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The First Child Born in Schleswig


Hedwig Christiansen was born on July 10, 1899 to Charlie and Emma (Zabel) Christiansen. Her name was later changed to Dorothy and she was one of ten children in the family. Dorothy became the wife of Frank Forney and they lived in Ida Grove.

Charlie Christiansen had a general mercantile store in Schleswig, Center Mercantile, acquired from his father-in-law, August Zabel, early in 1899. His brother Albert Christiansen, who had a rural route out of Battle Creek to buy eggs and homemade butter for resale, moved to Schleswig and rented space in a store connected to Charlie's store. A fire on Christmas Eve in 1909 destroyed much of the interior and part of the exterior of the wooden building where Albert had his store. Albert and his wife Bertha (Kuehl) returned to Battle Creek the following year.

Dorothy, Mrs. Frank Forney, said that "Mr. and Mrs. Willie Pipgras had a son who was the first boy born in Schleswig". She also tells how her parents kept their money and gun tucked under their pillows because of the Indians and strangers in town. In their absence one time, the money and gun did disappear.

Source: Lillian M. (Kuehl) Jakso and Emma L. (Brasse) Struck. Schleswig, Iowa: The First 75 Years. 1974.

Submitted by Bob Kuehl.