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Trinity Lutheran Church

Grant Township, Ida County, Iowa

Registry of Members

The Personen oder Seelen Register occurs at the very beginning of Book 1 (1876-1898) of the record books for the Trinity Lutheran Church in Grant Township, Ida County, Iowa; a church attended by many residents of northern Crawford County.

The registry contains the name of the person, their father, date and place of birth and time of entry into the county. Some records were incomplete. The birth dates range from 1823 to 1898.

We can only assume the registry is that of members of the church when the record books were first started.

This page begins with some facts about the organization of church and a listing of the pastors after which the registry is given. A more detailed history of the church can be found in the church history folder Blue Folder

Church Information

Date of Organization Sept. 19 1880 No. 3 Otter Creek Twp.
Place of Organization No. 3 Otter Creek Twp. School House
Presiding Minister at Organization The Rev. G. Haar
Elected first Pastor Rev. G. Haar
Called first Pastor Rev. M. Herrmann
Purchased Lot 10 acres N.W. 36 Grant Twp.
Price of Lot $12 per acre
Cornerstone Laid August 18, 1889
Parsonage Spring 1883 (16' x 26')
Parochial School Organized 1897 - Closed 1931
Rev. G. Haar Jan 10, 1877 - 1884 At the Rudloff Home
Gossmeiler 1880 - 1882
J. Schinnerer 1884 - 1885
Rev. H. Herrmann 1885 - 1892
Rev. F. Schug 1892 - 1899
Bergman 1899 - 1900
Rev. M. von der Arc 1900 - 1904
Rev. R. Amstein 1904 - 1911
Rev. H. Schwenk 1911 - 1932
Rev. C. W. Schmidt 1932 - 1937
(Vacancy) E.C. Zschocke 1937 - 1938
Rev. Alf. Christiansen 1938 - 1945
Rev. N. Rothe 1945 - 1947
(Vacancy) Rev. L.S. Winter 1947 - 1949
Rev. M.H. Ludahl 1949 - 1961
Rev. C.W. Pannier 1962 - 1965

Grant Church Registry

Abbe, Jo_____Christof Abbe 05/21/1853Cook Co., IL., 07/25/1880
Abbe, _______, AugusteKruger10/13/1854West Preussen
Abbe, Ernst Wilhelm TheodorJohn Abbe 08/14/1879Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Abbe, Emil Heinrich FriedrichJohn Abbe10/19/1880Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Abbe, Caroline Wilhelmine HenriettaJohn Abbe 03/25/1882Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Abbe, Johann GustavJohn Abbe 10/02/1884Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Abbe, _______Christoph Abbe 09/26/1857Cook Co. IL. 05/14/1882
Abbe, Johann ______ChristopfTheodor Abbe 12/21/1884Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Abbe, _______Theodor Abbe 11/25/1890Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Abbe, Anna JohannaTheodor Abbe 11/20/1892Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Aldag, Sophiegeb. Prosch
Aldag, M_____Heinrich Aldag 04/20/1886Hayes Twp.
Aldag, Wilhelm RudolpfHeinrich Aldag 06/19/1887Hayes Twp.
Aldag, Mie_____Heinrich Aldag01/19/1891Hayes Twp.
Burk, ConradHeinrich06/12/1838Grossen Eichen Hessen D.01/1889
Burk, FriderikeCarl 07/25/1848Mecklenberg,
Burk, Minnie MariaConrad Burk 03/22/1876Blackhawk Co. IA.
Burk, Ernst AugustConrad Burk 04/16/1874Blackhawk Co. IA.
Burk, Friedrich HeinrichConrad Burk12/27/1877Burlington, IA.
Burk, Ida AnnaConrad Burk 04/07/1880Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Burk, Amanda LuiseConrad Burk 05/31/1883Morgan Two. Crawford Co. IA.
Burk, Carl ConradConrad Burk 07/25/1885Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Burk, Theodor FranzConrad Burk 02/24/1890Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Backhaus, OttoHeinrich Backhaus05/14/1843Muhlhausen Thuringer 03/30/1889
Backhaus, Annageb. Leuble?11/21/1865
Backhaus, Emil HeinrichOtto Backhaus 11/11/1883Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Backhaus, Luise Anna AmaliaOtto Backhaus 11/16/1884Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Backhaus, Carl OttoOtto Backhaus 04/12/1886Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Backhaus, Thomas Georg WilhelmOtto Backhaus 07/13/1888Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Backhaus, Alfred ErnstOtto Backhaus 01/27/1891Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Backhaus, Richard JohannOtto Backhaus 12/12/1893Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Backhaus, Heinrich TheodorOtto Backhaus 02/09/1895Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Backhaus, Maria LorettaOtto Backhaus 06/16/1897Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Barthel, CarlWilhelm Barthel02/22/1856Mulversteat Thuringer 08/19/1894
Barthel, AnnaLudwig, geb. Schobel12/11/1874
Barthel, Johann Theodor OttoCarl Barthel 05/18/1895Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Barthel, Walter Heinrich TheodorCarl Barthel 05/08/1897Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Brodersen, GeogHans Brodersen01/02/1897
Brodersen, Anna FriderkeFriedrich geb. Petersen 12/29/1835Schleswig
Brodersen, Hugo FerdinandGeorg Brodersen 03/29/1897Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Brodersen, MariaFritz Theo, geb. Hansen12/29/1835Shobel Schleswig
Carstens, Johann07/15/1894
Carstens, MariaDietrich, geb.Fundermann
Carstens, Johann DietrichJohann Carstens 07/02/1876Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Carstens, Anna Meta MariaJohn Carstens 11/19/1881Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Carstens, Alvina MargarethaJohn Carstens 05/17/1886Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Carstens, Doris MagdalenaJohn Carstens 04/25/1889Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Carstens, Herman EdwardJohn Carstens 07/30/1891Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Carstens, Marie EmelineJohn Carstens02/21/1894 Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Carstens, Bertha RoseJohn Carstens 11/30/1896Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Cramer, Luise 04/02/1885Hayes Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Cramer, Lucas02/23/1887Ida Grove, IA.
Deibert, HermanJ_________Deibert08/10/1861
Deibert, DoraFriedi geb. Becker 05/05/1861Oldenburgh Holstein,
Deibert, Johann FriedrichHerman Deibert 07/18/1885Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Deibert, Emma JohannaHerman Deibert 04/04/1888Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Deibert, Ella Wilhelmine GeorgineHerman Deibert 01/30/1891Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Deibert, Alma Maria Wilhelmine11/13/1880
Else, Johann GottliebFriedrich Else10/22/1841Westpreussen 03/26/1883
Else, Anna LuiseJohann geb. Deibert 06/24/1848Margolia W. Pr.
Else, Gustav EdwardGottlieb Else 04/30/1879Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Else, Johann GottliebGottlieb Else 04/13/1882Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Else, Edward OttoGottlieb Else 05/17/1885Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Else, Alwine WilhelmineGottlieb Else 11/28/1886Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Else, Julius HermanGottlieb Else 08/28/1888Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Ehler, JuliusMatthaus Ehler12/04/1861Fehwern Holstein, 04/04/1897
Ehler, EmilieJohn geb. KrugerWest Preussea
Ehler, Anna Caroline AugusteJulius Ehler 10/29/1890Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Ehler, Emil Friedrich MatthausJulius Ehler 05/11/1894Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Ehler, Johannes August TheodorJulius Ehler 02/22/1897Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Ehler, FriedrichJohann Ehler11/15/1850Mecklenburg 02/19/1882
Ehler, RichardMatthaus EhlerFehrnarn, Holstein04/04/1897
Ehler, Dorageb. Schiernbeck
Ehler, Catharine CarolineRichard Ehler 02/22/1895Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Ehler, Hugo JohannesRichard Ehler 07/10/1896Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Ehler, Amanda FridaRichard Ehler 07/23/1897Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Ernst, _________Hans Ernst02/10/1860Sprengel Hanover, 01/02/1893
Ernst, Minna AugusteAugust geb. Zabel 04/18/1872Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Ernst, Hulda Doris EmmaHeinrich Ernst 04/23/1890Morgan Crawford Co. IA.
Ernst, Albert HeinrichHeinrich Ernst 08/10/1891Morgan, Crawford Co. IA.
Ernst, Theodor AugustHeinrich Ernst 04/24/1893Grant, Ida Co. IA.
Fuester, Carl Edward Richard IICarl Michael Fuester05/16/1842Millingsdorf, Thuringer,
Fuester, Carl Edward Richard JR.Dr. Richard Fuester 05/17/1876Blue Island, IL.
Fuester, Anna LuiseDr. Richard Fuester 05/17/1876Blue Island, IL.
Fuester, Luise Wilhelmine MariaDr. Richard Fuester08/23/1878Denison, Crawford Co. IA.
Fuester, Luise Maria AdelineDr. Richard Fuester06/30/1881Grant, Ida Co.
Fuester, Ida LuiseDr. Richard Fuester 08/14/1884Grant Ida Co. IA.
Fuester, Luise SophiaDr. RichardFuester 05/13/1887Grant, Ida Co. IA.
Fundermann, Edward DietrichDietrich Fundermann 12/11/1867Scott Co. IA.
Fundermann, Maria Friderika CarolineWilhelm Hauschild03/05/1876Oldenburg, Holstein,
Fundermann, _______ DorisHaus Kroger12/02/1834Holstein,
Fundermann, Delia Alma Meta JohanneEdward Fundermann05/04/1896Morgan, Crawford Co. IA.
Hollander, And_____Rasmus A. Hollander05/05/1855Kartumfeld Schleswig, 03/30/1889
Hollander, Albertine A. Edward geb. Stegemann 07/20/1857W. Preussen,
Hollander, Otto Asmus AndreasAndreas Hollander 07/12/1885Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Hollander, Laura MathildeAndreas Hollander 05/01/1887Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Hollander, Caroline MariaAndreas Hollander 04/22/1889Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Hollander, Minnie Maria AlbertineAndreas Hollander 11/17/1890Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Hollander, Thomas04/15/1845
Hollander, ThereseHeinrich geb. Rincke
Hollander, Heinrich TheodorThomas Hollander 02/15/1881Hayes Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Hollander, Heinrich TheodorThomas Hollander 03/29/1883Hayes Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Hollander, Alfred ThomasThomas Hollander 08/20/1885Hayes Twp.
Hollander, Max AsmusThomas Hollander 10/20/1887Hayes Twp.
Hollander, Gustav PetersenThomas Hollander 11/03/1890Hayes Twp.
Hollander, Theodor ErnstThomas Hollander 12/27/1894Hayes Twp.
Jansen, ________03/05/1882
Jansen, Friderike Christinegeb. Lubben?
Jansen, Johann Heinrich11/16/1878White Side Co. IL.
Jansen, Frerich Ludwig05/18/1884Grant Twp. Ida Co.
Jansen, Anna Friderike 08/20/1885Grant Twp.
Jansen, Herman Harms 10/12/1887Grant Twp.
Jansen, Marie Elisabeth 02/24/1891Grant Twp.
Jansen, Johanne Margaretha 01/03/1893Grant Twp.
Jansen, Wilhelm Friedrich 07/10/1896Grant Twp.
Jansen, Christian F.Johann Heinrich Jansen04/16/185110/08/1893
Jansen, Geske A. Albert Georg geb. Braun02/10/1859West Grosse
Jansen, Anna FriderikeChristian 02/06/1883Grant
Jansen, Albert GeorgChristian Jansen 01/04/1884Grant Twp.
Jansen, Ella WilhelmineChristian Jansen 03/26/1886Grant Twp.
Jansen, Gesine MarieChristian Jansen 09/28/1888Grant Twp.
Jansen, Helene MargarethaChristian Jansen 03/25/1891Grant Twp.
Jansen, Christine JohanneChristian Jansen 11/19/1896Grant Twp.
Jahde, Thomas07/15/1894
Jahde, Bertha ElisabethaDietrich Fundermann 09/11/1861Scott Co.
Jahde, Doris ChristineThomas Jahde 09/23/1881Hayes Twp.
Jahde, Dorothea Magdalena MarieThomas Jahde 02/23/1883Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Koch, JacobJacob Friedrich 08/02/1842Miderdorla Thuringer, 08/20/1882
Koch, LuiseHeinrich Adams K______ 12/05/1835Miderdorla Thuringer
Koch, Paul GottliebJacob Koch 02/02/1876Miderdorla
Kruger, Johann12/26/1893
Knudsen, Hans ChristianMarshfield Knudsen03/13/1857_______ Schleswig 04/04/1897
Knudsen, Anna DorotheaHans geb. Andresen08/27/1852____Schleswig, Germany
Knudsen, HansHans Knudsen 08/23/1882Morgan, Crawford Co.
Knudsen, Christine MarieHans Knudsen 01/19/1884Morgan, Crawford Co.
Knudsen, CatharineHans Knudsen 10/23/1885Morgan, Crawford Co. IA.
Knudsen, M_____04/04/1897
Knudsen, Amaliegeb. Lafrenz
Knudsen, Mar___ ChristianMatthias Knudsen 12/11/1892Grant Twp.
Knudsen, Friedrich JohannesMatthias Knudsen 09/26/1894Grant Twp.
Lohse, HansHeinrich Lohse1844Struvenhutte, Holstein 03/30/1890
Lohse, Le___Asmus geb. Lage07/13/1848Holstein
Lohse, EmmaHans Lohse 08/22/1875Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Lohse, JohannesHans Lohse 10/25/1878Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Lohse, Le___ ErnestineHans Lohse 01/04/1881Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Lohse, Bertha Margaretha A.Hans Lohse 02/07/1883Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Lohse, Hans Carl HugoHans Lohse 04/09/1885Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Lohse, Anna Auguste JohanneHans Lohse 04/04/1888Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Lohse, Alma Luise MarthaHans Lohse 06/13/1889Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Lohse, Theodor ChristianHans Lohse09/23/1891
Moltmann, HermanCarl Moltmann07/16/1852Mecklenburg 06/28/1891
Moltmann, LucieJohn Reimer07/18/1859Vor Po_____
Moltmann, Eleoriore Ernestine Caroline LuiseHerman Moltmann01/28/1882Warice Mecklenburg
Moltmann, Johanne Ida EngelHerman Moltmann 01/06/1884Hayes Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Moltmann, CarlHerman Moltmann 08/10/1885Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Moltmann, MarshaHerman Moltmann 12/27/1887Morgan Crawford Co. IA.
Moltmann, HermanHerman Moltmann 01/13/1890Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Moltmann, ErnaHerman Moltmann 03/10/1892Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Moltmann, Friedrich Ludwig HermanHerman Moltmann 05/12/1894Morgan
Moltmann, Doris E_____ ChristineHerman Moltmann 04/19/1896Morgan
Rehse, Friedrich?Sebastian Zachanas Rehse09/11/1846Seebach Thuringer 07/25/1880
Rehse, PaulineJacob Christian Haar11/21/1859Pfaffingen Wirtemberg
Rehse, IrwinFriedrich Rehse 04/01/1885Grant Twp.
Rehse, DoraFriedrich Rehse08/21/1886
Rehse, PaulFriedrich Rehse 08/24/1888Grant
Rehse, RichardFriedrich Rehse 07/10/1894Grant
Rehse, Wil______
Reinking, _____Ernst Reinking02/19/1838Hannover 02/19/1882
Reinking, LuiseFritz Meier11/28/1848Lau desbergen Hannover
Reinking, Heinrich Wil Ernst Aug. ______ Reinking04/06/1872Butler Co. IA.
Reinking, Wilhelm Joe Ludwig_______Reinking07/16/1879Stockholm, Crawford Co. IA.
Reinke, ____Heinrich Reinke12/28/1889
Reinke, Wilhelmine CacelieHeinrich Moller05/08/1862
Reinke, Herbert Bernhard Reinke 07/21/1882Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Reinke, Robert Rudolph AugustBernhard Reinke08/28/1885Otter Creek
Reinke, Harold Heinrich ThomasBernhard Reinke06/14/1889Otter Creek
Reinke, Laura Therese IdaBernhard Reinke02/21/1892Otter Creek
Reinke, FranzHeinrich ReinkeBuschwihlen Vor Pommern03/30/1889
Reinke, LuiseConrad Burk10/13/1867
Reinke, Ernst WilhelmFranz Reinke 06/25/1887Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Reinke, Moritz RudolphFranz Reinke 05/11/1890Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Reinke, Heinrich Thomas Albert Franz Reinke 03/27/1893Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Reinke, Emma Ida CatharineFranz Reinke 04/26/1896Otter Creek, Crawford Co. IA.
Reinke, Rudolph?Heinrich Reinke 05/04/1868Buschwihlen Vor Pommern 07/15/1894
Reinke, Catharine Bernhard Streck02/20/1875Covington Kentucky
Reinke, _____Jo____ Reinke01/13/1823Blasewitz Pommern
Reinke, WilhelmHeinrich Reinke 02/02/1865Buschwihlen Vor Pommern
Reinke, IdaHeinrich Reinke 01/06/1870Buschwihlen Vor Pommern
Reinke, Ludwig Heinrich WilhelmRudolph Reinke 11/18/1894Morgan, Crawford Co., IA.
Reinke, Georg Bernhard JohannRudolph Reinke 06/29/1896Morgan, Crawford Co. IA.
Reese, DetlefHans R.08/22/1847Welze Holstein
Reese, Christine geb. Sch___ Hodersteben N. Schleswig
Rudloff, JacobChristoph Rudloff 02/12/1824Miederdorla Thuringen 07/25/1880
Rudloff, Johannegeb. Kleinsch_____ 11/04/1826Miederdorla Thuringen
Schumann, L______Ernst Bernhard Schumann01/04/1850
Schumann, MarieGust W. 02/28/1854Oshatz
Schroder, _____Emmanuel Schroder10/15/1854Miederdorla Thuringen07/25/1880
Schroder, Minne_____ Breitag04/08/1846Margouin West Posen
Schroder, HuldaHeinrich Schroder 12/09/1883Morgan
Schroder, ClaraHeinrich Schroder 05/24/1885Morgan
Schroder, HeinrichHeinrich Schroder 02/11/1887Morgan
Schroder, Wilbur
Schug, OttoFriedrich Schug10/16/1875Wrightstown, Brown Co. WI. 01/02/1895
Schug, AlmaAugust Zabel 08/21/1876Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Schug, Martha MinnaOtto Schug 11/11/1896Grant, Ida Co. IA.
Schug, Walter Heinrich AugustOtto Schug 11/01/1898Grant, Ida Co. IA.
Seidler, W____Carl Seidler1860Bethun 06/16/1893
Seidler, MarieGeorg Standenmaier10/31/1869Lake Superior, MI.
Schmidt, DorisStender
Schmidt, Lilly Dorothea JohanneHeinrich Schmidt 10/25/1892Grant
Schmidt, Clara Wilhelmine AugusteHeinrich Schmidt 10/31/1894Grant
Standers, JohannGeorg Standenmaier07/22/1873Calumet, MI. 12/31/1894
Standenmaier, W. Friderike AugusteJacob Blank04/02/1841Seeburg Wurtemberg
Streck, _____Frenz Anton Streck08/06/1845Lant Baden 01/02/1886
Streck, Lucie WilhelmineGriedrich Schroder06/29/1843Lippe DeSuold
Streck, MinnieBernhard Streck 05/15/1877Humbold, IL.
Streck, WilhelmBernhard Streck11/18/1879Humbold, IL.
Streck, BernhardBernhard Streck 04/04/1882Humbold, IL.
Streck, FritzBernhard Streck 03/20/1884Humbold, IL.
Streck, Martin GeorgBernhard Streck 07/13/1889Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA.
Streck, ______Bernhard Streck08/25/1870Covington, KY. 12/1893
Werneburg, MilfordCaspar Werneburg 02/02/1842Niederdorla Thuringen 01/02/1883
Werneburg, Anna MarthaHeinrich Adam 04/20/1843Niederdorla Thuringen
Werneburg, Ernestine LuiseMichael Werneburg 04/26/1872Niederdorla Thuringen
Werneburg, Anna MathildaMichael Werneburg 10/29/1878Niederdorla Thuringen
Werneburg, Frida ChristineMichael Werneburg09/08/1882
Werneburg, Wil_____Christoph Werneburg 07/16/1893Niederdorla Thuringen
Werneburg, HermanChristoph Werneburg 07/24/1871Niederdorla Thuringen
Wiegand, A_____Georg Wiegand06/23/1848Sangenfeldt Thuringen 06/28/1891
Wiegand, MarthaErnst Queck 09/08/1857Mulversheot Thuringen
Wiegand, Emma Theodore WilhelmineAugust Wiegand 03/02/1878Mulversheot Thuringen
Wiegand, Wilhelm HugoAugust Wiegand 09/13/1880Mulversheot Thuringen
Wolfer, JohannMartin Wolfer02/25/1839Hohenzollern Deutschland
Wolfer, LuiseLeicht02/14/1841Wurtemberg
Wolfer, CarlNorbert Wolfer 05/18/1877Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Wolfer, MagdaleneNorbert Wolfer07/07/1875Crawford Co. IA.
Wolfer, LuiseJohn Wolfer 04/26/1879Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Wolfer, Bertha MariaJohn Wolfer 11/26/1880Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.
Wolfer, WilhelmineJohn Wolfer 09/23/1882Morgan Twp. Crawford Co. IA.

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