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World War I News, 1917-1919

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Articles About People from Crawford County Serving in WWI

September, 1917 - April, 1918

September 1917

Dow City, 9-1-1917

*W. E. Fishel and wife returned on Wednesday from Des Moines where they had spent several days at the fair. While there, Mr. Fishel visited the soldier boys from here, namely Albert Starkey, Cecil Edwards and Alfred and Elias Edwards.

Deloit, 9-5-1917

*Roy McKim Killed in France - First Crawford County Man to Give Life for His Country is Killed in France. Was With Canadian Troops - Deceased a Nephew of Mrs. J. L. Miller of Deloit. Successful Teacher Here for Years. Mrs. J. L. Miller received the sad news that her nephew, Roy McKim had been killed in France on August 16th. Many will remember him as Roy grew to manhood here and was one of Crawford county's best teaches. He had gone from Canada with the troops from there. The relatives have our sympathy.

Vail, 9-5-1917

*John Knowles, who is now stationed at Great Lakes, Ill., was an over-Sunday guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Knowles.

Dow City, Sept. 5, 1917

*Merton Thomas returned home on Sunday from ?, having been called to serve his country, he came here for a visit at the parental E. I. Thomas home before leaving.

Denison Review 9-5-17

*We are told that John Reeser who enlisted some time ago has gone to the training camps at Chattanooga, Tenn.

Dow City, 9-12-1917

*Merton Thomas received a message last week to report at headquarters in Des Moines and left at once for there where he is now in training at Camp Dodge.

Denison, 9-19-1917

*Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hayes went to Des Moines Tuesday morning where they will visit their son, Russell, at Camp Dodge.

Arion, 9-19-1917

*Dr. and Mrs. Verne Talcott left on Monday for Omaha. Verne is expecting to be sent to Louisville, Ky and Mrs. Talcott will stay with him in Omaha until he leaves.

Dow City, 9-19-1917

*York Broadwell left Saturday for Atlanta, Ga., where he had been called to report for military service.

*Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McKee moved their household goods down from Arion on Monday and Mrs. McKee will make her home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Edwards, her husband having been called to report at headquarters in Des Moines. Mr. McKee left Monday night for a visit with his folks in Nebraska before leaving for military service.

*Guild Rudd, after a several days visit at the parental home, left on Tuesday of last week for a visit with his sisters in South Dakota before returning to his duties in the signal service corps at Marsa, Texas.

*Arden Greene has returned from a several weeks' sojourn near Dunlap. Previous to his going to Dunlap, he enlisted and went to Omaha to take the required physical examination which he was successful in passing. Later he went to Denver, Colo. Where he took the second examination and failed to pass.

*Alfred and Elias Edwards and Albert Starkey, who left Ida Grove several weeks ago since which time they have been in Camp Dodge, Des Moines, have been sent to the training camp at Long Island, N. Y., leaving for that place last week.

*Fred Colby and Elmer Birkhofer received a message Sunday to report for military service Friday of this week at headquarters in Des Moines. Louis Miller was also called and left Tuesday for Des Moines.

*Two army balloons were seen to pass over here east bound last week. One went over Wednesday and the other on Saturday. The latter is said to have landed east of Denison.

Herring, 9-26-17

*Joe Ketter, our station agent, took and passed the examination last week at Sac City last week and expects to be called into the service of Uncle Sam in the near future. Joe has been in the employ of the railroad company for years and all those who are acquainted with him regret to see him leave.

Denison Review 9-26-1917

*Four Thousand Bid Farewell - People From Every Nook in Crawford County Come to Denison Saturday Morning to See Soldiers Off. - Business Houses are Closed. Denison Band Out and Boys Given a Morning Luncheon at Hotel Denison - Fifty Four in All. - To the tune of Yankee Doodle and amid the waving of flags and the good byes from four thousand people who had assembled at the Northwestern station Saturday morning, fifty young men, the cream of Crawford county's contingent to go on "their way to France" departed from Denison Saturday morning on the 9:37 train for Camp Dodge, Des Moines.
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Dow City, 9-26-1917

*Fred Colby, Leslie Brasel, Ralph McKee, John Bahr and Louis Miller of this place, were among the number called to report for military service Friday morning. They were given a furlough and returned home from Denison that afternoon and then returned there the next morning from which place they took the train for Camp Dodge, Des Moines. Relatives and friends of the young men accompanied them to Denison where it was with sad hearts they bade their loved ones farewell. The sad scene will never be forgotten by those who witnessed it. On Friday evening the five men from here, including their folks and relatives, about thirty-five all told, were entertained at an eight o'clock dinner given in the Dow hotel by the members of the I.O.O.F. lodge. The Star Spangled Banner was beautifully rendered by a mixed quartet just before the repast. The affair was very highly appreciated by the guests and the event will doubtless linger long in their memory. May God's richest blessing rest upon these young men as they go forth to serve their country's colors in the sentiment of the community. May God's richest blessing rest upon these young men as they go forth to serve their country's colors in the sentiment of the community.

*Miss Gertrude Griffin was a passenger up from Omaha Friday afternoon and made a short visit at the G. M. Brake home. That evening she went to Buck Grove for a visit with her brother, John, before his departure for Camp Dodge, Des Moines.

*Wilbur Thomas went to Des Moines and spent Sunday and Monday with his brother Merton at Camp Dodge, leaving there Tuesday for Grinnell to resume his college work.

*Mr. and Mrs. Brinton Sharp and daughter, Vivian, Miss Jennie Cornelius and Bryce Binnall motored to Des Moines Saturday for an over Sunday visit with Floyd and Mearle Sharp at Camp Dodge. Bryce went from there to Kansas City, where he will resume his work at the veterinary college.

October 1917

Arion, 10-3-1917

*Dr. Verne Talcott has begun his military duties at Fort Oglethorpe, Camp Grunleaf, the medical officers training camp. He is taking his training on the same ground that his father fought in the Civil War. All the heights are famous and are marked.

Defiance, 10-3-1917

*Dr. V. J. Meyer left Sunday evening for a visit with friends in Omaha and from there will go to Chicago and Sandwich, Ill. where he will visit relatives until the eighth of October and will then report for duty at the training camp for officers of the Medical Reserve Corps at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis. The doctor received his commission as First Lieutenant several weeks ago but he could not report sooner on account of injuries received in an automobile accident. He has made many friends during his practice in Defiance and it is with much regret that they hear of his leaving.

Dow City, 10-3-1917

*Mrs. T. E. Fritz was a passenger to Denison Sunday morning where she was a guest at a family dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Fritz, complimentary to their son, John, who will soon leave for military service.

*Alfred and Elias Edwards and Albert Starkey who left Camp Dodge, Des Moines several weeks ago for the training camp in New York have been sent to France.

Denison Review 10-10-17

* Harry Clark was in Ames Friday transacting business. Saturday, he went down to Camp Dodge to visit some of the Denison boys who are in training at the big camp. Most of the Denison boys he says are in Company H of the 350th Infantry. Dow City, 10-10-17

*Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brasel and son and Mrs. Fred Colby motored to Des Moines Saturday for an over Sunday visit with the former's son Leslie and the latter's husband at Camp Dodge.

*Floyd and Mearle Sharp and Ralph McKee came home from Camp Dodge and made a Sunday visit with their folks.

*Mrs. Fred Colby who went to Des Moines Saturday to visit her husband at Camp Dodge, was accompanied home by the latter that night, he remaining until Sunday evening.

Kiron, 10-17-17

*Harvey Bilstein came home Sunday morning from Des Moines for a short visit, before leaving with his troop for Texas, where Uncle Sam is transferring him.

Arion, 10-17-1917

*Virgil Peffers and Louis Miller were home from Camp Dodge over Sunday. The boys look splendid and are full of interest in their camp life.

*George Stilson has gone to once more pass the examination for a soldier. George is determined to be a soldier of the country will accept him. His place at the I. C. depot is taken by his father, N. F. Stilson.

Definance, 10-17-1917

*Doug Newman and Van Anthony, who are in training at Camp Dodge, spent Sunday with relatives here.

Deloit, 10-24-1917

*Killed While Doing Duty - More Particulars as to Killing of Roy McKim, Serving With the Canadians in France -
Battalion's Roll of Honor -
Deceased Born in Deloit on April 16, 1875 - Killed in France Aug. 16, 1917 -
Son of Wm. McKim -

It was announced some weeks ago in the Review that Roy McKim had been killed in France, where he had gone with the Canadian army, having enlisted in the cause of the allies nearly two years ago. Recently a letter from officers in his company was received saying that "he was killed in active service doing his duty" and that he had had a respectable burial and that his name was inscribed on the Battalion's Roll of Honor. It was further stated that Roy had ever been brave and unflinching in the face of danger and was well liked by his comrades with whom he shared the discomforts of trench life for many months.

A letter written by Roy himself and dated four days before he lost his life has since been received by his family. In this he told of the nerve shattering strain that they were undergoing at that time, shells falling and bursting around them constantly mud and water in the trenches knee deep and no chance to make fire or have a light as they were on the very front line. Still he wrote cheerfully and was hopeful of winning a furlough soon.

While the family of Roy are greatly shocked and grieved over his death, still they feel that it was in a most noble cause and are proud to have given him at a time when he was needed most. They only hope that the war will be carried to a successful conclusion and that his death and the death of millions of others will not have been in vain.

William LeRoy McKim was born April 16, 1875, near Deloit, Iowa and was killed in France august 16, 1917. He was the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. William J. McKim, who now reside at Independence, Mo. Roy lived and grew to manhood in the vicinity of Deloit and in April 1898 was united in marriage to Miss Margaret Talcott of Dow City, Iowa.

To this union a daughter and son were born, Evelyn and Ronald, who together with their mother, survive him. He also leaves three sisters and two brothers, namely, Mrs. Edna Hagen and Mrs. Bernice Younie of Independence, Mo., Elder Burton L. McKim of Nevada, Iowa, Mrs. Ava Monk of Fountain, Colo. and Arthur E. McKim of Independence, Mo. He was given a military burial in France.

Dow City, 10-24-1917

*A surprise was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Ahart Monday night, their son, Leo being the honored guest. The event was greatly enjoyed by each one present. Nice refreshments concluded the evening after which the guests repaired to their homes. The affair was given as a sort of farewell as Leo expects to be called to the colors soon.

Dow City, 10-31-17

*Private Hans Hargens and Virgil Pfeffer were home from Camp Dodge for a week end visit.

*The soldiers who were here from Camp Dodge Sunday were very pleasantly entertained at a five o'clock dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Fishel Sunday evening. Two of the boys, Hans Hargens and Louie Miller expect to leave soon for Deming, N. M.

*Ralph McKee, Louis Miller, Leslie Brasel, John Bahr, and Fred Colby were home from Camp Dodge and spent Sunday with their folks.

*Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Butler were in Dunlap Thursday to see their son, Judd, who went through with a company of soldiers and they also enjoyed a short visit with him, the train having stopped for a few minutes.

*A family dinner was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Saul Miller on Sunday, in honor of their son, Louis, who was home from Camp Dodge. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Blackman and daughter of Denison; Mr. and Mrs. Morris Dethlefsen of Kenwood; Mr. and Mrs. George Igou and children and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Miller and little son. Miss Bessie Nieman of Chicago, was also there. The occasion was a very pleasant one and greatly enjoyed by all.

*A surprise party was given at the Jim Scott home on Tuesday night of last week complimentary to Garland Scott, who expects to leave soon for military training. A large number were there and the evening passed very pleasantly. The delicious refreshments served was a most enjoyable feature.

*About thirty-five of the neighbors and friends of the Sam Brasel family were invited to their home Sunday, complimentary to their son, Leslie, who was home from Camp Dodge. An elegant dinner was served and a delightful time enjoyed.

November 1917

Arion, 11-7-1917

*Arion went to the train of soldiers carried with them one of the Arion boys, Judd Butler, son of Chas. Butler.

Arion, 11-21-1917

*Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Collier came from Hastings, Neb., Tuesday morning. Mr. Collier left Tuesday evening for San Domingo, where he will enter the service of the government. Mrs. Collier will remain with her mother until word comes from where Mr. Collier is assigned, where she will join him.

Vail, 11-21-1917

*J. R. Murphy received a letter from his son, Capt. John A. Murphy, who is in the signal corps, leaving Ft. Leavenworth, Kans., on his way to Camp Bevens, Ayr, Mass. (Denison Review --)

Dow City, 11-21-1917

*Floyd Sharp, Leslie Brasel, Merton Thomas, John Bahr, Fred Colby, Louis Miller, Merril Sharp, Ralph McKee and George Dillenberger, all soldiers of Camp Dodge, were given a leave of absence Friday to be present at the dedication of the Soldier's monument in Denison. They also took part in the exercises. The boys spent Saturday and Sunday here with their relatives and friends, returning Sunday evening to Camp Dodge. These visits were very much enjoyed by the kindred and friends of the boys and their homecoming is always looked forward to with the greatest of pleasure.

*Nathan Hain went to Omaha Saturday to enlist for military service and was successful in passing the required physical examination. We understand that he will be stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Camp. He is now spending a few days in Nebraska City, Neb., at the home of his sister, Mrs. J. H. Pearsall and family. He will return here before leaving for service.

Arion, 11-28-1917

*A party was given Monday evening at the Arion hall in honor of J. Morford, the North Western station agent here, who is drafted for service and will leave his position her December 1. All enjoyed the evening and the best wishes of his friends go with him.

*George Stilson, who is in the signal corps at Ft. Leavenworth, returned Monday evening to spend Thanksgiving at home. He expects soon to be transferred.

*The friends of Judd Butler will be pleased to learn that he is now in the Artillery Band at Camp Mills, Ill, being promoted from private in the artillery.

Dow City, 11-28-1917

*Ralph McKee was home from Camp Dodge and made an over Sunday visit with his wife. Louis Miller, John Bahr, George Dillenberger, Fred Colby, Merton Thomas and Leslie Brasel were among the boys from the vicinity who left Camp Dodge for Camp Pike, Little Rock Ark. last week.

*Nathan Hain, who recently entered the military ranks left Sunday for the Great Lakes naval training station near Chicago. Nathan is one of Dow City's brightest young men and will be greatly missed. The best wishes of the whole community are with him and may God richly bless and protect him wherever he may go.

December 1917

Arion, 12-5-1917

*Friends of Louis Carroll will be pleased to learn that he has been promoted to the rank of sergeant. Louis had a grocery store in Onawa and was doing a good business which he sold when war was declared.

Wall Lake, 12-5-1917

*Albert Young went to Omaha Friday to enlist in the navy, passing the physical at examination all right. But when he returned Monday to complete his enlistment, his lack of citizenship here prevented. His brother, Hugh, accompanied him down on Friday.

*Mrs. Jessie Baker went to Chicago on Friday evening to see her brother, Marion Heth, who is in training at the Great Lakes training school. The children spent their vacation with their grandparents at Carnaryon.

*A report was received from Camp Lewis of an accident to a former Wall Lake boy, Donald McGirr, who was First Lieutenant in Co. A 364th Infantry stationed at Camp Lewis. According to the newspaper account, the taxi containing three lieutenants and the driver, going at 25 to 30 miles per hour, jumped from a forty foot viaduct, wrecking the car, seriously injuring all the passengers and killing the driver. Lieut. McGirr suffered from a fractured ankle, a broken arm and back, hip and head badly bruised. The accident occurred November 24 at Old Tacoma. Recent advices to friends here state that if nothing else develops, he will recover.

Dow City, 12-5-1917

*Mr. and Mrs. Clair Butterworth were very pleasantly surprised Wednesday morning when their son, Nelson, arrived from Denning, N. H., where he has been in the training camp for the past three months or so. He has been given a furlough of ten days.

*Henry Kahle, who had spent several months in this vicinity left Friday for his home in southern Illinois having been called to report for military service.

*A number of Dow City friends packed a box of fruit, candy and many other good things in the line of eats, and sent to York Broadwell last week for Thanksgiving. Mr. Broadwell is located at Camp Wheeler in Mason, Ga. This kind of act of thoughtfulness by his friends here will no doubt be very highly appreciated.

*Relatives are in receipt of a letter from Nathan Hain who recently enlisted in the navy, and in which he states that he reached his destination safely and so far is well pleased with the military life. He is stationed at the Great Lakes training camp near Chicago. Nathan also says that he is very much pleased with the location. His many friends are glad to hear that he is so well satisfied and wish for him the best of success.

Dow City, 12-12-1917

*Nelson Butterworth, after having spent a week at the parental Claim Butterworth home, left Tuesday of last week on his return to Camp Cody at Deming, N. M. His brother Hugh accompanied him as far as Omaha.

Dow City, 12-12-1917

*Lloyd Brake and Bill Toon were in Omaha last week to enlist in the navy and both failed to pass the required physical examination. The former then took the examination for the army which he passed successfully. He returned home Saturday and Monday left for St. Louis, Mo. where he will be stationed at Jefferson Barracks near that place.

*Relatives are in receipt of a letter from Foster Spence, a former Dow City boy. He has enlisted and is now in the Signal Corps at Camp Dodge. Foster says that he is well satisfied with the military life.

*George Wieland and Robert Wright were in Omaha Monday. We are told that they went to enlist for military service.

*Leo Ahart was in Ames last week where he took the officers training examination. As yet we have not learned whether he was successful in passing or not.

*Friends will be interested to know that Fred Colby, who is in the military service, has been given a position of barber. He is at present stationed at Little Rock Ark.

Denison, 12-12-1917

*Ronald Wygant, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Wygant , went down to Omaha Monday where he enlisted in the naval reserve corps.

*Ray Garrett who is stationed at Camp Code underwent an operation for appendicitis last week. We are glad to report that the operation was successful and that he is doing as well as could be expected.

*Louie Lochmiller departed Monday afternoon for Des Moines where he enlisted in the nonflying aero service.

Deloit 12-12-1917

*Guy Prentice left for Omaha to enlist Monday.

Deloit, 12-19-1917

*Guy Prentice has enlisted in the ? ? artillery. His immediate relatives received word to that effect Monday.

*Guy Prentice who left for Omaha the fore part of the week went to join the navy, left Tuesday evening for Fort Logan, Colo. Our postmistress already has one son in the army and as this boy is the last of the children at home to go, she will be very lonely.

Defiance, 12-19-1917

*William Young Jr. came up from Omaha to help his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Young, Sr. celebrate their thirty-seventh wedding anniversary Sunday. He returned to Omaha Monday and will report for duty at Ft. Omaha on the 18th having recently enlisted.

Denison, 12-19-1917

*Chase Kemming is up from Camp Dodge this week, spending a few days with his mother, Mrs. C. C. Kemming.

Dow City, 12-19-1917

*We are told that George Wieland and Robert Wright, who were in Omaha last week to enlist in the navy, were rejected on account of their eyesight.

*R. H. Fishel has enlisted in the navy and expects to leave the latter part of this week.

*Horace Thomas was in Des Moines last week, where he enlisted in the navy. He was successful in passing the required examination and was sent at once to the Great Lakes training camp near Chicago. The best wishes of all are for him.

*Friends of Merton Thomas, who is in the military service, will be pleased to learn that he has been transferred from the infantry to the cavalry. He is at present stationed at Camp Pike, Little Rock, Ark.

*John Bahr was home from Camp Doidge and spent Saturday and Sunday with his folks.

*Bill Toon and Medford Rudd, who recently enlisted, left Wednesday for Colorado and will be stationed at Ft. Logan.

Arion, 12-19-1917

*Mr. Ed Lehman spent Sunday here with his many friends, he having been granted a few days furlough from his duties at Camp Dodge.

*Mr. and Mrs. Herman Iwens came home from Des Moines Saturday for a short vacation with relatives. Mr. Iwens is at Camp Dodge.

Charter Oak, 12-26-1917

*Lieut. Thomas Thompsen came home Thursday afternoon to spend Christmas with his people. He has been attending a school of orthopedic surgery at Philadelphia and is on his way to Ft. Ogelthorpe in Georgia.

Dow City, 12-26-1917

*Candy for Soldier Boys - Standard Bearers of Dow City Meet and Make Candy to Send to Our Soldier Boys - On Monday night of last week the Standard Bearers met at the home of Miss Vivian Sharp for the purpose of making candy to send our soldier boys for Christmas, the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society furnishing the supplies.

Twenty-eight boxes were sent away Wednesday to the following persons:

Merton Thomas, George Dillenberger, Leslie Brasel, Louis Miller, Hans Hargens and Fred Colby, who are stationed at Camp Pike, Little Rock, Ark;

John Reeser, Chattanooga, Tenn; York Broadwell, Camp Wheeler, Ga; John and Jesse Bohner, one of them being stationed at Charleston, N. C. and the other is at sea;

Nelson Butterworth and Cecil Edwards, Camp Cody, Deming, N. M.; Fred Randel and Lloyd Brake, Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Mo; Medford Rudd and Chauncey Toon, Ft. Logan, Colo.;

Horace Thomas, Nathan Hain and Foster Tillet, Great Lakes Training Camp, Chicago;

John Bahr, Floyd and Merrill Sharp and Ralph McKee, Camp Dodge;

Alfred Edwards, Albert Starkey, Judd Butler and Elias Edwards, who are in France.

Several of these soldiers were given a furlough and came home to spend Christmas with their folks. Others had planned on coming but learned later that they would not be able to get here, a number of them for the reason that they were not permitted to ride on the train at this time. This was indeed a great disappointment to them and to the home folks as well, but all sincerely hope they enjoy a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year at the various cantonments.

*Floyd and Merril Sharp and John Bahr came home Saturday from Camp Dodge and remained until after Christmas. The boys had quite a time reaching here as they were compelled to travel in automobiles, not being permitted to ride in steam-heated cars. They also returned overland.

*James Houston has entered the military ranks and left for Chicago, near which place he will be stationed at the Great Lakes training camp.

*Leo Ahart, who was in Ames, recently took the officers' training examination and was successful in passing. He expects to leave about the fifth of January for Camp Dodge.

January 1918

Dow City, 1-2-18

*R. H. Fishel, who recently enlisted as a marine gunner has left and at present is at Norfolk, Va. He served in the navy two years a number of years ago thus being well fitted for military service.

Denison Review, 1-2-1918

Men Classed by Board in One of Five Classes, According to Regulations Sent Out by Government -
Many are now in Class One -
Thirty Registrants Placed in Class Four, Sixteen in Class Two, and One in Three, Ten in Five -

The local exemption board, made up of Sheriff H. J. Cummings, Dr. W. T. Wright and E. T. Cochran, have passed on eighty-five Crawford county men who are subject to the selective conscription act and who have returned their questionnaires properly made out.

These men have been classed by the board in one of the five classes according to the regulations sent them by the provost general at Washington. Men who are not satisfied with the classification as made by the local board may appeal to the district board. Over one hundred questionnaires are being sent out each day from the office of the local board, some 1500 having been mailed out to-date. These are sent to each registrant in the order in which they were drawn.

The registrant is required to fill out this questionnaire and return it to the board within seven days from the date it was mailed. The board has found that many errors are being made in filling out the questionnaires. One of the most common is that the registrant does not have the supporting affidavits filled out in the handwriting of the parties who sign tem.

Of the eighty-five questionnaires already passed on by the board, one third of the registrants have been placed in class one. Thirty registrants were placed in class four, with sixteen in class tow, one in class three and ten in class five. In many cases, where men claimed deferred classification, they were put in the first class, the evidence submitted not being of such a nature as to warrant the board putting them in the class claimed.

Below we publish the list of the eighty-five registrants already classed by the board, giving their serial numbers, order number and address. These men have been mailed postal cards by the board, notifying them of the class in which they have been assigned.
The following abbreviations will explain the addresses of the registrants: A-Arion; A-Aspinwall; B - Boyer; BG - Buck Grove; CO - Charter Oak; D - Denison; DC - Dow City; K-Kiron; M - Manilla; S-Schleswig; V - Vail; WS - West Side.

List of Men and Classification.

Denison Review, 1-2-18

*The first lady from Crawford county going to France as a Red Cross nurse - Miss Pearl Gary. A member of the Council Bluffs contingent to Unit K. Miss Gary started for New York on Tuesday evening of last week (Picture in paper)

Buck Grove, 1-9-18

*A letter from Sidney Bonney this week gives a new address, which he thinks will be permanent for awhile at least. It is First Lieut. Inf. Henry S. Bonney, 2d Bu, 1st U. S. Engineers, Am. Ex. Forces, France.

Arion, 1-9-1918

*Vinton Reynolds, another one of Arion's patriotic boys, resigned his position as mail carrier at Charter Oak and left Tuesday for Omaha where he will enlist with the intentions of joining the aviation corps. His brother, Curtis, is now corporal serving in France.

*Mr. Chas. Butler has heard from his son, Phillip, who is now at Long Island in the aviation corps and expects to leave soon for France. Judd, his brother is also stationed somewhere in New York and expects to leave soon for France.

Dow City, 1-9-1918

*Mrs. J. H. Pearsall left Sunday for her home in Nebraska City, Neb., after a visit of nearly a week among relatives and friends having come for the purpose of seeing her brother, Nathan Hain, before his return to the Great Lakes naval training camp. Mrs. R. E. Harper went home with her for a week's visit.

*We have been informed that Ray Mahoney has enlisted as a mechanic and expects to leave soon. He has been employed in the Fienhold garage for some time.

*Nathan Hain left Thursday morning on his return to the Great Lakes naval training camp after a furlough of nearly a week spent here with his folks.

*Bryce Binnall, who had spent the holiday vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Binnall, departed on Wednesday for Kansas City, to resume his work at the veterinary school. We are told that after completing his course there at the close of this year, he will go into the military service as a veterinary doctor.

Vail, 1-9-1918

*The many friends of Capt. John Murphy will be pleased to learn that he has been promoted to a major in the United States regular army at a salary of $325 per month. "Johnny" is a son of our townsman, Mr. J. R. Murphy. All will be glad to hear of his advancement. He is at present stationed at Camp Devans, Mass.

West Side, 1-16-18

*Gus Jensen left Monday for Camp Dodge. The best wishes of his many friends go with him.

Arion, 1-16-1918

*Ira Lee is next on the list of Arion's patriotic boys. He goes to Omaha this week to join the aviation corps of the army.

Dow City, 1-16-1918

*Private John Woodard was a passenger from Council Bluffs Saturday and visited until Sunday morning with his relatives, the Field families. He is stationed at Camp Dodge and had been called home by the serious illness of his mother.

*Lieut. Floyd Sharp and Privates Merrill Sharp and Ralph McKee were home from Camp Dodge and spent Saturday night and Sunday.

*Friends of Lloyd Brake, who is in the military service, will be interested to learn that he has been transferred to Vancouver barracks, Wash. Lloyd writes that he was on the way seven days and seven nights before reaching his destination but says that the trip was a very enjoyable one.

*Friend will be interested to learn that Nathan Hain has been given a position in the navel band at the Great Lakes training camp near Chicago.

Defiance, 1-23-1918

*Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Ferguson and the latter's brother, Van Anthony, visited relatives east of Harlan Friday. Mr. Anthony had come from Camp Dodge to act as pall bearer at a military funeral at Red Line.

Denison Review 1-30-1918

*Many Attend Fink Funeral -
Percy Fink, the Crawford Soldier Boy Who Died at Camp Cody, Was Buried Last Saturday -
Major Philpot Pays Tribute -
Was Ideal Soldier Boy and Much Liked by All With Whom he Came in Contact in the Army -

Oliver Percy Fink, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Fink of Wellington, Tex., who passed away Jan. 20, 1918, at Camp Cody, Deming, N. M., at the age of 20 years, 1 month and 20 days was laid to rest at Oakland cemetery on Saturday afternoon. Funeral services were held at the Methodist Episcopal church at 2:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon, Rev. J. L. Boyd, the pastor, officiating. The funeral was largely attended, many friends of the family coming down from Deloit to pay their respects to the memory of this you man who had enlisted in the service of his country.

When Percy was about five years old the family moved to Texas, where they resided for ten years. They returned to Iowa five years ago, making their home near Deloit for three years. During this time Percy made a profession of faith in Christ and united with the Methodist church at Deloit. About two years ago the family moved to Nebraska.

Soon after President Wilson declared that a state of war existed between Germany and the United States, Percy returned to Iowa and at Boone enlisted in the first separate company formed there, which was in the latter part of June. In September following he was sent with his company to Camp Code, N. M., and later was transferred to C company 125th Machine Gun Battalion and about November 1st was raised to the rank of first class private. Had he lived, so the commanding officer informed his parents, he would have been promoted to corporal in about two weeks.

His soldier life was brief but in that short time he made a record clean and honorable, without reproach. Major S. P. Philpot, commander of the 125th Machine Gun Battalion wrote the following letter to Mr. and Mrs. Fink after the death of their son.

Headquarters 125th Ms. Gun Bat., Camp Code, Deming, N. M. , January 22, 1918 -
From Major S. P. Philpot.
To Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Fink,
Subject: The death of your son.

It is with very deep regard that I offer you condolence in the sad death of your son, Percy Fink. Percy Fink was a most excellent soldier indeed. I watch him closely, was personally acquainted with him. He was always a hard, willing worker, never had to be punished in any manner or form. We could always rely on him to perform every duty to his very best. I want to assure you that the army has lost a valuable soldier and he died for his country just as much here as though he had died over there. Signed S. B. Philpot, Commanding 125th M. G. Bat.

His commanding officers praised his work in the camp in the highest terms. They assured his parents that no cleaner record would go up to Washington than his. Obedience, the first great law of a soldier's life, he had learned to perfection. He was soldierly in his bearing, faithful to the trust committed to him - loyal to the flag. Had he lived such qualities of manhood would doubtless have been rewarded with still greater promotion. He would have honored the flag and been a blessing to his country.

But his race is over - brief was his life. He was but a boy in years when his sun went down. Yet at the call of his country he gave himself and lived long enough to prove his exalted devotion to the flag and with willingness to sacrifice life if need be for liberty and human rights. He gave himself as truly as if he had died on the field of battle. He has not lived in vain for he will share with him comrades in the final glorious victory for righteousness and justice and peace on the earth and in that intimate circle of kinship and friendship his name will be held in increasing affection and respect.

His influence will live - "He being dead yet speaketh." That which above all else takes the bitterness of his early death is the hope that we have as to the future. As already noted, he had enlisted in the service of his Lord. Chaplin Schook, of Iowa, ministered to him during his last illness, praying with him and talking to him of his soul's salvation. The chaplain told the parents that he believed their son was at peace with the Lord. His last illness was of short duration. He had had the measles, was making a good recovery when he was attacked by pneumonia and within forty-eight hours he passed away.

He leaves to mourn his death his father and mother, a younger brother and sister and many other relatives. The entire community unites in extending to the bereaved family their most heartfelt sympathy.

Charter Oak, 1-30-1918

*Dr. C. Turner, who recently enlisted in the aviation corps, has been notified to report for duty at Urbana, Ill. and will leave Friday morning.

Dow City, 1-30-1918

*James Houston returned Friday from a week's sojourn in Chicago, where he had gone upon receiving a message that his son, James, who is at the Great Lakes Naval Training camp had been stricken with spinal meningitis. We are very glad to report that the latter is improving nicely now and expects to come home in two or three weeks for a furlough of thirty days.

*Private Merril Sharp was home from Camp Dodge several days last week having been given a furlough in order that he might attend the Sharp and Sterrett sale in which he had an interest. He returned to Camp Dodge Sunday.

*Private Merrill Sharp and Miss Jennie Cornelius sprang a surprise on their friends Wednesday when they were united in marriage. While it was generally known that the event was to take place, it came rather unexpectedly at this time. The wedding was a quiet one being solemnized at the Methodist parsonage by Rev. A. B. Adams, Wednesday evening. The bride wore a beautiful gown of gray georgette with dainty burgundy trimming while the groom was attired in his military uniform. Miss Cornelius, who is Dow City's first war bride, has won many warm friends here since coming to Dow City a number of years ago with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. George Cornelius, from Pennsylvania and is a young lady of pleasing personality. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Brinton Sharp and also has many friends, having grown to young manhood in this vicinity and is one of Dow City's best young men. Before entering the military ranks last September, he was engaged in farming south of town. The newlyweds spent a short time in Sioux City with Mrs. George Cornelius at the hospital before the groom returned to Camp Dodge. The bride will make her home with her uncle and aunt, George Cornelius and wife, for the present. She may go to Des Moines later to reside while her husband is at Camp Dodge. The best wishes of all are extended to them.

*Mr. and Mrs. Morris Wilder were here from Sioux City several days last week visiting at the parental N. R. Wilder home. Morris has enlisted in the aviation corps and expects to leave soon for service.

February 1918

Dow City, 2-6-1918

*Bob Oliver, James Scott and James Turnland were among those in Denison last week taking the examination for military service.

*Mr. and Mrs. Jake Reeser are looking forward with great pleasure to a visit from their son, Private John E. Reeser, who is expected here this week from Chattanooga, Tenn.

*Miss Vivian Sharp and her sister-in-law, Mrs. Merril Sharp, visited from Saturday until Monday with the latter's husband and also Lieut. Floyd Sharp at Camp Dodge. Miss Blanche Cole clerked in the post office Saturday in Miss Sharp's place.

Dow City, 2-13-1918

*Private Ralph McKee came home from Camp Dodge Thursday to get acquainted with his baby daughter, returning to camp Sunday. The little Miss has been presented with a five- dollar war saving stamp toward which several families contributed.

*Lieut. Floyd Sharp was home from Camp Dodge and made an over-Sunday visit with his folks.

*Private Ralph McKee and wife are the proud parents of baby daughter, born on Wednesday, February 6th. Mother and babe are being cared for at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Edwards. This is Dow City's first war baby.

*Private John Bahr was home from Camp Dodge several days the past week, he having been given a furlough in order that he might attend the sale that was held Friday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Bahr.

Denison Review 2-20-1918

*50 More Called To Colors - Fifty Crawford County Young Men Notified to Mobilize in Denison on Monday, February 25th. Go to camp at Des Moines. Will Receive Their Military Training at Camp Dodge Preparatory to Going to France.

List of Those Departing

The fifty men whose names appear above were mailed notices early this morning by the local board, ordering them to mobilize in Denison on Monday February 25th. They are instructed to report to the local board on the third floor of the court house at 2:00 o'clock and on Tuesday morning they will leave for Camp Dodge, where they will receive their military training preparatory to going to France to help win the war for democracy. Orders for the mobilizing of the remaining 55 per cent of Crawford county's quota were received by the board last week, but the board was unable to name the men who would be called into the service until a late hour last night owing to the fact that the district medical board at Carroll had not reported on some physical examinations they had made of Crawford county registrants.

There are yet to be called some 18 men to fill the first quota and these men will be notified within the next few days. These fifty Crawford county men will leave Denison Tuesday morning over the Northwestern on the train leaving here at 9:21. They will go to Carroll where a special train will be made up for other men in nearby counties and go direct to Camp Dodge via Ames. The local board is winding up the physical examination of men placed in class one and expect to have them all examined by Friday of this week. All the men have been sent notices to appear for their physical examination. Some of the registrants will have to go to Carroll to be examined by the district board before they are finally passed.

It is impossible at this time for the Review to give the exact number of men in class one. Many men in this class have appealed from the classification as made by the local board and the district board has not passed on all of the cases. Others have yet to be examined by the district medical board at Carroll. It is probably that there will be something like 600 men in the first class when the work is all completed.

Dow City, 2-20-1918

*James Houston is expected home this week from the Great Lakes Naval Training station near Chicago, where he has been for several months. We are told that he has been granted a furlough of thirty days. It will be remembered that he had a serious attack of spinal meningitis just recently but is now getting along quite well.

*Frank Honz came home Tuesday from Ft. Dodge for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Honz. He has been called to report for military service the twenty-sixth of this month.

*Wilbur Thomas has given up his college work at Grinnell, having enlisted in the coast defense. He left just recently for New London, Conn., where he will be stationed at the east end of Long Island. E. L. Thomas and wife now have three sons in the country's service, the other two being Merton, who is stationed at Camp Pike, Ark., and Horace, who has been at the Great Lakes naval training camp near Chicago for several months. It can well be said of this family that they are doing their full share in winning the war.

*O. F. Reynolds, Orris Ahart and R. E. Lusk were in Denison the latter part of the week, having been called to take the physical examination for military service.

*The businessmen of the town gave a banquet at the city hotel Sunday night for the three soldier's boys; Garland Scott, Morris McHenry and Will Turner, who left this week for Camp Dodge. The parents and friends of the boys were also invited. The spread was a very elegant one and greatly relished by all. The affair was most enjoyable but at the thought of the boy's leaving our midst, sadness was intermingled with the joy. They left Monday morning on the 11:20 train for Denison where they had been called to report and on Tuesday morning left there for Camp Dodge where they will receive their military training. The pupils of the public school were dismissed in order that they might see the boy's off. Besides the school pupils, a very large number gathered at the depot to give the boys a send off. Several songs were sung by the pupils of the school. The best wishes of the entire community go with the boys.

Dow City, 2-27-1918

*Private John Reeser arrived the last of the week from Chattanooga, Tenn., for a visit at the parental Reeser home. John is looking fine and seems well satisfied with military life. He expects to remain until Saturday of this week.

*Lieut. Floyd Sharp was home from Camp Dodge and made an over Sunday visit with his folks. He has just recently been promoted from second lieutenant to first, he having received his commission last week.

Charter Oak, 2-27-1918

*Lowell Woodward has enlisted to the aviation corps. and has been home the past week visiting his father before going to Vancouver barracks, near Portland.

*The following young men were called from here to fill Charter Oak's quota in the last draft: Barney Remmes, Louis Strissel, Boyd Crone and Charles Patton.

Goodrich, 2-27-1918

*Ralph Winey and Fred Petersen were among the soldier boys that were given a royal time Friday night at the hall in Deloit.

*Mr. and Mrs. Albert Winey entertained the immediate relatives of their nephew, Raleigh Winey, to a farewell dinner Sunday, there being over thirty guests present. Some nice pictures were taken of the group and all enjoyed themselves greatly, departing for their homes in the evening, wishing Raleigh good luck and safe return to the family circle.

Deloit, 2-27-1918

*Mansel Johnson came from Laurel, Neb. to see his brother, Guy, before the latter began military training.

*A telegram was received in town stating that True Myers, only son of Merle Myers, of Lamoni, will leave for training at Camp Dodge.

*A farewell party was held at the opera house Friday evening for the soldier boys who left Tuesday for Camp Dodge. Those who went from here were Raleigh Winey, Freddie Peterson, Ben Patrick, Joe Yetter, Guy Johnson. A royal time was given them. After the lunch the good things left were sold which brought them over $50 which was put in the bank to prepare some more kits for the soldier boys in the future. One of the Shipman grading camp men was also called but was not present at the banquet. The boys were presented some fine furnished comfort kits that were greatly appreciated. All wish them good luck and a safe return.

March 1918

Dow City, 3-6-1918

* Brinton Sharp and wife went to Des Moines Monday morning, having received word that their son, Lieut. Floyd Sharp, who has been stationed at Camp Dodge for several months, had received orders to leave thee Tuesday for Hoboken, New Jersey, from where he will probably be sent to France. Miss Mildred Butterworth accompanied them. Floyd's many Dow City friends wish him the best of luck and a safe return.

*A. A. Fishel and wife started Tuesday for Portland, Ore., where they will make a visit with her daughter. They are also planning on visiting Private Lloyd Brake who I stationed at Vancouver.

*Private John Reeser, who has been home on a several days furlough, stated Thursday on his return to Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., near Chattanooga, Tenn. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Reeser accompanied him as far as Logan.

*Privates Ralph McKee and Merrill Sharp came up from Camp Dodge Saturday to spend the Sabbath with the home folks.

Charter Oak, 3-6-1918

*Captain Hill received a call Monday afternoon, ordering him to report at Camp Greenleaf, Ft. Ogelsthorpe, Ga. He left Tuesday in answer to the call. Dr. Hill has been in Charter Oak for a number of years and married one of Charter Oak's best young ladies. He enlisted in the army and was given a captaincy at the outbreak of the war. Charter Oak people wish Captain Hill good luck and a safe return to his family.

*Mrs. H. L. Mahood and daughter, Jean, left Thursday morning for Morningside where they will make their home while Rev. Mahood is at Camp Taylor, Ky.

Arion, 3-6-1918

*News from Chattanooga lately is that Dr. Verne Talcott has received his appointment as senior lieutenant of hospital train No. 36 and expects to leave soon for France.

Denison, 3-6-1918

*Clarence Chamberlin received a letter Sunday from the war department ordering him to report Saturday for service in the balloon service. He will leave Friday evening for Urbana, Ill. as he was ordered to report there for duty. Clarence enlisted last fall in the balloon service and for several months has anxiously bee awaiting his summons.

Arion, 3-13-1918

*Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ludwig and daughter were called to Blair, Nebr., Sunday to see Mr. Ludwig's brother, who left Monday to join the army.

Dow City, 3-13-1918

*Mrs. S. E. Goddard has accepted a position as clerk in the Scott grocery and bakery and began her duties on Friday. She takes the place left vacant by O. F. Reynolds, who departed the first of the week for North Carolina, where he will enter upon his duties with Uncle Sam for the great cause of democracy.

*Mrs. Merrill Sharp went to Des Moines Saturday where we are told she will remain while her husband is at Camp Dodge. They have rented rooms and will do light housekeeping.

*Mr. and Mrs. John Ahart very pleasantly entertained the six soldier boys, F. O. Reynolds, Morris Hefferman, Floyd Rigsby, James Turnlund, Asa Dwine and Guy Rockwell at dinner Saturday night.

*Miss Esther Turnlund came up from Council Bluffs Saturday morning for an over-Sunday visit at the parental, A. P. Turnlund home. She came for the purpose of seeing her brother, James, before his departure for North Carolina for which place he started Tuesday, where he will enter the military ranks.

*Dorris Griffin was in the city of Omaha Monday where we understand he went to enlist for military service.

*Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Turnlund and son, John, and daughter, Gladys, were up from Council Bluffs, Sunday, for a farewell visit with the formers brother, James, before his departure for Camp Green, N. Carolina. A family dinner was given in his honor Sunday. Those present besides the Elmer Turnlund family being Mr. and Mrs. Fred Buss and children, Miss Esther Turnlund and the parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Turnlund, also Miss Hilda Turnlund.

*Crawford county people were saddened Sunday by the message which brought the news that Leo Miller had been wounded while on duty in France, he having been shot through the body. He formerly resided near Charter Oak and was engaged as a telephone lineman. He was familiarly known as "Big" Miller and is quite well known here as he worked in the vicinity of Dow City a great deal.

*Private Ralph McKee was home from Camp Dodge spending Saturday night and Sunday with his wife and baby.

*Patriotic Meet for Soldiers:
Good People of Dow City, Honor Departing Soldier Boys with Big Patriotic Meeting Sunday.
Six Boys Leave for the South.
Churches Dispense with Regular Services in Order That All Might Attend the Farewell.

James Turnlund, Floyd Rigsby, Guy Rockwell, F. O. Reynolds, Morris Hefferman, and Asa Dwine were in Denison the latter part of the week where then enlisted for military duty and left Tuesday for Camp Green, Charlotte, N. Carolina, where they will receive their training.

These boys will be greatly missed in the community as they are numbered among Dow City's very best young men and we can safely say that they will prove to be all that goes to make a true soldier. That they man have the best of luck and a safe return is the sentiment of the entire community.

On Sunday evening a patriotic service was held in the opera house in honor of the boys. The usual preaching services at the different churches were dispensed with in reverence of the occasion. The house was filled to its capacity, many being present from the neighboring towns. The six honored guests took their places in a body, occupying seats in the front part of the building. Sidney Pitt, of Logan had been expected to give an address but word was received that evening that he would be unable to be present, owing to illness. This was indeed quite a disappointment, especially on the part of the program committee, however, the next best thing was done. Several of our townsmen were called upon to give talks and each willingly responded.

The evening was opened with several beautiful selections by the high school orchestra, after which the congregation sang America. The audience was then led in prayer by Rev. G. A. Barker of the Baptist church. Following this Miss Bernice Hunsicker sand, "When the Boys Come Home". A patriotic reading was given by Miss Margaret Ryan.

Short addresses were given by Rev. G. A. Barker, W. E. Fishel, J. N. Bell, Mott McHenry, Supt. J. J. Johnson, L. C. Hatch, and M. G. Wiggins, the latter telling of his experiences in the civil war. Mrs. Anna Williams also addressed the audience in a very pleasing manner. Each talk given was most appropriate to the event and was listened to with much pleasure and interest, as were also the other numbers on the program.

At the close of the addresses came a tableau, showing a camp fire which had been very effectively arranged. A male quarter composed of Dean Talcott, E. G. Wiggins, A. L. Jackson and Prof. O. R. Bently sat around the fire and sag, "We're Tenting Tonight," while M. A. Pearsall carrying a gun on his shoulder, walked back and forth, representing a guard on duty. Mott McHenry sat in one of the white tents which had been placed at the side, writing a letter. The men were dressed in soldier's uniforms.

After this impressive scene, a service flag was displayed by W. E. Fishel, who read the names of each soldier in Union township, who is represented by a star on the beautiful flag. At present, thirty-six stars appear on the flag. A number of names which were called out after the thirty-six had been read, will be represented on the flag also and when these have been added somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty starts will have been placed on the flag thus far. More will be added from time to time. At the close of this feature "The Star Spangled Banner" was sung by the audience, after which the benediction was given by J. L. Butterworth.

Charter Oak, 3-20-1918

*Private Hans Hendrichsen is home from Camp Dodge for a visit with his people.

Deloit, 3-20-1918

*Mr. and Mrs. U. S. Dunbar have received word from their son, who is in camp, saying he is getting along fine.

Arion, 3-20-1918

*Mrs. Wm. Marr and daughters, Evelyn and Marie, went to Council Bluffs last week to say good bye to Russell Conrad, who left to join the army.

*Lee Perion of Manilla, who is home on a furlough, spent Wednesday visiting his sister, Miss Nellie Perion, who is one of our teachers.

Dow City, 3-20-1918

*A surprise farewell was tendered James Houston, Jr. Friday evening before his return to the Great Lakes training station near Chicago. There was a large number of friends and relatives present on this occasion. The home was most beautifully decorated with red, white and blue bunting which was very appropriate. The time was passed in a pleasant and enjoyable manner. At a late hour dainty and delicious refreshments were served and soon after this feature the guests departed for their homes. The guest of honor was more than pleased in meeting his friends and relatives in this way and they were also. All regret very much that he must again leave the community. He left the first of the week after having spent thirty days here. The best wishes of everyone go with him.

*Dorris Griffin left on Tuesday of the past week for Denver, Colo., he having enlisted as a truck driver. He will receive his training at Ft. Logan near Denver. The best wishes of all are with him.

*Friends will be interested to learn that Private Nelson Butterworth has been transferred to the Quarter Master Corps. He is at present stationed at Camp Cody, N. M., where he has been for several months.

*Mrs. John Ahart and Lillian, Misses Bernice Hunsicker and Margaret Ryan, Mrs. W. E. Fishel and daughter, Lola, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Buss, Dr. J. A. Brill and wife and Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Vore were among those who went to Denison last week to see the soldier boys start on their way to Camp Green, Charlotte, North Carolina. Word was received Saturday from the boys that they had reached their destination after having traveled four days. They also report that the trip was a very enjoyable one.

*Friends of John Bahr will be pleased to learn that he has recently been promoted from private to corporate. He is still at Camp Dodge where he has been stationed since going into the military service last fall.

*Relatives and friends here have received word here to the effect that privates Fred Colby and Leslie Brasel have been transferred from Camp Pike, Ark. to Camp Greene, N. Ca. This will undoubtedly be their last move before "going over."

*Corporal John Bahr and Private Garland Scott were here from Camp Dodge and Sundayed with friends and relatives.

*Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lazerus and children and her brother, Alex Rueben, motored to Omaha Sunday to visit their folks. They went for the purpose of paying a farewell visit to their brother, Louis Reuben, who is leaving for military service. We understand that he is to go with Dr. Bridges hospital unit.

*Mrs. John Ahart was an Omaha visitor the latter part of the week. She expects to leave soon for a visit with her son, Wm. Toon, who is with the Coast Artillery at Sacremento, Calif.

Denison, 3-20-1918

*Ed Stell left Friday for San Antonio, Texas. He received word either to enlist or wait for two weeks and go in the draft. He enlisted as an electrician.

West Side, 3-27-1918

*Capt. And Mrs. C. L. Patterson left Tuesday for Marengo for a visit with relatives before Dr. Patterson leaves for service in the army.

Vail, 3-27-1918

*Mr. D. Scanlan received a letter from his son, James, stating that he had landed safely in France.

Dow City, 3-27-1918

*Privates Garland Scott and Morris McHenry were here from Camp Dodge and made over Sunday visits with the home folks.

*Private Hans Hargens arrived home Wednesday from Camp Cody, N. M. He is just recovering from a severe attack of pneumonia and has been granted thirty days' leave of absence. The home folks are more than pleased to have him back again.

*Below we give the names of those who made donations toward the purchasing of the wagon reach which was donated by M. A. Pearsall for Komfort Kit fund for our soldier boys. Each of the following persons put in $1.00 donations:

E. S. Poitevin, E. N. Chamberlain, M. A. Riley, Wm. Dwine, Thomas Ahart, J. R. Griffin, Dan Wingrove, O. S. Carlson, A. A. Birkhofer, Frank Binnall, T. K. Coleman, Earl Dwine, James Clark, Pat Slattery, Brinten Sharp, Lete Fox, W. M. McDonald, Robert Mayne, Adam Sharp, George Pearsall, John Haley, Morris Griffin, Martin Slattery, Nelson Dwine, Jesse Agee, Ed Riddle, Joe Kepford, W. M. Schouten, E. T. Malone, Jay Dwine, W. E. Fishel, Ora Malone, Mott McHenry, James Henry, Geo. Rule, Frank Birkhofer, Clarence Bryan, John Ahart, E. M. Chamberlain, O. S. Carlson, John Rockwell, W. H. Buss, Dr. J. A. Brill, Fred Koenekamp.

The wagon reach was resold to J. R. Griffin for $4.75, making a total received of $49.75. The names of those who made donations toward the Red Cross Sheep donated by Adolph Ahart and sold at his sale recently have also been given to us for publication, they being as follows:

J. R. Griffin, $3; John Ahart, $5; J. H. Bonsall, $2.50; O. S. Carlson, $5; W. B. McDonald, $5; Arlow Harrison, $2; W. F. Hulburd, $2; Mrs. Geo. Keairnes, $5; Geo. Keairnes, $5; O. J. Pett, $2; Fred Kremlin, $1; Sam Knight, $1; Mrs. J. R. Griffin, $5; Ward Keairnes, $1; Howard Stepanek, $1; John Hill, $1; H. E. Blair, $2; C. Christman, $2,50; Asa Dwine, $2; Henry Lueck, $1; Jay Kevan, $1; Julius Ahart, $1; W. E. Fishel, $5; Ora Malone, $5; E. T. Malone, $5; Mr. Tollefson, $1; Mr. Gleason, $1; B. Volquartsen, $1.

The resale of the sheep to Adolph Ahart for $13.50 brought the total amount to $87.50. The people of Dow City and vicinity are always wide awake to opportunities of doing good and more so than ever are they ready and willing at any time to help in this cause.

*Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Thomas are enjoying a visit from their son, Horace, who arrived Saturday night from the Great Lakes Naval Training Station near Chicago. He has been given a furlough of twelve days.

*Word has been received that Private Frank Honz was transferred last week from Camp Dodge to an eastern camp, he having gone with a company of telegraph operators. We understand that Private Garland Scott and Morris McHenry, who left here for Camp Dodge the same time, expect to be transferred this week.

*MISSING FIRST PART OF ARTICLE ...The evening was opened by singing America, followed with prayer by Rev. G. A. Barker of the Baptist church. The next was a responsive reading taken from the Psalter of the Methodist hymnal, which was very appropriate for the occasion. Short addresses were given by Rev. G. A. Barker, M. G. Wiggins, J. N. Bell, Mott McHenry, Mrs. A. H. Cook and Mrs. Frank McHenry. Each one was splendid and greatly enjoyed by all.

The audience was also favored with a talk by Horace Thomas, who is home on a furlough from the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. He gave many interesting acts in regard to the soldier's life in the camp there. Needless to say this address was listened to with much interest. Readings were given by Misses Mabel Thomas, Irene Smith and Ruby Baber, which were also enjoyed very much.

Several appropriate hymns, Star Spangled Banner, Red, White and Blue, Battle Hymn of the Republic and Onward Christian Soldiers were sung during the evening. At the close of this part of the program came the unfurling of the service flag by Rev. A. B. Adams, who in a few well chosen words presented it to the church and Sunday school, after which E. G. Wiggins, superintendent of the Sunday school gave a short talk and took charge of the placing of the stars on the flag.

The parents and relatives of the boys were given the privilege of placing on the stars as each name was read, a parent or relative of the person, walking forward and placing the star on the flag. Twenty-six stars appear on the flag which represent the boys of the church and Sunday school who are now in the country's service, they being as follows:

Judd Butler, John Reeser, Merton and Wilbur and Horace Thomas, Leslie Brasel, R. H. Fishel, F. O. Reynolds, James Turnland, Lloyd Brake, Morris Wilder, Floyd and Merrill Sharp, York Broadwell, George Dillenberger, Fred Randel, Frank Honz, Chauncey Toon, Wm. Turner, Morris McHenry, Garland Scott, Foster Tillett, Cecil and Earl Jones, Nathan Hain and Medford Rudd.

More will be added from time to time. A committee of two had been appointed some tine ago to make the flag, these persons being Mrs. E. L. Thomas and Mrs. Brinten Sharp and much credit is due them for their handiwork. The beautiful and impressive service of this occasion is one which will never be forgotten by those present. Rev. G. A. Barker gave the benediction at the close of the evening.

April 1918

Dow City, 4-3-1918

*Mrs. John Edwards, Sr. received word last week that her son, Harry Bybee, was seriously ill with scarlet fever. He is in the military service and at present is in a cantonment in Oklahoma. All hope to soon learn of his recovery

*Ernest Smith left Thursday morning for Denison, where he joined the company of soldiers going to Camp Dodge Friday.

Vail, 4-3-1918

*Mrs. Mary Quirk is also in receipt of a letter from her son, Harold, who enlisted some months ago in the aviation corps. (NOTE: The letter from her son Emmet is shown in the Letters Section). He wrote the he was transferred from San Antonio, Texas to Hempstead, Long Island, and expected to leave for Egypt soon. He is now playing every day in the aviation band and he also relates some thrilling adventures as an aviator.

*Mart Lynch, who is at the Great Lakes training camp, and who is home on a furlough, was here the last of the week visiting friends.

*Linus Powers and Vincent Gallagher enlisted last week in the aviation corps.

Dow City, 4-3-1918

*We have been informed that Private Merrill Sharp, stationed in Camp Dodge, has been quite sick, but from last reports he is improving, which is good news to the home folks.

*Frank Banyard left Monday for Chicago, having enjoyed a week's visit with relatives and friends. He has been called to report for military duty April 3d.

*Mr. and Mrs. Brinten Sharp have received word that their son, First Lieut. Floyd Sharp, who was transferred from Camp Dodge to New Jersey several weeks ago, has been sent to France, where he safely arrived about two weeks ago.

Arion, 4-3-1918

*Herman Petersen, not quite eighteen years old, obtained the consent of his father some time ago and enlisted in the army. He left last week and is now at San Francisco. (Denison Review -

Manilla, 4-3-1918

*Paul Miller, who is in training at the Great Lakes training camp, was home last week visiting with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. A. R. Miller, at the M. E. parsonage.

*Adolph Wendt went to Omaha Monday, where he enlisted in the coast artillery. He was accompanied to Omaha by his parents, Rev. and Mrs. H. Wendt. This adds one more to the list of Manila boys who have joined the colors.

*Private Jack Stacey, of Camp Dodge, was up last Sunday visiting with his many friends.

Denison Review 4-3-1918

*The Christian Endeavor of the Presbyterian church held a reception in honor of Warren Gleiser, who expects to leave April 15th for France. Warren is a Y. M. C. A. worker. Games were played and at a late hour dainty refreshments were served. All present had a very enjoyable time.

Dow City, 4-10-1918

*Mrs. Fred Colby left Saturday for Camp Greene, Charlotte, N. C., where she will visit her husband who was transferred there some time ago from Camp Pike, Ark.

*A party was given at the Chris Brink home Wednesday evening complimentary to Private Hans Hargens, who is here on a thirty days' furlough from Camp Code, N. M. Friends to the number of about thirty-five were present and the occasion was enjoyed to the utmost by each one, but by none more than the guest of honor, who was more than pleased to meet his friends in this way. The evening was largely devoted to dancing, several games also furnishing much enjoyment. Last, but not least, came the refreshments and soon after this feature the guests departed for their houses.

*Word reaches us of the marriage of Clair Lloyd, a former Dow City boy, the event having taken place in Pueblo, Colo. Since leaving this vicinity he has been employed in the mines near Denver. We are told that he expects to go into military service soon. The best wishes of all are extended to himself and his chosen bride.

*Hudson McHenry and his sister, Lucinda, were visiting their brother, Morris, at Camp Dodge last week before the latter's departure for a camp in Texas. The former returned Friday, while his sister went from there to Indianola to resume her college work.

*Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Griffin and M. A. Pearsall and wife spent the day last Thursday visiting Dorris Griffin at Ft. Omaha. He has just recently been transferred there from Ft. Logan, Colo. He is reported to be getting along fine and is well pleased with military life.

*Private Ralph McKee was home from Omaha visiting and shopping.

*A collection was taken last week to raise funds to purchase candy, cigars, etc. to send our soldier boys at Camp Green, N. C. A neat sum was received within a very short time and a large box was packed and sent to the boys who will no doubt greatly appreciate it.

*Private Hans Hargens departed on Monday for his return to Camp Cody, N. M., having enjoyed a thirty-day furlough with the home folks.

*Private Morris McHenry was home from Camp Dodge and spent Saturday night with his folks.

Boyer, 4-10-1918

*Letters and cards from Hugo Hanson state that he is well suited with army life.

Manilla, 4-10-1918

*Mrs. R. O. Wichael received word last week of the safe arrival of her brother in France.

*Leo Miller has enlisted in the heavy artillery and left Wednesday for Jefferson barracks to enter the service.

*Dale Grelf, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Grelf, left last week to join the colors. From here he went to Ft. Logan. He wants to get into the infantry.

*Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Hayes returned Sunday from a visit at Camp Grant, Ill., with their son Thomas, who has been ill. They report him better.

Charter Oak, 4-10-1918

*Mrs. G. H. Goin has received word that her son, Lieut. I. S. Goin, has arrived safely "over there."

Deloit, 4-10-1918

*Don Wilkinson and mother and Mesdames Schuler and McKim autoed to Denison Monday. Don left for Des Moines in the evening to make preparations for leaving with the boys Friday for Kansas City, where he will take a course of training at the auto school. When the course is completed the boys will be attached to the aero-squadrons as mechanics. Thus our boys go one by one to do their duty

Dow City, 4-17-1918

*Charles Rigsby, who accepted a position in the D. E. Bremser store some time ago, began his duties last week. He takes the place left vacant by Jas. Turnlund, who is now in military training at Camp Green, N. C.

Deloit, 4-17-1918

*Mr. and Mrs. James McKim are at home again from Camp Dodge, where they visited their nephew, Morris Wilkinson. Mrs. McKim gave a very interesting talk at the M. E. church Sunday evening on what she saw of camp life there and Mrs. Allen gave a talk on the camp life at Omaha.

Denison Review 4-17-1918

* .... the sad intelligence on Friday evening that their son, Merlyn, who is at Camp Dodge, was in the hospital and would be operated upon that night for appendicitis. Mr. Rawlings left at once by auto for Denison, where he caught the late train and arrived in Des Moines the next morning. He reports his son's condition as favorable as possible Saturday night.

*Andrew Bolton has been the victim of pneumonia at Camp Dodge the past week.

*Will Mobilize on April 30; Thirty Crawford County Men Will Leave for Camp Dodge, Tuesday, April 30th - Meet Monday, 29th; More to Go by First of June; Government Making Every Effort to Speed up Mobilization of Man Power, All Ships Being Used.

  • #171 Christian H. Christiansen, Wilmot, S. D.
  • #466 Chas. K. Gorham, Dunlap
  • #467 Fred J. Suhr, Arion
  • #479 Otto I. Bruggen, Denison
  • #480 Levi A. Anderson, Boyer
  • #483 Arthur L. Keemoade, Falls City, Neb.
  • #485 John M. Jacobsen, Schleswig
  • #486 Hugh T. McGoldrick, Bereford, SD
  • #487 Herman H. Mau, Breda
  • #489 Valfred Larson, Charter Oak
  • #494 John W. Ewoldt, Manilla
  • #495 Fred W. Heiden, Denison
  • #499 Carl Ullerich, Charter Oak
  • #504 Alonzo P. Dixon, Denison
  • #506 William Wulf, Remsen
  • #512 Carl J. Kepford, Arion
  • #513 Stanley Stehlik, Vail
  • #520 Louis G. McGrath, Vail
  • #523 August Von Duehle, Denison
  • #524 Elmer J.Moore, Odebolt
  • #526 William Dettbarn, Jr., Breda
  • #539 William S. Warren, Linn Creek, Mo.
  • #546 John Marolf, Denison
  • #562 John F. Meade, Davenport
  • # 568 Albert Schroeder, West Side
  • #569 Andreas G. Harrell, Omaha
  • #571A Howland S. Pett, Dow City
  • #571 Detlef F. Christiansen, Schleswig
  • #573 Vincent C. Kirk, Vincennes, Ind.
  • #575 John Bogler, Buck Grove

The above contingent of thirty Crawford county men will leave Denison Tuesday, April 30th for Camp Dodge, to enter the service of their country. Notices to the men to mobilize at the court house on Monday, April 29th, at 8 o'clock have been mailed each man by the local board. All of the men whose names are printed above are class I men and have been selected in the order of their liability.

It is probable that Crawford county will be called upon to furnish many more men before the first of June. A call has been received by the local board this week for 17 men who will be sent to Jefferson Barracks, Mo. the first week in May. The local board has not yet announced the names of the men who will make up this call but they will be selected some time the latter part of this week.

The government is making every effort to speed up the mobilization of its man power and every available ship is being utilized to transport men to France to help stem the tide of the battle which is now raging there. Only men physically qualified for military service will be inducted into the service under the call received this week by the local board which represents approximately 75 per cent of the first gross quota allotted to Iowa.

Men actively, completely and assiduously engaged in the planting and cultivating of crops will be exempt providing the quota allotted to any given county can be filled with class I men who are not so engaged. If not, it will be necessary for the local boards to select such persons in class I engaged in farming as can best be spared.

The order from Provost Marshall General Crowder to Adjutant General Logan announcing this last call is in part as follows: Call number 181 upon your state is hereby announced as follows: "During the five day period beginning May 10th, complete the entrainment for Jefferson barracks St. Louis, Mo. of 1910 men which is approximately 75 percent of the first gross quote allotted to your state.

Only white men and men physically qualified for general military service may be inducted. By making a level draft on your boards of 75 per cent of your first quota you will be able to furnish both your boards and representatives of the American Railway association within your state within a few hours information as to the number of men to be entrained by each local board. In filling this call men should be inducted out of class I in sequence of order numbers, except that the provisions of my telegram Number B80 dated March 11th relating to men actively, completely and assiduously engaged in the planting and cultivation of crops should be followed."

Arion, 4-24-1918

*Mr. and Mrs. Foster Kepford entertained a party of friends on Monday evening in honor of his brother, Carl Kepford, who is leaving for service in the army this week.

Deloit, 4-24-18

*Morris Wilkinson came in Saturday from Camp Dodge to visit the home folks and sang at the morning services at the M. E. church. His many friends are glad to see him looking so well.

Dow City, 4-24-1918

*Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Brake have received word to the effect that their son, Lloyd, who has been in the military service for several months, has been transferred from Vancouver, Wash. to an eastern camp.

*Mesdames Frank Binnall and W. E. McDonald and Miss Fancheon Wiley went Saturday to Kansas City, Mo., to be present at the graduating exercises of the formers' son, Bryce, from the veterinary school. The latter accompanied them home on Tuesday and will make a short visit here, after which he will join the military ranks.

*Private Merrill Sharp and wife were here from Camp Dodge and made a week end visit with the home folks.

*Private Morris McHenry was here from Camp Dodge for an over Sunday visit at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mott McHenry.

*Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Thomas are enjoying a visit from their son, Merton, who arrived Sunday from Camp Pike, Ark. He has been given a furlough of ten days. His many friends are glad to see him looking so well.

*Leo Ahart came Sunday from Camp Dodge for a short visit with the home folks.

*Mrs. J. R. Griffin was in Omaha one day last week to see Dorris Griffin, who is training at Fort Omaha. He has been quite sick but is reported better now.

Coon Grove, 4-24-1918

*Guy Riddle returned to Oklahoma this week after a ten day furlough spent with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Riddle.

May - July 1918

Transcribed by Melba McDowell