a visit from a brother Sunday.
*Misses Ada Cross and Bessie Griffin were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Fred Baber and family were over from Shelby county Sunday visiting relatives.
*Dr. W. B. Evans drove down from Arion Wednesday with his daughter Sylvia.
*L. G. Ballengee of Des Moines was visiting his parents in Dow City this week.
*James Baber came up from Dunlap Wednesday and stayed over night with the folks at home.
*Mrs. Minnie Scott of Kansas was recently here visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Talcott before their removal to South Dakota.

*Commencement Week - Class of Seven to Graduate in Dow City - The Dow City high school, with Prof. J. A. Gillaspie at the head, will graduate seven pupils, as follows:
Ferne A. Butler, Flora G. Wiggins, Edna A. Fritz, Bessie E. Griffin, Morris B. Wilder, Mildred A. Butterworth and Grace Thomas.

The exercises proper begin next Sunday evening May 23 at 8 p.m. when Rev. J. James Depree of Denison will deliver the baccalaureate address to the class in the M. E. church.

The next important event of the week will occur Thursday evening May 17 at 8 o'clock in Ahart's hall when the seniors assisted by members of the junior class will give their class play, "Mrs. Briggs of the Poultry Yard." Upon this occasion the music will be furnished by an orchestra from Arion.
We give below the cast of characters.
Mrs. Briggs, a woman of business, Bessie Griffin.
Her family is as follows:
Ralph - Raymond Butterworth;
Jimmy - Vernon Talcott;
Alvira - Edna Fritz;
Melissa - Flora Wiggins,
Silas Green, a near relation - Morris Wilder;
Mr. Lee, a wealthy neighbor - Birl Logsdon;
Virginia Lee, his daughter - Ferne Butler;
Daisy Thornton, her friend - Mildred Butterworth;
Mrs. O'Conner, with no liking for goats - Mabel Cole;
Many Bates, whose tongue will stumble - Guild Evans.

The play is a good one and will be well rendered on this occasion. The low price of 25 and 15 cents will be charged to defray a part of the commencement expenses and no doubt every seat in the hall will be taken.

The commencement program proper will occur Friday evening May 28 at the M. E. church when Prof. L. E. Follansbee will deliver his noted address, "Genius and Gumption."
Below we give the evenings program in full:
March - Rena Brake;
Invocation - Rev. Curtis;
Music - "The King's Champion" High School Chorus;
Oration, "The People in Government, Art and Religion" - Grace Thomas;
Vocal Solo - "Life's Lullaby" - Mildred Butterworth;
Address - "Genius and Gumption" - Professor L. E. Follensbee;
Music - "Kentucky Babe" - Girls Chorus;
Presentation of Diplomas - C. Butterworth, Pres. Of Board;
Music - "The Banner of the Free" - High School Chorus;
Benediction - Rev. Place.

Dow City Enterprise
Friday May 23, 1909

*Earl Ettleman went to Dunlap Saturday.
*Miss Nellie Hicks was up from Dunlap Saturday.
*Miss Ida Waterhouse went to Dunlap Saturday.
*Miss Grace Howorth was in Denison Wednesday.
*Mrs. N. R. Wilder was an Omaha visitor Saturday.
*James Baber was up from Dunlap Wednesday on business.
*Prof. Gillaspie was a business visitor in Denison Saturday.
*Herman Logsdon went to Chicago Monday night with stock.
*Miss Mae Randel was a Denison visitor Wednesday evening.
*Mrs. W. H. Wiggins is visiting friends in Mapleton this week.

*Miss Mae Randel and Ruth McHenry were Denison visitors last week.
*Jake Schwartzenbach was up from Council Bluffs Monday on business.
*Miss Strahn enjoyed a visit from her sister from Denison over Sunday.
*Doc Gibson and Fred Wiley were at the county seat on business Saturday.
*E. N. Chamberlain was a business visitor at the county seat Wednesday.
*Mrs. J. N. Bell and Mrs. R. W. Houston were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Mrs. Eli Baber and daughters, Velma and Irene were at Denison Friday.
*The Misses Lula Howorth, Kate and Ester Turnlund were in Denison Saturday.
*The Misses Ada Lisle, Jenna Strahn and Lucinda McHenry were at Denison Saturday.
*J. H. Pearsall, C. L., Al. and S. E. Rudd were council Bluffs and Omaha visitors Sunday.

*O. A. Cooper was a business visitor at Ute Tuesday and at Charter Oak and Arion Wednesday.
*A. C. Butterworth and wife and daughter Gwendolin of St. Louis are here this week visiting relatives.
*Miss Lelia Slocumb of Rockport, Mo., came last Saturday for a visit with her many friends in Dow City.
*G. M. Goddard, John O'Meara, Clency Malone and S. E. Rudd were Denison visitors Wednesday evening.
*Mrs. Dr. VanMetre and son, Richard and the Misses Helen and Lois Goddard were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Mrs. E. H. Swasey and daughters Helen and Ruth were among the Dow City people who were in Denison Saturday.
*Fred Baber and family were over from Gallands Grove Sunday visiting his uncle who was here from Ashland, Montana.
*Ed Riddle went to Des Moines Saturday and brought his brother James home. He is no better than when he went there.

*Dr. R. T. VanMetre, J. H. Pearsall and W. C. Rolls went to Denison Monday as witnesses before the insane commissioners in the James Riddle case.
*Deputy sheriff Wm. Savery came from Denison Monday and took James Riddle before the commissioners of insanity. He was in no sense violent but needed to be taken care of.
*Mrs. Maggie McKim and children started Tuesday for Omaha for a few days visit with her sister. She will there join her mother and together they will go to Wendte, S. D. , their future home.
*Sheriff Cummings returned Wednesday from Clarinda where he had taken James Riddle and says they got through without trouble. It is sincerely hoped the treatment received there will be of benefit to him and that he may fully recover.

*Miss Lottie Rae returned home from Colorado Friday of last week. She is looking fine and has been enjoying herself. Her parents and many friends here are very glad to see her. She says Mrs. Robinson and Daisy are well and enjoying themselves.
*J. C. Holt of Ashland, Montana, was here visiting at the R. T. Baber home this week. He is a brother-in-law of Mr. Baber, they having married sisters. He subscribed for the Enterprise and will hereafter know of things as they occur in Dow City and vicinity.

*Memorial Days at Dow City
May 30th and 31st
Sunday May 30th
Voluntary - Miss Rena Brake;
Song - Choir;
Prayer - Rev. A. L. Curtis;
Scripture Lesson - Elder C. E. Butterworth;
Song - Choir;
Sermon - Rev. J. J. W. Place;
Song - Choir;
Benediction - Rev. J. Bremser.

Monday May 31st
The procession will form on Pearl Street at 9:30 a.m. and proceed to the cemetery in the following order:
E.N. Chamberlain, Marshal;
Sons of Veterans;
Odd Fellows:
Flower Girls;
M. W. A. - Budd Smith post in carriages.
The services at the cemetery will be as laid down in the G. A. R ritual.
The procession will return to the city in the same order as going out.
The afternoon services will be at the Methodist church at 2:30 p.m.;
Song - Salute to the Flag;
Prayer - Rev. J. J. W. Place;
Song - The Flag;
Address - Hon. J. P. Conner;
Song - The New Memorial Day;
Benediction - Rev. A. L. Curtis.

The Denison Review
Wednesday-May 26, 1909

Dow City Items

*Mr. and Mrs. Asa Butterworth of St. Louis are visiting at the Clair Butterworth home.
*There is much talk about the saloon petitions and many hope the county will turn dry.
*Miss Wiggins entertained complimentary to Miss Lisle Saturday evening. All regret that Miss Lisle will not return for the next school year.
*The Misses Kate and Esther Turnlund were Denison shoppers Saturday.
*Mrs. I Bixler has been staying in the country with her son, Frank the past week.
*Rev. Curtis preached a very strong temperance sermon Sunday forenoon.
*Mrs. Joe Pearsall and children visited her parents over in Shelby county over Sunday.
*Miss Leila Slocumb is here visiting her friend, Miss Mildred Butterworth.

*The church was well filled Sunday evening to listed to the baccalaureate sermon preached by Rev. Jas. J. DePree of Denison. His text was I King's seventh chapter and twenty-second verse. All were well pleased with the sermon. He is a very able man. The graduates looked very nice in their caps and gowns and are an exceptionally bright class. There has already been a large number of tickets sold for the class play which insures a good attendance. Monday morning the following unique verses were found on the blackboard at the school house.
The author can only be guessed:
He prayed for the colleges both great and small,
He prayed for the people both short and tall;
He prayed for the district both long and broad
But for the poor old janitor he prayed not a word
He prayed and he prayed I thought a long while
He prayed for Gillaspie and then for Miss Lisle;
He prayed for the parents and then for the child
But he missed the old janitor for more than a mile.
He prayed for the class as they sat in one pew,
He prayed for young Wilder and Miss Griffin too:
He prayed for the books the maps and the charts,
Bit in all of his prayer the old man had no part.

*The directors of Dow City Cemetery Association have with their usual foresight provided ample hitching posts to accommodate the great numbers who come to the cemetery on Decoration Day. Careful men have been appointed to assist in utilizing all available space and thereby secure to all who come safe posts to hitch while they are attending the service in the cemetery. Everybody come.

*Thursday evening the class play will be put on in Ahart's hall, "Mrs. Briggs of the Poultry Yard," Prices 25 and 15 cents. Friday night Prof. Follensby will deliver the address, "Genius and Gumption," (after which the alumni banquet will be held in Ahart's hall.

*Mrs. Eugene Crandall entertained the G. H. C's last Saturday.
*Miss Lottie Rae has returned from her trip to Colorado. She has been gone for a year.
*The little babe of Mr. and Mrs. E. Shisler is very sick.
*Eugene Wiggins and Eugene Crandall went to Chicago Saturday evening, the latter shipping stock to that place.
*Miss Senseney of Denison spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Lisle.
*Miss Willetta Strahn visited her sister, Jennie, over Sunday.

Dow City Enterprise
May 28, 1909

*Saturday just about closed the corn planting.
*Several from here attended the wrestle in Omaha Monday night.
*The senior class and some of the teachers enjoyed a pleasant evening at the L. C. Butler home in Arion Friday.
*Eugene Crandall shipped several loads of stock to Chicago last Saturday. He and E. G. Wiggins accompanied the shipment.
*We are authorized to announce that the directors of the Dow City Cemetery association have appointed careful men to assist in hitching teams and using all available hitching posts around the cemetery grounds. This is done for the accommodation of all who may come so they will know their teams will be safe while they are in the cemetery attending the services.

Dow City news articles submitted by Melba McDowell

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