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Deloit News from the Denison Review

January - June, 1898

Denison Review


*Elder C. J. spoke Sunday evening for an interested and full house and will continue meetings at the brick church. All are requested to come and hear.
*N. H. Brogden and wife arrived home from Boone Saturday.
*S. Horr and wife visited with Mrs. Hattery of Vail Saturday.
*The following were visitors at the higher department of our school Friday afternoon. Allen Keith, Henry Kreger, Levi Kreger, Jennie Newcom, Jennie Johnson, Leialah Lewis.
*Our streets were lined with teams Monday morning bound for the county seat.
*Claud Brogden had to give up his school at Wolf school house on account of sufficient government. He started Monday to Ft. Cook where he passes examination for U. S. service in the army.
*Almon Jordan is home again and will probably stay and take care of his mother who is at home now.
*Rev. Thomas Cloud of Sac City is assisting Rev. Clift in revival meetings at this place.
*Sam and Jake Johnson started for Lamoni last Sunday.
*James Horr and Don Corey of Odebolt were the guests of S. Horr Saturday night.
*Jennie Newcom, the Kiron school teacher came down Thursday evening as her schoolhouse was to be occupied on Friday.
*J. T. Turner, the Deloit merchant, declared he could not stand his cooking any longer and hence on the last day of the year he resolved to turn over a new leaf by arriving from Clark county, Mo. with a cook whom he has taken into partnership for life. We congratulate wishing him happiness and especially plenty of good things to eat.
*Uncle E. A. McKim was in Denison last Thursday.
*Uncle Zea who is nearly 80 years old, and Charley Campbell are cutting down those large cottonwood trees on E. A. McKim's place known as Darling property. Uncle Zea is jovial and in work makes a good example for much younger ones.
*We wish all a Happy New Year.
*James McKim and wife spent the holidays with their relatives, Mr. Hildreth Tucker and family of Kearney, Nebraska.
*Wm. McKim's family were over to Vail Wednesday and had a picture of their family group taken.
*John Moore had a horse taken from the barn Sunday night and does not know who the party is that has made himself so familiar but would be pleased to have it returned.
*Jennie Johnson lost a nice pair of woolen mittens laced with narrow black ribbon on the backs while at the coasting party on Christmas night. Anyone finding them please return to the owner.


*The son of Mr. C. Hartwig, who has been ailing for some time pat, is worse and late reports say his recovery is doubtful.
*Mr. and Mrs. Chris's baby, Raymond, was quite sick this week but is better at the present writing.
*C. Cramer began teaching the Woodruff school called by some "Mount Oisgah " last Monday. he reports an attendance of 27.
*Mr. Elmer Cruzan and Miss Mary Brink, who is teaching at No. 6, Goodrich, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, Tuesday, December 28, 1897. We extend congratulations.
*Mr. Jno. Chris and family spent their Christmas in Denison at the home of his wife's parents, Mr. Marshal Rose.
*A party will be held at Will Campbell's on New Year's eve. A good time is expected and we know that Will and his new bride will make it as pleasant as possible for all present.
*Mrs. Light Miller of Deloit was the guest of Mrs. C. E. Gillett on Monday last.
*R. B. Johnson's son-in-law Mr. C. Schroeder, of Carroll, is making a short visit in this vicinity.
*A lyceum will be held at McAhren school house, otherwise No. 6, Goodrich on Saturday evening, January 1, 1898. All come out and make a success of it.
*Miss Cora Snell will return to Des Moines the first of January to begin her work again as teacher in the 4th grade of the North Des Moines schools.
*Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, parents of Mrs. L. Wright who live in Willow twp., have been making a short visit in the neighborhood.
*E. R. Snell and wife gave a Christmas dinner to some of their friends and relatives. An excellent dinner was served by the hostess at 2 p.m., after which, to the surprise of all, the guests were invited into the parlor where a gorgeous Christmas tree stood in full splendor. E. R. and his brother H. N. Snell, plucked the tree of its present fruit. Everybody seemed pleased with their awards, especially the children who were not forgotten. Sociability now began connected with apples, candy, popcorn balls and hickory nuts. The guests present are as follows; C. E. Gillett, wife and family; L. Dunbar, wife and family; H. N. Snell, wife and daughter, Cora; also his son-in-law Mr. J. Dakin and wife, nee Miss Myrtle Snell; Mr. Allen and wife, guests of Mrs. E. R. Snell, from Sac county; Dr. A. L. Nichols, H. W. Cramer and Mrs. W. P. Gillett.

Denison Review

*M. McKim of Deloit was in the city yesterday. He is one of the best known teachers of Otter Creek township.


*L. Riggleman went down to Denison last week.
*Benjie Dawson is teaching the school vacated by Claude Brogden.
*Mrs. Joe Laughery slipped and fell Tuesday morning and hurt her back quite severely.
*Revs. Clift and Cloud conducted prayer services at Elmer Cruzan's Saturday evening.
*J. B. Huckstep was a Deloit caller last Wednesday.
*Bert Darling of the Wolf settlement stopped last Tuesday night with C. A. McKim.
*Blaine Hunt and Perry Marshall of Denison came up Tuesday night with C. A. McKim.
*A little stranger came to take up its abode last week with Mr. and Mrs. James Hattery of Elgin.
*Walt Williams, who has been living the past few months in the John Dobson house, has moved into the dwelling of Jake Worley.
*Jake Worley returned from his holiday trip to Nebraska last week.
*Miss Fannia Jordan formerly of this place, was married to W. C. Cummings of Independence, Mo. on Christmas.
*Wm. Noakes and wife of Wall Lake spent Saturday and Sunday visiting relatives and friends in this place.
*Miss Edith and Clement Dobson spent Sunday in Deloit.
*C. Wiley and S. Horr shelled corn for some Germans on the Newcom farm on Monday.
*Supt. McKim went to Galland Grove last Saturday in the interest of the Sunday school work.
*Grandma McMillan is visiting at Rev. G. S. Clift and attending the revivals.
*Sam Laughery started for Cedar Rapids Monday to see his mother who is not expected to live. Elmer Johnson will run the blacksmith shop in his absence.
*W. B. Keith and Dell Richardson were in Denison last Monday.

Denison Review

Goodrich Gossip

*Henry Johnston's new house is about completed and he expects to move in soon.
*Charley Chris returned home Saturday last after an absence of about two weeks. He has been running Charley Brogden's farm, who with his family had been away on a visit.
*Mr. W. Campbell has been visiting his brother-in-law, C. Schroeder, one of Calhoun county's prosperous farmers. George returned home overland and says he had an enjoyable visit.
*H. N. Snell is putting up ice. He says the ice is of very fine quality and extends to all his friends an invitation to come around during the hot weather of July and have a dish of ice cream.
*A lyceum was organized Saturday night at the McAhren school house, to be held every Friday night at 7:30 p.m. sharp: Officers were elected a follows: E. M. Nobles, president; Mrs. C. Phillips, vice-president; W. A. Cramer secretary and Irwin Cristenson, janitor. The question "Resolved that the U. S. should recognize the belligerency of Cuba " was chosen. C. Phillips, E. M. Ainsworth, E. M. Nobles and E. R. Snell to speak on the affirmative; and W. A. Cramer, H. N. Snell, I. Cristenson and O. E. Gillett on the negative. The following program was arranged:
Recitation ...Mrs. Elmer Cruzan
Duet .....Mrs. Christenson and Mr. Phillips
Accordion Solo .... Willie Miller
Select Reading ...Olive Johnson
Events of the Week .... W. A. Cramer
Essay ....Bertha Snell
Recitation ....Bert Campbell

Denison Review


*Arthur Whiting has been making relatives and friends a visit.
*Mrs. Campbell has been very sick but at last reports was recovering.
*The many friends of Mrs. William Johnson will be glad to know that she is slowly improving.
*Elmer Griffiths and wife visited at the homes of Mesdames Ann and Beria (Bina) Winans the last of the week. All attended services at M. E. Church Saturday evening.
*Rev. Cloud of Sac City, who has been assisting in revival services at this place, received word that some of his family were sick. He returned home the first of the week.
*John Taylor's father and brother, Bert, and families visited at his home Sunday.
*N. L. Hunt and wife of Denison spent last Sunday under the parental roof.
*John Goff and family visited at the home of Mrs. Hunt Sunday.
*Sam Laughery returned home Saturday. He reports his mother much improved in health.
*Winnie Brown was in Deloit over Sunday.
*Prayer service was held at the parsonage Sunday afternoon in charge of Mr. Dunbar.
*Teachers' meeting will be held at the school house next Saturday, Supt. A. G. Meyers is expected to be present.
*There will be a holiness meeting at the M. E. church conducted by the holiness association. Several visiting members are expected to be present.
*? Morris and Miss Jennie were down to Denison last Saturday.
*Elder C. J. Hunt gave an interesting discourse at the Brick church Sunday evening to a large and attentive audience. Meetings will begin again Wednesday evening. Elder Wright of Galland's Grove is expected to be present Friday evening and remain over Sunday.
*The L. D. S. Sabbath school, which is held at 10 a.m. is increasing in interest. The school was reorganized the first of the year and has nine officers and live teachers; a bible or senior class, two intermediate classes; two primary classes. One of the leading features of the school is the blackboard review work which is conducted by Mr. Schafer at the close of class work. A cordial invitation is extended to both old and young to attend.
*J. L. Miller and wife made a visit in Sac county the last of the week.
*Noah Johnson went to Denison Monday with a load of grain.

Denison Review

*A. Halberg, of the firm of Halberg & Turner, the Deloit merchants, was in town yesterday and got a code. He was greatly pleased with the book.


*Messrs. Bartlett and Squibbs of Charter Oak were guests of J. L. Miller and wife Monday night of last week.
*J. B. Dawson and wife went to Denison Wednesday of last week.
*Al and Gene Schuler were Denison visitors last Wednesday.
*The ... meeting was well attended last Tuesday. Among those present were Rev. and Mrs. Bohart, Messrs. Menaugh and Stone and others of Denison. Mr. Menaugh addressed the people in the afternoon and being blind he attracted a good deal of attention. Rev. Bohart talked in the evening.
*Mrs. James Hattery visited her father last Wednesday.
*J. D. Newcom took a load of hogs to Denison last Wednesday and on Saturday drove some fat cattle to town to stop
*Mr. Bush of Lake View came down Thursday and visited a few days with friends.
*The sad news of the death of Mrs. David McKim's daughter-in-law, Mrs. Barton of Vail, was received last Wednesday.
*C. K. and Lilly Schafer came up from Denison to attend the teacher's meeting Saturday afternoon.
*Two sleigh loads of our young people attended the lyceum at McAhren's school house Friday night.
*Alfred Dobson and Allen Keith went to Dow City last Sunday for a visit with A. H. Rudd and wife.
*Allen Keith returned to his home near Neligh, Neb., the first of the week.
*Mrs. J. L. Miller and Mrs. George Winans attended Mrs. Barton's funeral at Vail Thursday.

Denison Review

*Ed Pilcher drove down from his home in Ida county yesterday to take his brother, Ray and C. E. Barret home to stay till classes resume at the college next week.

Denison Review


*Look out for the assessor.
*W. B. Keith is the happiest man in town on account of a little baby boy that came to make an indefinite stay with them last Wednesday.
*Mrs. Mae Campbell visited her parents last Friday.
*Aunt Fannie Lumly visited at J. T. Newcom's part of last week.
*Bernice McKim went to Denison Saturday for a visit among friends.
*Wm. Noakes left for parts unknown about two or three weeks ago and as yet has not been heard of.
*Mrs. Courier is seriously ill and there are small chances for her recovery.
*Rev. Clift is holding revival services at the McAhren school house.
*Meetings are still being held at the Brick Church at Deloit.
*The shorthand class met at Bernice McKim's last Thursday night to study for a couple of hours. All are very much interested in their work.
*J. Dobson and wife visited in Deloit last Thursday.
*Mr. Walker, a Denison college student, and A. H. Dobson spent Wednesday night with S. Horr, while on his way home on a short vacation.
*J. C. Newcom and daughter, Beulah, visited over Sunday with his friend, G. Reams, near Arthur.
*S. Horr and wife spent Sunday with Mrs. M. Hattery of Vail.
*Superintendent McKim is away this week on Sunday school work.
*Elmer Winans was quite sick the first of the week.
*Miss Leialah Lewis and Bertha Baber spent Sunday in Deloit.
*Misses Edna and Ethel Huckstep had quite an accident on the way home from Denison one day last week, when the horse choked down and fell on the shafts of the sleight, breaking them off.

Denison Review


*Olive Horr visited at the home of C. Wiley over Sunday.
*Mrs. Ethel McKim and Jennie Jordan were in Denison Thursday.
*Aunt Fannie Lumley visited at S. Horr's Tuesday of last week.
*Edith Montgomery of Denison, visited a short time in Deloit the past week.
*Born to C. J. Hunt and wife a little boy of average weight, Thursday morning.
*Wm. Johnson will again take his old position in the Johnson blacksmith shop.
*We understand that James McMillan is to be our road overseer again this year.
*N. L. Hunt and wife were up Saturday making the acquaintance of their new relative.
*Several of our young people attended the lyceum at McAhren school house Saturday night.
*A pleasant evening was enjoyed by several of the young folks at J. B. Dawson's Friday night.
*Mike Myers has purchased the Sam Laughery blacksmith shop and John Moore expects to work for him.
*Elder Wright of Galland's Grove came up Friday. He gave some interesting discourses at the L. D. S. church.
*Mr. and Mrs. Lee are visiting their parents Lyman Morris and family and their many friends, who are glad to see them.
*We think the McKinley wave must have struck us Tuesday night of last week, and searched each dwelling bringing a colder temperature.
*T. C. Dobson, of Sac county came down Saturday for a few days' visit with relatives and friends. Sunday evening they went to Denison to see their children who are attending college.
*Messrs. Westphall of Cherokee, Clark of Quimby and a liveryman of Ida Grove stopped in Deloit for supper Saturday night. Mr. Westphall contemplates securing the Clark farm, known as the old Greek place southeast of here.

Denison Review


*A. C. Dobson made a short call in Deloit Sunday.
*Mrs. Wm. Johnson is able to be out among friends again.
*Supt. McKim and wife were at Auburn over Sunday.
*M. J. Schafer attended the teacher's meeting in Denison Saturday.
*Mrs. J. D. Newcom and Miss Hedger were Deloit callers Saturday.
*Elmer Winans, Wida and Mary Albright went to Denison Saturday afternoon.
*John Lewis and wife visited relatives in Green county a few days the past week.
*Rev. and Mrs. Lee departed last Friday last Friday for their home in Minnesota after a brief visit among relatives.
*-Vida Albright united with the L. D. S. church by baptism last Sunday, Elder Hunt performed the rite.
*It was quite a novelty to see boys coming and going from town to their homes all the way on skates a couple of days of last week.
*David McKim and wife are on the sick list. Uncle Dave is again entertaining the "grippe " and his wife is quite seriously ill with a combination of diseases.
*C. K. Schafer of Denison visited at the home of his brother, M. J. Schafer, Saturday night and attended the Sunday school and prayer services at the L. D. S. church.
*A double wedding will occur at the home of Mr. Hemer, one-half mile south of Arthur, on Wednesday, February 16, the parties being Mr. Adam Hemer and Miss Wagner and Mr. Alfred Dobson and Miss Rose Hemer. Elder Hunt will officiate Mr. Dobson formerly lived at this place but for some time has resided on one of the Cook farms northwest of Odebolt.

Denison Review


*Mrs. Julia Brogden was quite sick the past week.
*Mrs. Cash Newcom was on the sick list last week.
*Mrs. A. J. Mason visited at the home of Mrs. S. Horr Monday.
*Frank Barton of Vail was in attendance at his mother's funeral last Friday.
*The L. D. S. quarterly conference convenes at Dow City next Saturday and Sunday.
*Miss Benjie Dawson closed her school at the Wolf school house and reports a pleasant term.
*Misses Vida Allbright and Jennis Newcom closed very successful terms of school last Friday.
*Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Wicks are having quite ahard timee with the grippe. Also, Uncle Sylvester Zea.
*Mr. and Mrs. Noah Johnson were among those who attended the funeral of Mrs. David McKim last Friday.
*The Friday evening bible study meeting at the parsonage is increasing in interest. All are cordially invited to attend.
*A large number of friends gathered to pay their last respects to their dear departed friend, Mrs. Elizabeth McKim last Friday.
*M. J. Schafer was given a surprise party by his pupils Monday evening and a present presented him as a token of their esteem.
*Clay Miller and Lou Meyers came down from Wall Lake Wednesday and were surprised to find that their Grandmother McKim had passed away. The returned Saturday.
*The Deloit schools close this week. The scholars have been highly favored this winter having been taught stenography by Miss Morris and the rudiments of music by Mr. Schafer.
*The Latter Day Saint District Sunday school convention and institute convenes at Dow City next Thursday and Friday. An entertainment will be given by the different schools Friday evening.
*The second quarterly conference will be held at 1:30 the M. E. church Next Saturday after which Rev. J. W. Lothian will preach. On Sabbath morning the 27th , Rev. Thos. Maxwell will preach at 11 o'clock after which the sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be administered. Love Feast service from 10:30 to 11 a.m.

Denison Review

Winans - Albright
*At the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hunt, Deloit, Wednesday evening, February 23, 1896, occurred the marriage of Elmer Winans and Vida T. Albright, both of Deloit, Elder Hunt officiating. These young people are well and favorably known. They have a bright future. The Review extends congratulations.
*Deloit is saddened by the death of Mrs. G. W. Currier, which took place on Thursday morning. Mrs. Currier was a highly respected and much beloved woman and her husband and sons are deeply afflicted by her death. The funeral services will be held at her old home in Correctionville, to which place the remains have been taken.
*The second wedding to take place at the new Methodist parsonage was that of Mr. C. E. Schuler of Deloit and Miss Maggie May Buffington of Denison. The wedding took place on Wednesday, February 23. Both parties are well known and many are the congratulations extended.


*C. Hartwig's sale on the 21st was well attended. The weather was fine, Jess was in the best of humor and everything offered for sale brought the top price.
*Saturday Night's program at the lyceum was a success but the Deloit debaters with the exception of Stanley Brown, failed to materialize. Question was won by the Goodrichites.
*J. Dakin and wife are in Des Moines making a short visit with Mrs. Dakin's sister, Miss Cora Snell. They expect to return home by way of Omaha stopping to visit Mr. Dakin's cousin.
*We think it would be advisable for Supt. Meyers to publish in the county papers the recent change in the school law as regards hiring teachers for the spring terms, which law went into effect October 10, 1897. We would consider this his duty and ought to be attended to at once, thereby saving considerable embarrassment.
*While on his way to Denison with a load of brooms, Mr. Campbell had the misfortune to have a runaway. He had driven on a slanting place in the road, the front wheel dropped into a rut, causing the eveners to break; team started to run, and as the buggy was going to upset, Mr. C. let go the lines to save himself. Mr. Campbell was not hurt, yet the top of the buggy was somewhat awry. Allen Johnson caught the team just below Mr. Hansen's and with the exception of some broken tugs, they were unharmed.

Denison Review


*Mr. Geo. E. Clark of Neligh, Neb. is visiting at the parsonage with his sister, Mrs. Clift.
*We would remind the boys that loud talking outside of a church during service is a disturbance and is a punishable offense. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Denison Review


*Moving is the order of the day.
*H. B. Ellis has been on the sick list for some time.
*Elder C. J. Hunt is away on a missionary tour again.
*Miss Greene visited with Leialah Lewis over Sunday.
*Dr. and Mrs. Holmes passed through town Sunday afternoon.
*P. S. Moore, ofWoodbinee, is spending a few days with John Mason.
*Mrs. Scott McKim and sister, Jennie are taking music of Mrs. C. Phillipps.
*We are glad to state that Mrs. and Cash Newcom's baby has recovered from its serious illness.
*Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dobson visited a few days last week in Deloit, Denison and Dow City.
*Miss Edith Dobson returned home Sunday after a month's stay with Mrs. M. Hunt and family.
*Roy McKim was in from his school the latter part of the week. He returned Sunday afternoon.
*M. J. Schaffer and wife returned the latter part of the week from their visit in Denison and Dow City.
*Some of our cute boys took the weights from the Deloit scales and threw them away Sunday night.
*George Zea was a guest at his father's home Saturday night. He is moving from Arion to theRoggan campp place south of here.
*F. Newcom was in Dow City last Saturday and Sunday. Ed Baber came home with him and will work for his father the coming season.
*Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Schuler visited at his father's home a part of last week. They move this week on a farm four miles south of Charter Oak.
*As Mr. and Mrs. Jack Prentice were returning from Denison Saturday, they were thrown from the wagon in a run-away into the barb wire fence cutting Mrs. Prentice's face quite severely.
*J. S. Myers had the end of his thumb nearly bitten off in trying to extricate something that had gotten lodged in one of his hog's throat Sunday afternoon.
*Clay Miller and Mrs. Wm. Noakes came down from Wall Lake Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Noakes goes to housekeeping in Wall Lake. They returned Monday.

Denison Review


*Mr. ?? is visiting at Mr. Allbrights at present.
*Mrs. J. Dobson visited at the home of Mrs. S. Horr, Monday.
*Mr. Talcott of Dow City visited at Wm. McKim's last week.
*David McKim visited at his daughter's Mesdame Winan's last week.
*W. B. Keith made a trip to Carroll county for W. Whiting last week.
*Postmaster McKim and wife made a business trip to Denison Saturday.
*Several loads of farm machinery passed through town last week for Kiron.
*Mesdames Brogden, Landen, Galland and Dobson visited at Grandma Zea's last Tuesday.
*Bert Taylormovedd on the John Dobson property east of town, the first of the week.
*H. Westcott's daughter Katie and husband, of Sioux City, are visiting him at present.
*Elmer Laughery came home last week, he has been teaching some time near Charter Oak.
*Jennie Newcom visited with her friend Mattie Dobson, in Denison, a part of last week.
*Mrs. T. C. Dobson and two youngest children spent a part of the last week in Denison and Dow City.
*George Winans was called to the bedside of his mother at Vail, last Sunday morning, who is seriously ill.
*Mr. and Mrs. M. Childress' youngest child has been seriously ill the past week, but at present we learn is getting better.
*Mrs. William Johnson united with the L. D. S. church, Sunday, Elder William McKim performing the rite of baptism.
*Mr. and Mrs. John Goff, Myrtle and Burdette, spent Sunday in Deloit, at Mrs. Goff's mother's, Mrs. Hunt. The two latter remained to visit this week
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baber of Dow City, visited at James Newcoms Saturday, attended church in Deloit Sunday morning and returned home in the afternoon.
*At a recent school election, N. H. Brogden was retained school director and we understand the teachers of the winter term have been engaged to teach the spring term.

Denison Review


*Farmers are busy seeding
*N. H. Brogden spent a part of last week in Omaha
*Mrs. Landen visited at Isaac Zea's the first of the week.
*Mrs. Lydia Brogden visited at N. H. Brogden's last week.
*Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cose on St. Patrick's day, a son.
*Benjie Dawson and Bernice McKim visited in Denison part of last week.
*Mrs. William Johnson went to Vail last week to do sewing for Mrs. Theim.
*Mrs. Charles Galland of Arion is visiting relatives and friends in this place.
*John Myer and Olive Horr went up to T. C. Dobson's last Saturday for a visit.
*The young folks met for a social time at the house of J. L. Miller, last Saturday evening.
*School will begin in Deloit again next Monday, Miss Jennie Morris and M. J. Schaefer teaching.
*Some of the young people met at Cash Newcom's Wednesday night of last week and had a party.
*Mrs. Dunbar was called to Fred Landen's Sunday on account of the serious illness of their child.
*Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor's baby was very sicklastt week, also the two youngest children of Mr. and Mrs. John Cose.
*Mrs. Flora Winey united with the L. D. S. church last Sunday, Elder J. T. Turner officiating in this rite of baptism.
*Mrs. J. B. Romans was greeted with a good hearing Sunday morning and it is expected she will come up next Wednesday afternoon and organize a society.
*Died - Hubert Leslie, infant son of Fred and Rosella Landen, of membranous croup, on last Sunday evening. He was nearly four months old. This makes it doubly sad for the parents as each boy that has been called home to God who gave it in its infancy. The funeral services were conducted at the M. E. church, by Rev. G. S. Clift and the remains laid to rest in the Deloit cemetery.

We lay thee in the silent tomb,
Sweet blossom of a day;
We just began to view thy bloom,
When thou are called away.

Friendship and love had done their last,
And now can do no more;
The bitterness of death is past
And all thy sufferings o'er.

Thy gentle spirit passed away
Mid pain the most sever;
So great we could just wish thy stay
A moment longer here.

Thou minglest now in that bright ???
Around the eternal throne
And join at the everlasting song
With those before thee gone

Oh who could wish thy longer stay
To such a world as this.
Since thou hast gained the realms of day
And ?????????

Contributed by relatives

Denison Review


*The post office building affords a new porch.
*Mrs. Winnie Brown was seriously ill last week.
*Alma Jordan and family visited in Deloit Monday.
*House cleaning is the order of the day among the women folks.
*Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Hunt visited with Mr. Hunt's mother Sunday.
*Charley Campbell is carrying his hand in a sling as the effects of poisoning it.
*John Newcom and J. T. Huckstep shipped cattle to Chicago the first of the week.
*Blaine Hunt came up Friday on his bike for a visit among relatives and friends.
*Clarence Cose is improving his place by putting in a new picket fence around his yard.
*Jennie Newcom will commence teaching the spring term of school at Kiron next Monday.
*Frank Brogden, a resident of this place some twenty years ago, was visiting here last week.
*Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Schafer attended the teachers' meeting in Denison Friday and Saturday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Rob. Richmond move, this week, in with Mr. Currier, who recently lost his wife.
*Winnifred Clift came up from college the last of the week and spent Saturday and Sunday at home.
*The L. D. S. Sunday school is arranging for an Easter program to be given on the evening of Easter Sunday.
*Sunday was a blustery day and from the snow that fell one might think that winter had just begun instead of spring.
*Stanley Browne is adding to the appearance of his place by building an addition to his house and making a new yard fence.
*Alma Dobson made a visit home on her bicycle Saturday but we think a sleigh will be the most convenient to return with.
*Superintendent A. G. Meyers was a Deloit caller Monday. Effie Meyers and a girl friend spent Saturday and Sunday in Deloit.
*Mrs. Milo Patchin dislocated her knee in a fall from a ladder last Friday, but is getting along as well as could be expected.
*Several ladies met at the parsonage Wednesday afternoon where Mrs. J. B. Romans organized aWoman's' Foreign Missionary society.
*Mattie Dobson returned home Saturday after attending the college in Denison for several months. She will begin teaching next week two miles this side of Kiron.

Denison Review


*Will Noakes and wife spent a few days at her mothers last week.
*S. Horr and C. Wiley sawed wood last week with the buzz saw for Hunt Bros., J. B. Dawson, S. Horr and Dick Patchin.
*After a short vacation at Deloit, Dow City and Arion, Roy McKim began teaching again, Monday at the same place.
*Fred Dawson and Sol Laughery bade friends goodbye Sunday afternoon and started overland for Kansas City. They returned in the evening.
*Wedding bells almost rung across the river last week. The bridegroom and clergyman appeared on the scene with license and fees at hand but the bride being the essential part for the union, failed to materialize and, therefore, the wedding was postponed.
*L. Mason returned from Lamoni, Ia. last Sunday for a two weeks' visit with parents and friends.
*Easter Services will be held at both churches next Sunday.
*Link Hattery and Mr. Moore of Vail were Deloit visitors Sunday.
*The post office is filled with men each morning as the mail arrives to hear what war news they may obtain.
*The W. F. M. society meet again next Wednesday at the parsonage. They have a membership of twelve and expect more to join at this meeting. The society meets first Wednesday of each month at the residence of each member alternately.
*Carey Phillips was a Deloit caller Monday.
*Mrs. S. Horr received from Montana, Monday, the specimens of gold, silver, iron and copper ore, some silver bullion as taken from the mill, a head of Montana wheat and a pair of grizzly bear claws and specimens of shell or cave formation as found there, which were sent by Bert Keller, who spent twelve years during his childhood with her.
*Stanley Browne began his school at ??? house last Monday, which had been postponed a week on account of his wife's illness. We are glad to state she is fast improving and hopes to be able to begin her school in two weeks.
*Mattie Dobson and Jennie Newcom began teaching Monday. They will board with the latter's parents and drive to their schools.
*The weather is moderating and seeding begins Monday.
*Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Dobson, of Sac county, were the guests of Mrs. M. Hunt last Sunday.
*Henry Winans and his nephew, Mr. Pierce, were in Deloit, Monday, making preparations for the burial of his mother at this place Tuesday.
*Mrs. Catherine Winans, wife of Clark Winans, deceased, died Sunday, April 3, at the age of 81 years at Vail. Mrs. Winans is among the early settlers here and is well and favorably known. Funeral services were held at the M. E. church at Vail on Tuesday and the remains laid to rest by her husband in the Deloit cemetery.
*The monthly meeting of the W. F. M. society will be held in the M. E. parsonage on Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock.
*Easter services will be held in the M. E. church by the Sunday school next Sabbath morning and in the evening the Epworth League will conduct the service. Easterr and missions being the subject.

Denison Review


*Taylor Pierce and wife were Deloit callers last Friday.
*Dick Brogden and wife were Deloit callers Saturday.
*A jury trial was held before J. P.(Justice of the Peace) Turner last Monday.
*Mrs. John Myers, visited at the Milo Patchins Sunday.
*Sam Lentz and family visited at Alma Jordan's Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dawson visited at W. P Hucksteps Sunday.
*John Goff and Charley Galland, of Arion, was in Deloit Sunday.
*Mrs. Hattery and two children, of Vail, were Deloit visitors Sunday.
*Leeman Mason and Charley Laughery, started for St. Joseph Monday.
*Mrs. John Dobson and children visited at Charley Wiley's Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Roark visited her mother, Mrs. McMillan, last Sunday.
*Miss Maud and Edith Montgomery of Denison, visited at Deloit over Sunday.
*Mrs. Wright's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, of Dunlap, visited her last week.
*Sunday being an excellent day, Easter services were largely attended at both churches.
*Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCormick and Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Hunt visited in Deloit Sunday.
*The evening services at the M. E. church were conducted by the Epworth League Sunday.
*C. K. Schafer of Denison, was the guest of his brother, M. J. Schafer last Friday evening.
*Mrs. Henry Winans and children of Vail were guests of dames Hattery and wife, Sunday.
*Mrs. King and Williams, of Vail, visited at Postmaster McKim's Wednesday of last week.
*Mr. and Mrs. Dillivan went to Lake City the first of the week to see her father who is seriously ill.
*Aunt Melissa Jordan has taken advantage of poultry raising by purchasing a wooden hen last week.
*John and Dick Newcom passed through town one day last week with a fine lot of cattle they had bought up.
*The parsonage is receiving a new coat of paint on the inside and is expected to get the same on the outside.
*Mrs. R?? returned home last week Wednesday after spending the winter with her son near Marathon, her many friends are glad to see her return.
*Mrs. John Ainsworth of Denison visited at his father's a part of last week and met in family reunion at her fathers, Mr. Shirtcliffs of Vail, Sunday.
*Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Winans, last week Thursday, a nice baby girl. Mrs. Winans is very sick and her many friends hope for her speedy recovery.
*Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brogden, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Fink, Mrs. Nettie Rounds and family, John Taylor and family and Charley Cose and wife were guests of N. H. Brogdens, Sunday.
*Margaret Richardson is staying in Elgin, taking care of her daughter, who is getting along as well as could be expected. Mrs. Richardson says she is thinking of hanging out the sign Elgin bakery.
*The following Easter program was rendered by the L. D. S. Sunday school last Sunday evening.
Anthem by choir, " Life up your voices. "
Prayer - J. T. Turner
Anthem - "Christ our Passover "
Recitation - "Welcome," by Clair McKim
Address - "The deeper meaning of Easter," by Mrs. M. J. Schafer
Song "He lives again," choir
Recitation - "Resurrection," Ella Richardson
Recitation - "Heaven " Bernice McKim
Song - "Who is He," school. " Easter Day," exercise by members of 1st primary class and teacher.
Recitation - "Spring Time " Clara Newcom
Song "Life , O. Little Children ", by our little folks
Recitation - "Easter Tide, " Ava McKim
Recitation - "People Will Talk, " by Minnie Prentice
Song - "Praise Him," 1st primary class
The Bible - "How ready, Thou ", by Little Rounds
Recitation - "Our Easter Day," L. Patchin
Recitation - "Resurrection," Mabel Johnson
Song - "Behold Him," by school
Recitation - "Elsie's question," Lee Rounds
Recitations - "Dead Birds and Easter " by Vivian Jordan
Recitation - "In Easter Tide " Ross Lentz
Anthem - "Praise Him " by choir

*The Easter program by the M. E. Sunday School last Sabbath morning, was carried out as follows:
Opening - Praise service by the school.
Prayer by pastor, Song, " Easter " by the school.
Responsive scripture lesson.
Recitation - "The Lord is risen," by Sadie Newton
Recitation - "A Song of Easter," E. Nixon
Recitation - "Easter Day," Peter Phillips
Song - Primary Class
Recitation - "An Easter offering," by Daisy Simmons
Recitation - "Selfishness," Ella Fink
Song - "The Spirit of Missions," E. Allbright
Recitation - "A little mission school girl," by Winnie Ellis
Recitation - "Giving one-tenth," by Donnie Dawson
Recitation - By Cliffe Dawson
Song - Morris Wilkinson and Ella Fink.
Recitation - "Pray and give," Goldie Ellis

*Song - "I Am Jesus little lamb," by primary class.
Also recitations by Myrtle Landen, Elsie Beaman, Wayne Snell and Bertha Nixon.
Select reading by Mrs. Elmer Cruzan.
Song by a class of girls entitled,"Bringing the World to Christ."

Denison Review


*Superintendent Myers visited Deloit schools last week.
*A photographer from Defiance was in Deloit last week looking up a location.
*Elmer Laughery came home Saturday on his bike and was quite surprised to find his mother very sick, but improving. He was obliged to return to his school at Charter Oak Sunday.
*Elder C. J. Hunt arrived home last week and will stay a short time looking after home interests.
*Nellie Hopper began teaching Monday where she taught a successful winter term.
*Milt Childress has purchased the Darling farm on the Boyer and "dame rumor " says Charlie has looked up a location on it to build a house and of course, we can guess the rest.
*Saul Slater was in town one day last week with George Winans.
*Some meddlesome fellows busied themselves about time ago destroying Geo. Winans' stock well in the pasture, which will be fixed up at no small cost to the owner.
*Mattie Dobson spent Saturday and Sunday with parents near Odebolt.
*Mrs. W. B. Keith and sister, Jennie, visited at the home of Mrs. Dick Brogden last Thursday afternoon.
*Gertie Tucker of Denison came up Saturday for a visit with her friend, Benjie Dawson.
*Winnie Browne has so far recovered from her recent illness as to begin teaching this week.
*We had a splendid rain the first of the week and nice growing weather.
*Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Johnson visited at Norah Johnson's one evening last week.
*Winnifred Clift spent Saturday and Sunday in Deloit with her parents.
*From the unsteady step of some of our young men Sunday, one could readily see that something besides pure cold water had been indulged in. The gathering of young men and boys, racing horses, indulging in loud and boisterous language, disturbing the peach each Sunday should be looked after.

Denison Review


*Mrs. Joe Laughery is still seriously ill.
*Mattie Dobson, Fannie Baber and L. Riggleman and family and James Hattery and family were the guests of Mrs. S. Horr and family Sunday.
*Mrs. S. Slater and daughter, Grace, visited at the home of Mr. and Ms. Lawrence Winans, Sunday.
*Elder C. J. Hunt held meetings at Gallands Grove over Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Platt Moore moved into R. Richard's house last week.
*Rev. C. H. Van Metre, of Arthur, will deliver a missionary address in the M. E. church next Sabbath evening, May 1st. All are invited.
*A window on the north side of Halberg & Turner's store is one of the new improvements of Deloit.
*Fred Grover and Fannie Baber of Dow City, visited Deloit Saturday and Sunday.
*Mrs. Jane Landen visited at Vail recently.
*Mrs. E. A. McKim was down to the county seat Saturday.
*A. E. Keith, formerly of this place now occupies a position as traveling salesman for Englehart Davidson & Co., at St. Joseph, Mo.
*Mike Myers and wife were Denison callers Saturday.
*Mrs. A. G. Myers and children visited at Deloit a part of last week.
*Willis Lentz was at home Sunday.
*J. T. Turner was down to Denison Monday.

Denison Review


*Mrs. Wm. McKim visited at Mrs. Ann Winans Tuesday of last week.
*Mr. Seymour was in Deloit Wednesday of last week.
*M.J. Schafer was called away on business Wednesday of last week to Woodbine returning Thursday.
*The parsonage looks very neat indeed in its new coat of paint.
*Elder C. E. Butterworth of Dow City came to Deloit last Thursday and held preaching services Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and over Sunday.
*Uncle Dave McKim and Grandson, Glen, are visiting his son, Rob, in Lake City. They stopped on the way Saturday night with friends in Wall Lake.
*Elmer Laughery was called home Thursday of last week on account of the illness of his mother, but returned to his school at Charter Oak Sunday, his mother seemingly improved.
*Henry Kruger, Sol Laughery and Claude Brogden enlisted in the army last week and expected to have gone to Des Moines Friday morning. Quite a number went down from here to see them start, but on account of not being needed at present, returned home Sunday morning to await further orders, which were received Monday morning, when the two latter ones took their departure.
*Mrs. Milo Patchin is improving slowly and her many friends are glad to see her able to be moved to her mothers.
*Bernice McKim attended the contest at the college Friday.

Denison Review


*Andrew Malone, who is somewhat of a stranger among us, is permanently located on the premises formerly belonging to Clark Winans, Sr.
*Mr. Gould, of Denison, visited friends and relatives in Milford last week.
*Mrs. E. O. Thiem, in company with Mrs. L. B. Hulce, drove to Deloit on Tuesday of last week for a visit with relatives and friends.
*Mrs. Sol. Van Vliet is reported as having been quite poorly of late.
*Michael Kral has finished planting his potatoes.
*McCombs and Maxwell have been doing some carpenter work for G. F. North who believes in making substantial improvements.
*Howard McCullough has been seeding around his house, which makes things look better thereabouts.
*B. H. Lee, who is somewhat republican in politics, has built an addition to his house and Sam Allen and Dan Redenbaugh came out from Denison to put on the finishing touches of masonry. Mr. Lee has also been setting out some fruit there around his place.
*W. H. Bennett has decided to have a feast of strawberries later. We'll call on ye when that nice large lot of plants become productive.
*Quite a number of young people gathered at the home of R. C. Hawley for a good old fashioned party one evening last week. Those present report a good time and lots of fun. We can't say much about who were in attendance for fear of being joked in return about broken dishes, but

The folks who went to the party,
Enjoyed themselves first rate.
An' we succeeded very well
Until we broke that plate.
Huckstep kin tell about it -
If you ask perhaps he will;
But we don't feel like talkin'
Thout keeping purty still.

*The Misses Town and McAhren are teaching in schools and in this township.
*Morris Johnson is furnishing the people around here with a good article of silverware at a reasonable price. This ware can be used for years and then the residue can be coined into dollars to buy more spoons to coin into dollars, and so on ad finitum.
*Arbor Day was duly observed in District No. 1 last Friday. Miss Mary E. Curry is teacher of this school.
*Plowing for corn is general through the township. Some of our farmers have almost completed this line of work. , therefore, the click of the corn planter will soon be heard in the land. Let correspondents throughout the county take notice of this item and keep it before the people.
*Mr. Dan Robertson has built some portable fence which is quite convenient, as it can be moved to suit the occasion without loss of time or material.
*N. T. Huckstep has a piece of beardless barley which is hard to beat.
*?? Osterbund is one of our loyal citizens. He says the United States suits him in every particular. We are glad to note that he is prospering.

Denison Review


*Mr. and Mrs. James McKim attended the funeral of J. C. Robinson at Vail Friday afternoon.
*Miss Mattie Dobson and Jennie Newcom, visited in Dow City the latter part of the week.
*Will Johnson and family of Adair county, a brother of Frank Johnson visited relatives here a part of last week.
*Tracy Chapman was a Deloit visitor last week.
*Miss Edna and Ethel Huckstep were guests of Bernice McKim Sunday.
*John Taylor and family visited his father in Denison Sunday.
*Mrs. Dick Brogden and two of her children were in Deloit Saturday.
*Mr. and Mrs. John Myers visited at Charley Wiley's Sunday.
*Mrs. Lawrence Winans has so far recovered from her recent illness that she visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hopper Sunday.
*Mivisitednie Jordan visied with her sister, Mrs. Scott McKim, a part of last week.
*Mrs. Sarah Dobson, Aunt Margaret Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson, took dinner with Mrs. Rogers Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Levi Myers of Wall Lake, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miller Sunday night.
*The Epworth League will hold a volunteer service next Sabbath evening in the M. E. Church.

Denison Review


*Mrs. S. Horr was on the sick list the past week.
*Small grain is looking fine. Farmers are busy planting corn.
*James Newcom lost a fine Jersey heifer last Monday morning.
*The M. E. Church was treated to a thorough cleaning Monday of last week.
*The L. D. S. church will ucleaninga general cleanin Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.
*Mr. Romans of Charter Oak and a gentleman of Denison, was in town and vicinity on business two days last week.
*Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Browne brought five of their little pupils home with them Friday night for a vacation over Sunday.
*Uncle Dave McKim visited at Cary Phillips, Thursday of last week and Friday, with his two daughters, the Mrs. Winans.
*Mrs. M. Hattery, Elias and Lilly of Vail and her daughter, Mrs. Anna Nicewanner of Muscatine, Iowa, visited at Mrs. S. Horr's Sunday.
*Mr. Roberts of Chicago, and Dan Gillet, also Supervisor White and Mr. Little of West Side, took dinner with J. L. Miller last Friday.
*Mrs. J. Prentice's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Hunter of the south part of the State arrived about ten days ago and expect to make this their future home.
*Quarterly meeting services at the M. E. Church next Sabbath evening, preaching by Rev. J. W. Lothian, also the administration of the Lord's supper, love feast preceding the preaching service.
*Those boys that take the privilege of taking their horses inside of the church yard to feed on the blue grass. Please take notice, stop it, " a word to the wise is sufficient. "
*Mr. Wescott lost a horse Sunday it was turned out in the pasture in the morning and a few hours later when they went after it they found it had slipped down and broken its neck.

Denison Review


*Mr. Dick Brogden made a visit to the soldier boys in Des Moines Sunday. He brings encouraging reports from the boys.
*N. L. Hunt and wife visited at his mother's in Deloit Sunday.
*Several of the large pupils are preparing for graduating exercises the last day of school.
*Mrs. Lawrence Winans is very poorly and is staying at her mother's, Mrs. Hopper's at present.
*Repairs are still being made on the Turner & Halberg store.
*Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Browne came down Thursday with two teams and each wagon with a large hayrack on loaded with their pupils, carrying the stars and stripes, for a picnic day in the woods, but their exercises were somewhat spoiled on account of a thunder shower that came up in the afternoon.
*The L. D. S. district Sunday School convention will be held in Deloit next Friday. Each Sunday School in the district is expected to be represented. A temperance program will be rendered in the evening.
*The L. D. S. quarterly conference will be held in Deloit the fourth and fifth of June. Ministers from other places are expected to be present, also a large delegation from other branches in the district.

Denison Review


*Several of our people were Denison visitors Saturday.
*Superintendent A. G. Myers visited Deloit schools last Friday.
*Mr. Lawrence Winans and wife and Mrs. Hopper spent Saturday in Dow City.
*Grandma McMillan went up to Sac county a week ago to visit with her daughters.
*Roy McKim closed his term of school last Friday and is at home again.
*Elmer Laughery came over from Charter Oak to visit his parents Saturday and brought four of his pupils with him.
*Elders Butterworth and Montague expect to be present next Thursday evening where preaching services will be held at the L. D. S. church. They will remain over Sunday and on Friday Elder Derry and others expect to be present for the quarterly conference and Sunday school convention. All are invited.
*Deloit and vicinity were well represented in Denison Decoration Day.

Denison Review


*N. H. Brogden and Roy Mlastm went to Omaha lst week and attended the opening of the exposition.
*Lora Duckett, of Benan, visited her sister, Mrs. C. J. Hunt, the latter part of the week.
*N. L. Hunt and wife and Frank McCormick and wife, of Denison, spent Sunday in Deloit.
*The L. D. S. conference was largely attended and many were obliged to remain outside for lack of room in the church. Three were added by baptism Sunday.
*The temperance program at the L. D. S. church was rendered to an attentive audience Children'sght.
*Childrens day exercises will be held in the M. E. church next Sabbath morning and in the evening the W. F. M. S. will hold a public meeting. All are invited to be present.
*Mr. and Mrs. John Goff and daughter, Myrtle, of Arion, spent Sunday in Deloit.

Denison Review


*L. Riggleman marketed some hogs Tuesday of last week.
*Uncle Esau McKim is sick.
*Born to Mrs. Nellie Rounds, Tuesday of last week, a fine baby girl.
*Roy McKim has secured a job of work of Mr. Talcott near Dow City.
*Morris Johnson is in Omaha learning stenography.
*Mrs. John Moor received a telegram Monday night that her father, Mr. Adams of Storm Lake was dead.
*Wm. Noakes and wife are down from Wall Lake, visiting a few days with her parents. Her mother contemplates returning with them for a short visit.
*Mrs. Lawrence Hunter has been sick the past two weeks.
*Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hunt are visiting her parents at Benan, Iowa.
*Blair Dobson, eldest son of E. T. Dobson of St. Joseph, Mo., arrived on Sunday for a visit among relatives.
*M. J. Schafer will hold his graduating exercises in the L. D. S. church next Tuesday evening.
*Miss Morris closes her school Friday this week.
*Wm. McKim spent Sunday in Denison.
*Children's day was well attended at the M. E. church Sunday.
*A lady, a returned missionary from Japan, lectured at the M. E. church Sunday evening, to a large audience.
*Deloit has again come to the front with a well organized company of guards. When the call for troops struck the city, it hit us hard, so we proceeded to organize. Bent Ateman was duly elected major; Jim McMullen quartermaster; Gene Brogden, mule driver; J. T. Turner, chaplain; Ed Turner, surgeon; John Lentz, bandmaster; while Leon Mead, Fred Dawson, Scott McKim, John Moore, and Walter Keith, will act as high privates. We are now ready for orders, clothes and rations, especially the later. Marines will be taken at once to the southern portion of the city to guard against a possible invasion by the Spanish. Torpedoes will be placed along the river banks in case torpedohe Spanish torpedoe boats should get away from our navy and stray up the Boyer. Hurrah for Cuba.

Denison Review


*Found a week ago last Saturday near Mr. Gillets, a white embroidered baby's bonnet, the owner will find the same by calling at Mr. Gillet's.
*Mr. M. J. Schafer and Miss Jennis Morris, teachers of Deloit schools, gave an ice cream reception to their pupils and patrons Friday afternoon, and you ought to see those cakes if you would know the interest manifested especially in trying to get them out of sight.
*Mr. and Mrs. George Newcom of Odebolt, visited her parents, E. A. McKim and wife, the last of the week.
*George Winans and son Ray, went to Chicago, Sunday, with two cars of cattle.
*Leilah Lewis is home again after a successful effort in the Commercial department of the college at Denison.
*Miss Bernice McKim gave her class reception on last Saturday evening. Those present were Mary Allbright, Florence Prentice, Millie Prentice, Edna Huckstep of her class and M. J. and Mrs. Schafer, Jennie Morris and Madge Talcott of Dow City.
*Mrs. Feinholt and daughter, aunt and cousin of M. J. Schafer, living in Paradise, made them a visit last Friday afternoon.
*The Standard Oil wagon made its usual trip to Deloit Monday.
*Elder George Hilliard expects to preach at the L. D. S. church next Thursday and Friday nights.
*Roy McKim and Miss Madge Talcott of Dow City, spent a few days at Deloit last week, attended the Deloit school graduating exercises on Tuesday evening.
*Miss Maud Montgomery visited at Deloit last week, returning Saturday.
*Among those that attended the commencement exercises at the college Thursday afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. E. A., and James McKim and wife, Al Schuler, Miss Grace Dawson, Mrs. J. B. Dawson, Fred Cliff and Ruth Dawson, Chas. Childress and Miss Lelia Prentice.
*Clay Miller came home from Wall Lake and spent a few days. He is now in Denison where he has secured a position in the West Denison Mills.

Denison Review


*Deloit will celebrate the Fourth and arrangements are being made for a good time.
*Brack Post went to Denison to enlist Monday.
*Leilah Lewis will make a trip to Greene county this week.
*Wm. Devine of Denison was in Deloit on business Monday.
*Jake Worley's are receiving a visit from their relatives, Mrs. Worley and Stricklet of Main, Neb.
*Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Hunt and Mrs. McCormick were in Deloit Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Scott McKim visited with her parents Sunday.
*Mrs. Geo. Clift left Tuesday of last week for a visit with relatives and friends in Nebraska.
*Clay Miller spent Sunday in Deloit.
*Elmer Laughery is home for a short vacation and then will return to Charter Oak, where he has secured a job.
*Elmer Winans is having quite a severe attack of rheumatism.
*James McKim and wife, and J. L. Miller and wife, attended the Masonic picnic at Lake View last Friday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Winans are again home. Mrs. Winans is much improved in health.
*Wm. McKim and daughters, Bernice and Ava attended the Masonic picnic at Lake View Friday and spent Saturday and Sunday at Auburn.
*M. J. Schafer closed a successful term of school last Tuesday, they took their departure on Friday, they expect to visit relatives in Denison and Nebraska a short time, then go to Carbon, Wyoming, where he has secured a position as school teacher.
*Commencement exercises at the brick church was a success. The orations by Bernice McKim, Mary Allbright, Florence and Millie Prentice and Edna Huckstep, were both entertaining and instructive. The church was nicely decorated and the girls in their costumes of white were the recipients of many floral gifts from their industrious friends. On Wednesday the class of '98 went to Vail and had their pictures taken.

Deloit news articles from 1873 to 1898 including articles for Milford and Goodrich Townships submitted by Melba (Winans) McDowell